Cowboys-Giants is the only schedule sneak peek

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Over the weekend, we were told by a reliable source (I may need to revisit the meaning of that word) that the NFL would not be partially pulling the sheet off the 2012 regular-season schedule this week.

In 2010 and 2011, the NFL abandoned its fairly recent practice of announcing during the March league meetings the prime-time schedule for Week One and the full schedule for Thanksgiving Day.

On Tuesday, the NFL abandoned its abandonment of that practice by announcing that the Cowboys will be the team that plays the Giants to launch the 2012 regular season.

Per the same reliable source, that’s it.  No more regular-season games will be announced in advance of the full schedule release, which will come at some point before the draft.

Of course, if my reliable source is as reliable as my reliable source was over the weekend, it could be safe to rely on another game or two being leaked.

23 responses to “Cowboys-Giants is the only schedule sneak peek

  1. probably having to fix up the primetime games cause of the whole free agency/draft stuff. How much you wanna bet the Bills are in like… 3 prime time games this year.

  2. The Boys haven’t had a decisive win in years, what makes you think this year will be any different. What a snooze of way to start the season. At least give the Giants some competition, geeez…….

  3. im sure the broncos will get more national televised games, better make sure its a early week game, cause peyton “rocky dennis” manning, wont last many weeks this year

  4. The schedule will be released on April 17.

    My evidence?

    ESPN’s schedule for April indicates a three-hour SportsCenter Special anchored by “NFL Live” host Trey Wingo on April 17 from 7-10pm Eastern.

    Unless someone can come up with a better reason for the WWL to put Trey Wingo on the air for three live hours in April, I’m going with this being the “NFL Schedule Release SportsCenter”.

  5. they just have to figure out when to schedule the other 8 Cowboy primtime games!

    btw every team gets at least one

  6. daysend564 says: Mar 27, 2012 4:57 PM

    After Jones tears Mara apart in the lawsuit, the ‘Boys will tear apart the VaGiants to start the season.

    “VaGiants”…that’s funny. Yep, tear em apart, just like they did last year. Oh wait…

  7. Given the fact that the SB winner is 12-0 in Week 1 since 2000, including 9-0 since the NFL began the seasons this way in 2004, and Uncle Tony’s Week 1 game last season in MetLife was a classic Romo game (great stats and killer mistakes that gave the opposing team the W Cowboys fans choose to ignore in lieu of his stats), it should be a good start!

  8. How many interceptions will Romo toss in that game? Giants just won the Superbowl and swept Dallas both game creative-boy wonder…

  9. Wish we could have New Orleans v. Miami and Washington v. Dallas to kick off the season.

  10. Now that rg3 or Andrew luck is coming to the skins, the rest of the nfl fans will have to sit through even more NFC east prime time games…. Oh goodie!

  11. rhosmersr says: Mar 27, 2012 5:13 PM

    John Mara is a classless, ignorant, cheater who smells like a pile of dog feces!

    and that’s on his best days! hope the cowboys beat the **it out of the vagiants week 1!

  12. chawk12thman says:
    Mar 27, 2012 7:34 PM
    Wish we could have New Orleans v. Miami and Washington v. Dallas to kick off the season.

    Here’s a great idea. Have one of those 4 teams win the SB next year, and you might get your wish. Until then, you get the Giants. To the victor go the spoils!

  13. Haven’t the champs opened the season playing a relevant team?
    Last years opener Packers vs Saints – nice matchup. Why are the champs this year opening up against Tony the choke-artist and a non playoff team?

  14. The NFL salivates at the prospect of a NFC East team winning the SB. That way, they can schedule at least one, and this time two, NFC East teams for the season opener. I guarantee you we will see twice as meany NFC East teams in prime time games as any other division.

    Also, expect that many, if not most, of those games will be near the beginning and end of the season where prime time games get more coverage rather than in the middle when the hype is less.

    I also bet that the NFC will have more prime time games than the AFC and that the last prime time game will be an NFC East vs. NFC East matchup.

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