Falcons keep McClure on one-year deal


The Atlanta Falcons announced Tuesday that they have agreed to terms on a one-year contract with center Todd McClure.

McClure has been with Atlanta since 1999 and is the longest current tenured Falcon. He missed three games with a knee injury in 2011, but previously had made a club-record 144 straight starts.

McClure will return as a starter in 2012, though the Falcons soon must begin thinking about a replacement.

McClure turned 35 in February.

15 responses to “Falcons keep McClure on one-year deal

  1. The Falcon’s need a short yardage running back, the biggest, meanest, most athletic SOB they can find!!!

    Until then, they are going absolutely nowhere.

  2. Funny to see the window slowly closing in Atlanta. An overhyped, nothing more than average QB surrounded by an aging cast of Gonzalez, McClure, Abraham, Turner, etc. That combined with the lack of draft picks due to drafting a #2 receiver in the Top 10 last year will continue to erode at a franchise that’s won nothing in its 45+ years.

  3. I don’t know if I’d call Julio jones a #2 wr. He had a great rookie season, he’s probably going to have a great career and be the Falcons 1 for a long time

  4. Todd McClure’s absence to injury in September was a major cause of the early season season spankings the franchise received vs. da Bears and others early on.

  5. I don’t know if I’d call Julio jones a #2 wr. He had a great rookie season, he’s probably going to have a great career and be the Falcons 1 for a long time”


    Considering Roddy White caught a 100 passes last year, its pretty safe to say he’s the #1 WR there. He’s had 80+ receptions the last 5 seasons. Sooooo… if he’s the #1, how can Julio also be a #1?

    Because he’s not. The Falcons gave up 5 picks to draft a #2 WR.

  6. Is he the current #1? No.

    Is he expected to become that player? I think so. But yes, they overspent – thanks for pointing out something that most Falcons fans (and the league) already know.

    I love it when fans of other teams feel the need to remind Falcons fans that our favorite team has accomplished very little. As if that’s a huge surprise or something. Would you like all of us to jump on the bandwagon for your team (presuming they’ve won a ton of championships or even one)? Nut up and represent your team or shut the hell up about ours. We’re fully aware but that doesn’t stop us from hoping.

    With regard to the return of McClure – it’s good to see. He’s never been anything but solid, IMO. As for his eventual replacement, I’m not entirely sure if the plan was for Hawley to become the center eventually or if he’s always been intended to play guard. Either way, he was mostly terrible from what I could tell. But maybe he’ll improve.

  7. 35 or not, he’s of more value to Atl than that overrated, overpaid RT of theirs (Clabo).

  8. Keep in mind Julio Jones caught 54 receptions, 959 receiving yards, 17.8 yards per catch, 8 Tds and only played 13 games. There are plenty of #2 receivers that play like #1 receivers. He’s better than you realize.

  9. The Jets even apologized to me on their facebook page when I said I am selling my Jets gear on eBay because I just can’t be a fan with Tebow on the team.

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