Irsay says No. 1 pick is “up in the air”

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On Monday, former Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck told Dan Patrick that the Colts haven’t told Luck that he’ll be the No. 1 overall pick.  On Tuesday, Colts owner Jim Irsay supplied the explanation.

According to Irsay, the Colts have yet to decide between Luck and Robert Griffin III.

It’s up in the air,” Irsay told USA Today.  “We have to look at this thing completely open-minded.

“You have two outstanding athletes, two great pure passers, two guys from families that are incredible.”

It has been widely believed that the Colts will take Luck.  “Luck is The Guy,” an unnamed source told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports last month.  “I don’t care what happens [at the Combine]. I don’t care if Griffin flies.”

So what’s going on?  As we see it, either Irsay misses all the media attention after the release of Peyton Manning and hopes to create some false drama, or Irsay is being influenced by the opinions of people like Tony Dungy, Ron Jaworski, Merril Hoge, and Greg Cosell.

Then there’s a chance that the Colts believe the Redskins have locked in on Griffin, and that perhaps the Colts think they can squeeze a little something out of the Redskins in exchange for a flip-flop of the first and second overall picks.

Irsay also addressed the possibility of negotiating a contract with the No. 1 pick before the draft.  “If we get to the point where we’re going to negotiate early, get something done before the draft, you never rule that out,” Irsay said.  “We’ve talked to both agents.  We haven’t negotiated yet.”

With the new CBA, negotiating with the potential first overall pick no longer has much value.  The contracts are tightly slotted, and the deals can be done in literally five minutes.

Still, there’s a chance Irsay will end up agonizing about this one as much as he agonized over the decision to draft Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf in 1998 — and the decision to part ways with Peyton.

The question of whether he regrets the second decision will depend in large part on Irsay’s next decision.

108 responses to “Irsay says No. 1 pick is “up in the air”

  1. I think Irsay should be agonizing over this decision, but I don’t think he is.

    False drama

  2. Heck I totally believe Irsay. I would take RGIII over Luck any day. It doesn’t look like you can really go wrong with either as they are both extremely grounded with mad skills.

  3. “We’ve decided to only invite Andrew Luck in for a private workout, but honestly the decision is still up in the air.”

    (Quietly to himself)

    “There, that smokescreen ought to throw everyone off the trail. Now lets cross our fingers and hope RGIII falls to us at number 1.”

    -Jim Irsay

  4. Ok here we go with the … Oh I hope the colts take rg3 to screw the skins…. Yes we here in the dmv are excited about our new franchise qb. At this point, it doesnt matter which one we get. So shadap..

  5. Who’s he kidding. We all know Luck is the man he’s taking. And he would never risk trading the pick then have Skins take Luck.

  6. If I am the Browns, I make an offer for the 1# pick like they did for #2. It will cost them but it seem like the only way they get a franchise QB in Cleveland. Both QB’s are great prospects but Luck is closer to what you need to run your West Coast Offense. Or even take Griffin if you are that sure he is the best player. The worst Indy can say is “no”.

  7. If this is some negotiation play as some posts have suggested, Irsay is dumber than I already assumed, given that under the new CBA Irsay can gain little as the contract for the pick is essentially slotted ala NBA contracts and there is little – actually probably nothing – to gain through such a tactic.

    More likely, Irsay is a windsock and is being too easily influenced by the talking heads who get more air/press when taking the semi-controversial RG3 over Luck stance. The truth is that Luck is the more likely and logical selection despite a very “sexy” upside tied to RG3.

  8. I suspect this is a ploy for negotiating a contract with Luck. Feign indecision and possibly keep Luck’s signing price down. No way Indy trades the #1 pick unless they see Luck/Griffin as dead even since the Redskins could swerve Indy after trading and take Luck at #1.

  9. As a Colts fan, I’ll be happy with either player and I’m pretty sure Washington will too. Personally, I think they will take Luck but Irsay and the front office owe it to the coaches and fans to do their due diligence in this process, this is a huge decision that can either boost you forward for set you back for years.

  10. Never heard of RG3 before the last 2 months. No brainer. Andrew Luck probably as good an athlete. They both may be better athletes than, oh say, Tom Brady Payton Manning Aaron Rodgers (best of the class). Pure BS. It’s all in the head.

  11. The Colts are just being savvy. The Redskins are completely locked in on RG3. They might give the Colts something just to swap picks and have a little certainty after trading as much as they did. Even if the Colts only get an extra 3rd or 4th rounder out of it, and still end up with Luck, it’s a smart move.

  12. Bob, in order for anyone to believe you in the slightest you have to at least have RG3 in for a workout. Otherwise people are gonna to think you’re back on the pills and booze.

  13. Ultimately you have to go with the safer pick. A quarterback that can run like that, if he’s anything like Vick, has the vulnerability of injury.

    One of Peyton’s greatest strengths (ironically enough at the moment) was that for over a decade he never got injured.

    If I’m looking at both of these guys I’m thinking they’re both gonna be stars, but I’m also thinking that Griffin’s more likely get injured. He’s smaller and he’s faster and he’s a better runner. For a few years he’s probably gonna look like the better pick. But Luck will likely outlast him.

    You can’t afford to fail after you let Peyton walk. They’ve gotta take Luck, and they know it, and that’s the end of this story.

  14. Then there’s a chance that the Colts believe the Redskins have locked in on Griffin, and that perhaps the Colts think they can squeeze a little something out of the Redskins in exchange for a flip-flop of the first and second overall picks.
    A. The Skins have nothing left to trade.

    B. They would not trad up any way. By moving to #2, they are assured of a franchise guy, and I truly believe they would be happy with either one.

  15. Irsay, don’t sweat it, just flip a coin. Whomever falls to the Redskins will have the better career anyways…

  16. Even the vikequeef toads don’t believe this pick is “up in the air” and they’re the dumbest fans to have ever trod the sod.

  17. I, just like everyone posting here have no idea who the colts will pick. But Mr Griffin should only look at the colts last season and see that he should want no part of a bunch of quitters……I agree that Peyton is a good QB. But I saw a team just flat tank a whole season because ONE player was hurt and couldn’t play……Were the rest of the TEAM under contract and parading around as PROFESSIONALS……Someone….., any one of the STARS should have pulled that group together and played with pride or something……Instead, they pissed and moaned the entire year because Peyton wasn’t there to wipe their noses and motivate them……Let them pick Luck, who I think is as safe a pick as any, but Mr Griffin should go to a team like the Redskins, who had TWO sucky QB’s but the Team still played with pride and at least showed up every week playing to WIN…..

  18. All I can say is choose wisely my friend…this happens every year and typically only 1 of the 2 guys is a superstar the other guy is almost always a bust.

    The 9ers got lucky that Alex is decent, but they didn’t choose wisely in 2005.

    I would choose Luck, but this might be the year that both guys coming out are can’t miss players.

  19. I personally would take RG3 first overall.

    However, I don’t think that Irsay will take RG3. He has had his sights set on Luck for the longest time and will ultimately draft him. He is closer to Manning than RG3 and they aren’t going to change the entire culture of their team.

    I do think that both Luck & RG3 will be successes in the NFL and I’m not going to be like many of you and claim there is a clear cut better one. RG3 or Luck. Only time will tell who is better – but I do think they will both be starters in this league for years to come.

  20. It’s not even false drama. False drama would be if Irsay leaked that he was leaning toward Griffin. The Colts have given no indication that they value Griffin over Luck; it’s either been an endorsement of Luck, or a hokey “they’re both great guys.”

    It’s doen’t need to be complex – Irsay is just positioning himself to take Luck while passing off the perception that he seriously considered other options. He thinks it makes the organization look intelligent.

  21. Lucks been the defacto #1 QB pick for a few years, but he decided to finish school.
    Thats gotta tell them something.

  22. If only they would throw a curve and draft USC tackle guy, my vikes could get a franchise qb

  23. How can you people think this is a negotiation tactic? Contracts are slotted! It even says so right in the article. Are you people that dumb?

  24. “Bob, in order for anyone to believe you in the slightest you have to at least have RG3 in for a workout.”

    Actually – study up on your facts. The Colts tried to bring in RG3 for an individual workout but certain circumstances came up where it was not an option (RG3 didn’t go – it is not that the Colts didn’t try) so they simply attended his pro day instead.

  25. Just like he was undecided about Manning. This guy is full of fertilizer.

    It’s Luck. I have to give Indy credit for tanking the season.

    I like Luck but, I hope he fails miserably. I hate the Colts.

  26. Irsay, don’t you think Colts fans have seen enough drama this off season? You let Caldwell dangle in the wind for 3 weeks. You went back and forth with Peyton for 2 months. And now you’re threatening to pass on the best QB prospect in 30 years. Enough is enough. Stop tweeting and meddling. Go back to being a good owner, and not a Jerry Jones wannabe loser. Take Andrew Luck(or he will kick your A$$ for the next 15 years).

  27. Just looking for spotlite need for Irsay. Nobody with any football intel would let Luck get away. Certainly not for griffin. Of coarse Dumbass Hoge doesn’t think so, but we also know how little he knows. Griffin will sell tickets in DC for sure. Not so much in Indy, and not in DC when he busts out…and he most certainly will.

  28. The Colts should trade down, so they get the #2 pick. It will take the pressure off them. It may cost the Colts an extra pick, but they will get their man.

  29. You’re all wrong! The ghost of Al Davis will take possession of Irsay the day before the draft and the Colts will end up taking Stephen Hill or a kicker first overall.

  30. If I’m Luck … I tell the Colts … “I’m not playing for you trade to the Broncos”!
    Oh wait a minute … that’s the John Elway Story.
    Anyways Luck still should tell Irsay screw you … I’m not signing with the Colts.

  31. Trying to get one of Washington’s late picks? Washington should move up, give a 7th rd pick and then pick LUCK……Just for fun.

  32. Spanky green is just like the other idiots I see here on a daily basis. Manning wasn’t the only injured Colt last year. The Colts were crippled with injuries. They even elevated special teamers to starters on defense. Btw, they didn’t tank either. 7 of their losses were by one score or less.

    You sir, are a complete buffoon.

  33. Skins are good with either guy. It is not a bad place to be, no pressure to chose and a great QB either way.

    If Colts switch and go for RG3, getting Luck is nothing to be sad about.

  34. Someone saying the Redskins play to win every single game is quite amusing, to say the least. Btw, they have the worst owner in the league who has proven year after year he has no idea what it takes to operate a successful NFL team. Not saying I do, but at least I know my limitations.

  35. Oh I hope the colts take rg3 to screw the skins
    why do people either 1) say this line or 2) say the Colts are doing this so Washington trades up?? the Redskins are picking at 2, they wont get screwed and they wont trade up. if the Colts take RG3, the Redskins will smile and take Andrew Luck. some of the fans may not like it, but the coaches and owner and GM will have no issue taking Luck.

  36. Since we are bringing up Redskins, how many millions are they losing in cap space the next 2 years? Dan Snyder doing his best owner impersonation, once again.

  37. “I don’t care if griffin FLIES”. Spit my Gatorade out, lol.

    Anyway, the white guy is going to the Midwest. The black guy is going to the inner city.

  38. This is a no brainerRG3 fits the Redskins game plan and their style as does Andrew Luck fit what the colts are doingif for some reason the picks switch both teams are set for at least 10 years maybe more of winning with these QBs!

  39. I didn’t bother to read the other replies.

    Irsay, draft Luck–or move the damned team to LA.

    I am so tired of your twitter BS. Either rebuild the team or get the hell out!

  40. I’d love to see Indy take RG3. Never gonna happen, Midwest team takes the West Virginia boy, DC takes the minority kid with long hair. All day.

  41. Redskins would be a bad team to play for I would think. With an owner that likes to blow his wad on overpriced free agents every year, they will continue to always be in the middle of the pack.

  42. Now for the comparison that no Redskins or Baylor fan wants to hear, RG3 could be the next Akili Smith. They are almost identical in size, both weigh in at 220 lbs but Smith is one inch taller then Griffen, 6’3″ and 6’2″ respectively. Both are mobile QBs with strong arms. Their college stats for their last year in college are incredibly similar as well. Smith posted a stat line of 58% completion percentage for 3763 yards with 32 TDs and 8 INTs. Griffen posted 72% completion percentage for 4293 yards with 37 TDs and 6 INTs.

  43. The biggest difference in these two QBs is Griffen’s completion percentage is much higher, some of that may be due to the weaker secondaries in the Big 12 and Baylor’s receiving corps being faster than the DBs covering them. I’m not saying that RG3 will bust and becoming the next Akili Smith but the comparison is valid. If he doesn’t live up to his hype then it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who follows football.

  44. While I don’t like Irsay, I can hardly blame him for pulling this. Dan Snyder has already proved he’d give up a ton for RGIII, can’t see a reason to think why the Colts couldn’t attempt to squeeze a bit more from that nutcase.

    Snyder must have pictures of RGIII all over his walls. Heck it wouldn’t surprise me if his wife’s wedding picture has been altered with RGIII’s face in place of her’s.

  45. jgava19 your an idiot. Dan Snyder is a lot of things. He isnt a bad owner. What exactly makes him a bad owner? Is it because he will spend any amount or do anything to help his franchise win? He has made some questionable moves in the past, but that doesnt make him a bad owner, it makes him an impatient one.

    Despite the Skins bad fortune, they are still the 2nd most valuable franchise in all of sports. They are worth well over a billion so Danny must be doing something right.

  46. Indy takes Luck number one. Washington takes Griffen number two.
    Andrew Luck = Oliver Luck
    Griffen = Vince Young
    Both teams blow big time.

  47. @kinggw-
    Spot on!
    I’m not a Skins fan, but I respect Snyder.
    He is, imo, what a team owner should be- someone who is committed to making his franchise the best it can be. He’s one of the few owners that truly LOVES his franchise, and doesn’t look at it as just a glamorous business venture.
    He’s made his share of bad decisions (the worst one being Vinny Cerrato), but I think his heart is in the right place.
    I wish there were more owners like Snyder in the NFL, and less like Bill Bidwill and the Irsays.

  48. Dan Snyder left his mark, or stain, on more than just a football team. That’s the Dan Snyder who got caught forging names as a telemarketer with Snyder Communications, made a great view of the Potomac River for himself by going all Agent Orange on federally protected lands, and lost over $121 million of Bill Gates’ money while selling an “official mattress” while in charge of Six Flags.

  49. 8-3: Record Marty Schottenheimer posted in the last 11 games of the 2001 season, his first as head coach of the Washington Redskins. Snyder fired him anyway.

  50. Maybe Isray is waiting for Luck to come in and give him the Manning (“If you don’t draft me, I promise you I’ll come back and kick your ass”), before he confesses his love in public.

  51. Also, I’m tired of everyone comparing RG3 to black quarterbacks just because he happens to be black. If you have to compare him to someone, I think Elway is probably the closest if you watch his game film.

  52. Daniel Snyder of the Redskins doesn’t understand the deal he made with the devil — that becoming an owner can make you famous, but it can also make you look foolish. He’s actually sued a Washington newspaper for daring to criticize him for running a rotten team. Excuse me, where do I go to get on the long line that criticizes Dan Snyder for being a bad owner?

    Read more:

  53. The fact that anyone defends Dan Snyder is a joke. The net is littered with links to why he is a complete tool. It’s no secret how much the guy is disliked, either. Oh well. Atleasts he’s your owner.

  54. adenaguy March 27, 2012, 6:19 PM CDT

    Never heard of RG3 before the last 2 months. No brainer. Andrew Luck probably as good an athlete. They both may be better athletes than, oh say, Tom Brady Payton Manning Aaron Rodgers (best of the class). Pure BS. It’s all in the head.

    umm rg3 only won the heisman trophy leaving luck sitting there with a d*** look on his face..but yeah YOU never heard of him before feb. lol ..k

  55. This doesn’t have anything to do with football. It is the NFL trying to retain some semblance of drama over what is going to happen with the first two picks of the draft.

    Draft day has turned into a big deal for the NFL’s media partners and sponsors. It does them no good at all if the first two picks are set in stone.

    As it is there will be absolutely no drama over the number 2 pick. As soon as the first pick is announced you know who will go second. Worse still there is almost no doubt over who will go third as well.

    The first pick over which there is any real doubt is the number 4 pick. That’s currently owned by Cleveland whose fans will have the exciting prospect of watching their team either reach massively for the 3rd best QB, select a player that doesn’t fill their most glaring need or trade down, again.

    This is not going to be an exciting first round. At least people were surprised that teams drafted Locker and Ponder so high last year. This year there wont even be a sense of shock if someone reaches for Tannehill or Weeden.

  56. All my acquaintances from Indiana are too white in their personal way of thinking so if I were a betting man I would place my bet on the Colts taking Luck.

  57. As BAD as the redskins are… Indy with no Peyton is much worse. I don’t think anyone wants to see rg3 have to play in Indy. Besides, the league won’t allow It. They want the exciting rg3 to play in their “darling division” the NFC east so they can continue to put all that divisions games on prime time.

  58. @jgava-
    I stand by my remarks about Snyder. At least he makes the effort to improve his team year in and year out. Like I said in my earlier post- he has made some bad decisions, but he’s all about his team.
    Bidwill sat around for years eating ice cream in the stands while the Cards tanked, and never showed loyalty to that team’s fans in any city (Chicago, St Louis, and Phoenix). And we all know what the Irsays did to Baltimore.
    No doubt Snyder’s done some things to anger Skins fans- but at least Skins fans will NEVER have to listen to him threaten to move the team when he wants a new stadium.

  59. ‘Skins PUHLEEEEZE don’t give up anything more for either of these potentials.

    You’ve already given up too much, possibly.

    Whichever blue chip you receive @2 will have to do.

  60. God I thought when the Irsay’s slunk alway in the middle of the night to that backwater town we would never have to hear from them again… Guy must’ve been rooting in the liquor or medicine cabinet.

  61. jgava………, relax partner, I’m on your side. I hope and pray the Colts select Luck. The Colts were only picked to go 8-8 or 9-7 with Peyton. Everyone is acting as if they were picked to make it too and win the SB……And as for your reference to the 7 other injuries the Colts had. No one says they would have not gone 2-14 because of those injuries, it was because of no PEYTON. I believe Luck goes to the Colts, and by week 3, he goes on injured reserve…….Your team sucks. Luck, Wayne, but …..NO O-LINE, NO D-line, and no running Back…..good luck……

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