Jets bring back Scotty McKnight

Getty Images

The Jets pre-apologized for the Tim Tebow trade by giving quarterback Mark Sanchez more than $20 million guaranteed over the next two years via a new contract.  They’re now possibly apologizing after the fact by giving Sanchez’s boyhood friend a job, again.

The Jets have re-signed Scotty McKnight, the team announced on Tuesday.

Originally acquired via a seventh-round pick in 2011, McKnight was among the final roster cuts in September.  He later was added to the practice squad, and McKnight tore an ACL in November.

Sanchez and McKnight were ball boys at Santa Margarita High School when Carson Palmer played quarterback there.  In 2011, Sanchez threw passes to McKnight at his Colorado Pro Day workout.  Sanchez thereafter went on the record to sing his friend’s praises.

“He’s the best guy who didn’t go to the Combine,” Sanchez said regarding McKnight.  “He didn’t drop a ball [at the Pro Day workout].  He’d be a steal for someone.”

And so, at a time when Tim Tebow apparently is intent on stealing Sanchez’s job, the Jets have given the fourth-year quarterback a locker-room ally.

Of course, once Santonio Holmes sees a few passes from Tebow sail over Holmes’ head in practice, Santonio will finally warm up to Sanchez, too.