Jets owner views Sanchez contract as a vote of confidence

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When Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez signed a contract extension, he first called it a demonstration of his status as the leader of the team, then backed off those comments. But Jets owner Woody Johnson does connect Sanchez’s contract with his position as the Jets’ main man.

At today’s league meetings, Johnson said the Jets wouldn’t have given Sanchez a contract extension if they weren’t sure he would quarterback the team going forward.

“We wouldn’t sign him and put him on a long term contract extension,” Johnson said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “That’s a demonstration of our confidence.”

However, less than two weeks after the Jets inked the extension with Sanchez, they traded for Tim Tebow. Doesn’t that indicate that they’re less than 100 percent certain that Sanchez is the starter?

Not according to Johnson.

“I’m going to be very clear: Mark Sanchez is our starting quarterback. Period. That’s it,” Johnson said. “He’s our starting quarterback. He’s going to be a good NFL player. Just like he’s been. There’s no reason to suspect that Mark will be any different this year than he’s been the last 10 years he’s played the game. He’s been a very consistent performer his whole career.”

Johnson said there’s no reason the trade for Tebow should be seen as a negative for Sanchez, or for anyone else with the Jets.

“I don’t see any negatives,” Johnson said. “I see all positives.”

49 responses to “Jets owner views Sanchez contract as a vote of confidence

  1. As a huge Jets fan and a New Yorker, stop the Jets talk. Take the Jets off the site. They clearly aren’t interested in a super bowl. They want to win an Emmy, Tony, and possible a grammy if Nick Mangold can sing.

  2. Johnson? Sanchise will be the starter till Tebow starts out preforming him, which will be in week one in game action!

  3. Actually, I view that contract as a major mistake, and Johnson is trying to reassure himself. Here’s what you need to do Woody – invent a time machine and rip up that contract.

  4. In fairness, I mean, there’s some truth to that. Why would they invest so much in Sanchez if they had any thought of replacing him?

    I really don’t think the Jets brought in Tebow to be the starter, or for publicity. I think they legitimately believe he can add a dynamic element to their offense that can exist in harmony with a Sanchez-led passing game.

    The problem is that while that might make sense if Tebow were just some random dude, perhaps listed as a non-QB on the depth chart, there are so many other factors that can blow up in NY’s face here. They seem to believe they can control Tebowmania, but I don’t know…they couldn’t even control Santonio Holmes last year.

  5. “There’s no reason to suspect that Mark will be any different this year than he’s been the last 10 years he’s played the game”

    So does that mollify all of the jets fans who say that he sucks?

  6. He’s going to be a good NFL player. Just like he’s been.
    ….yea….about that

  7. I see the Yets owner is still delirious…

    This team is such a joke, I can’t wait for this 3 ring circus to get underway.

    Going to be a long season Jets fans…

  8. This guy is delirious. What a laughing stock the Jets have become and it’s going to get worse.

  9. When a team has a “ground and pound” style offense it says everything that needs to be said about how they feel about their QB.

  10. I am probably wrong here, but what if Sparano and the Jets actually have something up their sleeve (humor me on this….).

    Lets face it, their offense was pretty horrid this year. Tebow’s rookie contract + Sanchez’s manageable contract is still cheaper than teams who have consistently competent QBs. They get leadership and an improvement to their running game. In return…. they get an even worse passer.

    With some of the games I saw this year…. there is no way this actually hurts their offense on the field.

    Off the field…. hilarity is ensured.

  11. Everyone else views it as lucky timing for Sanchez, because it would not have happened if Tebow had been free at the time.

  12. I just don’t get the Sanchez bashing…. 34 wins..4 road playoff wins… Never publicly embarrasses the franchise, always says the right things, even during the Tebow debacle. Not many 25 year old QB’s have accomplished as much. Room to improve … Absolutely! What do people want from this guy? 50 TD’s no picks and win every game? IDIOTS !!!

  13. Last 10 years ? I’m sure his High School career & 1 season as a starter in college doesn’t REALLY factor in his leadership and winning abilities… is what he has (or hasn’t) done as NFL player.

    NFL is all about “what have you done for me lately”.
    Woody is just trying to talk himself into it being alright.

  14. Sanchez is a servicable QB. Not great, but decent.
    And Tebow will bring a few options to the table that the Jets previously lacked.
    This combo can work if Sparano is creative enough to design plays that take advantage of each guy’s strengths. And, if he can get these two to put aside whatever tension exists between them at the moment…

  15. I think Sanchez has been “good”. That won’t win a trophy. Won’t even win you a starting spot. But that was before the jets emasculated Sanchez by bringing in the most popular athlete in the WORLD. Now, Sanchez’ feminine disposition and self confidence has been shattered, we’ll see a greatly diminished player, and a new leader on the Jets.

  16. Doesn’t an owner offer a “vote of confidence” right before he decides to ax someone?

  17. barkerwoofer says:
    Mar 27, 2012 9:37 PM
    The front office of the Jets is a complete joke from top to bottom.

    Keep in mind I say that as a Chargers fan.

    The chargers of late have been the Jets beyoch.
    So don’t be surprised if the jokes keep coming your way.

  18. Media: shut up and leave the Jets alone!!!!!!

    You idiots accuse the Jets of talking all the time, but scream like a bunch of parrots with that cliche complaint “shut up and play!!!!!”

  19. A “vote of confidence” ….. right.

    That’s why they got a playoff QB as a back-up, right?

  20. Funny cause Mark viewed it as a vote of confidence as well.

    Then declared himself the teams leader.

    Then apologized.

    Guess we”ll be expecting an apology from Woody shortly.

  21. @jbwhale…. time to stop drinking the kool-aid. sanchez is a deer-in-the-headlights and makes bad decisions, throws too many picks and is leaderless….

    that’s what the rest of the world sees in him. 4-12 in 2012

  22. “Jets owner views Sanchez contract as a vote of confidence”

    is there any way that we can just thumbs up or thumbs down the title of each story??

    Flo-$$ make this happen!!!

  23. andyreiddoublecheeseburger says:Mar 27, 2012 11:14 PM

    Doesn’t an owner offer a “vote of confidence” right before he decides to ax someone?


    In the case of the Eagles it’s usually a “financial apology” (upgraded contract) followed by a “vote of confidence”.

    Sanchez is screwed if the Jets are following Andy Reid’s game plan.

    The moment the Jets traded for Tebow and made him the co-starting QB Sanchez was put in a no win situation. At least he has a few more dollars to make the trainwreck more comfortable.

    I’d take Sanchez over Vick and honestly Vick and Tebow should be on the same team where they could each eat into each other’s playing time.

    Can you imagine the fanbases of each QB at each others throats? Tebow is Mike Vick lite without the ability to throw the ball or dog fighting conviction but each of their fanbases are convinced that their QB is gods gift to football.

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