Joe Philbin: “Ask Matt Flynn why he’s in Seattle”


Joe Philbin doesn’t like the perception that the Dolphins didn’t aggressively pursue free agent quarterback Matt Flynn.

Philbin, the Dolphins head coach who spent the last four years coaching Flynn in Green Bay, was asked by a reporter today why he didn’t pursue Flynn as aggressively as many people thought they would. And Philbin said people who think the Dolphins didn’t pursue Flynn aggressively are wrong.

I think we made an aggressive push,” Philbin said. “We got him in here relatively quickly. Again, we had a great meeting. Matt and I had some conversations, a number of conversations prior to his arrival to Miami. We had some subsequent ones after. He’d probably be able to give you better answer as to why he chose to go elsewhere.”

That aggressive push may have been hampered by the fact that the Dolphins first aggressively pushed for Peyton Manning, but Philbin said he’s not sure why Flynn picked the Seahawks.

“Again, you need to ask Matt Flynn why he’s in Seattle,” Philbin said. “There’s a myriad factors that go into why people make decisions about their own future, which is their prerogative. And clubs have their own prerogative as to how they are going to decide to move forward. And so again, it always takes two people to get a marriage and so I wish him well. He’s a great young man. But he’s better to ask why he’s in Seattle.”

Flynn’s decision to play for the Seahawks even though the Dolphins made an aggressive push — and even though Flynn already knows he can play well in Philbin’s offense — would seem to be another indication of the widespread perception that a whole lot of players just don’t want to play for the Dolphins right now.

Philbin, however, is accentuating the positives with his quarterbacks. Of David Garrard, Philbin said, “I think he throws a real catchable ball.” And Philbin said Matt Moore “managed the games very well.”

So the Dolphins will have either a quarterback who throws a catchable ball or a game manager. But they won’t have Manning or Flynn, the quarterbacks they pursued aggressively.

98 responses to “Joe Philbin: “Ask Matt Flynn why he’s in Seattle”

  1. Thus bringing to an end all the comments of “If Philbin wanted him we would have signed him.”

    Hopefully anyways.

  2. “He can manage the game really well”
    “He sucks but we can’t do any better “

  3. Seattle offered him more. Ross went on record saying $8m was too much for Flynn because he’d need to get another starter worthy QB behind him, since Flynn was so unproven.

  4. Who, of any caliber, would want to play for the bottom rung team in the AFC East?

  5. Boy Philbin is really excited to have Moore and Garrard as his quarterbacks. “throws a real catchable ball” and “manages the game very well”.

    AKA can we forfeit the 2012 season and draft Barkley.

  6. JC…just fire freakin fire Ireland and get someone who has a clue!! I’m so sick of the same year after year after year of revolving coaches and Qb’s. How ’bout a revolving door of GM’s? That sounds better!

    Shoela knows all!

  7. Dolphins management did say they’d be more accessible to the media.

    They didn’t say they’d answer any questions…

  8. I’m only going to say this once: this guy was hired by Sherman, and held a clipboard, but McCarthy designs the offense and always has.

    Nice guy, just not a difference-making coach, hence why Flynn had no interest.

    Steven Ross couldn’t make a good decision to save his life.

  9. As the saying goes, if you have two quarterbacks you have no quarterbacks. I’ll believe Flynn is the answer when Tavaris Jackson is released.

  10. Based upon many of these posts…people will choose to be dicks over intelligence more often than not.

    The Fins chose not to overpay for an “unproven” Flynn or an “overrated” Smith like they did for the past umpteen QBs brought in to succeed Dan Marino…maybe, just maybe they’re FINALLY learning from their mistakes.

  11. Neither state has an income tax. However, the weather and broads are way better in Miami. I’d take my talents to South Beach every single time. Don’t get why these players don’t want to go there.

  12. Ross was right…. Flynn has started twice…. he’s unproven… as such, it’s hard to spend 8m to supposedly upgrade from Moore (who has been playing great in spite of an almost last place O line) when it isn’t clear it’s an upgrade

  13. I remember back when MIA had a well run franchise. How did it ever get to this? Ross has turned the Phins into the NFL’s leper colony. Everyone wants to just stay far clear away, except for the most brave.

  14. Thanks you Miami. The contract Seattle arranged with Flynn is fair all around. If he doesn’t work out we’re not crippled for life.

    If Miami was going to shell out 90 mil for a QB with 4 neck surgeries why would they be cheap when it came to a decent contract for Flynn. Makes no sense but thanks again Miami. I think he’ll be great one day soon.

  15. How many coaches and qb’s did Matt Miilen hire and fire? The look what happen to the Lions once they replaced Millen. Wake up Miami.

  16. Pete Carroll and other Seattle bigwigs flew to Denver unannounced just hoping to meet with Peyton Manning — anything — and Manning turned them down. But Seattle was that desperate to sign him. And you’re trying to paint Flynn’s decision on the fact that the Dolphins aggressively pursued Manning? Seriously?

    And how many exactly is “a whole lot” of players?

  17. Lets watch Flynn and see if he is worth the $ that Seattle paid him. If anyone knows his worth, it’s Philbin. I think Tannehill is a lock at pick #8.

  18. The Fins chose not to overpay for an “unproven” Flynn

    Get real. The Seahawks didn’t overpay Flynn, he’s making about $6 million per unless he hits incentives that include taking the team to the playoffs. It’s a cheap ‘put up or shut up’ deal. Let’s face the facts here. Flynn chose a much more promising upcoming Seattle franchise over a floundering Miami franchise. Given all things equal, the smart kid made the smart choice to go where he has the best chance at succeeding.

  19. Because by all accounts they’re quietly building a beast of a team in Seattle. Should be the most competitive NFC West in years.

  20. “Based upon many of these posts…people will choose to be dicks over intelligence more often than not”

    Based on a post like this you have no grasp of reality! Seattle is in a rain shadow( Olympic Mtn range blocks the weather Seattle gets) that affords pleasant football conditions and has an owner that does everything to win. Winter is winter, it will get into the 40’s maybe rain here or there but it isn’t Miami who if not for Marino ha little football history since like 1901! Easy pick for Flynn…..can you say Hasselback II!

  21. The Fish have to be asking themsemves what in the world they hired Philbin for, if he wasn’t bringing a qb?

    Should have at least made a serious play for Tebow or Alex Smith. Now they are shaping up to have another one of their nightmare, 1-15 seasons. Too bad – Sparano finally had something going good at the end of the year.

  22. Probably because they pissed him off with their lowball offer which I’m still trying to understand the rational of. Let me get this straight. A QB who’s run their system for 4 years and knows it like the back of their hand is worth less money? Does that make sense to anybody else?

  23. Don’t sweat it Joe, Scott Mitchell…err, Matt Flynn won’t don’t do anything to make you regret he’s in Seattle anyway. TJack will be taking at least some of the snaps for the Sea-chickens by season’s end, and Matt Flynn will be the next Kevin Kolb. Another in a long line of QB’s with very short resumes, that get too much money on the open market. Ther’s a reason they were Scott Mitchell or Kevin Kolb in the first place, they have limitations that make them not #1’s and simply aren’t that good to begin with. ‘course ya got a “game manger” and a guy that “throws a catchable ball’ at the helm for you, good luck with all that…

  24. “but it isn’t Miami who if not for Marino ha little football history since like 1901! ”

    You obviously are about 14.

  25. “If it wasn’t for Marino have little football history since like 1901!”

    Really? Not much of a football fan are you.

    Bet you Flynn doesn’t even beat out Jackson as opening day starter. LOL..

  26. Miami refused to pay more then Seattle?

    Isn’t his guaranteed money only equal to $4mil a year?

    The standard price for a back up in the NFL?

    Only if he succeeds will he get more then that.

    Not sure how Miami couldn’t afford him.

  27. Seattle > Miami

    Why would he want want to go to Miami? We have a better Defense, better coach, Better recievers, a better TE. Easy move..

    Dolphin fans – “we could have had him if we wanted him” LOL obviously not.

  28. What is to say the Dolphins are not doing things the right way now? Seriously. Like Miami, Seattle has had an awful history personnel wise until very recently (Tavaris, WHITEHURST). There is no reason to think the organization is doing a better job than Miami at this point. Joe Philbin appears to be a solid football mind and now we’re going to get to see how Ireland can run a team free of Parcells’ finger prints. Ross may seem foolish for missing so much, but at least he swings for the fences every time. He puts into his franchise, I’m sure a lot of fans would be happy with him and his money at the helm of their respective organizations. So sure, Miami lost out on Manning, but so did a lot of other teams. The Jets got turned down immediately when trying to set a meeting. College pete and the Seattle GM flew out to Denver and were turned down for a meeting bc ‘Peyton doesn’t like surprises.’ A ridiculous and annoying response from Peyton’s camp for sure, but it shows what he thinks of that organization. All these fans need to come off their organization’s high horse and take a look at what’s wrong with their own teams.

  29. @koblydoerge

    I guess going undefeated and winning the super bowl isn’t to much.

  30. Wouldn’t it be funny if Flynn says that he chose to go to Seattle because it is a better franchise and has a better FO, so the bigger dollar offer by Miami still wasn’t enough to sway him?

    It is funny that he didn’t repeat himself by saying ‘if we wanted Flynn we would have gotten him’. Sounds like we now find out that it was Flynn that made the ultimate decision.

    I for one applaud that decision.

  31. Philbin doesn’t deserve the criticism he is getting. Everyones so desperate for a QB that they dont look at the bigger picture. Flynn isnt even better than Matt Moore. We gon make it dont worry Phins.

  32. 2 starts and he wanted big $$
    Easy why he went to Seattle, he saw suckers when he saw ’em.
    Another year, another Seattle team nobody cares about, then again, what history does Seattle have?
    Ohh yeah, never winning anything.

    Oh excuse me Hasselback II is an awesome idea…

  33. Maybe Matt Flynn chose Seattle because Seattle is a young, dynamic, talented team with a top 10 defense, a stellar front office and an owner with lots of cash who doesn’t mettle.

    Maybe it’s that simple.

  34. I don’t think u can say miami has a little history? 72 phins did go undefeated? Ok maybe they don’t have a lot of history but I don’t think that’s why flynn chose seattle. Most likely either the fins lowballed him, or he was tired of being called a system qb that would only be good in miami? And yes I know seattle runs a similar system but he might’ve wanted to get out on his own and prove he can be a top qb in this league. Just a thought.

  35. Wow!
    That’s amazing…but why did it get Seattle 3rd in a weak division?
    7-9 and this team is amazing?

  36. Pretty soon we’ll have Seahawk fans telling us the 49ers and Steelers don’t have histories.

  37. How can anyone say that Seattle got suckered? You clearly haven’t seen the deal he signed, because he is not getting paid starter money.

    Philbin is saying he chose Seattle, so either Miami wasn’t willing to even give Flynn a low-risk low-cost contract to see if he can be a legitimate starter, or given the same amount of money or close to, he liked his chances in Seattle better. The Seahawks are a simply organization both in the FO and on both sides of the ball right now.

  38. nyjetssuck says:
    Mar 27, 2012 6:50 PM

    The Fins chose not to overpay for an “unproven” Flynn or an “overrated” Smith like they did for the past umpteen QBs brought in to succeed Dan Marino…maybe, just maybe they’re FINALLY learning from their mistakes.

    I’m gonna shoot a hole in that pretty quick. Look at the Flynn contract with Seattle, they did not come close to “OVERPAYING”, in fact they got a very team friendly “prove it” deal. Seahawks former 2nd string tight end John Carlson got more guaranteed money from the Vikings than Flynn. They didn’t blow their team and cap up to get an unproven QB (see: Kolb, Kevin AZ Cardinals). Very smart deal for a Seattle franchise that is in a much better direction than Miami.

  39. gh0sthawk says:
    Mar 27, 2012 7:42 PM
    Maybe Matt Flynn chose Seattle because Seattle is a young, dynamic, talented team with a top 10 defense, a stellar front office and an owner with lots of cash who doesn’t mettle.

    Maybe it’s that simple.


    If you knew what you were talking about you would know Miami’s defense which remains largely intact was rank 6th this past year and that is after they only played half of the season. As for Miami’s offense, there was talks that Bess was the best slot WR in the league in 2010. This past season the offense change so his stats went down but he should fit nicely in the WC offense. Hartline is another underrated WR and Bush had over 1000 years rushing with out starting all 16 games and after a slow start.

    Make no mistake, this team might be mismanaged but it does not mean they have no talent.

  40. Maybe Jeff Ireland asked Flynn if his mother was a “crack ho”.

    I still can’t believe that an – obviously racist and stereotypical comment was made by the General Manager of a NFL team – yet, still has a job.

    I mean – Wow!

    The jacobs on that guy !

  41. When Jackson beats out Flynn as the starter…will he then be overpaid???

    You all act as if Flynn is a guarantee…lmao

    If Philbin chose not to overpay Flynn, that’s good enough for me…good luck Seattle…better yet, keep your fingers crossed.

  42. I think the reality is that Miami could not afford to pay for Flynn. They only have 7 million in cap space. That’s expected to be used up by the draft.

  43. What’s up and coming about Seattle again? Flynn would not have flown directly to Miami and gone straight to the facility to talk turkey if he DIDN’T want to play there. It was all about money, and money only. Miami made a wise choice by waiting to address the position through the draft not to mention signing a capable veteran who is only a couple years from pro bowl ability. And keeping Moore on board for insurance . The perception of miami’s FO couldn’t be more false . Oh and no, the sky isn’t falling

  44. Maybe Flynn learned that way back when Miami was still relevant (way way back in 1983), they got their butts kicked in the playoffs by the Seahawks. Back in Marino’s rookie year. Seahawks made Marino look silly in that game, especially with those 3 second-half turnovers that we turned into points. We beat those pastel-colored pansies in their own house, after the media had spent all week saying the Phins were going to smack the Seahawks. Marino was weeping on the sidelines. It was just the first of many many losses he would have to deal with.

    I love these Phins fans talking smack. Get outta here with your irrelevant team and it’s Disney-colored uniforms. Nobody cares about the stupid Dolphins, and nobody has cared since the early 80’s. The dust-covered Atari 2600 in my attic is more socially relevant than the Dolphins. And that’s probably part of the reason Flynn didn’t sign there.

  45. So neither the Seahawks or the Dolphins chose to overpay Flynn. The only difference is the Seahawks got a young quarterback with upside out of it. The Dolphins got nothing.

    The Hawks came out as winners. Flynn flew to Miami not because he was intent on playing for Miami given everything else equal. He flew there to check it out, just like he did Seattle (note Seattle did not even make an offer until after he visited Miami, reportedly). Seattle simply has a better team and front office right now. Just ask Matt Flynn.

  46. I really hope flynn gets his big money that means all of his INCENTIVES are reached and the hawks are back atop the division with Beast Mode & their top ranked defense!! all they needed was a qb, and Flynn was smart enough to see that…..If not no loss but 4 mil! and draft one next year cause Tannehill is garbage! Only a year and a half experience in college with a big 7-6 record last year! at least Flynn won a championship @LSU

  47. Gotta feel sorry for Philbin. He’s had a rough year. First losing his son, and now stuck in a bad situation in Miami with a bad owner and GM. I’m afraid they are betting everything on Mike Sherman’s opinion on an unprroven Tannehill is the answer. They had better hope some other team doesn’t move up and take him before Miami’s pick.

  48. Don’t worry Dolphins fans you will be thanking your lucky stars you didn’t sign Flynn. 2 years from now when this guy is an absolute joke of a QB

  49. With your prurient sanctimonious little vendetta against the dolphins you really have managed to seek out football’s intelligentsia. I think you owe it to your followers to let them know when the collective iq reaches 87.

  50. “Maybe Flynn learned that way back when Miami was still relevant (way way back in 1983), they got their butts kicked in the playoffs by the Seahawks.”

    Yeah, I’d brag that up too. Considering its about the only thing Seattle has ever done…in their entire pathetic history.

    Oh, yeah, they yakked up the dullest Super Bowl even played. Guess there’s that.

    But hey…at least they have the next Dan McGwire.

  51. juliusanonymous, oh I forgot the rich history of the Seattle Seahawks, oh wait let me rephrase that the few bright spots in a otherwise mediocore at best franchise. An upset win against the Saints last season that really did not matter after they got smoked by the Bears in the divisional round. A Super Bowl apperance in a weak NFC, I can still hear the Seahawks fans crying about the refs. Other then that they have shown the NFL they were a force to be reckon with haha get real. Atleast Dolphin fans are realistic about there franchise, you are just delusional about yours. Oh I forgot remind me what happened in 1984 when they once again played then in the playoffs. Yea they got stomped. I’ll take having the opportunity of watching Dan Marino his whole career then watching the mediocore Seahawks any day. Someone needs to get real about there franchise before they bash another.

  52. theawkwardyears says:
    Mar 27, 2012 8:56 PM
    Philbin told Flynn he was like a son to him. Flynn quickly realized that Philbin lets his kids drown and decided to go to Seattle.

    I think I speak for everyone when I say you are an absolute pathetic loser to even think that’s remotely funny. A word of advice…THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK OR TYPE MORON!

    Time to grow up friend, move out of your mom’s basement.

  53. Eveyone needs to leave Mike Brown alone the Bengals in no way shape or form have the worst management around as long as Miami has the Dolphins & Detroit has the Lions…. Oh dont forget the Cowboys too

  54. Because facing Tom Brady twice a year or facing Alex Smith/Kevin Kolb/Sam Bradford is a no-brainer.

    Matt Moore might be a lot better than people think if Philbin coaches him up…already rumors that Flynn doesnt drive the ball on deeper routes.

  55. I knew the undefeated chants would come up. You puppets! Seattle is one of the winningest franchise in the past 12 years. We are closer to a winning team than Miami will ever be again. Dolphins! Lol!!!
    When huge FA are signing with Buffalo and not Miami. You have a real problem. At least you get to “pop the cork” one a year. 17-0 hello NE patriots own you and your so called record!! Phons, lmfao!!

  56. Miami having a great history doesnt mean they are run well under it’s current ownership. Seahawks fans aren’t protesting their owner and asking for their GM to be fired so I don’t even see how Dolphin fans can defend their organization. Must be in denial and no one cares what your team did in the 70s.

    Remember the Dolphins passed on Drew Brees because their doctors advised against it yet traded for injured Dante Culpepper. So now they’d rather pay injured Garrard $3.5 million for one year rather than spend $19 million over 3 years on Flynn who’s salary is $2 million next year?

  57. Maybe he feels it would be easier to beat out T-Jack for the starting job than it would be to beat out Matt Moore?

  58. I love the Seattle fan a few posts ago talking smack. How many superbowls have you won again? Wait that is zero. Seattle might give Cleveland a run for it’s money for not winning anything. Between the Sonics(now the Thunder), the Mariners, and the Seahawks you have 1 championship. 3 sports 1 championship. At least the Brown won a few NFL championships before the merger. The Dolphins may very well be irrelevant now but the Seahawks are no better.

  59. Philbin is just being realistic. The “perception” of the Dolphins is being exaggerated. Philbin understands there are many factors in the choice, and I still like Moore.

  60. Ross: If we were able to get Harbaugh and went 13-3 everything would have been different.

  61. From a Miami Dolphin Fan…. errr… Seattle is better than my Dolphins right now for several reasons.
    1) More cap space – can build better roster going forward
    2) Solid Run Game – Marshawn Lynch
    3) Two young Tackles – LT and RT!
    4) WRs – Rice, Williams, Tate
    5) Better TE
    6) Defensive front 4 is solid

    They need help at LB and secondary, but they are young and have cap space. The Dolphins are older and have less cap space.

    Good Decision Flynn.

  62. thejackalofnight1 says:
    Mar 27, 2012 8:01 PM
    Pretty soon we’ll have Seahawk fans telling us the 49ers and Steelers don’t have histories.


    This is one Seahawk Fan that does recognize some of the greatness of the past teams you guys enjoyed. In fact, there has even been some recent success. For that congratulations.

    What does that have to do with Flynn wanting to go to Seattle over Miami? Fact is he picked Seattle and until we see how he turns out this coming season and beyond we all won’t know if it was a good thing for the Hawks or Fins……….My money is on the Hawks!

  63. I don’t understand the hatred towards Miami is the media, Fisrt of all thats what is steering players away from Miami is the media…
    If I was Flynn I would of chose to play in Miamai over Seattle any day.
    Miami has a top 5 Defense, Good weather and Seatlle just Blows! The team stinks the weather stinks everything about playing for SEattle stinks..
    Your coach is a bust, Its very easy to be a good college Coach when you get all the best players.
    I will bet anybody that Miami will have a better record this year than Seattle even with Dolphins having to play a much harder the divison

  64. @kolbydoerge

    To say that you’re a moron would be to kind. No football history? Are fcking kidding me? The first team to win back to back championships, let alone first team to go to 3 consecutive superbowls? Don’t be so ignorant…

  65. seattlenative12 says:
    Mar 27, 2012 6:57 PM
    Philbin is about as useless as a poopy flavored lollipop.


    I do not agree with your sentiment, but thumbs up anyway for the Dodgeball reference……..

  66. Only a complete idiot would of went to Miami. Seattle is a great city to live in & the Seahawks are a first-class organization . That simple. Period ! Nu said.

  67. Matt Flynn got a better offer from the desperate Seahawks. I didn’t know that he was a sure bet to be a great quarterback. I guess we’ll find out.

  68. He’s in Seattle because everyone, except our clueless owner, knows Jeff Ireland is the worst GM in all of sports! I feel bad for Joe having to work under Ireland & Ross, he deserves better!

  69. Theawkyardyears,
    I hope somebody mocks you and pokes fun of you during the darkest part of your life so you can see how it feels. I will be right there pointing and laughing with everybody else as you try to deal with losing the most important part of your life. Your screen name fits you perfectly. I’m sure you’ve blown plenty of chances at normal social interaction with awkward comments like that. I’m sure you probably have had more than just awkward years. More like an awkward life time. No matter though. I’m sure your used to social interaction limited exclusively to a keyboard and computer screen.

  70. Guess how old Flynn was when this happened.

    Try 0!!!!!

    He wasn’t born yet.

    As in it’s so old no one cares!

    edweird0 says:
    Mar 28, 2012 1:09 AM

    To say that you’re a moron would be to kind. No football history? Are fcking kidding me? The first team to win back to back championships, let alone first team to go to 3 consecutive superbowls? Don’t be so ignorant…

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