Kroenke passed over as potential Dodgers owner

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The Dodgers will be sold, but not to the man who owns the St. Louis Rams.

The MLB franchise that plays in L.A. will be sold to a group led by Lakers legend Magic Johnson.

“A deal has been consummated between the Dodgers and Magic Johnson’s bidding group for the Dodgers and Dodger Stadium,” Ken Gurnick of reports in an item posted on the Dodgers’ website.  “Johnson’s group includes former baseball executive Stan Kasten and Guggenheim Partners.”

It’s not over ’til it’s over (that’s one of the few things I learned from watching baseball), which means that the deal could, in theory, fall through.  The other finalist, in addition to Rams owner Stan Kroenke, was a group led by billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen.

37 responses to “Kroenke passed over as potential Dodgers owner

  1. Love the pic! I know Lasorda managed LA, but when did Erik Estrada play for the Dodgers?

  2. This is good news for both LA and StL. Good for LA in that Magic was the dream owner all the fans have been wanting, and good for StL for obvious reasons.

    Unbelievabley wonderful news for Dodger fans…

  3. Thank goodness this is almost over. McCourt and his gold digger wife ran this storied franchise into the ground. Thankfully it shouldn’t take long to restore the franchise to its former glory, under competent ownership.

    I hope McCourt’s wife takes him for every penny she has, then marries Tommy Lasagna and has Erik Estrada’s love child, before losing the entire fortune to Steve Wynn in an all-night Baccarat bloodbath.

  4. I’d rather watch an hour-long live feed of an NFL player adjusting his pads than five minutes of a baseball game.

  5. As a Dodgers, Rams and Avalanche fan, I was terrified Wal-Mart would own three of my favorite teams.

  6. It would make more sense for the Lambs to be in LA than St Louis as far as being in the NFC West.

  7. andyreiddoublecheeseburger says: Mar 27, 2012 11:39 PM

    Love the pic! I know Lasorda managed LA, but when did Erik Estrada play for the Dodgers?

    I guess Fernando will take that as a compliment, except Estrada is Puerto Rican and Fernando is Mexican. (sigh)

    Congrats to Magic Johnson on buying the Dodgers, sadly they failed to get the parking lots from McCourt. I wont be going to any Dodger home games if it means putting even 1 dime in McCourts’ pockets.

    Not quite a grand slam, Magic.

  8. The city of St. Louis breathes a sigh of relief! If he bought the Dodgers, 100% the Rams would be moved to LA within 5 years.

  9. $2 Billion for the Dodgers? Magic is out of his mind. In the Forbes 2012 Baseball team valuations even the Yankees weren’t worth $2 bills.

  10. I’m not saying they couldn’t speed up the baseball games, but the game within the game is very intriguing to those who grew up playing it. It doesn’t appeal to those in today’s world that have the attention span of a fruit fly. It’s a thinking man’s game.

  11. I’m surprised that the propaganda machine didn’t tag my Jags with this story, because we all know that the Rams are going to LA, and the Jags are going to STL……..yeah right. A pat on the back PFT, one step in the right direction with an accurate report.

  12. Kasten wouldn’t give McCourt ownership to the parking lots and surrounding land that he wanted to build a stadium on. Wasn’t even worth wasting time on making the bid. As everyone out here knew McCourt wasn’t fully going away.

  13. Poor Stan, hopefully the compulsive franchise hoarder can find another sports team to sink with a non-competitive payroll structure.

    Congratulations to Magic Johnson, Stan Kasten and the rest of their ownership group.

  14. Cant believe how insensitive some of the posters here are.

    Can we please respect that fact that Stan Kroenke is going through a difficult time right now?

    Poor guy only has billions of dollars, a pro hockey team, pro basketball team (which he “gave” to his son), pro football team, and a european soccer team.

    Don’t worry Stan, you’ll land on your feet soon enough.

  15. That is not Erik Estrada but it is Dodger Great Fernando Valenzuela. One of the few Pitchers to win a game single handedly 1-0 with a home run. They declined to give #34 to Manny Ramirez when it was his second choice since his first choice #24 was retired for Walter Alston.

  16. lbraiders says: Mar 27, 2012 11:39 PM

    I hope the Rams stayed put they suck raider nation baby
    Commitment to excrement. Just draft track stars baby.

  17. thepatriotsaregay says:
    Mar 28, 2012 1:36 AM
    St. Louis sucks and doesn’t deserve the Rams. One of the worst fanbases in the league as far as passion is concerned. The Cardinals will ALWAYS be #1 in STL

    You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. The Cards have been here 100+ years with 11 World Titles. Comparing that to a fanbase thats 17 years old and has had to endure the worst football over the past 5 year years than any team in the league, is moronic.

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