Parcells, Payton play coy after playing golf


As the Saints face the imminent suspension of their head coach for a full season and amid reports that coach Sean Payton wants his mentor, Bill Parcells, to take the reins, both men are suddenly tiptoeing around the topic — which could mean that there’s a lot more to the possibility of Parcells taking the job than anyone realizes.

We played golf,” Parcells told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News.  “We really didn’t talk about the job.  They told me they would be in touch.”

“There’s really nothing new to date,” Payton told Alex Marvez of  “More than anything, we just played golf.  It was a great chance to visit with him and see how he’s doing.”

In other words, possibly, the Saints need to interview at least one minority candidate if the interim hire is going to come from outside the organization, so they’d better throw some water on this talk until they find someone who won’t think that it’s a sham.

“[T]he specifics in regards to him coaching, and I’ve read a lot of the reports, that would be something that [G.M.] Mickey [Loomis] and I and our owner and Bill would deal with at a later time,” Payton separately told Myers.  “Right now it’s been more as an advisor, as a parent.  That’s kind of really what he’s been to me.”

That’s fine, but it cuts against the multiple reports that Payton wants Parcells, and that Parcells may be warming up to the possibility.  Parcells told Myers that he couldn’t say what he would do because he has received no offer, and Parcells didn’t rule out the possibility of replacing Payton during Payton’s suspension.

And so it’s possibly only a matter before Parcells is referring to someone on the Saints roster as “she”.

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  1. Holy journalistic leaps…really…

    In other words, possibly, the Saints need to interview at least one minority candidate if the interim hire is going to come from outside the organization, so they’d better throw some water on this talk until they find someone who won’t think that it’s a sham.

    At least you through in “possibly”.
    Just put in the guy with the most familiarity with the offensive play calling and be done with it.

  2. Would love to see the Tuna back on the sidelines!!! He cracks me up with those looks he shoots at the players he “cant trust out there” …….. I would hate to be on the other end of that stare

  3. Parcells’ 2012-2013 gameplan
    Let Drew Brees do what he does
    Pay my players to kill their players

    ..Sounds like at least 10 wins

  4. I know a Mexican guy at work who’d gladly interview for the job. His name is Jose Paytonez.

  5. Ha, This is just eating the media up. I can imagine what’s going thru Goodells mind………

    ” That Damn Payton” is getting under my skin !!

  6. I’m thinking Payton s feeling a little “insecure”about his future with the Saints. If a coordinator or someone else comes in to be headcoach and does well, Benson might look at it as an opportunityt to cut the leash on Payton and his huge salary; whereas with the Tuna, Payton knows he’s a mentor of his and that the Tuna would only hold down the job until Payton were to come back . The drug addicted cheating Payton is worried about being eased out in New Orleans should the interim headcoach do well. Gotta have someone he trusts to hold the job for him.

  7. Parcells counts as a minority candidate…..

    Judging by the breasts he’s had for the last 30 years, he is clearly a woman.

  8. Parcells in New Orleans. (maybe.)
    Tebow to the Jets.
    Manning to Denver.
    Sean Payton as an announcer for Fox or ESPN.
    RG3 and Luck in the NFL.

    Gonna be one heck of a season!!!

  9. BRAVO! Great move if this happens! I’m going to laugh my &$@ off if our Saints make it to the Superbowl this year. Nothing that Moron Goodell does to the Saints organization can prevent us from being winners. All you haters out there enjoying rubbing it in on us just wait until The season, and we will see who gets the last laugh.

  10. Got to love Sean Payton this guy always finds a way to pull something out of nothing. I think the Tuna in NOLA would be great provided he is a coach in a figurehead fashion. I would hope he would let Pete Carmichael and Spaggs do their things on their sides of the ball and limit himself to the classic head coach big picture decisions (running meetings, key 4th down decisions, personnel decisions). Just going to have to watch how it goes not forgetting that the Tuna is famous for flirting with teams and pulling out at the last second a la Tampa Bay.

  11. After all the hoopla and shenanigans concerning the Saints are over and the season starts, Goodell’s punishments will have succeeded in dropping them from a top 3 contender into a top 5. Brees will sign and they’ll be fine.

  12. Peyton should be banned from all contact with the team and anything associated with the team.

  13. Hate the saints but this roomey rule is so racist just bring a black coach to do any interview knowing parcells cant take the job until a black man sits with gm and owner horrible forget bounty how about racism as a white man jts just not right fix that goddell

  14. I’m sure he remembers the days if the Paper bags. It’s going to be hard to tell if the fans will be warring the bags again because they will be terrible AGAIN or because they are ashamed and embarrassed that they are a part of something that is so TAINTED and not deserved?

  15. Plaeezzze….Tuna’s don’t play golf, they go fishing

    (rimshot) thank you, don’t forget to tip your waitress.

  16. Parcells coaching The Saints and Drew Brees. Facing off against The Falcons and Arthur Blank who he left at the altar back in ’08.

    Peyton Manning with the Broncos.

    Andrew Luck under center in Indy.

    Washington mortgaging their future on RGIII.

    The Tebow/Sanchez/Rex Ryan fiasco extraordinaire.

    Going to be an exciting season in the NFL.
    Get your popcorn ready.

  17. Parcells could come in and be damn skippy for the AINTS, but hes no fool with that mess Paytons cheating A@* created. Mark my word right now i BET charma/DE will take Brees out this year you watch the shots the league will be taking at him. Brees wash your hand with the AINTS and dont sign that Franchise tag, go play for a Franchise who has CLASS and DIGNITY!! In the NFL your are all like close brothers/family… Who hurts there own family??? __________ you fill in the blank. ITS DISGUSTING WHAT THEY DID!!

  18. Wow, another post deleted. All I did was make an observation about MF’s video and how peeved he looked. Don’t take these so serious, Mike.

  19. Hey Sean Payton my buddy can get you an application at Applebees for a dishwasher. I can already see it.. And the 2012 dishwasher of the year is…… SEAN PAYTON. Your a moron your franchise is a now a joke. I lived in New Orleans and been to many games and never seen so many rude, pathetic, disrespectful fans at the games. Been to many stadiums and by far with out a doubt you idiots deserve yourselves. Things happen for a reason and Katrina hit that state for a reason…

  20. Please! No more pictures of that kid from “Malcolm in the Middle”. I’d rather see the entire PFT collage of Parcells’ manboobs on a golfcart

  21. Actually it is this:

    2009 Super Bowl Champions – New Orleans Saints

    And soon to be this:

    2012 Super Bowl Champions – New Orleans Saints

  22. It’s AMAZING how Bill Parcells stole the spotlight five minutes after Tim Tebow gave it up.

    It’s almost like they have the same agent or something pulling the strings at ESPN.

  23. Coreyg10, New Orleans is scary? Pleeze, get a life, New Orleans is one of the greatest cities in the USA, what scared you? too much fun?
    One more thing the Rooney rule is out dated, coaches are hired on merit, not color….

  24. This would b a nightmare for all the pansies out there. saints 11-5 whether Parcells coaches or not

  25. I was listening to a sports announcer on a video on one of these websites & he was talking about how convenient it would be for our Saints head coach to get Parcells to replace him for the year.
    How if one of the assistant coaches took the Head Coach job for the year, and did really well with our Saints & won the Superbowl for example — then it could possibly mean that Benson may say “goodbye” to Sean Peyton & keep whoever coached as the new H.C. …
    So, I’m wondering: What are the possibilities of something like that happening? Peyton losing his job?? I’d really hate to see it, but after all that’s happened, I don’t know if I’d be too surprised… This is a really “iffy” one for me! I just hope that whoever we get as our HC for the year brings us to WIN the Superbowl & shut up all of these people criticizing us!!

  26. Manbearpig says: Mar 27, 2012 10:22 PM

    2009 Super Bowl Champions – New Orleans Saints*
    It wasn’t clever the first ten times you posted it.

  27. Saint fans appear a little delusional thinking Parcells who has been out of touch with coaching for how many years now? Will come in and things will be similar to what they were is laughable. As someone mentioned earlier he hasnt been relevant since he was with the Giants. A one year gig for a guy who is seventy something and out of touch. Doesnt appear to be a match to me. Cant wait for the first few times things dont go his way and he even questions why he is even doing this or when a player disrespects him.

    The only title the saints will be winning after a spirited fight with the jets will be the most laughable franchise.

  28. saintsfan4ever says: Mar 28, 2012 8:35 AM

    So, I’m wondering: What are the possibilities of something like that happening? Peyton losing his job??
    I think this is at least part of the reason Sean Payton (Peyton is the Manning kid) is exploring this – if Carmichael or Spagnuolo did a great job this year, they could be promoted and Payton might be out. The beauty of this for Payton is that Parcells has no interest in the job long term. Payton trusts him totally in this case.

  29. Payton likes Parcells for job security purposes…but what would the Saints get out of it? Parcells hasn’t coached in years and he’s not familiar with the Saints. He’d be a lame duck sideshow. From the team’s standpoint, promoting somebody internally would seem to be a no-brainer. It’s amazing how little leadership that organization has beyond Payton.

  30. QUOTE: “so they’d better throw some water on this talk until they find someone who won’t think that it’s a sham.”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    The media and especially you are the one writting things that make things such a sham. Your articles are nothing but opinions and speculation, can you ever report on facts and truth for once. Print newsworthy information, something we can trust instead of all the gossip you keep making stories out of – oh forgot this is called job security.
    I thought people had to have some jouralism training to write stories to print for the public to read.

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