Pat Shurmur says Browns moving forward with Colt McCoy

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On Monday Browns general manager Tom Heckert said that the Browns were “fine” with Colt McCoy as their quarterback and coach Pat Shurmur sounded a similar tone at the NFL owners meetings on Tuesday.

“At this point, he’s our quarterback,” said Shurmur, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “We’re looking forward to him being our guy and I’m looking forward to seeing him improve. We believe he has a chance to be a fine player in this league.”

Shurmur said that he looks forward to seeing where McCoy is after getting a full offseason in the offense after last year’s lockout forced him to learn the scheme on his own. Shurmur also hopes that the team has better luck on the injury front after seeing many members of McCoy’s supporting cast miss time last season with various aches and pains.

Based on what Heckert and Shurmur have had to say, it seems more likely that the Browns are going to use the draft as a way to bolster the lineup around McCoy instead of looking for a replacement for him. That could change once they spend time with Ryan Tannehill or Brandon Weeden, but there are certainly good options available with the fourth overall pick. The Browns will likely have a chance at Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon and/or Alabama running back Trent Richardson, either of whom would make McCoy’s life easier next season.

35 responses to “Pat Shurmur says Browns moving forward with Colt McCoy

  1. “At this point, he’s our quarterback,” said Shurmur.


    WOW! Talk about a confidence builder. Why not just come out and say “I wish we had other options but it looks like we are stuck with him. When you have lemons all you can do is to try and make lemonade”.

    The B.S. these people put out there is a joke.

  2. looking back to last year.. team isnt that far away from contending.. 7 or 8 good picks in draft could get brownies to 8 and 8. it all comes down to coaches and front office doing their homework on players.

  3. Fans calling for Holmgren and Shurmer need to realize that the reason the Browns struggle is BECAUSE they were constantly changing the coaches and front office.

    SO give it the 4-5 years time as outlined by Holmgren. Build through the draft. You already have a great defense now you just need to get an offense and Little will be better.

    The impatience is so thick in Cleveland and I get it, you haven’t had a winner in a long time, but one is benig built right now, don’t tear it down just yet.

  4. Just shut up and start beating the freaking Steelers and Ravens for crying out load.

  5. This is just another way of saying, “we’re waiting to take Barkley #1 next year.”

  6. My fellow Browns fans crack me up. Let’s blow it up again! It’s worked so well for us in the past.

    Lost in all the hate and panic is the fact that this went from a horrible old team to a horrible young team very quickly. Young teams improve, old teams do not.

  7. Colt McCoy has been made the whipping boy of Cuyahoga County. He gets blamed for the offensive shortcomings and is, in fact, the poster child for the “Factory of Sadness” He deserves a season with the tools any NFL QB deserves. Give him a WR who can stretch the defense, a consistent running game and, most importantly, an offensive line without two gaping holes at LG and RT.

    He does not deserve the mediocre support he has gotten from H&H and others so far this offseason.

    A team with 12 picks should be able to draft 3-4 starters.

    Finally, 2012 is the year where H&H will be judged more closely than Colt McCoy. No one wants another coaching change or a new GM. But this mediocrity cannot continue. A winning season is the mandate required of the team, the coach and the GM.

    Hopefully, they each have a plan and the talent necessary to deliver because it’s come to Jesus time in Cleveland.

  8. If a team with this many holes drafts second-round talent Ryan Tannehill with the fourth pick, Browns fans would REALLY have something to be angry about.

  9. we came down to 1 play in 4-6 games that if u take away that play its different game.all this with a 80 yr old te and a rb from the streets.r rookie lineman played every snap add that with pro bowl center ,best left tackle in football , and our up and coming safety missed bunch games. I SAY WE ON UP & UP sink or swim with mccoy just get 3 new weapons and if he fails we get barkley and already got rest of team

  10. Not a Browns fan but I am really surprised that they weren’t more in play for Matt Flynn. I have a hard time thinking he wouldn’t have been the starter but at the very least he could have pushed McCoy. Then the Browns could have used the draft to put some talent around them.

  11. Cleveland: The home of 4-12
    Browns fan since Hanford and Minniefield came to my PAL 7 football banquet!
    Not sure how much longer I can take this.

  12. realitypolice says:
    Mar 27, 2012 11:18 AM
    If a team with this many holes drafts second-round talent Ryan Tannehill with the fourth pick, Browns fans would REALLY have something to be angry about.

    Yayyy! Someone who gets it!!!!
    I’ve loved this team my entire life and ALWAYS STICK WITH THEM. Please, please, please don’t draft Tannehill or Weeden! I beg you!
    Let’s try some athletic/skill positions, for a change.

  13. cbusbrownie aka short bus brownie there’s no chance of that now is there loser here in the burgh we chalk up an automatic 2 wins with the clowns on schedule makes it easier to strategize PLAYOFF routes. I kno sayin playoffs to fake lake bum is like speaking japanese but ill pop up in shaker heights and set up shop or maybe In the flats or east 1999 wit clone slugs and larceny. hey you think randy wehrmer would be interested in moving the poop stains to idk maybe guatamallar this time. like my mans n them GOD one arthur modell who was the greatest owner in sports for strippin the clowns from poopland. and leaving the pound puppies. call me well talk about it 412 624 2121

  14. well… seeing how they “stepped in it” trying to get RGIII and screwing that up, what options do they really have? I mean, they wait till agter they have painted themselves into a corner to announce this was the plan all alone. I don”t believe it for a second.

  15. Who is Pat Shurmur anyway?

    I think the Browns would do well to take a long look at Morris Claiborne at #4 and see what 2 lockdown CBs can do for a defense in terms of fliexibility to bring 8 or 9 on the rush…liken to the opposite of the 85 Bears D or recent NY Giants D-lines to be able to get pressure with only 4 and drop 7 into coverage… Pick #22 could be used on a playmaker WR like Floyd, Wright, or Hill, and then possibly RT or RB at pick #37 with a player like Mike Adams/Robert Massie or Lamar Miller/Doug Martin. Cedric Benson would be a nice stop-gap player at RB as well

  16. ugh this si disgusting to read im tired of the browns losing yearly CAN WE GET REAL QB & HC in ohio at times i miss derek anderson at least he had real QB’s arm and always wanted to go downfield

  17. I like Colt and wish him to succeed. But I don’t think Turd Shurmur can help, or much less coach him. Holmgren is an ass. And has been making awful personnel decissions since arriving.

  18. Now they r all crapping on colt. Before that it was Twinkie Quinn and b4 that it was Anderson. You guys change qbs and coaches and front offices so much it no wonder u suck terminally

  19. Colt McCoy is slowly becoming the Rodney Dangerfield of QBs. Why not give him a shot? After years of the Couches and Andersons, what do you have to lose? Of course, it could be part of a master plan by Holmgren to lure the Ol’ Gunslinger outta retirement for one last go of it.

  20. People wanting to run Holmgren and Shurmur out of town have to be the biggest knee-jerking impatient no-brains around. Rome wasn’t built in a day. This team had a long way to go when this regime started and the talwnt level has been greatly improved. Another good draft coupled with a full offseason should benefit everyone involved.

  21. Translation: We are moving down, we like Tannehill and will be picking him. We are talking up McCoy so no one knows what we are doing.

  22. @browns627 – “7 or 8 good picks in draft could get brownies to 8 and 8”

    Oh my. When was the last time the Browns hit on 4 starters… They just don’t have the talent evaluators to get anything more than productive 1st-2nd round picks. While they may draft some starters beyond the 2nd round, that’s only because the team has some horrendous holes. Their late-round guys wouldn’t be backups on a lot of the best teams.

    I’m not even going to hope for anything this coming draft or year because the Browns have only shown incompetence when it comes to evaluating their “needs” and they consistently lose games in which they were never contending.

  23. It is what it is when it comes to our Browns.
    I think the Browns need a talent upgrade across the board.
    No, I am not sold on McCoy, but why mess with Tannehill, if it is going to take a first or second round pick?
    Although I will say this, get skill position players with your first 4 picks, then tinker with this below average roster. It seems that the Browns are not serious about getting a free agents to help out immediatly, so we shall once again spend another decade looking up from the cellar to the afc north.
    Damn I miss Art Modell, atleast he tried to put quality and a competitive roster on the field. It’s ok, after this season the Plain dealer lead story will be “Shurmur and Holmgren out due to ptitful 0-16 record”

  24. Modelforprez, what a class act you are for sure.
    Your creativity and name-calling skills clearly expose “the burgh”. Your rant is silly and unjust.

    At least I was demanding that the Browns just shut up and start winning meaningful games. You were simply racy, trashy and mostly un-funny and seriously lacking in substance. Pick it up a notch ART. And, no. I don’t call kooks who put phone numbers online. REALLY?

  25. And with the first pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select……wait a minute……the Cleveland Browns have traded down to 22.

  26. Why are Browns fans so QB obsessed? Am I the only one that saw that their lack of a kicking game and running game cost them a good 3 or 4 games. That’s 8-8 at the most 7-9 at the least with McCoy apparently using the Cliffs Notes version of the offensive playbook.

    Mark Sanchez can’t be that reliable using the Encyclopedia Britannica version of the playbook.

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