“Strong chance” that Peyton will make his Denver debut in prime time

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Last week’s events undoubtedly threw a monkey wrench into the gears of the schedule machine over which Howard Katz presides.  And the arrival of Peyton Manning in Denver already has adjusted the league’s plans for 2012.

Apparently.  Reportedly.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, there’s a “strong chance” the Broncos will appear in prime time on the first Sunday night of the season.  The game, televised by NBC, would be a fitting bookend to the season-opening game on NBC, which will feature the Giants and Peyton’s younger brother, Eli Manning.

It’s part of a generally increased interest in the Broncos, thanks to Peyton’s presence.  “Our fans should get ready for more night games,” Broncos president Joe Ellis told Klis. “Home and road.”

Candidates for football under the lights include home games against the Steelers, Texans, and Saints and road games against the Ravens, Falcons, and Patriots.

The real showdown comes in 2013, when under the current scheduling formula the Manning brothers get together in New York, with the Giants hosting the Broncos.

38 responses to ““Strong chance” that Peyton will make his Denver debut in prime time

  1. The real show down is also in 2013, when Manning rides back in to Indy and hangs 40 on the Colts and their “Better than sliced bread” draft pick.

  2. Make them play the jets, they’ll dominate for three quarters.
    Then Tebow gets to play in the 4th after New York realizes Sanchez isn’t doing anything and then the Broncos get Tebowed.

  3. I bet if the Pats game was in Denver it would be a gauruntee that it would be the game. I’m sure it’ll be the Steelers game though

  4. I hope they Put the bronco’s up against the Raiders! So Oakland can put the “the hype” to bed. I mean, everyone’s pretty much crowned em right? I sure hope for Peyton’s sake, that oline pass blocks better this year. I dont see him running around like Tebow could, and had to…

  5. I still think Peyton should have gone to a team in the NFC East. I guess he was scared he would cream his brother and his brother would not make another superbowl again in his life.

  6. Things change… Many of the teams with younger rosters will have another year under their belts, and others….. well nothing lasts forever.

    Green bay is IMO the template for building long term success in the league. Youth and exuberance will overtake the older teams at some point, especially later in the season.

  7. The Tebow led NY Jets will open the season on MNF vs New England from Giants Stadium( or Met Life as jets fans like to believe)

  8. Peyton has “hung 40” on ONE team since 2008. So, yeah, highly doubt it. Can’t wait to see Freeney finish what he couldn’t in training camp when Peyton was hiding behind the red jersey.

  9. I’m curious to see the Steelers game plan without Ryan Clark for this game. I think they have enough time to prepare. Oh yeah, … I’m still P.O.’d about the game.

  10. Come on they should just come out and say it is going to be Patriots/Broncos. The NFL would be dumb not to have Brady/Manning as the first Sunday Night game of the 2012 Season.

    Manning’s first game back against his nemesis Brady & Belichick.

    Automatically will be highest rated Week 1 Sunday Game since NBC got Sunday Night Football.

  11. If it’s the 8:30 game I be it’s

    Broncos vs….


    Or late game 11PM vs


    I’m watching

  12. And why wouldn’t the road game against the Panthers be a candidate? Fox returning to Carolina to take on Cam Newton? Seems like a good game to me.

  13. Based on Bob Kraft’s statements, looks like the NFL is going to set up the schedule similar to LY having division games at the beginning and end of season and balance of games during the season.

    I see a Broncos/Patriots prime time game in November not September. I thought the way the schedule fell LY made it more competetive than in years past when team like the Colts mailed in the last couple of games.

  14. I think Monday night is more likely than Sunday Night since the NFL needs one monday night game on the west coast.

  15. The late game of the MNF double-header is always an AFC West matchup. It should be Chargers vs. Broncos. Good story lines. Eddie Royal is now a Charger, Manning is 1-5 in his last 6 games against the Bolts and has thrown 15 interceptions in those 6 games. Plus the teams just don’t like each other.

  16. What ever team it is, there is also a “strong chance” the Donkeys will lose the game…and that will be sweet. 🙂

  17. delmonte55 says:
    Mar 27, 2012 3:14 PM
    So many say the o line in Denver has to get much better. How much of the problem was that Tebow can’t read defenses?

    Kyle Orton was sacked 9 times in 4.5 games, or 2 per game. Tebow was sacked 33 times in 10.5 games, or roughly 3 per game. Also, Tebow had far less pass attempts per game than Orton. Conclusion: Denver’s offensive line is good. Tebow does not understand how to read a defense and did not get rid of the ball quickly enough. Tebow made every player on Denver’s offense look worse than they are.

  18. They should setup a stage for the pre-game introductions and have him rise up from a platform below the stage. He and 2 other guys. Then he should say, “Not 1, not 2, not 3 championships…” LOL. That being said, of course I’ll be watching!

  19. For modesty sake the Broncos should wear the throwback brown pants for this game…

  20. Concerning Denver’s o-line, they’ll be good enough since they won’t have to hold blocks as long. IMO, Peyton’s strength is his ability to quickly read the defense, yet still get rid of the ball quickly and accurately. Tebow took 15 minutes to unload it.

  21. claymus1 says:
    Mar 27, 2012 2:48 PM
    Youth and exuberance will overtake the older teams at some point, especially later in the season.

    This is not the NBA with a 10 month season. The key in the NFL is getting to the postseason and “peaking” at the right time in terms of health and other factors-you have to look no further than the Giants last year or your beloved Pack the season before to see that.

    In terms of your your youth and exuberance theory, have you ever heard a certain story about a young bull and an old bull?

    In order to win the big one in the NFL, you have to have a mixture of youth and experience (combined with a bit of luck). Been a while since I can recall a team that dominated all season (only 1 or so losses) and ultimately won it all.

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