Bears sign Devin Thomas to one-year deal


Former Michigan State wide receiver Devin Thomas has been an NFL bust as the former No. 34 overall pick in the draft, but the Bears apparently think he may still have potential.

The club announced Wednesday evening that it has signed Thomas to a one-year deal.

Thomas is still only 25 years old, so we suppose there’s still time for the light to flip. He ran forty times of 4.32 and 4.34 at the 2008 Combine, measuring in at 6-foot-2, 215.

Thomas has appeared in 25 games over the past two seasons. He has three catches, but has returned kickoffs and recorded five special teams tackles for the Giants in 2011.

He’ll compete for a roster spot in training camp.

27 responses to “Bears sign Devin Thomas to one-year deal

  1. Oh my!

    What a Turd of a player, good luck Bears fans if you expect to get production out of him as a WR

  2. Low risk signing. Let’s see what he’s got. I like it. Could hit lightning in a bottle. If not, oh well.

  3. This is a good little signing. One year deal, not risking much. Thomas could end up being a good gunner on special teams, filling the void that Corey Graham left when he signed with the Ravens. Thomas could also help stretch the secondary a la Johnny Knox if he figures out how to run a simple 9 Route. Nice job Mr. Emery. Who are these Bears????

  4. This is the man that essentially got the Giants to the Superbowl by recovering that fumble that put the G-Men in position to win. Hope everything works out for him.

  5. I second bigdan. I dunno what that first Guy was talking about, but there would’ve been no giants super bowl if it wasn’t for Thomas. people like him deserve a chance

  6. If a team(redskins) pick a player two to three rounds above where common sense tells you he should be picked and he plays like a fourth rounder, is he really a bust? Seems it is is the front office that is the bust.

  7. A non-event. I’ve watched his 3 catches and all of his returns and couldn’t care less. He’s a Mario Manningham minus a few levels.

  8. Johnny Knox may never play again and this is a low risk move.
    Thomas is only 25 and worth having a look at.
    If he does not make it then it is no big deal.

  9. Don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, Superfans, but just so you know, Devin Thomas is no normal bust. After missing a team meeting due to a prior engagement as a back-up dancer in a music video, Mike Shanahan called Thomas into his office for a serious meeting. During the meeting, Thomas essentially explained to Shanny that he (Thomas) didn’t need to work hard in practice, because if the whole football thing didn’t work out, he was all set to begin his second career as a male model. Needless to say he was called into Shanahan’s office again shortly after that, this time playbook in hand. Thomas then spent five weeks in Carolina, playing in only one game, before being cut by the receiver-needy Panthers as well.

    And now this chump has a Super Bowl ring. Life isn’t fair.

  10. I think I would still like to see Michael Floyd drafted by the Bears, with Marshal, Bennett, Hester & Sanzenbacher I think there you have a proven weapon and 2 guys that are growing into good possession WRs but there are plenty of snaps to go around!!

    BTW… If its a “Non-event”, why do you see fit to take your valuable time to read it AND leave a comment? Certainly there are othe topics right now that deserve your corespondance much more than a lowly Bears special teams signing.. I heard the Seahawks new logo was leaked!! LoL.. Just messin with ya!!

  11. This practically assures me they are going D line with the first pick, and a WR like hill if he is available in the second round

  12. Read this guy is a workout buddy of Forte, and he played together with Kellen Davis @ Michigan State. Eventhough stats do not favor him, but inside the locker room there would be some familiar vibes and he would probably fill up shoes of Corey Graham

  13. “And now this chump has a Super Bowl ring. Life isn’t fair.”

    All reports were he was a model citizen for the Giants this year. Coughlin wouldn’t keep a special teams player around who had a poor attitude. This is a good special team pickup for the Bears. As for WR, well, if you’re playing alongside Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz towards the end of the season for a few snaps here and there, you should be wide open. He made a three grabs for 37 yards. Good special team player, but he will not be an answer for Chicago at WR. Honestly, you guys would have been better off signing Plax and that’s coming from a Giants fan that never wanted Plax in a Giants uniform again.

  14. “This practically assures me they are going D line with the first pick, and a WR like hill if he is available in the second round”
    Keep your eye on the CB’s with the first round. The value will match up well for us I think if they like any of the next 2-3 after claiborne. We could use some youth there. Hill will be history by # 50 unfortunately.

  15. dude can run like the win blows, but his problem has always been his hands. idk if the bears can fix that…. if they couldnt get roy williams right, then they will have even less success with devin thomas. but he should make a difference on special teams so it wasnt a TERRIBLE signing, just not a great one in my opinion.

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