Brandon Jacobs is headed to the 49ers

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The last time Brandon Jacobs saw the 49ers, he watched them walk off the field as losers in the NFC Championship Game.

Now he’ll be trying to help them avoid the same fate this season. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the 49ers and Jacobs have agreed to terms on a contract. There are no details about those terms, but it’s a safe bet that it is for less than the $4 million that Jacobs was set to earn with the Giants before they released him earlier this month.

Jacobs gives the Niners backfield another look alongside Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter. Although he struggled mightily on short third and fourth down tries for the Giants in recent years, Jacobs does have a big body that defenses have a hard time stopping when it is going straight ahead. Jacobs’ biggest problem has been his mistaken belief that he can be effective running parallel to the line of scrimmage before turning upfield.

Jacobs’ other big problem has been incessant complaining about his role in the offense once the Giants decided to make Ahmad Bradshaw their lead back. Presumably he gets where he stands in the San Francisco pecking order and that won’t be a problem with his new team. If he avoids those trouble spots, there should be good results for him with the Niners.

81 responses to “Brandon Jacobs is headed to the 49ers

  1. Not a bad signing … depending on cost of course. His running days are drawing to a close. But he’s still good for spelling the feature back, and a fine pass blocker.

  2. Solid pick up. I’d love to see the 49ers win the sb. Further proof that locking 20-30% of your cap space up into an all star qb is a dumb idea. If I took over a team with a top 5 paid qb i’d trade him!

  3. OK, I know Jacobs is kind of a controversial figure, but I’ve read story after story about how Jacobs was pretty deferential to Bradshaw. Basically, they’ve said that the two are best friends and Jacobs even took less money to make sure he could come back to the team. Can you at least provide a link to support your claim? I’m sure he has complained, but I think as you saw last year it didn’t stop the team from winning the freaking Super Bowl.

  4. Wtf front office. Do not want.

    What’s with the signing of these poor character guys: randy moss, the rapist cox from the broncos, and now this clown? What happened to having all high character guys on the team? I hope he’s cut before camp…

  5. Good signing in terms of depth. He will take pressure off Gore, which should give Gore a few more years to be productive.

  6. Are you freaking kidding me?! All this dude does is complain and fall forward for 2 yards! I’m calling shenanigans! That’s it. I’ve had it. Our offseason pick ups include a quitter, a rapist, and now a loud-mouthed talentless jagoff. Lots of “me guys” getting contracts. This is an insult.

  7. Soft runner, shys away from hits for his size, trys to bounce to the outside, doesn’t have power to run threw the middle anymore, ok in open field even then a small corner can tackle him, bad attitude.. yeah you got yourself a waste of money.

  8. Be forewarned, 9er fans… Be prepared to see this fool dance like he’s molesting the air in you endzone after doing something un-awe inspiring.

  9. If you can’t beat them, sign them. I am not sad to see him go. Vocal leader however I was sick of watching him tip toe around the line.

  10. Given the presence of Gore and Hunter:

    When will he get or deserve carries?

    Seems like a silly signing with cap $ better spent elsewhere?

  11. we will take gladly take him…………., i just hope he leaves his big mouth in new york & just plays the game!!! we do our talking with our pads!!!!

  12. If he thought he was getting limited touches behind Ahmad Bradshaw in NY, just wait until he’s on a roster behind Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter.

  13. After the way he talked smack about the organization and his new teammates last season I’m less than
    Excited. In fact that’s mostly what he did all year. Running his mouth instead of his legs. Well he can’t be any worse than twinkle toes Dixon though. Just hope he keeps his mouth shut

  14. .
    they should use him as a Fullback, have gore put his hand into his back to hold him up through the line then toss him aside so gore can break loose

  15. I’ve loved everything the 49ers did this offseason except this. Signing Brandon Jacobs. The dude is a bum and a blowhard and he’s soft. He’s barely better than Anthony Dixon at this point in his career but atleast Dixon can play special teams. All Jacobs does is run his mouth, I’d rather have a draft pick who could be groomed to succeed Gore someday. I hope he doesn’t make the team, what a waste of money.

  16. As a Niner fan I don’t get this one at all. To challenge Anthony Dixon, a big-bodied RB who dances at the line instead of hitting the hole they bring in an old big-bodied RB who tries to bounce outside instead of hitting the hole? One of the two wont make the final cut and the pecking order will still be Gore-Hunter-big body who doesn’t hit the hole

  17. 9er fans…chill out; Anthony Dixon doesn’t get it done as a big back; if Jacobs signed with the 9ers he knows his role. You know the 9ers signed him cheap so they can cut him anytime.

    Same with Cox
    Same with Moss

    Not saying I’m thrilled, he seems like an older Anthony Dixon (just with a nice track record of success), but I trust the coaches and the front office. You should too.

  18. #80 put it best…

    “I feel like Brandon Jacobs is a little bit soft,” Rice said. “He can’t get away from a defender. This guy is 265 and it upsets me when I see him get tackled by a guy that’s like 190 or 200 pounds.”

  19. Why do they think this makeweight is going to take pressure off Gore? He lost any effectiveness in NY – he won’t be any better in SF…

  20. If he rus with a chip on his shoulder he is great but he is his own worst enemy. Wonder how is act will play with Niers

  21. andrejohnsonforpresident says: Mar 28, 2012 11:48 AM

    Solid pick up. I’d love to see the 49ers win the sb. Further proof that locking 20-30% of your cap space up into an all star qb is a dumb idea. If I took over a team with a top 5 paid qb i’d trade him!


    You sir, are an idiot.

    You mean like Elite Manning taking up all that cap space? I guess two Super Bowls in the last five years is not worth it……lol, genius.

  22. I don’t think this is a good signing for the Niners. Jacobs is soft and is a big talker, mostly considering his rushing output last year. If they wanted a “power back”, which Jacobs is not, they could have made a play for someone else, such as Hillis or even Cedric Benson.

  23. I don’t understand it, but my dream is that the 49ers use Kendall Hunter like the Chargers/Saints used Darren Sproles. Hunter has the spead and ability to make people miss.

  24. BJ gets way too much abuse. his running style sometimes annoys you to no end (even though he can still bust out some nice runs), but he’s a great pass blocker….maybe the best pass-blocking rb in the game. his teammates always loved him and despite the smack talking, BJ was never in anything close to trouble off the field; he’s a solid family man. he’s a vocal leader, great blocker, and still a better rb than most are giving him credit for.

    im one giants fan who will miss him.

  25. nineroutsider says:
    Mar 28, 2012 12:24 PM

    9er fans…chill out; Anthony Dixon doesn’t get it done as a big back


    Neither does Jacobs. As much as they are on TV I see him fail more times than not in short yardage. I’ve said it before and say it again, thank god he isn’t in a Ravens uniform.

  26. I didn’t realize defenses had a hard time stopping brandon jacobs’ big body? I must’ve been watching a different league/

  27. Unless Gore gets hurt, I give it six months. I don’t see him getting off the bench in SF and you can’t have Brandon sitting around doing nothing. That’s when he’s at his worse.

  28. Niner Fan here! I like the pick up and I’ll tell you why! First off he will not be the number 2 guy. What he is brought in for is when Gore needs a rest and we want a big body back in, so we don’t have to run a counter play with Hunter. It’s as simple as that. When we are leading a game, our D is playing stiff, and need to keep running the ball down the def throat without wearing down Gore, this is the guy to do it!

  29. Brandon good luck
    Now I do have to wonder why the 49ers are picking so many players from the Giants scrap heap?

    If they were worth it they would be opening on a Wed night as the banner is raised at Metlife instead they are going to be out at candledick

  30. Eagle fan when you turn your tv off when playoffs start you miss a lot. Have fun dominating off season then the usual choke job

  31. Eagle fan when your season ends before the playoffs, you must stop watching you miss a lot . Enjoy dominating the offseason, Giants will reload and win super bowls

  32. cooklynn17 says:
    Mar 28, 2012 12:34 PM
    andrejohnsonforpresident says: Mar 28, 2012 11:48 AM

    Solid pick up. I’d love to see the 49ers win the sb. Further proof that locking 20-30% of your cap space up into an all star qb is a dumb idea. If I took over a team with a top 5 paid qb i’d trade him!


    You sir, are an idiot.

    You mean like Elite Manning taking up all that cap space? I guess two Super Bowls in the last five years is not worth it……lol, genius.

    1st superbowl Eli was making peanuts.. Second superbowl the giants were crazy lucky that Victor cruz came out of no where and is playing for nothing. A long with benefiting from other good contracts. I still say its easier to build a team around an average qb and go to the superbowl. Or your front office can just be stupid good and lucky.

  33. The one great thing about having Jacobs in the backfield is that its like having another lineman back there blocking for your QB. His blocking is underrated. Thanks for your time in NY.

  34. Let’s be clear … “real” 49er fans aren’t complaining. The “real” 49er fans have put up with the mismanagement of the franchise for the past 10 years and after last year’s total reversal, “real” 49er fans will sit back and say … in unison … in Jim and Trent We Trust.

    Enough said!

    If Trent thinks this adds value to our team, great signing guys! After last year, these guys have our total faith. They have a plan, and seem to be executing their plan.

    Niners Forever Baby!!!

  35. @canadian52niner…
    I won’t be accused of fan on fan crime here. I AM a true fan. I’ve ALWAYS worn my gear with pride. Come season time I’m gonna be right up front representing my squad, but I do have the right to question this move when coupled with our resent activity. These are not high character guys we’re signing. Trent and Jim DO get the benefit of the doubt, but I also reserve the right to be skeptical. Red and Gold baby. Being a fan doesn’t have to mean quietly compliant. I truly hope im wrong. we win the SB and the 1st round of drinks is on me. 🙂

  36. 49ers fans need to chill…The reason the 9ers are bringing in Brandon Jacobs is for “competition” in training. I’ll bet you the 9ers did NOT pay a signing bonus and the terms of the contract are: He must make the team.

    That’s good business. As a Patriots fan, we have Bill Belichick bringing in 10-12 WR (All familiar names) for the competition in training camp. As BB likes to say: The best will rise to the top.

    Here’s an example of a contract for an injury prone WR from Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston

    “The contract signed by receiver Anthony Gonzalez is a one-year pact with a base salary of $701,000.

    The deal includes a $15,000 workout bonus, and a split in the event of injury at $368,000.

    When a player signs a contract with an injury split (what a team pays a player in the event of landing on injured reserve), it usually highlights an injury concern. Gonzalez’ recent injury history was detailed by ESPNBoston’s Mike Rodak.”

  37. I wanted my team to be active in free agency. I really liked going after Manning, but what is with signing all these bad attitude/character guys?
    Parrish Cox, Randy Moss, and now Brandon Jacobs?

  38. @lov2smile

    Good breakdown.

    Let’s not make that big of a deal over this 49er fans. If the contract is low, he will probably be a big upgrade over Anthony Dixon in short yardage (although I’d still like to keep Dixon for his special teams play).

    As far as character goes, I could tell you that we have a bunch of high character guys already like Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, Frank Gore. And that high character guys as established locker room leaders will prevent anything bad from happening. But instead, I’m going to tell you not to care. Character discussions are a bunch of crap. There have been some awful character guys who have won Super Bowls, and some nice guys that never won. Character issues stem from the top, and if you think our coaching and our management have the types of people that will allow character issues to slow down the team, then by all means, keep complaining. But if you think our coaching and our management will keep everyone focused, and make sure everyone knows their role, than maybe we should quit the crying and be thankful that we aren’t the Bengals, and we’re actually making moves in the offseason.

  39. I think we need to slow down because there is a lot of detail to these deals that put them into perspective.

    1st – I did not like a bunch of signings last year and they turned out great…Carlos Rogers CB for one.
    2nd – JH and management have shown that the Niners are going after players who need a 2nd chance, who have had some issues, are coming of injury, are coming off poor seasons, etc, but have shown to have skills in the past.
    3rd – JH said he wants competition at every position, no matter how secure the current starters and backups may be at that position.
    4th – personal character is something of a challenge with the likes of Moss, Jacobs and Cox. But Cox is a 2 year non-guaranteed contract…basically giving Cox a 2nd chance to prove himself, but he is not counted on to make the team at all. We are already 4 deep at the position so Cox would have to move the earth to make the team. I also believe that Moss and Jacobs will relish playing for a guy like JH…he had to deal with WRs and RBs his whole career as a QB…I think he can handle Moss or Jacobs…otherwise out the door a la Braylon Edwards.

    I think they earned a little cushion from criticism after last years unexpected turnaround.

  40. Biggest question is does this signing include a NEW fast ass car?

    If not, does it at least include free shipping of his fast ass car to the wrong coast?

    As a Giants fan kinda sorry to see him go since he has helped the team a lot in the 2 SB wins, but I think he is on the downhill anyway. I have faith in Reese that if the Gmen REALLY needed him, he would still be there.

  41. @sobeit… Very well stated. I hope I overreacted when I heard this news. Jacobs in and of himself is a loudmouth that is past his prime and I truly hope both he and Moss come in with gigantic chips on those shoulders. In Harbaugh we trust! Is it too much to ask that we don’t dilute the good chemistry too much with bad lockerroom dudes though? 🙂

  42. Over the last 2 years, his meaningful runs were few and far between. When you are best known for calling Rex Ryan a “big mouth, big belly coach,” it’s best to move on. He was a solid contributor for a while, but his best years are behind him. People take issue with him for running his mouth, but he had it spot on when it comes to Rex.

  43. This is so wack! Why are we signing this big cry baby. He’s soft and all he tip toes’ to the like of scrimmage ..Our you kidding me! He’s too big to be running like that.. Again I say he’s too soft. All mouth no bang… He’s Sharman!!

  44. @49erstim…thx!

    Don’t get me wrong…I am a little nervous. I wish these were clean signings with no issues. But when you look for diamonds in the rough to save $$$, you take some risks. Braylon Edwards was given a chance and he did not perform on the field well enough so he was let go…at least from what was in the press. But was he let go because of personal behavior on or off the field or in the locker room? I don’t know but the situation was handled. And I expect the same from JH on Moss and Jacobs and any other character issue signings.

    I also remember we had another guy on the team with huge character issues…some TE who I believe became a team leader and a face of the franchise not to mention fan favorite…TD!!! I just hope we have enough positive character guys on the team to continue to keep the continuity that helped the team out so much last year.

  45. As a Patriots fan, I can’t wait to play the 9ers.
    It will be Superbowl atmosphere
    I’m glad we’re playing them at home. I think it just might come down to home field advantage

  46. @sobeit… Spot in in your assessment of VD. The best thing Coach Sing ever did was put him on this path. I think we’re set up with these contracts so monetarily it won’t take a toll. We’ll see what happens in camp and then preseason and re-evaluate then I suppose. one if my issues arose primarily because all the guys we’ve signed in the last 2 weeks as newcomers are guys I’ve recently slammed. Talk about karma!…. Maybe I should’ve said Calvin Johnson is a punk! Lol! 🙂

  47. Love how the experts are commenting like they know the Niners percentage on converting on 3rd or 4th n 1 compared to Jacobs percentage on converting..I know the answer to that and that is why i welcome the addition of Jacobs over Dixon.

  48. RELAX they signed Jacobs for cheap why not give him a shot! i think Jim Harbaugh will turn him around and make him a beast again

  49. I slept on this, and I still think it,

    All Harbaugh needs to do now is bring in Ben Roethlisberger, Terrel Owens, and Ray Lewis and he will have all the whole set. Or collection.

    What, the, hell, is going on with Jim Harbaugh?

  50. The Giants wouldn’t come up a half million a year to meet Jacobs’ demands of 2 million per year. Just goes to show you how little they thought of you, Brandon.

    I am not sure how bucket head Brandon fits with this team, as he has shown as a 250+ lb back that he sucks in short yardage situations. One thing for sure is he is going to a solid team, and imagine if they happened to win a SB with Jacobs on the squad? Jacobs would probably be the only RB in history with 3 rings not to make the HOF – not even close. The only way he will get into Canton is buying a ticket at the front door. Jacobs is effective at one type of running – running his mouth….

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