Cosell: Tannehill throws on the run better than Luck or Griffin

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With talk around the NFL that Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill could be drafted as high as fourth overall to the Browns, more analysts are talking up Tannehill’s tape. And Greg Cosell of NFL Films has offered up an assessment that gives plenty of reason to like Tannehill’s chances of going very high in next month’s NFL draft.

“One benefit of Tannehill’s three-quarters delivery is it allows him to throw very well on the move, both to his right and impressively, to his left,” Cosell writes. “In fact, he’s a better, more accurate passer on the run than either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin. Tannehill was very efficient off the boot-action pass game. That will translate very well to the NFL.”

Cosell has some concerns about Tannehill, including missing some throws, a tendency to lock his front leg as he delivers the ball, and poor reads of the defense — especially not seeing the safeties. And Cosell said he didn’t see the improvement over the course of Tannehill’s 19-start college career that he would have liked.

But Cosell says Tannehill compares favorably to last year’s 12th overall pick, Christian Ponder, and that some quarterback-needy team is going to take him high.

“Tannehill is a better prospect than Christian Ponder was a year ago,” Cosell writes. “Tannehill possesses the skill set to be a quality NFL starter. At this point, he would be best in a quick-rhythm, short-to-intermediate passing game that featured play-action and boot-action passes. One thing we know for certain: He likely will be drafted higher than his body of work suggests he should be.”

Maybe as high as fourth to the Browns.

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  1. I wish him luck, but there’s something about him I’m just not buying. Very high bust potential especially given that he will be overdrafted by at least half a round. Weeden or Cousins provide far better value in the 2nd without much drop in talent.

  2. “Compares favorably to Christian Ponder….doesn’t see safeties…. didn’t show much improvement in college” – I don’t think Tannehill will be emailing this article to his friends and family.

  3. Here we go! so much propaganda. If I paid the media enough, I could get them to paint me as a better qb than Luck and Griffin, put my fat ass out there ill win ya a ring!

  4. Does it strike anybody else as odd that we’re now being force-fed stories about how good Tannehill is? 3 weeks ago these “experts” would’ve laughed you out of the room for even suggesting he was a top10 guy. Now they’re all fawning over him and giving favorable comparisons with Luck and Griffin…. It’s almost like they’ve been paid off… :-p

  5. It would be idiotic for the Browns to draft Tannehill at #4. We are talking about a guy who played more snaps at WR than QB in college. If that does indeed happen, I may need to admit myself to a psych ward.

  6. It’s SOOOO nice to be a Packer fan. We haven’t had to worry about reaching for a so-so prospect since 1992.

    Meanwhile the Bears haven’t had a great QB since Sid Luckman, and the Vikings since Fran Tarkenton.


    Good luck with reaching for Tannehill CLE, MIA etc….

  7. This is getting to be a joke. Listen folks, Luck is far and away the top QB in this draft. Possibly the best QB prospect since John Elway. RGIII is, I don’t want to say a distant 2nd, so how about a distinct 2nd. Tannehill is the guy some team will reach for in the top half of the first because they’re desperate for a QB. I actually think Weeden is a better prospect.

  8. I wish these idiots would make up their minds. First, they criticize a kid, because he is not a pocket passer, and the next instant he gets glorified for being able to throw on the run. If some team wants to waste a high draft pick on Tannehill like the Vikings did with Ponder, good luck.That team will be in the “Fall Flat For Matt” sweepstakes in 2013.

  9. Cosell just keeps talking out of his a**. Throws better than Luck, or Griffin? Really? Hope the Colts give into the hype, and take RG3. Remember the ultra hype “Suck for Luck”? Well, there was a reason for that. It’s because he is a can’t miss in this draft. Not sure how we got to this point that all of a sudden, Luck has become this underwhelming QB. Colts please keep reading those press clippings, because Luck will the a great QB in DC.

  10. “Who did this guy have at number 1 last year, Newton or Gabbert ??

    If it’s Gabbert everything he says is trash.”

    Cosell is the same guy that said Jawlrus Russell had the most impresive proday he’s ever seen. Thats all I need to know about this clown. I do think Tannehill will be a good QB, but it bothers me more he said RG3 was better than Luck. What an idiot!

  11. This guy has to be the most overrated quarterback prospect in NFL history. Got to give credit to his agent for propping up a mediocre quarterback into something he never was and never will be, elite. Most fans aren’t buying into the hype. From the 3 games I saw Tannehill play he’s a loser and a choke artist that vanishes in the 4th quarter. I kept thinking to myself why the hell is this guy considered an NFL prospect. Russel Wilson is 10 times better than this guy but hes a shrimp so he gets no media. Basically if your team drafts this guy in the 1st round you know your front office is clueless and your team is going nowhere just like Jacksonville. Ryan Tannehill is going to give some lucky team 4th round talent in the 1st round but I wouldn’t rule out a Jimmy Clausen like slide down the draft.

  12. Here in Panther country, a rumor has surfaced that the Browns are going to trade the #4 pick, a third-round pick, and a pick in 2013 to Carolina for the #9 pick and Jonathan Stewart. According to the rumor, the Panthers would then take Justin Blackmon with the #4 pick.

    I’m not buying it, as we need defensive help a lot more than a receiver. I’m sure we’ll hear more wild stories like this for the next 4 weeks…

  13. Not buying into Tannehill in the first round… Really? Has the “Draft Stock” carried over into the evaluation of where he will get drafted. I see late 2nd, early 3rd round talent and that’s raising his stock based on his athletic abilities. As a passer, I just don’t see it right now. A&M was 5th/10 in the Big12 in passing yards and 6th/10 in the Big12 in pass efficiency offense. Not to mention his head coach got fired, and he disappeared late versus OKSt, Ark, and Mizzou that helped result in losses. Don’t get me wrong, I see potential, but not top 5 pick potential by any means.

  14. throwing on the run happens maybe 5 times a game. so he hits 3 of those to the 2 luck and griffin hit. excellent. how about throwing from the pocket, where it really matters.
    If you’re offense is built for having your qb run around reducing the field in half as he scrambles, your season will not go well.

  15. who is this Cosell guy anyway…come draft time Kellen Moore will have surpassed the big 2..what a clown

  16. Cosell’s top draft prospects from 2011:

    AJ Green
    Patrick Peterson
    Von Miller
    Marcel Dareus
    Nick Fairley

    Cosell said there were no QBs in the 2011 draft class worth taking in the first 20 picks. He specifically called Andy Dalton a 4th round talent.

    Take all that for what it’s worth.

  17. Every year Cosell says some wrong BS about QB’s so why do they keep giving it to us. remember he went on for three years how Jay Cutler was the greatest QB in the league???? every year there he was going to prove him right.

  18. “Throws on the run better than Luck or Griffin” Did he also mention that Luck and Griffin do everything else that could possibly be considered part of the quarterback position better than him?

    I like how the articles slips in later “poor reads of the defense — especially not seeing the safeties”

    Because not seeing safeties won’t hurt him in the NFL….. RIIIIIIIIIIGHT

    “I might play in the AFC north, I can throw on the run but no need to know where Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu are, not like they can jump out of nowhere and step in front of a pass.”

  19. Anyone taking this guy before the 5 round is a idiot. For sure after Luck the class of QB go way down this year (even with all the hype of rg) but their is always next year and the Browns have a good QB, he just needs some players with him.

  20. Greg Cosell isn’t a scout, coach, journalist, or former player. He is a filmmaker who is most famous for being the son of Howard Cosell.

    Why do we care what he has to say?
    Because he has watched lots of film?
    Everyone reading this has watched lots of film.

  21. Bernie Kosar had a three quater delivery, got alot of passes knocked down. It only works for awhile, ’till defenses figure you out. I’ll throw up in my mouth if the Browns take that guy at#4

  22. Andy Dalton is the first rookie quarterback drafted outside of the first round to start all 16 regular-season games and lead his team to the playoffs.

    It can be done, but you need to have some decent college experience.

  23. leksington says:
    Mar 28, 2012 8:44 AM
    Cosell isn’t a scout, coach, journalist, or former player. He is a filmmaker who is most famous for being the son of Howard Cosell.

    Why do we care what he has to say?
    Because he has watched lots of film?
    Everyone reading this has watched lots of film.

    This is the truest statement I have read on any post!!

  24. Tannehill is one of the QBs I tracked all year long. He is a great athlete, but has to be trained to be a QB from the ground up.

    This is strange: “Tannehill was very efficient off the boot-action pass game. That will translate very well to the NFL.” I’ve spent over 4 decades hearing that a mobile QB does not translate to the NFL game. Is there a change in the air? If that’s the case, Russell Wilson throws it on the move better than any QB out there. Since his size doesn’t hurt, on the run, I guess his value should jump. Unless it doesn’t count because he’s short. (even though he had the biggest OL in football, NCAA or NFL)

    Tannehill is a project. But he can play in a few years.

  25. How come when they fawn all over RG3, who nobody ever heard of a year ago, everyone jumps on board a no-name from Baylor, yet when it’s Tannehill, from a contender, everyone says it’s all media hype phony-baloney, don’t buy it?
    Personally, I hope RG3 is as good as billed, because my team is going to get him, but if you’re going to criticize the media for over-hyping a guy, RG3 has been force-fed to us for the last 5 months. Tannehill probably will be picked too high, but if he develops into a guy who starts for several years, will it be remembered as “Too high”??? How about the price the Redskins gave up to get to #2? If it works, nobody 10 years from now will even remember the picks they gave up, but if it doesn’t…………………….

  26. If I write up a review on the QB prospects for this year…can I get some pub and PR on this site too?

    I watch youtube.

  27. 49erjohnny,

    You are an idiot.

    Let his team to six straight wins coming off the bench his junior year, first QB in history to beat Nebraska, OU, and Texas in the same season.
    Numerous awards and allocades, multi-talented student athlete who is pre-med, set school season and career passing yards despite hundreds of wr drops noted by scouts.

    Yes you have an opinion, but not an educated one.

  28. Maybe they create a ‘can’t read defenses class’ at some college and enroll Travaris, Ponder, Tannehill, Russell.

    Russell would need intermediary class in ‘pass on the ribs and chicken bro’ .

  29. He is a filmmaker who is most famous for being the son of Howard Cosell.

    He is not Cosell’s son.

  30. Let me explain how this works. All these so called draft guru’s start out with a mock draft. This year Andrew Luck was the case. The whole year he has been the favorite to be the first pick. Then a few more “guru’s” try to be different and dart hyping up Robert Griffin. And now they’ve moved down to Tannehill. He is not a top 10 pick but he’d getting popular at the right time. The draft is all about ‘hype’

  31. @leksington

    Not sure if you are with Cosell or against him, but I call your bluff on you watching film. Watching film is not the same as “NFL Replay” or “Playbook”, which, unless you work for a scouting agency, or are on a coaching staff, is the only “Film” you will get your hands on. Now, what Cosell says is something you can see just by watching him play, and after watching a few games, he’s right. His delivery is shortened just enough to allow a throw from any angle on the run, but, as far as his other abilities? He needs lots of work. This wasn’t an endorsement of who should be taken higher, it was honest analysis and teams can do with it what they will. Seriously though, all of you armchair QB’s need to get your facts straight before bashing somebody. These guys have the job, and you don’t, that obviously tells the rest of the world something.

  32. It’s amazing how many people can’t read or at least comprehend. Cosell didn’t say he throws better than Luck or Griffin. He said he throws better on the run. Key words in the sentence were “on the run”

  33. Greg Cosell is an NFL analyst and a senior producer at NFL Films.[1] He is the nephew of iconic broadcaster Howard Cosell. Cosell is widely regarded by NFL insiders as one of the most knowledgeable and trusted football analysts.[2][3]

    Born in Queens, New York, Cosell attended Amherst College where he played basketball. After applying for a job at NFL Films, he was interviewed by founder Ed Sabol at the company’s New Jersey headquarters, and subsequently hired as a producer.

    In 1984 Cosell with NFL Films President Steve Sabol created a show titled Monday Night Matchup (now known as NFL Matchup) which was initially hosted by Chris Berman. The show has grown to one of the most respected sports television programs in the industry[4] and is currently hosted by Sal Paolantonio, Ron Jaworski and Merril Hoge.

    Cosell co-authored the book The Games That Changed the Game: The Evolution of the NFL in Seven Sundays

  34. In other news, Jamarcus Russel can eat more cheeseburgers than either Luck or RG3…

    Causing some to speculate he should be taken #1 by the colts.

  35. @smackingfools

    Your wrong, the draft is not about hype, it is about weighing Need vs. Value, and not just for your team, but how much another team values a prospect as well. In all of the mock drafts done by any “Guru” this season, Tannehill has only gone to teams with dire QB situations, and it has been mentioned many times that Tannehill has a 2nd-3rd round grade. Sure, hype does play a small role, but teams will reach for a player they think will turn around their franchise. Nobody is pumping up Tannehill as being the best QB prospect, they are just making assesments about his talents compared to the other QB’s.

  36. Good! He throws extremely better while throwing on the run ? He would get plenty of practice in Cleveland when he isn’t either a) flat on his back after getting clobbered by the pass rush because the Browns receivers cannot separate B) nursing a high ankle spain or broken foot after running for his life.

  37. If the Browns do take this guy (which I hope they won’t since there are much more urgent needs than yet another QB)- then it’s a good thing that he can throw while running to his left, because Cleveland has ZERO right-side O-line…. So he’ll *need* to run to his left on pretty much every other play.

    If the Browns are smart, they worry about the right side of their O-line and someone to catch the damn ball instead of yet another “drafted higher than his real value” QB like Quinn and McCoy.

  38. I can see an ad for this guy already “Draft tannehil, save money on o-line”.

    Seriously, he is not Cam Newton-size and should stay in the pocket as much as possible if he wants to have a long career.

  39. rabidbillsfan

    If Steven Spielberg was producing a documentary film on Tannehill’s on field performance would you suddenly revere him a a pro scout?

    Filmmaking, producing, and editing chops do not a scout make.

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