Judge blocks sale of Reebok Tebow jerseys

The lawsuit filed by Nike against Reebok arises from a fairly simple set of facts.  Nike contends that, as of March 1, 2012, the group licensing agreement between Reebok and the NFLPA expired.  Since Tebow’s own personal show/apparel deal was negotiated with Nike in 2010, Nike claims that Reebok had no right to use Tebow’s name when manufacturing and selling Jets T-shirts and jerseys last week.

There’s no middle ground on this issue.  Either Reebok had the right to sell jerseys with Tebow’s name on them, or Reebok didn’t.

Which explains why a judge has granted a temporary restraining order blocking the sale of the Reebok Tebow jerseys, according to Darren Rovell of CNBC.  The TRO is based on the information provided by Nike.  At some point, Reebok will have a chance to be heard.

Until then, Reebok must stop making and/or selling Tebow jerseys.  The NFL apparently hasn’t gotten the memo yet; as of this posting, Reebok-manufactured Tebow jerseys continue to be available for sale via the NFL’s official online store.

Tebow also has been involved in this battle between billion-dollar shoe and clothing companies.  The 19-page complaint alleges that, as of Friday, March 23, an “authorized representative of Tebow” sent a letter to Reebok informing the company that it had no right to use Tebow’s name on any Reebok-manufactured products.  As of Monday, March 26, Reebok allegedly did not respond.

At some point, Reebok will have to respond, even if their response essentially amounts to saying, “Oops.”

70 responses to “Judge blocks sale of Reebok Tebow jerseys

  1. Having two of the biggest athletic merchandise companies fight over fabric with your name attached…. take that Jordan/LeBron/Kobe

  2. Look….I’m just going to say it…..Since The Pump’s popularity waned….I am really surprised Reebok is even still around.

    Fine….they made Official NFL apparel for awhile….I didn’t even notice….now that they no longer do…..how are they even still around?

    Do people even still wear Reebok shoes? They may as well sport British Knights.

  3. You know this couldn’t have happened to a weirder of a type case. Tebow and the Jets… Not some strange person like a highly touted DL or TE.

  4. Holy crap! I never thought of that! What if Reebok suddenly starts making and selling christhefish NFL jerseys without my permission? I will be calling Mssrs Sue, Grabbit & Runne first thing in the morning!

  5. Very much expected, especially with the league season beginning on Sunday. The irreparable harm Reebok is causing Nike cannot be satisfied through money damages. Additionally, people buy jerseys to wear the ones that are similar to the ones the players wear. A lot of Tebow buyers are going to be upset when they realize that Tebow will be donning a Nike Jets jersey instead of a Reebok one come July/August. What about the Peyton Manning Denver jerseys Reebok made? Did they not bring an action on that? It’s sad when the greatest QB & one of the greatest men in NFL history has his jerseys outsold by some guy that can’t even play the position he’s been taught for 15-plus years.

  6. Also, a cease and desist order has been issued against all persons dropping to one knee, pointing to the sky, and putting their fist against their forehead. Copyright infringment.

  7. Sounds pretty iron clad…so, Tebow’s personal Nike contract fills any void between contracts of jersey suppliers.

  8. Yes but in reality all you crazy tebow/Jesus lovers in the tri-state area can still buy one by choosing a blank jersey and getting name and number on it instead of your own

  9. The global phenomenon that is Tebow spreads again! Now people in third world counties will have the honor of donning Reebok Tim Tebow jerseys.

  10. If you don’t represent the NFL and you don’t represent Tebow, then it’s illegal to produce Jersey’s with his name on it. If jersey’s with his name were made prior to March 1st then it would have been ok, but Tebow was still a Bronco then, so that is impossible. Nike Wins!

  11. NFL Reebok jerseys in Korea are 20 bucks. Any team, any name, any number, custom made if need be. Screw Nike. Korea > China.

  12. It is outrageous that the NFL are selling these jerseys that the player will never wear. It’s ripping off the fans who buy it. Not everyone is so interested that they know the details of the kit manufacture contracts and many would assume that they were buying the jersey Tebow would be wearing next year.

    The NFL should be offering every purchaser the chance to exchange their reebok jersey for a Nike one once they are available.

  13. This is where the US justice system has me scratching my head. Regardless of what deal Nike or Tebow have, if Reebok has the right to make and sell NFL jerseys for players as of right now, then their offerings should be consistent with player movement.

    Why would Reebok have the right to make and sell NFL jerseys if they couldn’t keep them current through the lifetime of the deal?

    This is more about Nike flexing muscle, than this has to do with what is right and wrong.

  14. My thought is if Nike has the rights to produce jerseys starting April 3, then Reebok has the right until that time.

    If that is the not the case and it was Nike’s right to produce jerseys earlier than April 3…. then shame on Nike for not being ready when their exclusive period began…. i.e., if Reebok’s deal ran out March 1, then Nike should’ve been ready to sell jerseys on March 2. Its not like they didn’t have 2+ years to prepare.

    The fact that there is a over a month in between Reebok’s and Nike’s deals wherein fans can’t purchase merchandise/jerseys is an epic FAIL on all involved, including the league.

  15. Yeah, Nike is such a moral, upstanding company…. I’ll be buying the Chinese knockoffs for the next 5 years.

  16. ravens89 says:
    Mar 29, 2012 12:30 AM
    Why would anyone want to buy a backup QB’s jersey??

    Give him a few solid weeks, a backup no more.
    Your New Jersey Jets starting QB Tim Tebow.

  17. Only one type of man can wear a football jersey of a pro team and not look like a fool…

    we call those men, Professional Athletes.

  18. From the draft, to the comebacks and Tebowmania, to the trade that almost wasn’t, to the press conferences held on practice fields I find myself always commenting on Tebow by saying, “I have never seen anything like this before.”

    His career, and live, is one of the strangest things I have ever seen as an NFL fan. I love the kid, but wow.

  19. Not an attorney by any means but if the Nike contract starts on 4/1, whats the beef? Angry/jealous that Reebok is making a quick buck at the buzzer on some Tebow jerseys?

  20. @tfbukfutter reebok classics are still poppin!! And I’m willing to bet they sell more running shoes than nike in general… Even tho people like air max for looks nobody runs in them and that keeps their turnover rate lower

  21. Glad to see Tebow getting personally involved in this vital matter. Meanwhile, Manning is holed up with his new play book and has already held workouts with his new recievers.

  22. @tfbuckfutter

    Reebok may not be as obvious to you in America as Nike, but it still has a world wide presence. The company is based out of the UK and got bought out by Adidas a few years ago.

  23. I have never heard so much buzz about a back up at any level at any position. It amazes me the attention he gets all because he prays. I think he’s got a great image and I would want him to date my daughter just not be on my football team

  24. reebok has been owned by adidas for quite a while now..hence when reebok was doing the nba jersey’s as well adidas changed it to adidas doing the nba jersey’s though it was the same material and manufacturing as when reebok had it..adidas and reebok are essentially the same now though they are kept seperate entities. now nike is getting back into the nfl apparrel again.. they have been out of it since early 2000..

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