Madden vote trims to 16, without No. 15

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Tim Tebow may be one of the most popular players in pro football, but he wasn’t sufficiently popular to “beat” Texans running back Arian Foster in first round of the second annual contrived tournament to determine the player who’ll land on the cover of the Madden video game.

Foster becomes one of 16 athletes who will square off to trim the list to eight, besting Tebow by a 54-46 margin in the first round of online balloting.

It’s a head-to-head voting contest, with NCAA-style seeding and brackets to trim the field down to the final two.

The entire concept is being mentioned here for two reasons:  (1) it’s surprising that Tebow lost at any popularity contest; and (2) the ultimate winner will become the subject of the 2012 edition of the Madden curse, which will come via the cover of the inherently unlucky “Madden 13” game.

The reality is that there’s no such thing as a Madden curse.  However, if the player allows himself to think that there is, the player could end up being, for example, more susceptible to injury, by trying to avoid being injured.

Last year’s winner, Peyton Hillis, arguably allowed his enhanced fame to unreasonably inflate his opinion of his worth to the Browns.  As a result, Hillis had a rocky season, and he ultimately signed a one-year, $2.6 million contract with the Chiefs.

Foster, who recently pocketed a long-term, big-money deal, has no such concerns.  He has launched a “reversethecurse” hashtag on Twitter, citing players who weren’t affected by the Madden curse — and reasoning that we’re already doomed this year.

“If you believe in superstition, then we’re all gonna die in December 2012 anyway right?” Foster said.  “Vote me on the damn Madden cover.”

Texans fans may disagree, choosing to vote for Foster’s opponent in each remaining level in order to ensure that there’s no curse to reverse.

55 responses to “Madden vote trims to 16, without No. 15

  1. I voted for Patrick Willis. He is Overpowered in Madden and if he has a bad season his rating will go down. Yes Jason I hope this happens.

  2. bumbler19 says: Mar 28, 2012 1:16 PM

    Maybe it being the 13th madden and being on the cover will create some kind of double negative effect…

    Or maybe the cover winner fully tears both ACLs on the first snap.

  3. I respect the curse. Many people do, and voted against Tebow for this reason. I as a Packers fan, vote against Rodgers for this very reason.

  4. They need to give credit where it’s due and put Demarcus Ware, Eli Manning, or LeSean McCoy on the Madden cover.

    a Redskins fan

  5. Oh crap, all 9er fans go and vote against Patrick Willis right now!

    I don’t believe much in this type of crap…except the Madden curse. It is as real as a heart attack!

    Do it now!

  6. Damn, I wanted to see what would happen if the curse went head to head with tebowmania. Hopefully next year.

  7. Well, Tebow fans are known for their belief in omnipresent, supernatural entities that may or may not be rooted in reality.

  8. Arian Foster is a good Cat. Love his attitude and his heart. Is the curse real? I’d say no, but it doesn’t matter what I believe. It’s whether the athlete believes it. Just to be safe though I’m voting against P.Willis. 😉

  9. 2 things I don’t want to see….My NCAA team on the front of Sports Illustrated just before the Final 4, and my favorite athlete on the cover of Madden. Everyone SHOULD have voted for Tebow so we could get rid of his a$$ for the year.

  10. There’s no doubt in my mind this vote is rigged. Results don’t update on the fly and there’s no auditable evidence.

    EA just doesn’t want a potential “backup” QB on the cover so they dumped Tebow from the running.

  11. I have every madden since 07 and i would seriously not consider buying this one if tebow was on the cover

  12. Why isn’t Tom Brady ever in this voting… I want Tom Brady on the cover… It’s just makes no sense why one of the best QB’s isn’t considered… No question he should be on the cover of Madden this year… Signed Rex Ryan, Woody Johnson & Jets Nation

  13. yep – I always vote for the guy I wouldn’t mind seeing get hurt, ’cause this sh*t is real.

    toughest matchup for me this round was McCoy v. Fitz, as I like both those cats.

    ended up with McCoy. sorry Shady.

  14. You shouldn’t be surprised that there aren’t as many diehard Tebow fans as diehard Arians Foster (!) fans. Tebag’s fans are just a loud, aggrieved, tiny minority who can never be catered to (pandered to?) enough to make them shut the heck up. I’m sure there’s an analogy to contemporary politics somewhere in there, but I just can’t quite put my finger on it…

  15. I’m surprised Roger Goodell isn’t demanding to be listed….since he thinks he’s the star of the show. Only a matter of time before he tries to get the cover…..which would maybe be a good thing. Maybe a Madden Curse for him would be falling 40 feet out of a luxury box or getting kidnapped for ransom by a Mexican drug cartel. One can only pray.

  16. “The reality is that there’s no such thing as a Madden curse. However, if the player allows himself to think that there is, the player could end up being, for example, more susceptible to injury, by trying to avoid being injured.”

    So you are saying there is a Madden curse.

  17. “If you believe in superstition, then we’re all gonna die in December 2012 anyway right?” Foster said. “Vote me on the damn Madden cover.”


    Somewhere Roger Goodell got excited and pulled out his favorite fine writing pen.

  18. Keep Megatron off the cover please! Signed ALL LIONS FANS!!! P.S. Rodgers can be on the cover doing his discount double check for all I care just put him on.

  19. This website (who shall not be named lest your comment gets stricken) is dissing the Madden curse? Great, now there’s probably going to be all kind of problems getting comments in….

  20. for god sake do not put any browns players on the cover ever again… that contest in banned from c-town!

  21. Tebow isn’t one of the most liked players in the NFL… there are Tebow fans and there are alot of them but the majority doesn’t like him. I’m a Tebow fan but I’m even tired of hearing about him so much. There are other players in the league besides Payton Manning and Tim Tebow, let’s hear about some of them for a while.

  22. I need to start voting against foster he’s lead my fantasy team to the championship the past 2 years. If he gets the cover I’m putting him on the IR now

  23. I am a HUGE Tebow fan but I voted for Foster. I am also a Cleveland Browns fan so I have sense enough to not want it for Tebow. He has had a tough year enough already and the season has not even started. See…Tebow fans are smart!!

  24. Please don’t put Marshawn Lynch on it. See what happened to Shaun Alexander after his big contract? Well Marshawn didn’t get that lucrative of a contract, but I’m not looking forward to a season with a vital part missing.

  25. Foster should have been on the cover last year. Let me give you my specs so I don’t get jumped for bias… I’m a 39 year old white guy, who is a die hard Saints man… I have no dog in this hunt…

    With that said, Peyton Hillis’ stats the previous year didn’t touch Fosters. Didn’t come close. So why Hillis over Foster for the cover? Either…

    A) Browns fans went nuts voting. I could see this happening. When you’ve been losing for so long, you’d sell your wife for national attention for your team. Of course, you’d sell your wife for a six pack of beer among other things, but I digress. Not slamming Browns fans here, as my team sucked for so long, I understand them.

    2) He’s a white running back. Being white, I’m still gonna tick off a bunch of other white people by suggesting this. But if you reverses the stats of Foster and Hillis, Foster wouldn’t have been on the cover of Madden. Why? A white running back is a novelty. Like a black kicker. Truth is, if you look back at the stats of RBs that year, I don’t think Hillis was a top 10, let alone a top 5 Back. You may say he was simply more popular. I say what made him popular was breaking 1,000 yds with white skin. I love Hillis, don’t get me wrong, but if he was a black RB, they would call him average.

    That’s just my opinion, I could be wring.

  26. There’s no curse? Why, cause u say there’s no curse. Every player who has been on the cover has either been injured or played well below their normal expectations. Don’t believe me, check out the stats.

  27. not taking into account any curse…..calvin johnson, the best player in the nfl right now, should be on the cover.

  28. spawn201 says: Mar 28, 2012 3:12 PM

    I respect the curse therefore I am voting for Rodgers.

    Signed Vikings fan.

    I am a Bears fan and will do the same.. You Lions fans better join in. In fact everyone in the NFC..

    VOTE AROD!!!!!!!

  29. It’s a damn game cover. You people actually believe there’s a curse? Everyone knew Hillis would be a one hit wonder.

    To further prove my point, Vick was out for half the season and he was runner up for the Madden Cover. In other words, he would have been hurt anyway.

  30. Considering how many players get hurt or end up on IR every year, the chances of the player gracing the cover of Madden getting hurt are pretty good. Injuries happen often, more than people realize. Therefore, I do not believe in the Madden curse.

  31. Drew Brees was on the cover and never got hurt. Madden 10 had Larry Fitzgerald and Palamalo i know Troy got hurt but did Larry that year? Brett Farve was on the cover then Retired then went to the Jets so he was not even in the game but on the cover and he didnt get hurt either

  32. Cam is best player in the NFL. Thanks to Luck for staying in school! Hope you enjoy stiff Indy! Panthers to win Super Bowl in Cam’s 2nd year!!!

  33. A curse isn’t a curse if it doesn’t affect every single person/thing that it’s supposed to. The Madden curse is nonsense. Brees was fine and so was Fitzgerald. That’s why I’m a Texans fan voting for Foster. Those of you trying to curse your rivals are just being ridiculous! Reverse the curse!!!

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