Matt Moore has no complaints about the Dolphins

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The Dolphins spent a good portion of the offseason trying to replace Matt Moore.

When that failed, they signed to a quarterback who didn’t play a snap in the 2011 regular season and created an open competition. Given the fact that Moore didn’t play all that badly in 2011, it seems like that might rub him the wrong way. In a phone interview with Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, Moore said that wasn’t the case.

“I didn’t feel disrespected at all,” Moore said. “I spoke with Jeff Ireland a month ago, and he basically told me that they’re obviously in the market for a quarterback and it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Who’s not going to go after Peyton Manning?”

Moore also said he liked how straightforward Joe Philbin was when he spoke to him about competing with David Garrard, but, really, what else would you expect him to say? Although he played a decent 12 games last season, Moore wasn’t exactly coming from a place of great leverage on a team with a new coaching staff and a seemingly never-ending search for a franchise quarterback. And, as Moore points out, he isn’t Peyton Manning.

On top of all that, things didn’t work out all that badly for Moore. He may have to compete for the starting job, but it’s a competition he can win against a player who is coming off back surgery. From his perspective, that’s a lot better than backing up Manning or fighting it out with Matt Flynn, who played for Philbin in Green Bay.

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  1. Moore played great when his o line wasn’t living up to that 30th in the NFL ranking in hits on QB, sacks allowed, AND knockdowns…. And when Marshall wasn’t 2nd in the NFL in drops and dropping 5 in the end zone….

    He played well and deserves his shot with some better receivers and linemen….

  2. Matt Moore is a great QB who has been going thru rookie seasons over and over again! If anyone would ever just give him a team and let him be the starter for more than half a season; he would prove he can do the job! I thought he was going to get his chance in 2010 with the Panthers. But no one could have saved that sinking ship! Fox made sure that ship sank, because he didn’t get a new contract. He wasn’t going to have success in a lame-duck year.

  3. Moore might not be PM skill wise, but PM could learn some lessons in class from Moore. Moore is a good dude He never complains or blames anyone and he’s a great teammate. I doubt he would have taken a retired # from a man who had Alzheimers either.

  4. Matt Moore can only get better. I’d like to see him play a full season so he could be evaluated fairly.

  5. I like Matt Moore as QB for the Fins but good god he needs a right side OL, a #1 and #2 WR and a beast TE. Manning (either of them), Brady, Brees, Rodgers etc wouldn’t be able to do much with the cast they have assembled on Offense. Draft strong Fins.

  6. Matt Moore has made a living excelling in meaningless games.

    He looked great three years ago winning 4 utterly irrelevant games for the Panthers, which led them to hand him the reigns the next season.

    We all know how that worked out.

    So then he goes to Miami and plays well for a team that was basically out of contention in October.

    Can I please see this man win a game for a team that actually has something to play for before I anoint him the long term solution to anything?

    And why is everyone so quick to throw dirt on Garrard? In 2010 he had a 64.5% completion percentage with 23 Td’s and 15 Int’s and a 90.8 QB rating. And he just spent a year getting healthy.

    If the competition in camp is indeed fair and open, I would not be the least bit surprised to see him beat Moore out for the job.

  7. Matt moore went 6-7 in 13 games, with 12 starts
    he sucks! I am sick of people saying this guy was 6-3; yea 6-3 in the last nine games agianst weak ass teams. Matt Moore isn’t nothing more than a journey back up on a pathetic ass dolphins team.

  8. I like Matt Moore but the reason Miami is trying to upgrade is simple: he had a QB rating in the mid-to-high 80s in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter…but only in the 60s in the 4th.

    There is hope he can improve, obviously, but Miami was wise to, a) hedge their bet by looking an upgrade or competition, and, b) by not giving up on Moore altogether.

  9. vaphinfan says:
    Mar 28, 2012 1:00 PM
    Why doesn’t anyone mention his league leading 20 fumbles last year in only 12 games?


    because he had nearly the worst line in football… they allowed 9.2 hits on QB or sacks PER GAME….

    Brady would’ve had that kinda fumble average getting blindsided like that….

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