NFL plans “spectacular” Super Bowl L

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The next three Super Bowls will be held in New Orleans, New York, and Arizona, respectively.  And the NFL has big plans for the next championship game to be awarded:  Super Bowl L.

“We are looking at plans to make it spectacular,” Commissioner Roger Goodell told the media on Wednesday.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said that he “absolutely” plans to make a bid for the 50th Super Bowl.

Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal looked at possible locations last month, identifying Santa Clara (site of the new 49ers stadium), New Orleans, and Tampa as real contenders.  Kaplan described Miami, Indianapolis, and L.A. as having a “slight” chance of getting the game, with London falling into the “extremely remote” category.

“I do not know who is bidding on it,” Goodell said Wednesday.  “I know there will be quite a bit of competition for it . . . and that is an important game for us as a league.”

Goodell said that the game will be awarded in the fall, or “no later a year from now.”

The first Super Bowl was played in Los Angeles, but it seems unlikely that a viable stadium will be constructed only XLVI months from now.

UPDATE 6:05 p.m. ET:  In response to our posting of this story on Twitter (where we post links to all our stories, in case you didn’t know), NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said to expect a decision in May 2013.

60 responses to “NFL plans “spectacular” Super Bowl L

  1. Good thing we are back to single digits for numbering. Steelers Nation will have a much easier time keeping up.

  2. This should be spectacular, who’s performing at halftime? William Hung? It would be an improvement over the last couple.

  3. Football is a wonderful sport. I think most of the folks who visit this site are like me – Die-Hard fans of a team. I’ve been a fan of my team since I was 5 years old. I’ve stayed with my team through the good years and the bad.

    I understand the NFL is in a constant battle of maintaining fresh but please, please don’t fix something that isn’t broken.

    If it’s a good game, the people will watch. We won’t remember the bells and the whistles. We remember Young having the monkey pulled off his back, Elway spinning through the air in route to his first Super Bowl, Favre pulling his helmet off after throwing his first touchdown.

    Let it be.

  4. “Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said that he “absolutely” plans to make a bid for the 50th Super Bowl.”

    Too bad because the 50th Super Bowl will be right here in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area!

    @benh999 – pretty dumb (only the 50th will have “single digits” for a while), but you are right about the Steeler Nation having a hard time keeping it. I couldn’t agree more.

  5. @dv5454. thank you very well written. The love of the game is what its about. I cannot stand what the nfl has become the last 5-7 years. So much drama

  6. Anyone, this guy Kaplan included, who thinks that London has ANY chance (even an”extremely remote” chance) at hosting this game cannot be taken credibly as a source.

  7. What obscene gesture, nudity or autotune voice will we be going for this year. I am sure all of the old timers like Bednarik, Huff and Dawson watch the halftime show and think….wow im happy with the NFL has become…lol..pathetic

  8. Putting it on a Saturday would be awesome, but the NFL would never do it…it makes too much sense, which we all know the NFL will have no part of.

  9. After threatening to sue the league, Jerry Jones has 0% chance of getting Super Bowl L.

  10. It’s an insult to other Super Bowls to make one game “more spectacular” than the others. Winning Super Bowl 50 is no more important than winning Super Bowl 40.

  11. Cowboys won SB XXX. It’s going to be a long time before a better SB acronym comes around.

  12. Bring it back to Indy. Now that we’ve had a practice run I can assure you the next one will the best event you’ve ever been to in your life

  13. Coming to Houston with Hall @ Oates, or in KC with Abba. hahahaha, KC can open up the Roundhouse Roadkil BBQ serving it up all week.

  14. The Packers don’t care where it’s played. Just bring on another AFC patsy to be whooped by the G&G.

  15. Denver please. In Mile High. You know, Peyton’s Place!! PM can go out on top, with a ring!

  16. During Super Bowl L week, they’ll still be arguing about whether Sanchez or Tebow should be the Jets’ starter.

  17. Ralph Wilson Stadium. 50th yr of the SB, 100th yr of Ralph Wilson (the owner, not the stadium!)
    Ok, if that didn’t sell ya, did I mention bars close at 4am in B-lo? Great weather is generally the norm in early Feb. Did I mention the bars close at 4am?

  18. If LA can get their new stadium built in time – they could have it there. A whole “return to the city where it all began with Superbowl 1” thing. Then, if they haven’t already, they can announce which team is moving to LA.

  19. Why not bring it back to the city that hosts the best Super Bowls…SAN DIEGO. The stadium might be old but at least you can see the field from every seat (unlike Dallas). Best weather in the nation doesn’t hurt either.

  20. djvicdogg says:
    Mar 28, 2012 9:04 PM
    Why not bring it back to the city that hosts the best Super Bowls…SAN DIEGO. The stadium might be old but at least you can see the field from every seat (unlike Dallas). Best weather in the nation doesn’t hurt either.
    ———————————————————————————–Have you even been to that stadium. There’s obstructed view seats all over the stadium. Might explain why they don’t sellout Charger games regularly.

  21. London? Really? London?

    I know the article says its a remote possibility, but this whole idea of forcing games to be played across the Atlantic is really getting annoying. No matter how remote it is. The only way having games over there makes sense for the league is to either set up a conference or division of at least 4 teams that way there isn’t a whole lot of travel. I could go on and on and on, but I don’t have the time. The underlying truth here is that the NFL has no place in London so stop trying to force the issue.

  22. babyhorsemorgan says: Mar 28, 2012 7:05 PM

    All the fans of these wannabe SB teams.

    You have to wait for Super Bowl LOL, dopes.

    Says the name without a face. I’m betting…with a name like yours that you’re a Colts fan. Babyhorse OR, you watch a lot of my little pony. Morgan, your team sucks so bad and you’re sick and tired of your colleagues on the playground making fun of you for watching all those my little pony shows you’ve turned to the bottle

  23. The venue will be an easier decision than the half-time show, based on recent history. What meth-addict moron selects the talent for half-time. I’ve seen enough Madonna, Lady Gag-me and Black-eye peed-on for a lifetime. Roseann Barr butchering the national anthem. Better to exhume Michael than to rerun Janet’s sagging nipple piercing fifteen seconds of fame. Can it really be that difficult to find quality available talent, that doesn’t want to expose their privates or their ignorance, for the biggest show on TV? Apparently yes, if you’ve bothered to watch any of the elaborate but not very entertaining intermission.

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