Parcells: If Payton asks me to coach Saints, that’s what friends are for


With each new comment he makes, Bill Parcells sounds a little more likely to be the head coach of the Saints for the 2012 season.

In yet another interview (for a guy who often expresses contempt for the press, Parcells sure does do a lot of talking when reporters want to write stories about how he could save a team’s season) on Wednesday, Parcells told Bob Glauber of Newsday that he’s open to taking the job as a favor to his good friend Sean Payton, who is suspended for the 2012 season.

“If this guy says to me, ‘Bill, I need you to do this,'” Parcells said of Payton, “That’s what friends are supposed to be for.”

Glauber wrote on Twitter that after the interview, he’s convinced Parcells will take the Saints job if he’s asked.

Parcells framed the opportunity to coach the Saints as the opportunity to help a friend in need.

“The thing with this one,” he said, “it’s a little more personal to me, because this is one of my guys.”

Parcells could do Payton a twofold favor: First, Parcells can take care of Payton’s team in his absence. And second, Parcells can step away in 10 months when Payton’s suspension is over. That’s a favor that Payton can’t be sure any other candidate for the interim head coaching job would do for him, because if a Saints assistant gets the interim job and takes the Saints to the Super Bowl, Saints owner Tom Benson might fire Payton and keep the assistant on a permanent basis. So it’s easy to see why Payton would choose Parcells as his interim replacement. And if Benson lets Payton choose his interim replacement, Parcells sounds ready to accept.

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  1. Why do you automatically assume Parcells would leave after 10 months? If the dude DOES have success and the saints go deep in the playoff (or super bowl?) who’s to say that Benson makes Parcells an offer he can’t refuse?

    Every friendship has a price, especially in the NFL.

  2. Thank you for pointing out that Payton’s interest in doing it this way is also a matter of self interest in saving his own job, not just doing good for the team.

  3. Awww, how cute is that…maybe they’ll spoon each other at the end of the season too.

  4. I just asked my friend to drive to the sports bar so I can get drunk and watch the Knicks game.

    My friend is keeping me out of trouble, your friend is in trouble.

  5. that and the fact that Payton knows Parcells is not a long term threat to taking his job, if things go super well.. its a perfect scenario for an interim coach

  6. Wouldn’t his potential hall of fame bid be bumped back another five years then? That’s one hell of a favor.

  7. Wow! What a good friend! I mean, for real!! That is really above and beyond!!! (of course I’m sure that the multi million dollar paycheck didn’t hurt.)

  8. You guys in the media have planted that seed but have ZERO to support it. Benson has come out in support of Payton. Payton has said after extensive talks with Benson that he is 100% sure to be the coach next year.

    Please list ANY credible source that even HINTS at anything other.

    You do know that Payton has brought a winning mentality to the Saints that has NEVER been there before. He and Loomis built this team from nothing and won’t get rolled on.

    Just look at the current free agents. Curtis Lofton said regardless of the Bountygate (and being a hated division rival) that after meeting Payton and Loomis that he told his agent to cancel all other meetings. Or how Ben Grubbs couldn’t wait to become the next Saint. Broderick Bunkley and Chris Chamberlain.

    Even with the largest penalty ever issued against a team, the top free agents are still fighting to sign with the Saints.

    You really think Benson would risk that by releasing Payton?

  9. I just can’t see Payton being afraid of his job here. He is a competitive guy who still wants to see his team win, with or without him. I think the Tuna would be a win/win for both guys. Payton does his time and Tuna coaches a competitive team for a few months. If Benson were going to fire him, I think it would already have been done.

  10. This happens to remind me of a time when i was a younger man. around 2007 or so

    When legendary coach Eddie Sutton came out of retirement to coach the University of San Francisco’s basketball team after the dismissal of Jessie Evans. It was purely a interim basis and everyone thought that Sutton could make this San Francisco team competitive.

    Didn’t happen and they ended up sucking really bad and Sutton left after the year.

    Anyways.. back to my story,

    the tuna will not stay on as coach if the team succeeds. He thinks of Payton as his homie, and wouldn’t sweep in and swindle Payton out of a job.

    This is by far the longest comment on this article, thanks for reading everybody.


  11. The worse nightmare for all you idiots out there that are hoping the Saints will just crumble at the feet of King Roger. If Parcells takes the job, the Saints are prob the favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl and that would be the biggest middle finger the world has ever seen. Suck it HATERS

  12. I’m so sick of these arm chair coaches and GMs sitting at their keyboards bashing Parcells. The legend has forgot more football than these losers ever have, yet they feel qualified to pass judgment on him.

    Get a life. He is one of the smartest minds in the history of football. You live in your mother’s basement.

  13. The Knicks and Jets are in trouble, not the Saints. Time to get your priorities straight, yankee!

  14. First off, anyone who says this is not about Payton securing his job is oblivious. Of course Loomis is going to say hes in support of him. Sure he is, until someone else comes in and can do the same thing for less money. Its totally selfish of Payton to even ask this. Parcells’ HOF clock will start over if he comes back. So Payton is asking Parcells to give up what he has spent years working toward just so he can be secure in that Parcells will walk away and not take his job with him? this is all about Payton making sure he is taken care of. Very selfish. Ive lost a ton of respect for Sean Payton. (not that he cares what I think). But seriously, what a douche.

  15. @SaintsSBCHAMPS2012

    Someone’s in denial. Can’t wait for all the late hit on Cam penalties that your shoddy defense is going to get. Or does Smitty need to beat down Roman Harper again?

  16. Soulman45 says: Mar 28, 2012 6:32 PM

    frist to say
    That a good thing all end up will a year away is enough.

    Welcome to “English as a Fourth Language” class.

  17. Popcorn is still popped. Butter still melted. So I can still relax while watching this soap opera continue.

    I hope Parcells takes the job just to watch all the media talking heads explode in some kind of righteous indignation from their moral high ground. Do it, Parcells! Do it! This could be epic.

  18. I love that people are even considering Parcells as a guy who could take the Saints to the Super Bowl THIS YEAR.

    I do appreciate the fact that Payton’s schemes are based a lot on what he learned under Parcell’s. I also appreciate the fact that Parcell’s is a good coach and has two rings.

    I also think that a coach who is playing for one season with somebody else’s players is not likely to have the kind of chemistry or motivation needed for success in the NFL.

    The best substitute teacher in the country will never be the best teacher period.

  19. Sniff, sniff….smells like desperation to me. It smells exactly like it did when the Lakers got Phil Jackson to coach….a really disgusting stench of desperation.

  20. is this kind of hiring even allowed? im sure GOD-ell will look to block this type of thing happening, saints are suppose to be punished, not able to hire any coach they want to replace payton, im not griping about it, but something smells fishy (tuna)

  21. @ragingsea says: Mar 28, 2012 6:25 PM

    Well if Payton’s suspension didn’t cause the Saint’s upcoming season to tank, Bill Parcels coaching surely will!

    Am I missing something? He won 2 SBs with the Giants, who were bad when he took over. Took the Pats to the SB, who were bad when he took over. Took the Jets to an AFCCG, who were bad when he took over. Took the Cowboys to the playoffs twice, who were bad when he took over.

  22. It is NOT Sean Paytons job at all, the job belongs to the Saints.

    The SAINTS can offer the job to whomever they want, it is NOT Paytons job to “loan” to anybody.

    I hope the saints suck this season but do well enough to have a draft pick b/w 15 and 24.

    If the Saints do well, is it b/c of Parcells coaching, or Paytons players?

  23. Ahem! Has Drew signed yet? Payton, Parcells, or Charlie the Tuna as coach won’t matter without Brees! Loomis is the GM, and he best get his head out of his kiester, Put the OC as interim, let Spags run the D, and Brees can run the O the same as Manning did in Indy. I don’t see Parcells coexisting on this team. Also, has anyone considered the caliber of D they will have after Goodell dissects it with suspensions starting with Vilma?

  24. Payton created the momentum anyone would ride for this coming year. Takes a lot to create.

  25. babyhorsemorgan, that was hilarious. Payton said he’s taking care of all the details, so things will move smoothly. Can you see Tuna doing anything but his way? I think the Saints are better off having someone in their system taking over for a year.

  26. I don’t keep up with Parcells much these days, so can someone tell me if he’s actually shown any regard toward the Hall of Fame? Does he even care? And if he does, is there any chance the First Ballot snub has turned him against it?

  27. @SaintsSBCHAMPS2012

    Someone’s in denial. Can’t wait for all the late hit on Cam penalties that your shoddy defense is going to get. Or does Smitty need to beat down Roman Harper again?


    *points to scoreboard*

  28. i am reading The Godfather. Parcells sounds like the Don. “If a friend asks for a favor, then you should do it” is one of the themes throughout.

  29. Knowing how carpetbagger Parcells operates, he will probably quit after week 12 citing “burnout” and “needing more time to spend with the family” after leading N.O. to a disappointing 6-6 record. Parcells is the shady Jersey contractor of the NFL, he makes all sorts of promises, begins the job, then vanishes halfway through leaving a big mess in his fat wake.

  30. You dorks are all just bent out of shape because you think the Saints are supposed to lie down and concede to a losing season.

    Not gonna happen. Prepare to feel plenty of impotent rage this season as the Saints be-bop and scat all over your sorry teams.

    Winningest team in football over the last 3 seasons. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, punks.

  31. question of the day would be: How long would it take for Payton to get hired if he were to get fired? let’s be serious I can think of 20 teams that’d get rid of there coach for Payton, I understand what the saints did was wrong but come on now….if pacman can still be in the NFL…what makes everyone believe Payton is really scared about his future?

  32. wouldn’t think the assistant coaches are very happy about this. they’re missing out on a chance to have a great season and run with it.

  33. Everyone here wishes they could be in Parcells’ position…walk into a one year deal with a team that’s stacked on offense, pretty good on defense and you get complete control of their draft. Nothing matters, Parcells can take all kinds of risks without having to worry about the repercussions.

  34. Payton can return when the NFL season ends, right before Fat Tuesday. Until then, the team can be run by Fat Tuna.

  35. It’s true that Parcells would be postponing his HOF entry chance. But then again, for some reason that is beyond my comprehension, it does not seem like a foregone conclusion at the moment that the man who turned more garbage teams into playoff teams than anyone else in football history will actually be selected to the HOF. But if he has a great year with the Saints after all the turmoil they will have undergone, it might actually be what pushes him over the top.

  36. OMG this Saga is getting better and better. All you Haters out there just keep talking, and running your mouths. You are all going to be eating huge helpings of CROW this year when the boys in black and gold put ass whippings on your beloved teams. Take it from a local – all the league did was piss off an already Superbowl caliber team. The players and the fans are going to unleash furor on opposing opponents like noone has ever seen in their lifetime. If you think these BS Bounties were bad, then just wait and see what an angry bunch of players are capable of. So again, keep on writing stupid &$;@ on this website. We love it because we know you guys and gals are a bunch of jealous fans with nothing else to do except cast stones at our winning organization. NEVER WAKE UP A SLEEPING DOG, unless you are prepared for it’s WRATH!

  37. I’m amazes at the amount of “fear” disguised as “hate” for the Saints. Say what you will, the Saints are gonna have a heck of a season, and NFL is shaking in their boots.

  38. gbpackman says:Mar 28, 2012 6:23 PM

    Wouldn’t his potential hall of fame bid be bumped back another five years then? That’s one hell of a favor.
    That was my understanding as well. Maybe once that realization hits Parcells, he won’t be as friendly.

  39. I LOVE THIS !!! I hope it works out and the Saints just play well. Really.. why all the drama?
    I think it’s kinda cool that the Tuna steps up and takes his “boys” back in a big pinch. (not to mention that if they pull this off Goodell will look like an (|)-hole).

  40. gbpackman says:Mar 28, 2012 6:23 PM

    Wouldn’t his potential hall of fame bid be bumped back another five years then? That’s one hell of a favor.
    That was my understanding as well. Maybe once that realization hits Parcells, he won’t be as friendly…unless he values friendship over the HOF.

  41. slammincamnewton says: Mar 28, 2012 6:52 PM


    Someone’s in denial. Can’t wait for all the late hit on Cam penalties that your shoddy defense is going to get. Or does Smitty need to beat down Roman Harper again?

    Saints VS Carolina 2011
    won 30-27 in NC
    won 45 – 17 in the dome

    you were saying?????
    gonna be even worse in 2012 punk

  42. The idea that the suspended coach could hire Parcells is ludicrous. It isn’t up to him, it is up to the GM and, ummm, who is that guy… oh yeah, the OWNER.

  43. There sure are alot of dummies who patrol these boards.

    1. No way Saints fire Payton. They were nobodies before he got there. Won a SB. He’s about as safe as any coach in the league. no way a Parcells hire is based on Payton’s insecurities. If Payton goes, Brees would follow Payton.

    2. No way Parcells stays longer than a year. He’s loyal first of all second, this PERFECT for him. Satisfies his itch and helps out the Saints.

    3. Don’t be surprised to see Saints make aserious SB run. Parcells is the Best guy for the job. Who’s better?

  44. @slammincamnewton says: Mar 28, 2012 6:52 PM

    Someone’s in denial. Can’t wait for all the late hit on Cam penalties that your shoddy defense is going to get. Or does Smitty need to beat down Roman Harper again?

    Did Cam play in that 45-17 beatdown in NOLA last season? I only saw some sulking kid with a towel hanging over his head on the sideline. It was so funny I made a gif. I’ll send it to ya if you want. 🙂

  45. Yep Saints favorites to win the SuperBowl you know since Dallas was there every year with Parcells. Oh and Miami is in hreat shape after his front office stint. Yep I really feel Parcells coaching in New Orleans is everyone’s biggest fear

  46. Parcells also said “If I have to go to conference championships or further, that’s what Bill Belichick’s for.”

  47. Parcells to Payton: In good times and bad times, I’ll be on your side forever more. That’s what friends are for. –Stevie Wonder peeks from behind Tuna and plays that bigassed harmonica of his.

  48. Everyone that says ‘Look at the job Parcells did in Miami!’… well guess what? Didn’t they win the division the year he started? And then their QB went down. Its not his fault the team was sold and Ross squeezed him out. In fact, it looks like NO ONE wants to work with Ross except Carl Peterson.

  49. What’s next, Lawrence Taylor and all of the defensive players from the 1990 Giants going to come out of retirement and fill in for all of the Saints defensive players who are about to be suspended too?

  50. it’s an imaginative move by payton.

    parcells surely wants to add a coda to his career.

    i only see one hitch. even when he has talent… parcells runs the team, especially the offense, like an old dump truck or garbage hauler. they got the job done. but… ugly.

    now he’s got a ferrari.

    will he use it like one.

  51. Parcells is an arrogant clown!!! The game has passed him by a long time ago. The only reason he would take the Saints job is because of his HUGE EGO!!! He knows the Saints have a shot at the Superbowl. I’m sure he wouldn’t come back to coach a .500 or under team!!! Don’t believe that helping out a friend B.S.

  52. Although no one wants to say it, I think bounties have been part of the NFL for a very long time.

    I think Parcells knows this and as a friend of Peyton, feels bad that he is the one taking the fall for what others have done and gotten away with.

    As such I think Parcells is sincere about helping a friend help his team and secure his job beyond his suspension. But ultimately this type of support fits my belief that bounties were never limited to the Saints… They were just the ones that got caught.

  53. Parcells is not worried about his HOF status. There is an interview with him right now on a nola web site. I can’t site the source as PFT might not like my linking to outside sources, but here is a small snippet of what was said about HOF induction:

    “That’s not even a factor right now,” he [Parcells] said. “I can’t live my life worrying about something that might never happen. I have to be honest with myself. I don’t know if that’s going to happen or not. Why would you live your life worrying about something that’s not going to happen? Don’t assume that I don’t think that’s important to me, because it is. But I’m not making any personal decision based on that.”

    For now, there is no offer.

    “I would have to know a lot more than I know now,” Parcells said. “They said they’d be in touch.”

  54. So the big tuna coming to the saint’s sounds cool to me. Wait just in gm spot might be open at the end of the season…………

  55. @SaintsSBCHAMPS2012

    Someone’s in denial. Can’t wait for all the late hit on Cam penalties that your shoddy defense is going to get. Or does Smitty need to beat down Roman Harper again?

    Saints VS Carolina 2011
    won 30-27 in NC
    won 45 – 17 in the dome

    you were saying?????
    gonna be even worse in 2012 punk

    Saint fans, most of your memories of Saint football dates all the way back to 2009. So to you newbie Saint fans, here is an update. Panthers and Saints are 17-17 all time vs. each other. You beat the piss out of our 5th string defense in NO at the end of last season and barely beat us in Charlotte. Keep talking smack, well see how things play out. Tuna please go to New Orleans.

  56. I love this, because it is going to extend Parcells’s date of eligibility for the Hall of Fame. He probably would have made it if he had retired for good after going to the Jets. Instead, he has left a legacy of mediocrity and basically ruined the Dolphins franchise. If he coaches the Saints and they flounder, it will force voters to take a second look at Big Tuna. Hubris never felt so good.

  57. Parcells – diminishing returns.

    NYG: 2 SB wins

    Pats: 1 SB appearance

    Jets: 1 AFCCG appearance

    Cowboys: I’m pretty sure they made a playoff appearance at some point.

    Saints – hello, 7-9.

  58. cwmorga says:
    Mar 28, 2012 7:59 PM

    What was the bounty total on Cam that game? $10,000?

  59. @SaintsSBChamps2012

    I hate to break the news to you but I’m going to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. The 2012 Super Bowl has already been played. The Giants and Patriots played. The Giants won. Blackouts are a bitch. Better luck next year.

  60. Give Breezy what he deserves and the Saints won’t miss a beat. Thanks Bill…that truly is what friends do. Good looking out!!!

  61. The jealousy, masked as hate, for the Saints is staggering…in reality, it is also fear….Saints will rule 2012….FACT….

  62. Cam’s really not good enough for any measurable bounty. How many games did the Panthers win last season, something like 6? Really now!

  63. My Saints pass the ball WAY 2 MUCH for this dude to coach them…he a run the football coach when SP is a spread u out then run the ball coach…IT WOULDNT WORK…pete carmicheal step up..drew u the off. coordinator/qb and spags handles the D and well be just fine

  64. I think if the coach, owner/organization and players are being punished because of bountygate, they should not be able to hire another coach to come in and replace Payton. Part of the punishment should be, deal with it, designate someone from within the Saints organization to be head coach.

  65. Parcells says it like he’s the one doing the favor. We’re talking about the prospect of Bill Parcells getting millions to coach a team for just one season, no strings attached. Lots of former coaches that’d love to do Payton that favor.

  66. Tuna coaching the Saints will be the final nail in their coffin. He loves to come in, stir things up and leave behind a mess. Plus, I wouldn’t trust that man to guard my house while I was away. I would come back and find him moved in and wearing my clothes. If he could fit into them.

  67. Enough with the BS fawning through the media. If you wanna swing your 72 year old saggy butt down to New Orleans and baby sit the bounty hunters, go do it already and quit Favre’n it! The Panthers are gonna win the South this year anyway! HAHAHA

    Watch and See!

  68. I don’t know if the Saints are capable of winning a Super Bowl without Payton and perhaps half their defense getting suspended. I think Payton’s job is likely safe.

    I think he probably trusts his team would be in good hands with Parcell.

    Also, I wonder how much Payton’s injury this past season is factoring into the interim head coach decision — since he couldn’t coach from the sidelines for a brief period, he and the players got to experience what it was like without his leadership and with other coaches involved. Maybe they really don’t have enough confidence to choose from within. Or if he was most comfortable with Vitt, Vitt’s 6 game suspension may be enough to consider if Parcells would do a better job than any of the internal guys.

    Payton coached a Super Bowl winning team not too long ago and got knocked out of the playoffs only in that crazy game to the 49ers, I think he’s going to end up as a head coach again.

  69. I posted several days ago when the Tuna/Payton story first broke that the number one reason for the Tuna to coach the Saints this year is because Payton is afraid of losing his job if someone else were to be headcoach and have a winning season. It would be a gift come true for Benson to rid himself of Payton and his salary after bringing the shame on the franchise that he did. The only reason for this arrangement is because Payton is feeling rather insecure about his job not being available in one year. He’s quite the tool. The Saints would be much better served as a team if it was a coordinator who became interim coach as they know the strengths/weaknesses, tendencies, skills of the players and team but once again, Payton is only concerned about himself, not the Saints, city of New Orleans, Benson . What a schmuck.

  70. 104312conundrum says:
    Mar 28, 2012 7:43 PM
    Peytonsneck18 beat me to it.. Why if this is supposed to be a penalty do the Saints get to go outside and get a ringer ?

    Payton was suspended for the year. In all of this, where exactly did Goodell say they could not hire an interim coach?


  71. Well, aren’t they just all kinds of special.

    Before everyone gets their panties in a bunch, hold on a minute, children. During Goodell’s press conference the other day, the question was asked if the Saints would have to abide by the Rooney Rule if they hired from outside. The answer was “yes”. This is not a shoo-in yet.

  72. Forgot to add….this is NOT Payton’s and Parcell’s decision to make. Payton is a besmirched, bedraggled head coach who tarnished his reputation and that of his team, and along the way has lost the right or authority to determine anything related to the NFL after Sunday.

  73. There is no way in hell that Parcels can take the Saints to a Superbowl unless he has Payton in his ear the whole time. the Saints aren’t a run it 40 times throw it 20 team. Parcels’ style is dated he had opportunities when he was with the Cowboys to pur games away but his ultra conservative style of play isn’t gonna get it done anymore.

  74. a panther fan on here talking smack is comic. people want the saints to fail so bad that they say some dumb things. and its not because of the bounty b.s. its because they want our team out of the way so theirs may have a chance. parcells won’t exactly be coming down here to coach. carmichael n brees will handle the offense. spags will handle defense. bill will be here to throw the challenge flag, call time outs, yell at some refs, and provide the media with his usual sound bites. not like he will come in and overhaul the winning system already in place.

  75. gcsuk says:
    Mar 28, 2012 6:56 PM
    Soulman45 says: Mar 28, 2012 6:32 PM

    frist to say
    That a good thing all end up will a year away is enough.

    Welcome to “English as a Fourth Language” class.


    Give him a break gc; he was hitting the rock hard while he typed that post…

  76. Keep tryin, keep smilin’, knowing you can always count on me (for sure.) That’s what friends are for…

    Whooo oooh oooh oooooo yeaahhh….

  77. Bill was hired by Wayne to run the Dolphins, and they won the AFC East his first season in control. Then Wayne sold the team to Ross. Steve Ross has ruined the Miami Dolphins, he is running his franchise like he ran his USFL team. Ross still thinks his entertainment influenced gameday presentation is what really packs the fans in at the stadium. Roger needs to force the buffon out of the league.

    And anyone who doesn’t think Bill should be in the HOF should do a little research on what he has meant to the game. Parcells is in the class of Lombardi, Noll,Belichick,Ewbanks Gibbs Landry, Walsh & Shula.

  78. If Parcells takes the job and stays true to his style, he’ll quit right around Game 15. Has he ever completed a contract?

  79. Is it just me, or should this not be allowed? So, all the teams who need a coach can break the rules, get the coach fired, and hire anyone they want. Seems like they should be forced to hire from within…

  80. …and this story has officially entered “Jimmy Sexton Publicity Stunt” range.

  81. A lot of you for get how good a coach he was when he coached . THE COWBOYS was a diffrent story he had a spoiled owner who has allways wanted to coach throwing tantrums when he didn’t get his way and than we have the QB who could not folow directions and put in his own plays when it suited him ,when he was called down for not folowing orders he went runing to DADY JERRY JONES who promply told Parcells to let him call his own plays , What the heck did they need Parcells for those two could handel it right ? That was the same as striping his job powers away he has no say so at all over his players ! If it would of been me they pulled that on I would of walked off that minute and told them to shove it up there goale line as far as they could shove it !I think he has the ability to at least get them in the play offs .

  82. Saints againist the world…… The league is not done sabotaging the season of the Saints. The more you guys hate and more the league exercises it’s dictatroship. Just adds fuel to their fire. Speaking of fire…..FIRE GOODELL….. Parcells will take over because it’s the right thing to do. Can’t wait til GODdell has to hand that trophy over at the end of the year.

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