Report: Asante Samuel open to restructuring contract

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Over the weekend, MDS brought you a report from Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer about the Eagles’ ongoing efforts to deal cornerback Asante Samuel.

The biggest sticking point to a deal seems to be a contract that calls for Samuel to make a base salary $9.5 million this season. That’s a lot for a team to take on in a trade, just as it was last season when a deal with the Lions fell through because Detroit didn’t have enough cap space. Another report from McLane might offer a path toward a trade.

Per McLane, Samuel is open to restructuring his contract to make a deal happen. That should make it somewhat easier to find a trading partner, but it hardly makes anything certain to happen.

Restructuring would mean pushing more money into the remaining year of Samuel’s deal and/or adding more years through an extension. That means even less cap space and, even worse, it could mean dead money on the cap after Samuel ceases to be a contibutor to the team. That’s not a particularly appealing prospect when you’re being asked to part ways with draft picks for a 31-year-old cornerback.

19 responses to “Report: Asante Samuel open to restructuring contract

  1. He isn’t willing to take less money and he’s on the downside of his career. Teams could use him at probably half that price.

    Cut him. Unfortunately he’d probably go back to the Patriots for 2-3 mill/yr at this point but keeping him on the Eagles roster doesn’t really make sense.

  2. Why would he restructure? Why not just force them to cut him? He gets the guaranteed money and gets to pick his next team.

  3. calling it “restructuring” is a nice way for Asante to save face. The reality is he’ll be taking a pay cut. He’ll take something in the neighborhood of $7 million because its still way more than he’ll make if the Eagles cut him and he has to sign somewhere else.

  4. He’s still better than most CBs in the league. Make it happen Andy, a 3 and 5 should do the trick….unless you find another team like the cards or foreskins to pilfer lol

  5. He’ll be a good fit for some team, but the Birds wasted their chance on getting any sort of decent return by holding on to him this long. They’ll be lucky to get one 2nd day draft pick after what it cost to acquire Demeco Ryans..

  6. That leads to the question as to whether the Eagles are unhappy with Samuel and want him gone or unhappy with the contract. Because THEY could restructure his contract and keep him.

  7. The Lions would have given up a second for him at the deadline, but Roseman changed his mind and asked for a first. I love Asante but the return for him now will be even worse after that lousy season, which hurt every Eagles player’s value. If they don’t find a deal they like, the really don’t have many options. They can ask him to restructure and stay with the Eagles, or cut him, which gets you nothing. They may have to trade him for a lot less than he could be had for. It would be like the reverse of DeMeco Ryans trade where some team will steal Samuel from the Eagles for a 4th rounder or something

  8. Asante is still a worthy cornerback in this league but we got two young corners thats ready to play this season.. We just gotta stay healthy… Goodluck Asante where ever u go.. Eagles to da SUPERBOWL!!!

  9. The Eagles could have avoided this situation all together, if they simply didn’t sign him to begin with.

    They really didn’t need to sign him, and in the end, he wasn’t any better than Lito Sheppard would have been.

    They knew this day would come when they signed him, but I’m sure they thought they could have traded him by now. As Charlie Murphy once said, “WRONG, WRONG”

    I don’t care about his interception numbers. He’s too small, and too soft.

    Holler back Astante

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