Revis says Jets’ locker room is in “disarray”

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Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis is working his way through the so-called ESPN “car wash” on Wednesday, with a variety of appearances on the various ESPN platforms.

Which appearing on SportsCenter, Revis essentially removed the T-tops during the spotless rinse cycle.

Asked to play word association (there’s something original), Revis was given the term  “locker room.”

His response, via  “Disarray right now.”

Revis isn’t telling us anything we don’t know, but any negative comments about the current state of the franchise operate like a bucketful of chum in a shark tank.

Here’s another chum bucket, regarding the impact of the team’s new backup quarterback on its starter:  “I think [Tim Tebow] will have a big impact on [Mark Sanchez] in terms of just trying to maybe push him a little bit more.”

Revis tried to save it, but the words were already into the ether.  “Not to say that Mark needs to get pushed, but in a way that you know, Tebow is a winning quarterback.  Mark is a winning quarterback too, you got to understand that Mark took us to two AFC championship games.”

But last year, Mark took the Jets nowhere, and Tebow took the Broncos to the final eight.  And with the locker room in “disarray,” maybe a guy like Tebow with his terminally positive outlook is the only thing that can turn it around.

120 responses to “Revis says Jets’ locker room is in “disarray”

  1. hilarious. its a shame a genuinely good guy kike tebow had to be shippped there. then again, he’ll be leading that team before to long….maybe he turns it around.

  2. Revis is 100% correct. Sanchez needs to be pushed to see if he just sucks due to the complacency that comes from being coddle by the GM/Coach, or whether hes just a bum period.

  3. I love this. It’s like sitting near the tracks waiting for a massive train wreck.

  4. you guys make it sound like the jets were 4-12 last year. I wish we had a draft pick that high..sorry to burst the bubble, but the Jets were NOT a bad team last year. They were a mediocre team. An inconsistant team.

    Sanchez has still never even had a loosing season as a starting QB in the NFL.

  5. Perfect place for Tebow to bring all the stuff that comes along with him. This is going to be a fun year. The 78 Yankees/Bronx Zoo guys are going to look like saints.

  6. jets circus sideshow has started early this year, get your popcorn people and make sure you have more in the pantry — we’re in for a fun season

  7. funny how I listened to the same interview this morning and he never made it sound like the jets locker room was in disarray, your really good at taking things out of context and throwing players under the bus during interviews. Bad reporting is bad… just sayin…

  8. From all appearances, not one leader on that team. Certainly not Sanchez, and the coach is out to lunch (and probably getting seconds). Chances are 2012=FAIL.

  9. jcjets says:
    Mar 28, 2012 2:49 PM
    you guys make it sound like the jets were 4-12 last year. I wish we had a draft pick that high..sorry to burst the bubble, but the Jets were NOT a bad team last year. They were a mediocre team. An inconsistant team.

    Sanchez has still never even had a loosing season as a starting QB in the NFL.


    Sorry to burst your bubble, but a “mediocre” and “inconsistent” team will always finish behind the Patriots in the Brady/Belichick era. Hell, maybe even the Bills this year.

  10. T0 think the Jets actually had a nice window of oppurtunity in the AFC, back to back AFC championship appearances …. and now they quickly are becoming a disaster on offense and have no identity as a whole with 2 of the worst statistically rated QB’s in the league at No. 1 and No. 2 on depth chart …. a slew of media problems and meanwhile the Ginats owning the city.

    I think the Jets might be a 4-5 win team next year. Too much on their plate.

  11. I’m actually interested to see how this all plays out, just for the schadenfreude. Sanchez is such a sensitive, self-important little sissy (does anyone else remember that ridiculous photo spread he had in GQ or whatever?), I know how much having the media darling come to town must just rankle him. The whole thing has “train wreck” written all over it.

  12. way to diss espn about using word association…then write an article about the response the association provoked.

  13. Correction Darrelle… the defense took you to two AFC Championship games. Sanchez simply didn’t stop you from getting there.

    But the sad fact for Jets fans is that the team that got to those games was Eric Mangini’s team to begin with… the more that this team has taken on the personality of Rex Ryan, the worse it has done. Last year’s 8-8 season (which could easily have been 6-10) should have been a warning to Tannenbaum and Ryan that the ship has to be righted now. Instead, they have chosen to go all-in on creating a bigger circus. The results will not be pretty for Jets fans.

    Despite what Jets fans think, this is not hating on the Jets. As a Pats fan, I rather prefer competitive teams in our division. Sadly, only the Patriots and Bills can make good cases that their teams have improved since last season. The Jets seem to be regressing before our eyes, while it would be harder for the Dolphins to get much worse at this point.

  14. Not a fan of the Jetz at all, but this story like 90% of them that is posted, has no weight at all. Another ploy by the media to casue more of a stir in the birds nest. Just tired of them trying cause conflict out of nothing. Sanchez is the Starter, and like all starters, it is his position until he loses it. (The locker room is in the situation because the media is always trying to start something out of nothing) x 2. Report something meaningful, PLEASE!

  15. Saint Tim is the final straw in the Rex Ryan experiment. Enjoy your final year as a head coach. It’s to bad, too, because the rest of the division would love for him to stay.

  16. Revis tried to save it, but the words were already into the ether. “Not to say that Mark needs to get pushed, but in a way that you know, Tebow is a winning quarterback. Mark is a winning quarterback too, you got to understand that Mark took us to two AFC championship games.”


    This is going to get worse. Much, much worse. The rift between the offensive players and defensive players keeps getting wider.

  17. Darrelle Revis,on ESPN 1050, clarified he didn’t literally mean the Jets locker room is in disarray “right now.” Said its offseason. (From Newsday’s Rod Boone on Twitter)

  18. For a Pats fan everyday one of these clowns opens his mouth it’s like Christmas. Will the fun ever stop. The only worry is that Rex finally gets a clue and stops making a fool of himself.

    Can’t wait for the fans chanting, “We want Tebow, we want Tebow!”

  19. Rex has failed to get control back. By bringing back Holmes and extending Sanchez, he’s notorized this past season as acceptable.

    Tebow is going to make this story very interesting.

  20. Tebow going there is no coincidence. If these guys start tearing it up and working well together. Pff, they may put a Tebow statue next to that french one.

  21. I hate the Jets and I think Revis gets a lot of latitude from the officials regarding illegal contact – but I stop well short of calling him over-rated. He’s a game changer on defense in an era when that type of player is a rare commodity. If he can play the next 7 years or so at the same level, you’re talking about a HoF’er.

  22. As a Patriots fan who has been predicting implosion to happen :

    J ust
    E njoying
    T he
    S how

    Thanks Jets for the continued off season entertainment.

    Hard Knocks is a must see this year from Florham Park.

    Jets fans motto:

    J ust
    E nd
    T his
    S tupidity

    Looks like the 44th anniversary plans are in full swing !!

  23. Can ANYONE keep their mouth shut? Why would you feel compelled to tell the rest of the world there is unrest (to say the least) on your team?

  24. This is such a non-story. I’m surprised profootballtalk felt the need to write this. There’s nothing new here. Revis said the locker room was a mess. The players haven’t all been together since they cleaned out their stuff a the end of the season. So revis’ answer is based in what he last saw a few months back. What is the story here? Is the story that Revis has a good memory? Or that the locker room hasn’t changed since they were there last? And I hate defending the Jets because I’m not a fan, but this article is ridiculous and unnecessary. No need to report old news again and act like there’s something new to tell.

  25. “you got to understand that Mark took us (was along for the ride) to two AFC championship games.”

    How long are we going to have to hear this old news? Firstly, the colts layed down or the wets would not have gone to the playoffs the 1st year. Second year was luck.

    Even a blind dog can find his tail once every 43 years or so 😉

  26. Coach’s coach and players play. If they are paid Million$$ to have the privaledge of playing in the NFL then do your job. The players need to stop “skyping, crying, biyatching” and trust in the owner’s writing their checks ! The collective bargaining agreement with the players threatening to hold out showed who’s boss if not then the NFLPA would be running the show. If the players don’t like it then “Get Out !!” This is NOT high school, they are Paid professionals who’s only obligation is to play, PERIOD !

  27. jdandcoke says:

    hilarious. its a shame a genuinely good guy kike tebow had to be shippped there. then again, he’ll be leading that team before to long….maybe he turns it around.


    Your anti-semitic entries into the iPhone are exposing you.

  28. flash1283 says:
    When the best player on the team is saying this, it’s not looking good.


    You’re right, Flash, that wouldn’t be good.

    Thankfully, that ISN’T what Revis said in the interview. As shocking as it seems, Revis is taken out of context here, and not accurately quoted.

    But, never let actual, truthful quotes get in the way of a good chance to bash the Jets, right PFT readers?

    Actually, we can also dispute the Revis being the best player on the team portion of your post by mentioning “Nick Mangold” as well.

  29. With some great free agency moves already, the Bills look like they might be able to offer up convincing 2012, and give New England a run for that division.

    The only reason that the Yets won’t be dead last, is that they have the Dullphins to count on. In fact, Miami might even come in fifth-place in the AFC East.

    Being a Yets fan must be exactly the same as being a Mets fan, in NY. Heck, they even sound the same.

  30. It’s not that the Jets were a complete mess last year, it’s that it’s painfully clear they are headed rapidly in the wrong direction. Tebow makes it worse.

  31. talkintrashallday says:
    Mar 28, 2012 2:45 PM
    Word association game
    Revis: Over-rated
    Rex Ryan: Jabberjaw
    Sanchez: Oblivious
    Cromartie: Birth Control

    I have another one

    Jets: Suck

  32. jcjets says: Mar 28, 2012 2:49 PM

    you guys make it sound like the jets were 4-12 last year. I wish we had a draft pick that high..sorry to burst the bubble, but the Jets were NOT a bad team last year. They were a mediocre team. An inconsistant team.

    Sanchez has still never even had a loosing season as a starting QB in the NFL.

    Jet fan adjustment: We don’t suck – we’re just mediocre!

  33. well its official the jets have self destructed..time to break up the team and get a new head coach and trade mark sanchez to the browns 😉

  34. Wasn’t there another team in New York/New Jersey? Seems like there was one… The name escapes me…

  35. Awww the Silly Jets. Now they have two QBs that need to be protected and coddled because neither can throw consistently enough to be considered a viable starting NFL QB.

    Keep sucking Jets.

  36. Hey Revis. Way to go keeping it in-house. Can anyone associated with the Jets keep their mouth shut?

  37. You would think that if Rex Ryan really wanted a change of pace quarterback he would at least get one that the Patriots don’t OWN.

    I guess Rex will be begging other teams to beat the Patriots just like last year.

    An 8-8 record (0-2 against the Patriots) with three straight losses to end the season is probably more reflective of how good the Jets really are than the previous two years of backing into the playoffs by sheer luck.

    Tebow can’t fix that mess. The Jets need an honest to goodness real deal quarterback if they ever want to win the AFC East while Belichick and Brady are still in New England.

    Leinart = Sanchez > Tebow

  38. I can’t take that name anymore…..TEBOW this…TEBOW that…..can’t we just trade him somewhere??

    Mark Sanchez

  39. Loud mouth coach, loud mouth players…The GM, the coach, the players, etc all talk w/out thinking…

    Honestly, why would you come out and say your locker room was in dissarray? Why not try and be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.

    Jets finish third in AFC east…

  40. The entire Jets Roster and coaching staff needs to take some advice from another Coach in NY and “Shut yer Yap!!!”

    The more they run their gator the more dysfunctional they become. Stop moaning about everything would be the first step in fixing the problem.

  41. The only reason the locker room is in disarray is because that’s where Rex videotapes his foot fetish videos.

  42. its amazing how when its anything about the jets on this site.we lead in the ammount of hate comments compared to other teams.

  43. This would be a lot more fun, if the one pathetic Jets fan I know didn’t already owe me two pizzas and admits freely that this train has wrecked.

    Eh, time to start hating the Raiders again.

  44. OH my god! Revis the best DB, oh wait player to ever put on cleats is unhappy with his teammates? The jets otta release every other player and let King Revis pick his teammates from the comfort of his island so they don’t make him upset.
    Revis is the most over rated player in the NFL, and people who say he’s the best are stupid.

  45. dannersthemanners says:
    Mar 28, 2012 3:07 PM

    New Orleans Saints- Super Bowl Champions 2013


    Are you sure you don’t mean:

    Superbowl Champions 2009 – New Orleans Saints *

  46. realnflmaster says:
    Mar 28, 2012 2:50 PM
    We look forward to say “hi” to the worthless 15 AFC s franchises who will be watching the JETS, America’s NEW team in the 2012 Superbowl.


    FYI, the 2012 Super Bowl already happened, and the Jets didn’t make it.

  47. We will not have to be on Hard Knocks this year. We will have our own circus under the big top in Florum Park.

  48. @dougydougdoug-

    Let’s hold your horses there little fella. The jills haven’t sniffed the playoffs for a decade. Let’s try to walk before you run.

    Still have a loooooong way to go.

  49. Someone said Revis is over is overrated?If Revis is overrated, would someone please infom me who’s not? Why do these people even comment.

  50. troturedraiderfan, the answer is no. They are being led by the biggest loud mouth of all, Rex Ryan. The team is learning from him. He spends his time badmouthing and talking smack against his opponents. His players have learned from him and we shouldn’t be surprised that they are doing the same thing. Only problem is that they’re doing against their own teammates.

  51. The Jets are looking at a last place finish with all the turmoil brewing. Couldn’t happen to a nicer team.

  52. “Reavis says Jets locker room in disarray.”

    To quote Kent Brockman, newscaster on The Simpsons, “This barely qualifies as news.”

  53. Total disarray is the Ryan trademark, it’s what happens when you run things so “fast and loose”. Jests fans will be calling for Rexy’s head on a pike by December.

  54. I hope the disclosure of last year’s locker room is going to help the Jets put the bad publicity to rest.

    I am assuming that the media will ask about the state of the locker room all off-season so maybe they are trying to get it out of the way before they start working.

  55. There aren’t any QB’s in the NFL with a v@gina, mark. That means your out. Where have you been, it’s Tebow Time!!

  56. dandcoke says: Mar 28, 2012 2:45 PM

    “hilarious. its a shame a genuinely good guy kike tebow had to be shippped there. then again, he’ll be leading that team before to long….maybe he turns it around.”


    He wasn’t shipped there. He CHOSE to go there. He CHOSE the circus in NY instead of the beach in Jacksonville!

  57. Has anyone considered that if Sanchez NEEDS to be pushed, then he isn’t the player OR person you want to lead you team…

  58. Revis is being modest. Revis is more of a reason the Jets advanced to two AFC CGs than Sanchez is. I would argue that the Patriots changed their offense in reaction to Revis shutting down half of the field. As great as Revis is, Belichick neutralized his impact with the drafting othe two tight ends (Gronkowski and Hernandez). But Revis is still the best there is at what he does. As for the disarray, that he comes out in public and says that is a reflection of Rex Ryan and Ryan’s whole personna of shooting off his mouth and not worrying about collateral damage. This is all blowing up in Ryan’s face.

  59. Everyone loves to pile on the Jets…..But there’s a good chance the Jets beat your teams ass rather than vice versa…..

    Bills, Dolphins, Browns, Bengals, Titans, Jaguars, Texans, Raiders, Chargers, Broncos, Chiefs, Redskins, Eagles, Cowboys, Vikings, Lions, Rams, Seawhawks, Panthers, Falcons, Bucs, or Cardinals

    If you are a fan of any of these teams, just wanted to remind you that the Rex Ryan circus has been more successful than your franchise for the last 3 years……How pathetic must your franchise really be??

    Some of these scrub teams haven’t even had a playoff win, nevermind a PLAYOFF BERTH since Rex has been head coach!!! HAHAHAHAHA

  60. Wow…so much Jets backlash. The NFL player with the most character in the league chose the Jets. The team in complete disarray. Funny listening how much that is eating those haters up.

    Too bad Revis never became the leader of his team a la Ray Lewis. Take some accountability Mr. Revis . You get paid like the leader.

  61. This shouldn’t come as a surprise with Rex Ryan as the supposed “leader” of this team. Infact, this is the fallout you see when the head coach has no leadership qualities, such as humility, character, integrity and honor. Simply put, he’s just a “coach”, he’s no leader.

  62. suchajoke:

    I would be more specific, especially when discussing 2 teams in their own division, the Bills and Dolphins. Forget about since Rex took over, neither of these teams have won one playoff game in over a freakin decade.

  63. Newsflash: iceburg hits ocean liner, Titanic sinks, deckchairs lost. Fireman Ed better be studying up on Fire Marshall Bill.

  64. word assocation :
    Revis- Overpaid Loser
    Ryan- Obnoxious Blowhard
    Sanchez- Whiney Crybaby
    Holmes- Yet another diva WR
    Cromartie- Too dumb to spell CAT if you spotted him the C and the A
    Tebow- Glue

    Somehow, Tebow will end up starting and show these panzies how to run through walls

  65. Jets offense in 2012: Tebow, jesus, god, the ghost, mary, moses, judas, the spirit, and the baby jesus. Oh, and Adam and Eve.

  66. Jets PR department needs to shut down all player interviews until the dust settles. The fact they are not lends credibility to the belief this is a PR move to bring more media attention and compete for the NY area fan base.

  67. After a few years of we’ll be in the Super Bowl, waiting for another outlandish Ryan boast like we’ll win at least 8 games this year.”

  68. suchasjoke… look at the entire body of work for the jest franchise…. ROFL!

    You’ll find the bottom feeder of the AFC East. Easily a bottom 6 franchise and NO superbowls appearance since before recorded time.

    Sorry, but no rings/respect for backing into meaninless playoff games.

  69. Tebow will be starting by week 8….and maybe get the Jets to the playoffs….then Mannings Broncos will CRUSH them

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