Samuel could be shipped to Titans soon

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Amid rumblings and reports that the Titans are interested in Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel, the move could soon be coming to fruition.

Derrick Gunn of reports that Samuel could be traded to the Titans within the next few days.

Per Gunn, the Eagles would receive a conditional third-round pick.  Which could mean that the pick would come in the 2013 draft based on Samuel’s performance in 2012, since the only condition that would apply before the 2012 draft would relate to signing Samuel to a new contract.

Samuel has a $10.5 million cap number in 2012.  Per NFLPA records, Samuel is due to earn a base salary of $9.9 million.

The Eagles signed Samuel on the first day of free agency in 2008.  He previously played for the Patriots.  The arrival of Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in 2011 made Samuel a luxury that, as of 2012, the Eagles no longer can afford.

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  1. It’ll be sad to see him go. He was never really a leader per say, but he did some great things during his tenure with the dirty birds.

    Still think he should be a safety.

  2. The Eagles can definitely “afford” Samuel. It just doesn’t make sense to pay him that much when they have Asomugha and DRC. It would be a good move by the birds.

  3. Forget the draft pick, getting his cap number out of the way is the major bonus. Good luck Titans, hope you can deal with Asante’s lack of tackling.

  4. They can afford him. He just checked out last year after the trade talk and cannot play the press man coverage the Eagles would like to play more of. I think the trade will help both parties. When motivated, Samuel is the best interception cover guy in the league

  5. Actually its a luxury they can afford just don’t need Asante with Nnamdi and DRC, his funny attitude will be missed tho.. best of luck where ever you go Asante.

  6. I cant believe teams are dumb enough to fork out high draft picks to the Eagles.
    Must be some fine wining and dining by the Eagles officials.

  7. Asante for a 3rd pick??? No offense Eagles fans, but it sounds like you may be getting the raw end of a deal for once…

  8. I’d love the move but can’t see it happening unless he were to restructure his contract significantly

  9. wow only a conditional 3rd rd pick for next season. that’s not alot. think the eagles should hang on to him for that low of a price. was thinking a 3rd rder this year should be the minimum. the dude is a playmaker

  10. Unless you see Asante practice , you can’t see how important he is to the Eagles. I think they’re making a mistake trading him. He makes every practice count and makes everyone around him better. He challenges the wr’s, him in DJack go at eachother hard in practice making both of them better nd that competitive attitude rubs off on the rest of the team. He’s always helping the young bucks. This is a young team with a lot of young db’s nd hope they keep him around to help. Not only does he make other guys better but he’s playing very good. Teams didn’t even throw to his side of the field. Ppl see him as a playmaker but someone who gives up.big plays but he has really has been a complete shutdown corner .

  11. The major thing about him is that he cannot play man. It’s not like he won’t, he is just literally incapable. He can’t tackle either. The Eagles need to move on to have Nnamdi and DRC play to their strengths, man coverage on the outside. A third round pick is totally fair for a 31 year old corner making 9 million dollars that can’t play in the system and is holding back more talented player behind him. Great move if true.

  12. truthassassin says: Mar 28, 2012 10:46 PM

    Asante for a 3rd pick??? No offense Eagles fans, but it sounds like you may be getting the raw end of a deal for once…


    nah, it was a good deal. need that money for my man shady mccoy.

  13. I still like Samuel, but I guess I’ve been desensitized after talking about this for over a year. I actually think both DRC and Nnamdi were worse tackling last year. At least Samuel goes for the Roger Goodell launch.

  14. Last year he was one if the best corners in the league. He was in the top ten in completion percentage at 41% allowed and number 2 in qb rating only topped by Revis. They’re asking for a 3rd round pick for that kind of talent. Teams should be jumping on that. Itheres no way you can find talent like that in the 3rd round and can’t believe Tue Eags are giving him up. Big mistake.

  15. I feel like teams that trade picks for proven players (even if they’re on the downside of their careers) are getting the better deal. Most 3rd or 4th round picks just do not pan out that well. Make fun of Asante but he’s a fine CB that would start most teams, which is a lot more than you can say for the typical 3rd rounder.

  16. At the age of 31 he is still elite a third rounder is kinda a steal he still does a lot for a team ah man can’t remember the other 2 starting CB but both are great developers and the future is near it depends what Locker becomes but no a bad move if they go with it Samuel can help the other corners

  17. LOL… Titans, really? You want a CB with 70% burn rate as his stat line??? You could get a YOUNGER CB I’m the draft with that 3rd round pick for cheaper… And at least he’d have the chance to improve!!!

  18. Considering that the Titans made no effort to retain Cortland Finnegan and blew any chance to sign Mario Williams by chasing Peyton getting Kamerion Wimbley and Samuel is a pretty good Plan B.

  19. Asante is dope in zone coverage and reading QBs but his gambles dont always pay off. And the lack of tackling doesnt help. that being said, i love his swagger and humor, he’s one of my favorite players in the league and he will be missed in Philly for sure. Just makes sense to move him while we can still get something reasonable for him. Best of luck Asante. The main reason i wear #22 in sports.

  20. Samuel for a 3rd is a great deal for both teams . The Eagles get rid of his $9.5M cap hit , they can finally put DRC & Hanson into their natural spots and get a ( hopefully) decent pick up . While the Titans get a great and, experienced and funny leader while also getting one the true play-making CB’s in the league . I personally think Asante is worth a 2nd but im also a biased Eagles fan , either way its a great trade all around & i hope it happens ….Asomugha & DRC on the corners will be a force cause they’re both press corners and Samuel will be an upgrade over finnegan ( real fans know that) .

  21. Gonna be sad to see him go he did a lot of really good things for the eagles. And for those of you who say he gets burnt all the time. Heres a fun fact for you.. qbs last year had the second worst completion rating when throwing his way the only who did better was Revis.

  22. I don’t know what you idiots are smoking but Samuel is a BALLER! I question if you’re even a human if you can’t admit that. Dude is a possible future HOF right now with 2 Superbowl rings, NFL Playoff records, & multiple Pro Bowls. He makes one more pro bowl then he’s a lock into the HOF.

    I know smoking crack is bad but smoking ass crack has to be worse haters.

  23. Samuel is a “zone style” defensive back but its long over due that we man up with DRC and Asomugha.If we would have had these guys manning up from week #1 we may have been a playoff team last season.Having a new defensive coordinator in his first year on that side of the ball in a strike shortened season was a recipe for failure from the get go.With a full training camp this year for DC Juan Castillo and the acquisition of Demeco Ryans coming in to play MLB for the Birds I see us as a playoff team for sure.If Mike Vick has a solid year for us we can get some playoff wins this year

  24. Seriously stop talking this guy up! He makes plays but also gets burned alot, he’s above average but at this stage of his career he shouldn’t be going for more than a late 4th.

  25. People are so dumb. Once again LOOK AT THE NUMBERS. 22 is a top corner who no longer fits with the eagles system.

    IMO if the pick is not this year the eagles lose on this trade as far as value. Like I said before in another post though I think for my birds this has more to do with the McCoy contract that will announced the day after the trade as I believe it is already done.

    Also does this mean the eagles could look at corner in the first round considering drc ( whom I think will play very well when he plays on the outside as he did last year) is in the final year of his contract???? I would love to see dre kirkpatrick and his big self come play in Philly

  26. Asante is amazing, He knows the system better than anyone else, you wanna win now keep the guy who knows what to do and produces for you and dont start 2 guys starting their 2nd season in ur defense. Gunna be more lack of coverage for us Eagles. DRC was unproductive or hurt the entire season, theres a reason arizona was willing to give him up for Kolb

  27. It didn’t make sense to get 2 more outside corners last year but i shouldn’t be complainin i guess… just gunna be sad to see Asante Samuel go. He got paid and he still worked hard. Gotta respect that

    Thanks for your time in Philadelphia bro!

  28. He gets picks because he gambles and jump routes. As a cover guy,he is hardly a shutdown corner who offenses fear. Interceptions only mean,you’re being targeted with frequency,and during his Eagles tenure he was! A 3rd round pick is more than ample compensation for him at this stage of the game.

  29. For all you Eagles fans who think I’m crazy for thinking this is a bad deal for you (judging by the thumbs down on my prior comment), take a look at these stats from your last season… Asante Samuel is possibly the best corner you have, your team is not “young,” and you need to win NOW… Thus, I just don’t see this as a good deal for you guys… just being honest…

    Asante Samuel = 3
    Nnamdi Asomugha = 3
    DRC = 0

    Passes Deflected:
    Asante Samuel = 10
    Nnamdi Asomugha = 5
    DRC = 6

    Forced Fumbles:
    Asante Samuel = 1
    Nnamdi Asomugha = 0
    DRC = 0

  30. Good corners are hard to find. It’s a win win. Now let’s spend that money where we need it….plax and a safety.

  31. Pats have been back to a Super Bowl after getting rid of him.

    Maybe the Eagles can have the same luck.

  32. The Eagles may never win a Superbowl … but when it comes to separating teams from their draft picks in exchange for worthless players … they’re the champs.

    Hey Titans … give Arizona a call … maybe you can form a club … ‘NFL Chumps’.

  33. I agree the Eagles don’t need the three CBs. I just wonder why they made the deals to get them in the first place. At least there doing something about it now. Good move by the Titans. Finnigan was a bit of an a-hole so they should be able to deal with Samuel.

  34. The big plays were nice, but for some reason the two Asanate moments I will always remember:

    1) Congratulating Kurt Warner after an agonizing loss to the Cardinals in the NFL Title Game.

    2) Running away from Miles Austin’s blockers on a WR screen. The Cowboys would continue to call the play over and over and kill us with it. Always said Miles owed Asante part of that new contract.

    The freed-up cash should be direct-desposited into McCoy’s account – sign him NOW.

  35. To clarify – laughing and joking and back-slapping with Kurt Warner immediately after that loss. It crossed the line, IMO, from classy to questionable conduct.

  36. Raider Fan – the thinking here is that they got DRC so that they could deal Asante. That was always part of the equation.

    But then they found they couldn’t get as much as they thought, and the lockout made things difficult to begin with in terms of moving guys once the compressed off-season began.

    The minute we got DRC it was just a matter of time for Asante.

  37. I’m amazed how everyone is missing the point on this trade. Yes, Asante is a huge talent. Yes, he is a playmaker. There are two reasons this is going down…..1. He is UNHAPPY in Philly and “offended” by the trade talk…not a “team first” guy. 2. Why WAS there trade talk? HE DOESN’T FIT THE SYSTEM ANYMORE!!! Eagles have two of the top man/press corners in the league and were forced in to a lot of zone coverage last year when Asante was on the field. He doesn’t play man well….never has. Eagles want to go to a man coverage scheme and Asante just doesn’t fit the bill. He will be an asset to another team.

  38. @truth,
    The Eagles were the 6 youngest teams in football last year. How that equates to old? Please explain.

  39. Green Bleeder i have always been,Thank you Asante for you stay in Philly.Yes this move needs to be made.Asante refused to change positions,Eagles wanted him to press more or move into the slot.Asante knows that Tackling is not his strong point.He will fit in well with Tenn.and i wish him all the best.We now will have 2 of the best press corners in the league.DRC didn’t play well last year cause he was out of position,but proved his worth when Asante went down.With the Addition to Ryans and the draft(Fletcher Cox)This D will be dangerous now lets hope as Eagles fans that Vick and the rest stay healthy and i see 13 wins this coming season.Go EAGLES

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