Taking stock of the NFL’s rules changes for 2012


With more than a dozen rule and bylaw changes on the dockett as the NFL concluded its league meeting today, we had a flurry of reports about which rules were changed, which rules remains the same and which rules merit further discussion.

So if you want to take stock of the status of all the NFL’s 2012 rules change proposals, we’ve got them all listed right here.

Rules changes that passed included making overtime the same in the regular season as it is in the postseason, and expanding the defenseless player rule to protect defensive players on crackback blocks. The proposed rules changes that failed were giving the authority to determine replay reviews to the replay official in the booth, and modifying the horse-collar tackle rule to remove the exception for quarterbacks in the pocket.

In May, the owners will vote on the bylaw changes they tabled today, regarding the trade deadline and roster limits. For a full explanation, click here.

2 responses to “Taking stock of the NFL’s rules changes for 2012

  1. So the one rule that would have actually made game times shorter by getting rid of 5 minute replays every 15 minutes got denied? Makes a whole lot of sense.

  2. Why doesn’t the NFL take a look at college football and see how much better the replay system works. The NFL replay system is a joke! Only two challenges (and a third if you’re unfortunate to have the officials blow two calls) and no way to challenge in the last two minutes of a half? How about you can keep challenging until you get two wrong? I thought the goal of the replay system was to get it right. Use the replay in the booth like college does and fix the rule to make sense!

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