Torry Holt will retire as a member of the Rams

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We haven’t seen Torry Holt since he left the Patriots after suffering a knee injury during training camp in 2010, but word out of St. Louis is that he’s about to sign a contract with the Rams.

There won’t be any comeback attempt, however. Tony Softli of ESPN 101 Radio in St. Louis reports that Holt will sign a contract with the team so that he can announce his retirement as a member of the team he helped get to two Super Bowls. Per Softli, Holt will sign the deal and then retire the next day.

It’s a nice way for Holt to officially go out, even if the fact that he wasn’t already retired comes as something of a surprise. Holt was a beast for the Rams from 1999-2007, making the Pro Bowl seven times, the All-Pro team once and earning a spot on the second team of the All-Decade team for the 2000s. His numbers dropped off considerably in 2008 and he didn’t make much of an impact during his one year with the Jaguars in 2009.

Holt finished his playing career with 920 catches for 13,382 yards and 74 touchdowns. Those are impressive numbers, although probably not enough for Holt to make much of an argument for the Hall of Fame. He played during an era filled with gaudy receiving stats and, as Cris Carter and Andre Reed will tell you, wide receivers have a hard time getting the call to Canton.

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  1. I’ll say this, may or may not be Hall of Fame worthy, but he’s definitely closer than Hines Ward is.

  2. isn’t it supposed to be quality over quantity for the HOF? If so, he is more deserving than Hines Ward.

  3. Being a key member of the greatest show on turf and being an all round class act should see him in.

    If he doesn’t make an argument then Ward shouldn’t be anywhere near

  4. Forgot he was still in the league, but Holt was a thorn in my side for many years, which means I have nothing but respect for him. Congrats on a great career and enjoy chilling at a very young age!

  5. Torry was a beast back in the day.

    Side note: its crazy to think that hines ward had 80 more catches and 11 more touchdowns as torry when he played in a run first offense with guys like kordell stewart and tommy maddox throwing him the ball and torrey was part of the greatest show on turf.

  6. Capslockkey based on what? Certainly couldn’t be statistics or rings, Ward wins both those. Ward was also a great blocker, Holt not nearly as. Holt was a great player and I congratulate him on his career though, had some real spectacular years playing for the rams.

  7. I think the fact that so many people are speaking out against Ward for the HOF means he will eventually be enshrined. Go Steelers!

  8. I like that. The guy epitomized class and professionalism and always appreciated the fans.

    You know what’s sick is he was probably one or two 1000 yard seasons away from being regarded as a surefire Hall of Famer. His knees wouldn’t hold up.

    I remember in his prime he was as difficult to cover as Marvin Harrison. From 2000-07, he averaged 94 catches and 1385 yards per season.

    My favorite Ram and I miss him. Thanks for the memories, Torry.

  9. Stiller43 says:Mar 28, 2012 4:21 PM

    Torry was a beast back in the day.

    Side note: its crazy to think that hines ward had 80 more catches and 11 more touchdowns as torry when he played in a run first offense with guys like kordell stewart and tommy maddox throwing him the ball and torrey was part of the greatest show on turf.

    That’s because Ward had many years of mediocrity as opposed to a few years of stellar play.

  10. @capslockkey, what are you smoking? Holt has him beat by 99 career receiving yards, all other stats favor Hines. Not to mention Hines did it in a run-based offense, not the Greatest Show On Turf. Oh that’s right, Torry Holt had that rule named after him though. No wait…

  11. mendenhallfumblemachine said:

    couldn’t be statistics or rings, Ward wins both those.

    You’re kidding right? Ward’s statistics are terrible compared to Holts.

    -Holt has more than 1300 more yards than ward in 3 less years.
    -Holt averaged more than 20 yards/game more than Ward.
    -They both have 85 TDs, but again, Holt did that in 3 less years.

    Let’s take Ward’s best year 2002: 1329 yards.
    Holt had 5 years where he beat that.

  12. Hines Ward may not have the flash that Holt had, but Hines Ward was an all around FOOTBALL PLAYER. He had excellent hands and caught passes in traffic and took violent hits that Holt wouldn’t expose himself to. Ward also did another aspect at a very high and proficient level, and that was BLOCKING.
    I don’t put these words in CAPS to yell, I’m doing it to emphasize the importance of those points. Holt didn’t create the type of violent legal blocks that gave the extra yardage to Bettis, Willie Parker, etc.
    And the fact that he was able to flourish in a run heavy offense when he was early in his career says a lot. Holt was part of an aerial attack right from the start.

  13. “its crazy to think that hines ward had 80 more catches and 11 more touchdowns as torry when he played in a run first offense with guys like kordell stewart and tommy maddox throwing him the ball and torrey was part of the greatest show on turf.”

    Ahh, but the GSoT also had Bruce and Faulk to spread the load around, along with several supporting guys (Hakim, Proehl, etc). And later on, when the Rams had SJ39 as their “main” weapon, along with Holt.

    Also, this means I can unretire my Holt jersey. Good day 🙂

  14. One statistic Holt does beat Ward in is Pro Bowls (7 to 4) and First-Team All-Pros (1 to 0).

    Now I’ll never be one to defend the sham that is Pro Bowl voting, but there were years when Holt was the best at his position (when he led the league in rec yards in ’00 and ’03). Ward never reached that level.

  15. I’ll miss Torry Holt. My favorite memory of The Greatest Show on Turf is Holt and Az-Hakim running for a touchdown and no one was within 20 yards of them.

  16. @the Ward defenders

    Holt has more yards than Ward AND played 3 less years than him. 7 pro-bowls compared to Ward’s 4. Was a 1st team all-pro. Warn never sniffed the all-pro team. Twice Holt lead the league in receiving yardage. Ward, never came close once.

    Ward had a nice long career, but at no point during it was he ever considered one of the best receivers in the league. Holt on the other hand was in the discussion on an annual basis.

  17. Averages per season

    Hines Ward (14 Years)
    76.43 Catches
    863.07 Yards
    6.07 TDS

    Torry Holt (11 years)
    83.64 Catches
    1216.55 Yards
    6.73 TDS

  18. Holt is and was a class act. My hat is tipped to you Sir. Here is to a pretty good career! It was truly fun watching Holt play. Why is everybody playing either/or with he and Hines? Both are deserving in my humble opinion.

  19. Neither one belongs in the hall of fame. But I would take Ward over Holt because I have never seen a Football player shy away from contact like Holt and his career was way to short and he wasn’t productive in his last couple years.

  20. People making the comparisons, saying that Holt was a part of the GSOT as reason for him being so good are forgetting something. He only played with a real QB for 3 seasons. The day that Marc Bulger became the starter in STL was a dark day for this Rams fan. When Vermiel retired, the GSOT went on life support. When Bulger took over, it officially died. Holt did a lot of that work with a terrible QB.

    Enjoy retirement, Big Game 81.

  21. Classy player in an era where the “diva” WR’s got all the attention. On the day he re-signs with the Rams, he will be their best current receiver! Good luck Mr. Holt, but please get that finger fixed.

  22. I am damn glad that pro football writers vote for the HOF and not fans. Fans are the idiots who buy Tim Tebow jerseys and vote for the Pro Bowlers.

    With that said, both Holt and Ward are worthy of HOF consideration. Stats don’t mean that much to writers. Ward will get in in 6 or 7 years. Holt will be more like 10 years.

    Writers vote for football players and of the players who have retired this year, Ward is one of them.

  23. I cannot stand it when to built up someone they feel the need to tear someone else down. IMHO they both should be in.

  24. Big game Torry Holt. First NFL jersey I purchased. He was spectacular, probably the best route runner since Jerry Rice. Made some huge catches too, you will be missed.

  25. Don’t really get the misguided Ward slams up top. He’s a Hall of Famer, while Holt is not, simple as that. Not only did Hines do it with a decidedly rush heavy team, but he epitomized the complete receiver of this era, while Holt was never effective in his career without Isaac Bruce.

    Now, Bruce, he’s a shoe in in my opinion, even over Chris Carter, who is similar to Holt to me in what he was as a secondary receiver who played alongside a Hall of Famer on the other side of him during the primes of their careers.

  26. You know, as complete receivers go, the vertical pass was never a part of Hines’ arsenal. That wasn’t because he was playing on a running team, it was because he was an underneath possession receiver that wasn’t exceptionally gifted, a compliment to deep threats like Plaxico Burress.
    This is not a slam on Hines’. It’s a testament to his toughness, competiveness, clutchness and intelligence as a player that he was as productive as he was, and is even in the conversation as a HOFer.
    Holt started out second to Bruce but eventually passed him and became as feared a receiving threat, and as technically sound as anyone. What’s misguided is calling him a secondary receiver. He was Bulger’s go to guy pretty much from the start.

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