Bears believe in their current offensive linemen

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The Chicago Bears have struggled along the offensive line for the past couple of seasons.  But the powers-that-be remain committed to the current group of blockers.

Both coach Lovie Smith and G.M. Phil Emery said recently that they believe in the men under contract to open holes for running backs and to keep the various parts of quarterback Jay Cutler connected to his body.

I’m very encouraged,” Emery said regarding the team’s wall of blockers, according to Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times. “We have two young players at offensive tackle that are both very talented.  Both are big, physical players.  They’re the kind of players that you’re looking for.”

The Bears have done nothing to address the line in free agency.  On one hand, the salary cap limits a team’s ability to spend.  On the other hand, there has to be something that a team that has struggled so much in that area can do.

What the Bears will do is trust the guys they have, including former first-round picks Chris Williams and Gabe Carimi, and left tackle J’Marcus Webb, who gave up 12 sacks last season.

“There are some things you have to do to help him out a little bit more at times, which we plan to do,” Smith said, per Jensen.  “So you can make a case and throw out stats on what he did.”

You can, but not many Bears fans will be willing to do it.  Instead, Bears fans will hope, and perhaps pray, that the stated faith in the team’s offensive line is part of a broader plan to dupe other teams into thinking the Bears won’t be targeting guards and tackles in the draft.

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  1. Da Bears’ front office is absolutely dropping the ball by not upgrading their o-line thus far in the off season. It seems that everybody knows that the o-line is Da Bears achilles heel except Lovie Smith and Phil Emery. I’m just glad that Jason Campbell is a serviceable backup because Cutler is looking at another year of taking a beating!

  2. Obviously Lovie Smith nor Phil Emery could say this, but it’s not true that the Bears have done nothing in free agency to address the offensive line issues….

    They let go of Mike Martz!! Hello?? Am I the only one who sees this as a very significant move to immediately improve the offensive line??

    Mr. 7 step drop with no back-side protection…. Mr. “No audibles at the line of scrimmage”… enough said in my opinion.

    Way to go Bears for making a VERY good move in free agency to upgrade the whole offensive line!

  3. Look at the bears rushing stats last year. Look how many times hanker was sacked as opposed to cutler. The bears o-line was middle of the pack last year and will be better this year with carimi coming back.

  4. now that martz and his 18 step drops are gone the line will improve. that along with getting everybody back that was injured will help to. I guess the experts did not notice the improvement shown after martz was made to stop passing every play once again this past season and as with his first season once he was reigned in they went on a winning streak,this time 5 games untill Cutler got hurt and their season was over. bears fans won’t complain if they do upgrade but with a legit #1 reciever to go along with a balanced offense teams will no longer be able to put 8 men at the line to stop the run.

  5. The Bears need an offensive linemen left tackle. If they dont get a guy on the draft all bear fans are going to be hearing it from the announces

  6. pdennis is right. The switch from Martz to Tice, all the while keeping the same terminology, should be a big boost for the OL.

    Here’s the thing, though. I’m okay with 4 spots on the OL. Well, Garza is a bit of a question mark at C, but I can buy the idea that having a veteran in the middle makes some sense when the rest of the line is so young. I am fine with Carimi (or Webb) at RT. I am fine with Williams/Louis/Spencer/Edwin Williams as options inside, along with Garza. It’s not an elite group, but I’m fine with the options there and believe that cohesiveness should make the unit alright.

    The issue is LT and whether or not Webb (or Carimi) is the future there. Webb flashes ability, but then you see him get beat by the bull and speed rush at times. For the Bears, though, there’s very little they can do. It’s not as if FA offered superb options to target there. Sitting at 19, it’s quite debatable if a good, top LT option will be there.

    My guess is that they’ll hope that a Tice offense lessens the pass pro burden on the OT’s, target a DE early, and then add an OT for depth in the mid-rounds. There’s some rumors that the Bears are contemplating moving Chris Williams back outside, which I doubt.

  7. Yeah, I agree with each of you last two!! It was evident in the last two seasons that once Tice was given the controls along the line & with the blocking scheme, everything got better in a hurry!! The ball had to start coming out a bit earlier and there were no longer 5 reads but that’s what every team is trying to do offensively anyway, get the ball out earlier!! In this game you really have to have a scheme that suites your guys and Mike Martz was just trying to do what worked in St. Louis were be had like 3 Hall of Fame O-linemen!! Even then he kept the tightens in to block almost always which he did not do with the Bears, and that’s even fewer bodies staying home to protect!!

    I would like to see some linemen selected in the draft but this unit will do much better under Tice’s direction from start to finish!!

  8. Cool…. and Tom Cruise believes a galactic warrior named Xenu brought billions of people to earth, stuck them on volcanoes and blew them up with hydrogen bombs.

  9. Olin and the worthless TE Brandon M are in the picture. LOL.

    If JMarcus Webb is the answer please rephrase the question!

  10. I love how Bears fans are blaming all of the sacks on Mike Martz. Aside from Carimi, they have a bunch of guys who would struggle to make the Winnipeg Blue Bombers roster let alone an NFL team. Plus, Cutler’s Fouts-like drop backs are glacially slow, which is compounded by a deer-in-headlights lack of pocket awareness. Yeah, let’s blame Martz. Remember that when Nathan Enderle is your starter at QB by year’s end.

  11. Sounds like the team has a reverse-style bounty on their own QB….!

    Sean Payton is rolling in his bed!!!

  12. Improvements to Bears O-line in 2012:

    1. Carimi plays more than 1 game
    2. No Mike Martz sacrificing his QB with 7 step drops, no rolling pockets, etc.
    3. Webb, Williams and Louis enter their third year, so can finally play like they have been there before.

    Seems like they should be much improved without any free agents or even draft picks.

  13. I got it!!! Mike is off Friday Saturday and Sunday so this must be an early April fool’s joke.

  14. Translation:
    The Bears are drafting at least two new offensive linemen in their first three draft picks.

  15. Ryan Clady from Denver will be a free-agent next year so maybe Cutler, Marshall, and Bates can talk him into coming to Chicago. If not him maybe Jake Long.

  16. The Bears could use an Olineman in the draft, but I don’t feel it’s a top priority. DE, WR and CB imo are more of a pressing need for this team.

  17. Lets just put on the tape from the MNF game against Detroit. Cutler needed the oxygen tank because he was so exhausted from scrambling out of the pocket.

  18. Tice.. Despite his shortcomings as a head coach is a great O-line coach. Bears fans you guys are more then ok with the line you have. Coming from a vikes fan…it could be worse

  19. Bears believe in their current offensive linemen

    And I believe in the eradication of world hunger, that someday there will be no more war and that the world will be disease free.

    I think I have a better chance.

  20. Actually, knowledgeable bears fans know Williams and carimi missed a majority of the season and Martz did nothing to help the young Webb. We’ll be fine.

  21. *** Johnnycash19 ***

    That Detroit game was the turning point last season for the Bears! After that contest Lovie told Martz that his passing offense was getting the hook and turned the blocking scheme over to Mike Tice!! How did the sack numbers look for the next 5 games.?.?. Or for the rest of the season, aside from 2 bad outings they pulled it together nicely!!

    In the 2010 season, the same thing happened. Following the Giants game that knocked Cutler out for a week, EVERYTHING changed up front and almost every pass came out on the third step!!

    Now just imagine Mike Tice having the entire off season with these guys and not having to scrap all that they worked on thru camp in week 5!.!.! It’s all on tape and it’s blatantly obvious, night & day!! Heck, in both campaigns, this offense was moving the ball, scoring points and winning ball games even before the sacks were improved upon!! I’d say look out for the bears this year, gonna be some lob sided scoreboards!!

  22. *** andyreiddoublecheeseburgers ***

    So you think that Gabe Carimi is a good pro?.? Because he’s the one guy in this front five who has like almost nothing on tape as far as reg season games are concerned! Did you notice how the one free agent cast off from this squad was heavily looked at by a number of teams before being gobbled up last week (Frank Omyale).. The majority of this group are first round talents who are gonna do pretty good for themselves and they have two proven vets in Spencer & Garza..

    I’m not sure what you don’t like about Cutler’s drop, I wish he would plant & step into his throw more consistently like he did more when he was in Denver. Having Bates around should help out in that regard. “Deer in the headlights” would imply that he’s scared or intimidated in the pocket. I’m very happy with Cutler’s toughness and his willingness to stand in & take a hit for the sake of delivering a good ball!! I’m not sure why it’s soo hard for some people to see just how close that team is to putting it all together & making history.!.! Maybe folks aren’t watching the games but just the Sunday evening highlight reel.?.?

  23. Who will they blame now that Martz has been made the scapegoat? BTW Martz wanted to have blocking Tight Ends stay in and help the most unprofessional offensive Offensive Line in all of professional football. All the while fans and brainless sports commentators (I will not call them journalists) desired nonsensically to see pass catching ends.

    But an organization that doesn’t understand that football starts at the line of scrimmage with blocking and tackling doesn’t deserve to be successful. The only question is – Who will be the next scapegoat? aAnd finally – How long into the season will it take for this to happen?

  24. I would love to see stats of basic 5 man pass protection on 3 step, 5 step, and shotgun as compared to the rest of the league. This line fell apart about the time Williams and Carimi got hurt and were out for the season.

  25. As a Packers fan, it’s hard to feel any sympathy for the Bears. On second thought, it’s impossible.

    But I hope Jay Cutler gives his Hollywood starlet significant other a smooch goodbye before he goes out to play football. He might end up in the hospital with that “offensive” line and might be “out of action” for awhile.
    Either that or he’s going to have to learn to run like a gazelle.

  26. I know you guys are are enthusiastic this offseason but lets not forget that this is the same Mike Tice who announced the Randy ratio on national tv, leading the offense. 2.0 version with Marshall in 2012.

  27. at least the bears win a playoff game with their horrible line when they win the division title unlike a certain team from wisconsin mvp and all.

  28. The Bears got rid of who they needed to. Frank Omiyale was a weak link, and Mike Tice will make sure Cutler is protected, and they probably will draft a offensive lineman to fill the hole left by Omiyale. It should be better this year.

  29. By the way, even after losing Forte and the Bears were 9th in rushing last year. A great offensive line would also do better in pass protection, but let’s give them some credit.

    The guards are perfectly fine. Chris Williams should never be more than a swing tackle so he can backup every spot but center. Garza and Spencer can both be center or guard, and Lance Louis actually grades out good in pass protection and great in run blocking.

    Everyone agrees Carimi is a solid option at RT, but he may end up at LT if they don’t improve in free agency. Even if they draft another tackle they probably son’t be comfortable starting him on the blindside. Carimi moves over, Webb is eventually overtaken by the draftee on the R.

    The Bears line is fine. Address DE & CB, and get depth at WR & LB. I think they draft for value this year.

  30. The Bears line is going to be fine. The switch to Tice like many have mentioned is a MAJOR change. Not only with the 5-7 step drops with min. protection. The fact that they will FINALLY allow a highly intelligent QB call some audibles and get them out of bad situations will be a vast improvement to the production of the line.
    This comes from a fan that has felt our line was one of the weakest in football in the last 2-3 yrs. They finally are coming and the core are young and big again. Lance Louis has the potential to be a force too.
    If they feel great about a LT at 18 then sure grab him but we will be MUCH improved standing pat

  31. I think this draft is lining up for us to take a top 2-3 CB in round one and if that is the case at the expense of the o-line standing pat I’m still happy.

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