Bengals cheerleader arrested, accused of sex with high school student

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A member of the Bengals’ cheerleading squad who was until recently a Cincinnati-area high school teacher has been arrested and charged with having sex with one of her students.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Sarah Jones, a Ben-Gals cheerleader, was indicted for first-degree sexual abuse and unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual or other prohibited acts. Both are felonies that carry sentences of up to five years in prison. lists one of the team’s cheerleaders as a woman named Sarah J. who is a high school English teacher in addition to having been a member of the Ben-Gals for the last five years.

Sarah’s mother, Cheryl Jones, who is a principal at a different school in the Cincinnati area, was indicted on a charge of tampering with physical evidence in her daughter’s case. That is also a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. The Joneses released a statement from their attorney declaring their innocence.

“Sarah has maintained her innocence. The indictment of her mother is completely baseless,” the statement noted.

Sarah Jones has previously been in the news for suing, claiming that the website defamed her by publishing a claim that she had a sexually transmitted disease.

Compared to their cheerleading squad, the Bengals look like a bunch of choir boys.

123 responses to “Bengals cheerleader arrested, accused of sex with high school student

  1. It’s impossible to make this stuff up. The Bengals should be indicted under the RICO laws. They certainly qualify as a ‘criminal organization’.

  2. Man! How cool would that be to say you slept with the teacher who is also a Bengals cheerleader! That would be a story to tell for ages…hopefully they didn’t get the STD.

  3. Let the comments begin. (and the sensoring)
    None of my high school teachers looked like that.

  4. Man, kids get everything these days. Where were all these teachers when I was in high school? Lucky little bastards…

  5. Geez theese high school kids r lucky back in my day all the older guys got the high school girls now its the total opposite I see. O yea I forgot to say shame on her molesting that poor little boy. 😉

  6. Damn, even the cheerleaders are getting arrested! But, score one for the high school kid, lol.

  7. These are felony charges? Really? Do you honestly think that teenage boy is scared for life now? I rather have drug dealers serving prison time instead of this chick.

  8. I am not sure exactly what happened or how she induced a minor. And, she is surprisingly not that hot for an NFL cheerleader.

    But, I can’t imagine it would take too much to talk a high school kid into being interested in a teacher/cheerleader combo.

  9. She is smoking hot. Where the hell were the teachers like that when I was in school?? Life isnt fair.

  10. Just checked her out on Bengals site. What a lucky young man he is. I wish I had that kind of opportunity as a kid, but none of my teachers were hot in the fifties and sixties. Dude probably told his parents like so many of them do now. Who wouldn’t want this rare opportunity to have a memory that will last a lifetime, with a cheerleader no less. Damn.

  11. I think the most alarming part of this story is that a cheerleader in the NFL was in charge of a child’s education. I’ve seen the dance routines, they look like they are lucky if they know how to tie their shoes, let alone teach someone ENGLISH.

  12. Ms. Aldous, why couldn’t you be like this chick? I loved her, she was 24 with the tiniest waist and big chest, beautiful dirty blond hair, and just stunningly beautiful. All the seniors would swarm her everyday after school, it was hilarious.

    Anyway, good for that kid, jealous…

    I guess older guys that knew what they were doing just aren’t her thing, but as a society should we really throw her in jail? I know its a double standard, but that kid isn’t scarring he’s out showing all his buddies what he’s been up to with a huge smile on his face!

    Free Sarah Jones!

  13. Today’s kids have it easier than we did in my day.
    Back in my day we had to walk to school up hill… both ways. Now a days these kids are banging their hot, NFL Cheerleader teachers.

  14. Don’t these teachers know that High School boys will tell EVERYONE when they get some, especially if it is a hot teacher/NFL cheerleader?!!

  15. What always kills me about these stories is, why the hell can’t these guys keep their mouths shut?! Kid is probably never going to come close to that level again.

  16. With the trouble some players on my team get into, I can at least breathe a sigh of relief that this will never happen.

  17. This kind of thing has to be happening ALL THE TIME. These are just the ones who somehow let someone find out. The chicks that are always on the news with this stuff are always smoking hot. If I was in that situation in school and my parents found out, I would have disowned them for even thinking about telling anyone!

  18. This is absolutely outstanding. I don’t even know what else to say other than props to the kid lol.

    I don’t know how this came out, but I would bet it’s from the kid running his mouth. Should have kept quiet and he’d still be hitting it ha.

  19. hankstramjr says:Mar 29, 2012 5:08 PM

    Today’s kids have it easier than we did in my day.
    Back in my day we had to walk to school up hill… both ways.

    Was that through the snow too?

  20. I will admit if I was the boys father, I would say son, did you use protection, and if he says yes, I would say you made your old man proud, and cheer loudly my son had sex with a nfl cheerleader yeaaaaaaa

  21. Maybe he will sue her for the $11M she won from the lawsuit against

  22. Did everyone else who ignores links on this website IMMEDIATELY click on the cheerleader link to check her out?

  23. The Double Standard…

    Based on these comments this just shows what a double standard exists here.. If this were a guy we’d be talking about how sick he is.. With that said.. I agree with all the comments…. Way to go kid!! 😀

  24. Wow, this is what I call keeping up with the Jones. I don’t see what the big deal is. She was an English teacher. She was teaching this fine young man what the english meaning of the french phrase “voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir” means. Education comes in many forms.

  25. Not sure what the big deal is.

    Who among us didn’t hook up with an NFL cheerleader when we were in high school?

  26. She’s fugly…but guy code prohibits a man to turn down his high school teacher and NFL cheerleaders….so this kid, due to code, did the right thing.

  27. She moonlights as a Bengals scout, just checking out some high school talent, that’s all.
    Might explain the last ten years in Cincy.

  28. Did everyone else who ignores links on this website IMMEDIATELY click on the cheerleader link to check her out?
    Lol, yes! I logged in just to give this comment a thumbs up.

  29. the jokes are pretty funny and yes the cheerleader/teacher is hot. if i was the boy i wouldn’t think twice about the situation and would jump into that situation full speed ahead. i think its sad though that because its a beautiful woman and a young boy its joked about and its not a big deal but if the teacher was a man and the student was a teenage girl that guy would be blasted right now and the court would throw the book at him and i’d bet he’d get more than 5 years! just an observation.

  30. I hope they treat her the same way as they do to male sex offenders. If the allegations are true, she’s an animal. There’s absolutely no place in our society and school systems for this type of behavior.

  31. Ahh yes…the Queen City. Home of the former mayor of Cincinnatti, our own Jerry Springer! Makes me look like a choir boy.

  32. They just don’t get it! The lady in Mason is getting sent away for making 4 or 5 football players happy, and now this joke of an arrest.
    Boys are not negatively affected like some girls are. Wise up, lawmakers. I happen to know one of the Ben-gals and take offense at some of these remarks.

  33. There’s something in the tap water or cincy uses lead pipes or…

  34. obiyohnkanobi says:
    Mar 29, 2012 4:42 PM
    The Cincinnati Bang-gals

    Good one.
    Even though I am laughing, this lady is facing felonies. Man, is our politically correct world f’d up!

  35. Somebody should give that kid a medal. Seriously, lol. Getting the teacher, a cheerleader (AND in the NFL), a older woman, and a hot one at that.

    I’m sure the his classmates gave him a standing ovation when they found out.

  36. mad props to this very lucky young man.

    that being said, the trainwreck in the picture on thedirty barely looks like she could be related to the cheerleader from the bengals website…

  37. Most of my high school teachers would have been right at home pulling an oxcart in Bulgaria.

  38. In the good ol’ days, the kid would’ve fulfilled the fantasy of a lifetime, then kept his damn mouth shut and taken it to the grave…

  39. WHO SNITCHED LIKE THEM LIKE THEY SNITCHED ON THE SAINTS AND THE PATRIOTS!!!!!! People just cant keep there mouths shut LOL

  40. Ok fellows, I checked out the website … I am in total agreement with most of you. When I was in high school, my teachers did not look like that. That is truly one lucky kid. I put myself in that kid shoes and do not believe I would be scared for life. I believe I would have bragging rights for life. OH YEA

  41. ATTENTION!! This is BS!!! Let’s set the story straight.. she was the captain of the squad.. give the boy his due credit

  42. For all the people saying the kid should have kept his mouth shut, yes you’re probably right and yes that would’ve been the smartest decision, but you really can’t blame the kid. Just put yourself in his shoes. If you’re a high school kid who’s banging your English teacher who just happens to also be an NFL cheerleader, it’d be damn near impossible to keep your mouth closed. You HAVE to brag about that to somebody. I myself would shout it from the mountaintops. Lol

  43. Hahhaahhahahaahahhahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahhahahahahaahahahahaa SO awesome, way to go kid

  44. So how many people congratulating the kid would feel the same way if it was 24 year old male coach having sex with 16 year old girl? Seriously people.. I know what it’s like to be a 16 year old boy.. and know at that time I would have jumped at the chance.. and don’t blame the kid… but the principle should be the same and the standard should be the same regardless of the sex of the participants.

  45. It’s all down hill from here kid. (Unless you get a hot counselor to help you with your psychological issues from this encounter.) 🙂
    Keep your trap shut next time eh?

  46. “steeelfann says:
    Mar 29, 2012 4:52 PM
    Where do you start?


    really? REALLY? take a look at your QB dude…

  47. What’s sad is the majority of people on here saying stuff that puts this crime in a positive light. In Psychology we talk about the double standards with girls and boys, and this clearly shows how sad so many people are. If it’s a young boy having sex with an older women, then the boy is “Lucky” and a “stud” and so forth, but when it’s a girl having sex with an older man, then he is a criminal and she’s a victim and we should put him in prison for the rest of his life. Bottom line here people is that we have laws to protect us, our children, and provide a safe environment. This act is 100% wrong and is not something to be celebrated. She deserves to spend many many years behind bars, and the boy will already have a blemish on his life that will affect him for the rest of his days. It is truly sad, not only the attitude of people on here, but that this has happened.

  48. I agree with KingCrusher. Lets not forget that this was a serious crime and the young fellow is probably never going to be able to get passed this incident and it is likely eched in his mind forever. I wasn’t there and it is eched in mine.

  49. Beyond awesome.

    I remember the one time my school had a real world 5, teacher 8 sub for our class for one day. I didn’t pay attention to anything she said. If any of my teachers growing up tried to induce me into sexual conduct via any means, I’d have run to the police.

  50. You people are dead wrong. That 16 year old “boy” is scarred for life. Nothing again will ever live up to that piece of a$!

  51. Lets not forget that this was a serious crime and the young fellow is probably never going to be able to get passed this incident and it is likely eched in his mind forever. I wasn’t there and it is eched in mine.
    first things first. Even the Bengals Cheerleaders get arrested!!?? ok, bad joke i know.

    As for the comment someone wrote above, it’s a crime, true and she should lose her job because that’s illegal, unethical, among other things. As for the boy, i cant answer that question. from what i gather he’s a high schooler and if that’s the case, i wouldnt be shocked if this incident wont be a bad thing in his mind, should she go to jail, yes, it’s a crime, but i cant answer if the boy’s mind is scarred or not.

  52. Oh my… Now that’s Really Sex Education in the 1st degree! wish my teacher back in tha day had that hands on approach ! hahahaha

  53. Poor, poor victimized boy. I’ll tell ya, years of jail time is too good for this teacher/cheerleader. The punishment should fit the crime. She should be sentenced to have repeated sex with an ugly, old, smelly, fat mexican. Someone say, like me. Shudder…..I know, but I would do it. For the children of course.


    How do the male judges and prosecutors sleep at night knowing they would have given their left arm to “SCORE” back when they were young, geeky, nerdy pinheads!

    Now there is a double standard here…but for a man to get with a younger is just plain wrong, illegal and perverted! A man needs to be shot for doing that to a girl but a hot, NFL cheerleader needs to be given a gold medal! Ah, the humanity! How wrong…..BTW….I think my son may go bail her out!

  55. Oh my what a foxy chick. I wouldn’t consider having sex with her abusive at all.

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