Blank envisions 30 more years of Goodell as Commissioner

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The NFL hires Commissioners roughly as frequently as the Steelers hire coaches.  Actually, Commissioners come and go even more rarely than Pittsburgh coaches.

Since 1960, the NFL has had three:  Pete Rozelle for 29 years, Paul Tagliabue for 17, and Roger Goodell for six as of August, and counting.   With Goodell under contract through the end of the decade, Falcons owner Arthur Blank recently suggested that Goodell will have the job much longer than that.

Commenting on the bounty situation in New Orleans to, Blank said that the discipline meted out by Goodell will be one of the most significant decisions of his tenure.  “I think he’ll be the Commissioner for the next 30 years,” Blank said while prefacing a remark on the strength of the message Goodell is sending about bounties.

It may have been hyperbole from Blank.  Then again, maybe it wasn’t.  The owners are happy with Goodell, and he likely will have the job he aspired for decades to achieve as long as he wants it.

Plenty of fans like to grumble about Goodell, but there will be a subset of fans who always grumble about the Commissioner of the NFL.  Goodell enjoys significant support from the men who put him in the job, and while Goodell may not stay on the job until he’s 82, it’s hard to imagine him ever leaving it for some other position.

And if he makes it another 30 years, it will mean that babies born in the year he got the job will have, for the most part, entered the league and long since retired by the time Goodell is gone.

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  1. Oh please Arthur Blank, hopefully we’ll have 30 more years of Falcons irrelevancy.

  2. 30 is bit much. I appreciate that he wants to improve player safety, but I hope he doesn’t tinker much more. But thanks for hammering the Saints, they deserved it

  3. Can’t say I’m a fan of him, but you have to admit the NFL has never been this popular, or profitable for that matter.

    The competition/rules committee has as much to do with changing the sport for the worse (IMO) as Goodell does.

  4. It’s far more than a “subset” of fans that can’t stand that guy and his assault on the game. Tags never had anything close to the vocal opposition Goodell has cultivated in his short tenure.

    However, Goodell won’t be in the job for 30 years or anything close. The NFL will be spanked very hard by lawsuits, scandal, and over-extension long before then. I’ll bet the scandal part comes in the form of betting-related corruption at various levels of the league. Too much money involved for it not happen and i’m sure it’s already entrenched. Only a matter of time before it’s exposed.

  5. Good. Most who don’t like him believe in conspiracy theories or live in a tent that preaches career and life ending injuries don’t exist.

    I am glad that the Ginger Hammer is well respected by the owners. He has the stones Tagliabue did not have and his judgments and policies are good for the NFL, long term.

    I like Goodell and also hope he’s around for 30 years…

  6. The ones who always make the most noise about the commish are his detractors. The league revenue has continued to grow at a level that the owners seem to be enthralled with and the popularity of the sport has increased under his watch. He must be doing at least 2 things right.

    Long live the trans-Ginger commish.

  7. I like Goodell. He’s done a great job, and if you disagree, id like to hear a valid reason. But I don’t see him being around for 30 more years. It’ll be more like 15.

  8. There are 2 leaders in this country that are ruining 2 things I love. My Country & Football. If either have 30 years. My loves are in trouble.

  9. Goodell has done a great job. He is trying to make an extremely violent sport safer for the men that sacrifice their lives to entertain the rest of us. Obviously it’s a hard thing to do. Also, he just got a 10 year CBA. That is unheard of!! Tell me another profession that has ever had 10 years of labor peace?

    Keep up the good work Rog.

  10. he is good because punishing players for doing nothing wrong makes sense. thats it, yeah

  11. Please. Arthur Blank remove your lips from Goodell’s ass cheeks. First the whole “roger Goodell handled the saints thing SO perfectly” garbage and now this. What a royal kiss ass.

  12. I may be in the minority, and I will probably get a lot of thumbs down, but I like him as Commissioner. I don’t think many fans appreciate it, but the changes made to safety and the disciplinary actions taken under the code of conduct will help assure the leagues survival, and eminence in the American sports world for a long time to come.

  13. Goddell’s trying to make an extremely violent sport, safer?? Good for him, I love watching tag football, and the Pro Bowl game was “must see”. I’m gonna be saving thousands of dollars a season if this continues. Down with Goddell!!!

  14. Most popular and best league in pro sports due in part to the Commissioner. Hope he stays around for a bit.

  15. Haters gonna hate.

    It gives them something to do with their drab, wretched lives . . .

  16. Goodell is not just ownership’s lackey, he’s a bit dim and often contradicts his own previous statements.

    If Blank is right, there will be a 32 game schedule and player careers will top out at two seasons. Game quality and safety will suffer, but ownership profits will increase.

  17. 30 years……..haha…….excuse me while I wipe away the tears of laughter.

    The path Goodell has started down will ensure the NFL as we know it will not exist within 20 years. You can only alienate your traditional fanbase so much before they give up and move on.

    If Goodell wants to sustain the NFL by appealing to the casual fan, he is welcome to try. But you can only sell so many powder-pink jerseys to soccer moms. The league is overinflated, overexposed, and if an iota of this concussion talk is true, its leadership is about to be exposed for the greedy, crooked, lying hypocrites they are.

  18. All this assumes there will be football in 30 years. The game is making more money and that is what’s really important. All the Commissioner’s efforts and strategies are to support increased revenue.

    By making the game more palatable to a wider audience ensures continued financial growth. Does the game having more viewers make the game better? For me personally the answer is an emphatic NO! But I’m just one person.

    Is any of this really important? It used to be.

  19. It wont happen, most of the older owners will be dead in 10-15 yrs and the new owners wil replace him.

  20. If players are “too big” now, why not have weight limits by position but keep the same rules otherwise? I’d prefer we just go back to the way of the 90s, but I’d rather just cap lineman weight at 330 than witness GoodellBall

  21. Good. Most who don’t like him believe in conspiracy theories or live in a tent that preaches career and life ending injuries don’t exist.


    That statement is absolutely hilarious. HBO Real Sports did a segment in 2007 about concussions and your golden boy Roger and his owner cronies tried to claim there was no evidence that concussions led to any long term affects. Here’s the link. If you’re the ADD type then start watching at the 8:10 mark.

    Tell Jim Jones I said hello, Mr. Kool Aid drinker.

  22. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Jerrah, Midget Dan, and Sean Payton.

  23. 30 years?..i”ll be resigning from the nfl way before that,the refs stink,the players are throwin their hands up in the air on how to tackle(because apparently they are supposed to change direction in midair) and the league is getting watered down.Count me out if this cr@p continues.

  24. I don’t. Am I crazy or just too young? Does anybody remember a time when you hardly ever heard the commmissioners name come up in the news? Maybe only for extremely serious matters? Maybe the league has just become so troublesome in general that he needs to be more involved. I just remember Tagliabeau being commissioner and hardly hearing of him and all of the sudden, WHAM!!! Goodell is commissioner and we can’t go 3 days without hearing about him sticking his nose into something. Maybe that’s just the way it has to be now. But for some reason, I really have my doubts about that.

  25. New rules adopted by Roger Goodell and the Competition Committee for the 2042 season…QB’s will now only be permitted to be sacked by FEMALE defensive players weighing 130 lbs or less, and that sack shall consist of pulling a flag from the QB’s waist. Should any defender fall on top of a QB, or bring a QB to the ground, whether accidental or purposeful, she shall be suspended from the NFL without pay for the balance of the season.

  26. I can see that happening.

    The only question is whether the National Flag-football League will still be popular with the fans at that point.

  27. I’m sure Blank’s approval of Goodell’s handling of the Saints had absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that New Orleans is a division opponent…just like Mara was singing his praises after he docked the Cowboys and Redskins.

  28. Of course Arthur Blank is happy with Goodell and “his most significant decision” about the penalties on the Saints. Jerry Richardson and Malcolm Glazier are happy too. He weakened a powerful division rival. Why wouldn’t he be happy?

    John Mara, Steve Tish, and Jeffrey Lurie are ecstatic too. Not only did he weaken the Cowboys by taking away cap space, but he then gave it to the Giants and Eagles. And let’s not forget Dean Spanos, Pat Bowlan, and the Hunt Family are happy too.

    It’s all good until he comes after your team or your favorite rule or aspect of the game.

  29. Roger Goodell was hired to make money for the NFL. He’s done a phenomenal job at that. Keeping the star players on the field helps, that is his reasoning. Some folks wonder why he is so much more in the public with his decisions than previous commissioners. It’s called the Internet. That’s how you got here.

  30. umm..the nfl has been the most popular sport for going on 30 years now..that really doesnt have jack to do with goodell..dick chaney could be the commish and the NFL would still be the most popular sport..because of the game and the players that play it and the coaches that coach it..stop kissing goodell butt for stuff he really has NOTHING to do with, like the popularity of the game.

  31. I dont get all the Goodell love.
    Wait till he hits your team or player on your team with some arbitrary punishment, and then lets see how much you like Herr God-dell

  32. Goodell did not change 1 rule in the NFL without permission. Goodell did not suspend anyone without permission. Goodell could not wipe his backside without permission. He is merely the mouthpiece for the owners. Washington and Dallas pissed off the other owners, they did not pissoff Goodell. If Mother Teresa was the NFL commissioner the same penalties and rules would have been enacted or she would be fired. He is nothing but a high priced mouthpiece.

  33. Wait… What??? 30 years if this hypocrite?
    Have pitchers and catchers reported yet?
    Eff this toolbox and the whole “safer” NFL.

    I just might switch to following Curling.
    At least their rules stay consistent and they do not have a wishy washy axe wound for a commish.

    Plus, there is more legal contact

  34. Just wait until the upcoming concussion lawsuit and the nfl loses billions of dollars. the nfl as we know it will die in a courtroom

  35. bigashish81 says: Mar 29, 2012 9:55 PM

    Now we know how the Afghanis felt when Saddam got re-elected.
    What? Saddam was from Iraq. Am I missing something? I am not even sure Saddam was ever truly elected anyway. I think Goodell is awesome by the way.

  36. bigashish81 says:
    Mar 29, 2012 9:55 PM

    Now we know how the Afghanis felt when Saddam got re-elected.


    Saddam was the leader of Iraq you ignorant tool!

  37. If he treated every team the same and fairly I might be able to tolerate him more.

  38. outlawshark says:
    Mar 29, 2012 11:10 PM
    Roger Goodell was hired to make money for the NFL. He’s done a phenomenal job at that. Keeping the star players on the field helps, that is his reasoning. Some folks wonder why he is so much more in the public with his decisions than previous commissioners. It’s called the Internet. That’s how you got here.


    A 5 year old could make money for the NFL.

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