Chad Clifton, Donald Driver remain in Packers plans

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There’s been a lot of speculation about the futures of Packers tackle Chad Clifton and wide receiver Donald Driver this offseason, but coach Mike McCarthy said Wednesday that both veterans remain in the team’s plans.

Clifton is set to make $5.75 million in salary and bonuses this season, a big sum for a player who struggled with injuries in 2011 and had back surgery after the season ended. Word has been that he will be released while the Packers go with younger players at tackle, but McCarthy was adamant that Clifton can still have a place on the team.

“Definitely,” McCarthy said, via Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “There’s definitely a possibility. We haven’t taken him off (the roster), so he’s someone we’ll continue to talk about and get the reports. He’s down in Tennessee now, so we’ll see how he recovers.”

The Packers start their workouts on April 15th, so there’s not much urgency to make a decision now. Marshall Newhouse and Derek Sherrod are both on the roster already, giving them options in the event they decide Clifton can’t help the team. The team has also looked at free agent Demetrius Bell and there’s not much harm in having competition for the spot among several different players.

Same goes for the receiver spot. Driver has offered to take a pay cut from his $5 million salary, $2 million of which is due on the first day of training camp, but nothing has happened on that front because, again, there’s not much urgency to make a call until the Packers know exactly what they have in hand. Driver’s not as important to the passing game as he once was, but if the team feels he’s still better than other options for the fourth receiver spot then they’ll likely find a way to make it work.

8 responses to “Chad Clifton, Donald Driver remain in Packers plans

  1. It would be nice if Driver could get another Super Bowl ring. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  2. As good as Driver played in the playoffs, they need to consider the future. If we lose one of these upcoming receivers on the practice squad, its going to be a mistake.

    Don’t forget how driver played during the season. There were many games where you wondered if he even suited up. He’s not the driver of old.

  3. If you have the cap space, and a vet wants to return, and isn’t cost-prohibitive- why not? Leadership alone makes these decisions the right ones for the Pack.

  4. Driver’s work ethic is second to none. No matter how many passes he gets, having a former seventh rounder on your squad who became a star and still works like a walk-on is good for the young players to see. Packers have kept 3 FBs or 5 TEs in the past. They can keep 6 WRs this year. I’ll bet DD would even volunteer to play Special Teams. We need him for another year.

  5. Thats just classy of them and yeah everyone knows Driver is not the same as we was but when Nelson, Jennings, Finley and Jones are getting most of the grabs you can’t expect Driver to put up Big numbers but when he does a chance to make a play its almost guaranteed, as a Bucs fan i’m am very jealous of the talent Aaron gets to throw too, some many other QB’s would be much better with a group like that but that comes down to how good some FO are compared to say, the Browns, my Bucs (even thou I’m excited about what they have done this year), the Chargers, Dolphins, Raiders…

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