Dolphins checking out Ryan Tannehill, Brock Osweiler


The Dolphins missed out on Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn and didn’t trade up for Robert Griffin III, but that doesn’t mean they won’t add a quarterback beyond David Garrard this offseason.

Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland will attend Texas A&M’s Pro Day to check out Ryan Tannehill today, then will watch quarterback Brock Osweiler work out at Arizona State tomorrow, the Palm Beach Post reports.

Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman was Tannehill’s head coach at Texas A&M, and if Tannehill is still available at No. 8, it seems likely that Miami would take him.

Osweiler is nowhere near as well-regarded a prospect as Tannehill, but he could be an option for the Dolphins in the third round, where they have back-to-back picks at No. 72 (their own) and No. 73 (which they acquired in the Brandon Marshall trade).

17 responses to “Dolphins checking out Ryan Tannehill, Brock Osweiler

  1. “The Dolphins missed out on Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn and didn’t trade up for Robert Griffin III”

    You mean didn’t trade up for Robert Grifin YET.

  2. Neither of these two Qbs will be any more than 3rd string. Russel Wilson when given the chance will prove to be a beast!!

  3. Sadly, like his interview with Dez Bryant before the draft in 2010, GM Jeff Ireland will ask several questions…asking both Osweiler and Tannehill about their respective mothers being prostitutes!

  4. So the Dolphins “missed out” on Manning and Flynn, huh? Why, because people in the media like to make up stories? If the Dolphins lost out on Manning so did 28 other teams. (Pats, Packers, and Saints, I’m sure, weren’t looking to upgrade their QB’s) And if the Dolphins thought Flynn was worth the asking price, and an upgrade over Moore, he’d be a Dolphin.

    And not mortgaging the team’s future for one player is, IMO, the sign of a good GM. I love RGIII. I think he’s be no worse than Luck. However, a QB has to have a team around him and the Dolphins have a lot of holes. Moving up from 6th to 2nd cost too much, what would 8th to 2nd have cost the team? It was the smart and RIGHT (non) move by Ireland.

  5. Dolphins 1st round pick will NOT be a QB. Love Russell Wilson but he can be had at a later round. After Luck & RG111 I don’t believe there’s another QB worthy of the first round. Dolphins will go O-LINE. R Rieff from Iowa probably.

  6. Marshall dropped alot of passes last year, stupid penalties too. Not drinkin the Kool-Aid… Head case for a third rounder, I’d take all day. Pro Bowl last year was a joke!!

  7. Ireland just signed David Garrard, to compete with Matt Moore for starting QB. So why would Ireland pick a QB at #8 when that QB,who ever he is, wont be playing this yr. A QB taken in the top 10 draft pks is a franchise QB and would start the first yr like Luck or RG3. Ireland is going to pick a rush linebacker at #8. and there are several on their draft board. Dont see Ireland trading up or down. The Dolphins need top 10 talent. And Please,,, forget the Marshall trade, that guy was a cancer in the locker room and Joe Philpin got real tired of his act, real quick. Let him go drop TD passes in Chicago.

  8. Tannehill would be a major reach at #8. Only 2 qbs in this draft are ready to start on an NFL team, Luck & RG3. It would be very similar to what the Vikings did last year. If you pick in the top 10, you better come away with an impact starter, not a guy who needs time to develop. If I’m the Dolphins I see if Coples or Upshaw drop to 8, maybe Reiff, I’m also assuming Blackmon is already gone. If all those guys are taken, I try to trade down, hoping to get a mid 1st rounder & possibly another 2nd or 3rd, because you have so many holes you need to fill, thanks to Jeff Ireland’s poor drafting the last 4 years (qb, wr, te, rg, rt, de, cb, s). I guarantee Tannehill would still be there. I also love Osweiller, he has the tools to be one of the best qbs in this draft class down the road.

  9. Lmao at Russell Wilson being a beast if given the chance. You mean the guy who admitted he threw to spots because he couldn’t see his receivers that guy? Osweiler could be a good player but he is really really raw. Tannehill will be a very very good quarterback but he needs to sit for at least a year maybe two. I like Tannehill but I wouldn’t trade up for him.

  10. You dont waste a top 10 Pick on a Right Side OLineman (unless you have a Lefty QB)! Reiff is a solid pick and can play RT for a team that needs him. Fins take the highest talent at #8. Fins take Ingram if he is there or Coples. Tannehill is a reach. Cousins is also there for 2ndRd. Trade back to ad picks, yes! Trade Up… I switch to being a Giants Fan ( just kidding been a Fins fans since 1970, but its been tough the past decade).

  11. Considering the premium placed on franchise QBs in the NFL today, if the ‘Phins think Tannehill can be such a player, I’d rather see them draft him and have him sit for a year than face another offseason of fans whining about QBs they think the FO should have signed in FA, but didn’t.

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