Lions interest in Asante Samuel may have been greatly exaggerated

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On Thursday afternoon, we shared a report from Mike O’Hara of indicating the Lions were interested in trading for Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel.

It’s a bit later Thursday afternoon and O’Hara has filed another report on the Lions and Samuel. This one brings the exact opposite news, with a source telling O’Hara that there’s “not a chance” the Lions make a deal for Samuel. While cornerback remains a spot of need for Detroit, they are apparently not interested in making another run at a player they almost landed in a trade last year.

Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network is hearing the same thing, which either means the Lions really aren’t interested in making a deal or that they are trying to get the asking price down from the third-round draft pick that the Eagles are reportedly looking for as compensation. Both make sense, although the former might be a bigger factor given the size of Samuel’s cap number and the Lions’ relatively tight situation with the cap.

La Canfora does confirm Tennessee’s interest in trading for Samuel, although he cautions that nothing is imminent. That sounds like a good place to leave things for a player who has been on the trading block for the better part of a year without anything taking him out of Philadelphia.

11 responses to “Lions interest in Asante Samuel may have been greatly exaggerated

  1. Amazing … a team not willing to give up picks for the Eagles garbage. Oh well … there’s always Arizona.

  2. A has been is on the market for a pick with the draft coming up Philly do you think the league is crazy.
    Wait on the draft and get better value.

  3. Jennifer, do you know anything about sports? Or do you just try to put a three sentence idiotic comment in whenever you have a chance too? Obviously there is a market for him b/c teams are inquiring about his availability. If a team trades with Philadelphia its because they want too. DRC didn’t make the probowl either now did he..

  4. A 31 year old CB who never tackled and can’t play man. I never understood the reasoning behind the lions making a run at Samuel. Glad to hear it isn’t really happening.

  5. He’s not the guy for your defense if you’re looking for a great tackler. If you’re looking for a CB who can make more than his fair share of interceptions, he can definitely make an impact.

  6. So according to Mike O’Hara, the Lions are very interested in Assante Samuel, and there is “not a chance” that the Lions want Assante Samuel.

    Solid job of reporting, wouldn’t you say?

    Great people you’ve got there, Fox.

  7. It’d have to take a heck of a deal for Mayhew to pull the trigger on this deal.

    Remember Mayhew isn’t stupid when it comes to trading. This is the guy that got a 1st, 3rd and 4th (I believe) for Roy Williams.

  8. So whether the Lions sign Asante Samuel or passon him, Michael O’Hara was out in front with a bold prediction that proved to be correct!

    Last we heard on this, Mayhew had no intention of paying the inflated salary Samuel was demanding. The Mayhew style seems to be to offer someone like this a 1 year deal, with the idea of a major contract the following year if the player walks the talk.

    I prefer this over the Millen style – look for ways to overpay for failure, and then blame everyone else.

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