Lions remain interested in Asante Samuel

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Although Tennessee appears to be the most likely landing spot for cornerback Asante Samuel, the Lions are also interested in acquiring Samuel in a trade with the Eagles.

Mike O’Hara of reports that the Lions’ interest in Samuel continues. Detroit attempted to trade for Samuel last year, but a deal couldn’t be reached. Cornerback remains a position of need for the Lions, who lost Eric Wright in free agency.

For the Lions, a potential stumbling block is whether Samuel is willing to take a pay cut. Detroit doesn’t have a lot of cap space, and Samuel’s base salary of $9.9 million is not something the Lions would likely be willing to pay.

The Eagles are reportedly seeking a third-round pick for Samuel, although they may be willing to accept a 2013 third-rounder that would be conditioned on Samuel meeting certain playing time benchmarks.

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  1. I’ll believe it when I see it that samuel is a Titan. No way we give up a 3rd and/or pay him his 9 million dollar salary. It would have to be an rock bottom deal and by that point, I’d imagine another team would be willing to part with more

  2. A third rounder next year would be acceptable. That’s what the Eagles are proposing to the Titans. I say the Lions swap Avril for Samuel. One headache for a smaller one.

  3. tigers182 says:
    Mar 29, 2012 1:30 PM
    Why would anyone pay a 3rd, even condition 3rd, round pick for 31 yer old CB?

    How about because he’s a pro-bowl caliber cornerback? he’s 31 but plays cornerback and doesn’t run the the ball 25-30 times a game. he barely gets hit in a game. you watch to much espn or don’t understand football.

  4. There is not way I would EVER consider giving up a 3rd round pick for an above average corner that costs 9 million per year.

    Maybe a 5th or 6th round pick

  5. Like I said in the Titans article… why waste a draft pick on a guy this old that has “70% burn rate” as his state line?

    You can grab a decent CB in the draft with that SAME pick for much less money, much MORE upside… and the SAME stat-line, or better!

    Good luck to whichever team gets him. You can be sure, if he plays Romo… He’s gon’ hit him hard in the ribs…

    Oh wait.

  6. these are last season’s stats……

    Asante Samuel = 3
    Nnamdi Asomugha = 3
    DRC = 0

    Passes Deflected:
    Asante Samuel = 10
    Nnamdi Asomugha = 5
    DRC = 6

    Forced Fumbles:
    Asante Samuel = 1
    Nnamdi Asomugha = 0
    DRC = 0

  7. staff2cj4td says:Mar 29, 2012 1:49 PM

    these are last season’s stats……

    Keep in mind that DRC wasn’t a starter last year as he was only the 3rd highest paid CB on the roster so he was easiest to delegate to a nickle role. Samuels would’ve been as big a distraction as Desean if he would’ve been demoted.

    Hopefully someone will clue Castillo in that he has 2 great man to man corners and stop playing so much zone on the back end. The only CB who excels in that is the one the Eagles are shipping out.

  8. Lets hang out in the NFC East a bit here.

    Two seasons ago, Terrance Newman was a pro-bowl player. At the time he was 31 years old. How did he fare last year?

    The same fate will happen to Samuel, when he hits 32-33 age and falls off. Any team giving up more than a 5th round pick is brain dead.

  9. tigers182 says:Mar 29, 2012 1:30 PM

    Why would anyone pay a 3rd, even condition 3rd, round pick for 31 yer old CB?

    I found myself asking the same thing about an old WR last year, and then the Vikings released Moss a month later.

  10. I’m not sure how the Eagles can expect a 3rd when they only had to give up a 4th for Ryans (AND take on his contract, good grief). But when teams keep buying what they’re selling, despite it never working out for the other trade partner, I guess they’ll keep doing it.

    NFL teams need to learn the same lesson that MLB teams learned when trading with the Atlanta Braves. If they are trying to trade you a top-rated prospect, there is definitely something wrong with him that nobody else knows about. When the Braves are on the other end of the line, hang up. The same is true regarding the Eagles.

  11. The Lions can’t make this work. I mean, it’s possible, but you’d have to do some pretty dumb things to get there — like trade/cut someone you just signed.

    They barely have enough to sign their upcoming draft picks.

  12. The Eagles are geniuses!!!
    They get PFT to create a war for Asante….
    Tennessee, Detroit……anyone else wanna compete for him?

  13. Check your facts you morons. Those who think he is only a decent CB need to look up his stats. Last year he had a down year but still put up 3 Int’s while his playing time was reduced. In 2010 he was rated the best corner in football. He had the highest CB success rate in the league and the lowest yards per pass. He also had 7 int’s and 14 pass deflections in 11 games that year. You should feel lucky that he is 31 because if he was any younger, the Eagles would be getting a 1st round pick from your stupid team. I hope the Eagles end up getting a 2nd round pick just because of the stupid comments I have to read here by people that don’t know football.

  14. so i keep seeing why would any1 give up a 3rd round for a 31 yr old cb. maybe because he still produces. maybe because even if he isnt as good as he used to be he is still better then any cb on the lions or titans roster. its not like a 3rd round pick gaurentees u a star its hit or miss in the 3rd round. really andy ried is the only person who starts a 3rd round rookie.

    and then people keep saying why would any1 want a 9.9 mil contract.. read back a couple of days he is willing to restructure so he can be traded.

  15. Its actually really simple.
    Detroit trades Corey Williams(5Mil) and Alphonso Smith(1.5) to the Birds for Asante Samuel who agrees to play for 7.5 Mil this year and 8.5 Mil next year. That means Asante will only cost 1 million more against Detroits Cap this year. Pretty simple to all those who think it is impossible. Throw in a conditional pick next year and its a done deal.

  16. Samuel is a one trick pony….he is a good zone defender that guesses on routes. Sometimes his guesses lead to turnovers but often they lead to big plays for the opposing offense. He also is below average against the run. He is a “me” guy and not a good leader or example for younger players.

    The Eagles have been trying to unload him and his over sized contract for two years. If the Titans and/or Lions have any sense, they’ll just wait until May when the Eagles cut him.

  17. Samuel has never been in the same class as Bailey, so it doesn’t matter. There was about 7-8 years where nobody was close to Bailey, the same can not be said of Samuel. Bailey (33) played solidly last year, but nowhere near where he was 3 years ago.

    CBs hit the cliff at 32/33, and for most it is steep.

  18. For anyone who says Asante is only an “above average” corner why don’t you actually see what he’s done . Last year he gave up only 29 catches & 2 TD’s . QB’s had a 52.4 rating when throwing against Samuel (2nd best in NFL , behind Revis) and had 3 INT’s in a “down” year . He is still an elite CB , and Eagles fans know what he brings to the practice field every day . If a team manages to get Asante for a 3rd , they’ll be getting a great CB and imo , a steal .

  19. For anyone who says Asante is only an “above average” corner why don’t you actually see what he’s done . Last year he gave up only 29 catches & 2 TD’s . QB’s had a 52.4 rating when throwing against Samuel (2nd best in NFL , behind Revis) and had 3 INT’s in a “down” year . He is still an elite CB , and Eagles fans know what he brings to the practice field every day . If a team manages to get Asante for a 3rd , they’ll be getting a great CB and imo (which stats support) a steal .

  20. Do you people even watch the NFL??

    asante may not hit because he is 170 lbs,, but he is one of the best corners in the game. top 5 year in and year out..

    I really dont know what you are watching,, but to those who know the game,, seeing a player like that get traded for a 3rd rounder is ridiculous.

    Especially when you see how andy squanders his draft picks..

  21. Asante will have less of a fighting chance against Andre Johnson than did Finnegan. 😦

  22. eaglescantwin- Nobody who knows football thinks Asante sucks. The problem is he is 31 years old and makes 9 million dollars a year. At or around that age players begin to regress, it is unavoidable. The reason the Eagles want to trade him is the same reason why teams have concerns over him. Why don’t they just trade DRC if Asante and Nnamdi have already established themselves as the starters?

  23. Asante may not want to take a pay cut, but what choice does he really have? If the Eagles can’t trade him, they’ll just release him and then he’ll be playing for close to the Vet minimum. So its much better for him to cooperate and make a little less rather than a lot less.

  24. It’s hilarious all you Eagle fans are saying how he’s worth a third, but not one of you wants to keep him. Hmm. Not to mention all the “Asante stinks” websites and the mere fact he was one of the worst corners in the league last year. He’s already admitted he lost a giant step and is willing to take a paycut for it. Who was the last 31+ year old, non-QB to be traded for at least a third? Not many because few players play into their 30’s.

  25. Third round pick is extremely fair for Asante. It’s true that he shies from tackling but one of the good things about that is that because he doesn’t tackle he also doesn’t get injured. Any team that wants to get Asante just needs to be realistic with their expectations: he can play zone REALLY well, he has good instincts and makes plays at important times. I would actually miss him because he talks a lot but he really seems like a good teammate and a good guy.

  26. As a lions fan, I would love to have him on our team. HOWEVER, not for that price tag that is just way too much. In a draft deep in corners we can land a starter for much much cheaper. If we do however land Asante at a cheaper price, it will allow us to draft OL first and second round which is what we really need. My 2.

  27. His better days are behind him. He cant tackle, n lost more than a step. Who would trade a pick and pay a 31 yr old corner pending 9million? Teams will be smart to let time pass, wait till Eagles cut him and then sign him, is what will happen.

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