McNabb says Robert Griffin III doesn’t fit with Shanahans’ offense


Donovan McNabb was a failure playing for Mike Shanahan and Kyle Shanahan in Washington, and McNabb thinks Robert Griffin III will be a failure in the Shanahans’ offense, too. But that won’t be Griffin’s fault.

Asked on ESPN First Take if Griffin is a good fit with the offense the Shanahans run in Washington, McNabb answered, “No.”

McNabb, who was benched in his only season playing for the Redskins, said that if the Redskins, as expected, take Griffin with the second overall pick in the NFL draft, the father-and-son Shanahan combination will try to force Griffin into their own offensive system, rather than modifying their offense to capitalize on Griffin’s strengths.

“A lot of times ego gets too involved when it comes to being in Washington,” McNabb said.

Where ego comes into play, McNabb said, is that the Shanahans think a quarterback has to fit himself into their offense — the same offense that Kyle Shanahan ran when he was the Houston Texans’ offensive coordinator — rather than tailoring their offense to accentuate the quarterback’s strengths.

“Here’s a guy coming out who’s very talented, mobile, strong arm, we’ve already heard he’s intelligent, football mind,” McNabb said of Griffin. “Are you going to cater the offense around his talent, and what he’s able to do, or are you going to bring the Houston offense with Matt Schaub over to him and have him kind of be embedded in that?”

McNabb then took a shot at both Mike Shanahan and the other quarterbacks who have played for them, saying that Shanahan hasn’t had success with a quarterback since John Elway in the 1990s.

“We talk so much about Mike Shanahan and the things he was able to do in Denver,” McNabb said. “Well, I have a couple of names for you that Mike Shanahan — quarterbacks he’s coached — and the lack of success that he’s had.”

At that point, McNabb ran down the last decade of quarterbacks Shanahan has coached (although McNabb curiously excluded himself from the list) and proceeded to suggest that the win-loss record proves Shanahan had failed with all of them.

“We had John Beck, who was 0-4,” McNabb said. “Rex Grossman: 6-11. Jay Cutler, who was his prize possession: 17-20. Jake Plummer, a guy who had success, led them to the AFC Championship against Pittsburgh, as we know, and then benched him the next year, because he wouldn’t do what he wanted him to do. Brian Griese, who was supposed to be the heir apparent to John Elway, hasn’t had a lot of success.”

McNabb then suggested that if Shanahan can’t make the offense work with Griffin, Shanahan could be fired at the end of the season.

“I don’t think it’s a good fit,” McNabb said. “If this doesn’t work this year, if we don’t see a splash like a Cam Newton splash, this could be it. . . . How long does he have with RG3? The seat is hot right now.”

McNabb compared his own talents to Griffin’s talents, and McNabb indicated that Shanahan doesn’t know how to use a quarterback with those talents.

“I was misused,” McNabb said. “Absolutely, I was misused.”

And McNabb thinks Griffin will be misused, too.

181 responses to “McNabb says Robert Griffin III doesn’t fit with Shanahans’ offense

  1. McNabb I guess you did fit Philly Wash or a rookie QB in Minn. I don’t think it’s much to ask your QB not to short hop balls to the WR. I’m sure you should be better with your new team. Ohhhhh that’s right no one wants you!

  2. There is always adjusting to the scheme by both the players and the coaching staff whenever a new regime is installed. Both sides have the duty to do what is best for the team, and neither side did that while McNabb was in Washington. The results showed that it didn’t work, and it’s both McNabb’s and Shanahan’s fault.

  3. McNabb is a crybaby loser who doesn’t have 1/10th the talent of RG3. This is all sour grapes. Go find a team that wants you. Oh wait, you tried and failed because NOBODY wants your washed-up self. That guy is laughable.

  4. McNabb is a bitter, bitter man right now.

    First he said that Peyton Manning wouldn’t be a good fit with the Shanahan’s. Now it’s RGIII.

    I’d love to hear someone ask McNabb what QB would be a good fit in Washington. I’m guessing that would show that he’s just bitter and not being impartial.

    For instance, did anyone ask McNabb about Ponder in Minnesota and how he was used there last season?

  5. wow. I think I would be a better judge of what works in Shanny’s offense than McNabb.

  6. Talk about your sour Grapes… I guess the Vikings misused you as well McNabb. You are such a whiner, why don’ t you take your well deserved year off and study the new overtime rules, just in case.

  7. Man I used to be a fan of McNabb, and felt sorry for him when they brought T.O. to Philly.

    I’m really sad I ever felt that away because I can see now that he is a colossal D-Bag.

  8. Yea, because McNabb has no axe to grind with Shanahans.

    McNabb’s comments about anything Skins related is as valuable as what he thinks about high gas prices.

  9. McNabb’s failure in Washington had two causes imo. 1) The team sucked, but maybe even more importantly, 2) I don’t think Donovan wanted to TRULY work hard enough to relearn a whole scheme after he had been so entrenched and successful in the Eagles scheme.

    I can understand that, frankly. It’s gotta be hard to do. Peyton isn’t even gonna have to do it cuz he is bringing HIS offense with him. (though I think he would put in the study and training if he had to becasue he has a HIUGE fire within him to work hard and continue, plus he was cut and signed with his team of choice, not traded to a team he despised as a rival for 12 seasons…)

    Point is, Griffin has a clean NFL slate and youthful drive, Donovan. You were my favorite player, and always will be one of my all-time favorites, but I couldn’t have played/tried hard for the skins either if I was the Eagles Qb, I don’t think.

  10. I don’t completely diagree with Mcnabb’s opinion of Shannahan. In my opinion, Shannahan hasn’t proven much in his entire career. One of McNabb’s arguments against RG3 in Shannahan’s offense, was that RG3 is a pocket passer and the coach will want to roll him out. Its my understanding that roll-outs or bootlegs allow for the quarterback, with athletic talent, to get outside the pocket, away from the defensive pressure and make more one on one plays. Too me, the bootleg passes would help RG3 come from the spread offense, into a more NFL effective offense.

  11. The big differences are that McNabb was used up already, he didn’t cost much, was not considered a franchise QB anymore, didn’t like being told what to do, and last but far from least was outperformed by Grossman.

    They WILL taylor the offense to the franchise QB they just paid out the butt for. Wether it’s luck or Griffin. Oh and the WRs are much better now.

    Also they’re not relying on used up RBs. Helu will be very good this year.

  12. Although I almost never agree with McNabb, I think he has a valid point. If you don’t fit your offense around someone, especially a young quarterback, he might never reach the potential you won’t him to have. Look at Cam Newton, they fit their offense around him and he has one of the best season of a rookie quarterback ever after there were several questions about whether he could run an NFL offense.

  13. I used to think that McNabb didn’t deserve all of the negative criticism he received during his career. I don’t think that way anymore.

  14. “rather than tailoring their offense to accentuate the quarterback’s strengths.”

    Until the day comes when ground hogs are used at WR; I dont think anyone can tailor around your strength at skipping the ball along the ground or throwing at the WR’s feet McNabb. What’s sad is a Ground hog would know the plays better than McNabb.

  15. I’m sorry but McNabb is an absolute fool if he thinks RG3 isn’t a perfect fit.

    RG3 is literally a perfect fit in the Redskins offense due to his mobility, play action ability, ability to throw on the run, accurate arm.

    RG3 fits every system. Mcnabb lost his mobility and never had accuracy when he was coaching under Shanahan so it was doomed from the getgo. He shouldn’t let his failure convince him that Shanahan doesn’t have it.

    As to the list of QBs he rattled off, Shanahan got fired when he was in the middle of a rebuilding mode. Cutler and Marshall were about to the foundation of his team for years and then he got fired after a 7-9 season before they could both develop more. I dont hold that against Shanahan, its just the natural progression of chemistry and talent. He’s an excellent coach and its not just because of John Elway.

  16. 100 years ago, McNabb was the 2nd overall pick in the draft. Happy trails Donny.

  17. tjacks7 says:
    Mar 29, 2012 11:06 AM
    haha egomaniac, I noticed he conveniently forgot how horrific he’s been since he got the boot from Philly.

    Agree. How classic was Reid just dealing away McNabb to a division rival because he already knew he was done?!

  18. This is the reason why so many people don’t like McNabb. His arrogance is amusing to watch now. I’m glad that no team picked him up after he was cut last year.

    I’m not a Skins fan at all and what they traded for RGIII was pretty steep but this guy is going to be a star…. in any offense.

  19. How would McNabb know that RGIII isn’t a fit for the Washington offense? This is the same guy who refused to wear a wristband his coach requested he wear because he didn’t know the offense.

  20. Also, why can’t Mcnabb admit that the reason he wasn’t good in Shannahan’s offense, was because he couldn’t be more accurrate of a passer. Maybe he should have spent less time pumping iron, like a body builder, and more time refining his craft.

  21. “misused”? How do you properly use a QB who fires the ball into the dirt 3 yards in front of his receivers? Or throws it as hard as he can for a 4 yard pass on a 2 pt conversion?

    McNabb have anything to say about Frasier in Minnesota? I suppose his failure there was not his fault either.

    McNabb is washed up. Apparently he’s been “misused” for the past 5 or so years.

    And RG3’s talents project way over McNabb’s talents.

  22. And I don’t think McNabb ended up as a player with a HOF career, even if only the philly years were considered… but man, IF he had a shot in the world for it, he has ruined it with bitter comments and poor play lately.

  23. Yeah, because any good coach should be able to win super bowls with John Beck and Rex Grossman.

  24. The fact he memorized the stats of Shannahan’s previous QB’s tells you all you need to know.

  25. Your right McNubb, RG3 wont fit in the Skins offense or the Vikings offense and if you had a chance in the Bears offense. He just wouldnt cut it i guess. thanks for letting us know, how well Fatty Reid hid your lack of skills in Philly. People have talked about it for years and instead of people realizing it they tried to say that it was racial. turns out it wasnt, turns out you just arent that good at your position. Cause if you were you would still be in Philly.

  26. why are they asking McNabb… he still hasn’t figured out Shanahans offense. So how would he know if RGIII can fit into it or not?

  27. yeah and all the worms with burn marks on there back from last year would agree with donovan….

  28. The shannahans didn’t use your talents? Well you could no longer run, you threw the ball in the dirt 60% of the time, and you couldn’t grasp the offense. Seems to me like you were the issue Donovan, not that you proved everyone wrong in Minnesota!

    RG3 or Luck will be fine in whatever system they enter, because unlike McNabb they’ve shown they have half a brain.

  29. I totally agree with McNabb..Shanahan’s ONLY success was with John Elway. I am a long time Denver fan, and I have been screaming this about Shanny forever! He needs to stop dragging his snot nosed son around with him, Kyle just isn’t good. Shanahan is absolutely overrated, & his only success was Elway, which he didn’t totally create.

  30. McNabb is the last person who should be talking about success. He played for years in Philly and couldn’t get the job done. Sour Grapes.

  31. Say what you want about McNabb – but Shanahan is TOTALLY OVERRATED….

    He will not last much longer in Washington and I think that Shanahan points the finger at others just as much as McNabb did just now.

  32. Wouldn’t McNabb have actually have to know the offense for him to have an opinion? It was clear in his time in Washington that he did not put forth the effort to learn the offense. Same issue regarding his time in Minnesota.

  33. Take your ball and your whiny attitude and go home Donny. No one wants to hear from you anymore. Go tell your dog how great you still are and how you were misused, and let RG3’s future unfold without your expert opinion.

  34. Mcflab maybe you can be qb on T.O’s team because noone in the NFL wants you. Come to think of it no one wants to hear from you either.

  35. Lets see what does not fit. The Redskins have won Superbowls, Shanahan has won Superbowls. What about you McNabb?

  36. Look at the QBs. Lol he talks like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Peyton Manning were on that list. Its not like those guys went on to be prolific QBs after they left from Shanahan (Jury still out on Cutler IMO, even tho they parted under different circumstances. But thats another story). McNabb sounded really salty about this whole ordeal. Talk about egos, he wanted the Redskins and the Vikings to tailor their offensive systems to him. He was on pace to throw for the most yards in his career in DC and he was misused? Really? He had some solid points about the O-line and surrounding cast but come on McNabb, at least have a little rationale…

  37. McNabb is right about Shanahan, Elway is the only reason he won and the man is a habitual liar.

  38. Go have another can of soup with yo ma ma, and leave football to the experts!

    Tell me again, what are the overtime rules? Hmm, I didn’t know that.

  39. I used to think TO was just an ass and the ripping McNabb for getting sick in the Super Bowl and choking was petty. But now I can see TO was right to call out this moron. He refused to use a wristband to help him with an offense he couldnt learn. He was lazy as hell in both WAS and MIN, and probably Philly. And he compares himself to RGIII?! LMAO! RGIII is 1)Intelligent 2)Hard working 3)Accurate )Faster than McNabb 4)Accurate 5)Clutch 6)Accurate 7)Accurate. No comparison!

  40. I’ve never thought McNabb was any good at all but he is dead on about the Shanahan’s and their ego issues. That is why I know the Skins will fail and the Rams will be getting some pretty high draft picks over the next two years (even if the Rams improve a lot).

  41. McNabb was right he was miss used…He should have been parking cars or polishing real players helmets. But he’s right Shanny f’d up…by giving that crap bag another shot. What’s his excuse for the vikings? Did they misuse him to?

  42. I started to read this than had to stop because McNabb is a joke.

    I wonder what his thought is on Tebow. He must love him. After all they both can’t make passes.

    Go cry in your thick and chunky soup.

  43. “A lot of times ego gets too involved when it comes to being in Washington,” McNabb said.

    Haha, yes Donovan, I think ego is definitely too involved when it comes to these comments.

  44. To say that he was a failure in WASH is a little harsh. He was on pace for 4,000 yards. He did have 15 interceptions to 14 TD’s. This is not a good ratio, but washington hasn’t been good at scoring TDs for a number of years. He wasn’t great, but he really wasn’t as bad as folks tend to think. He certainly was better than sexy rexy.

    As to his point(s), I hope he is wrong, but I fear he maybe right.

    I also wonder had the skins gotten Manning, would lil’ rat have worked on his footwork and conditioning?

  45. Donovan always gives me a good laugh…I have no idea if he will fit in but I know one thing is for sure, most coaches just can’t handle the guy who every 3rd pass is a rocket right into the turf!

  46. I do not care for Mcnabb. Never really did. But i do not care for shanny either. Him or his goofy looking son. I think Mcnabb is right though. Everyone has different opinions. I just believe you shouldnt go and change the entire offense for guy, but definatley tweak it when needed. And i do not believe shanahan is willing to do that. I do however think shanahan is a good coach. Not great. But definatley a good coach.

  47. The whole “McNabb Overtime Issue” is hilarious. Does anyone remember Hines Ward came out and said the same thing McNabb said (around the same time McNabb said it)? ….which is sad because the last time there was a tie in a game was the Falcons vs Steelers.

  48. McNabb is washed up, but he is 100% right about Shanahan. He has done absolutely nothing since Elway retired and QB after QB has failed under him.

    McNabb is griping and whining here, but Shanahan is a stubborn man and the point McNabb went overboard making is that unless that stubborness changes they’re going to wasting another QB.

  49. When it’s all “done & said”, Donovan McNabb will be seen as having a much more superior career than RG3. Sounds like to me that McNabb was right on the mark about the Shanahan legacy. Shanahan will be fired by years end, if not sooner.

  50. Actually, McNabb and RG3 have something in common. They both have won exactly the same number of Super Bowls.

  51. bigjdve says: Mar 29, 2012 11:05 AM

    While I happen to agree with McNabb, it comes across as sour grapes.

    I actually watched that segment this morning before heading to work. In all fairness, McNabb was asked by Skip Bayless if he had an axe to grind with Shanahan. McNabb said, “Yes, but no.” And then he went on to support his statements with Shanahan’s record in QB wins-losses.

    It’s all about the context of the conversation, and while McNabb DOES have an axe to grind, he made very valid points on Shanahan. It was the types of things most of us have ALL said about Shanahan his entire career. Aside from John Elway and Elway’s two superbowls, what had Shanahan accomplished as a “QB guru” since then?

    And as far as McNabb having issue with Shanahan’s ego; he couldn’t be more on the money. As a Raider fan, I’ve had to endure Shanarat’s tenure in Denver and got to see first hand his ego holding that team back ever since Elway left the game; always trying to make QB’s fit HIS system rather than maximizing a QB’s natural talents.

  52. If you think DM is funny now……wait until you hear some the crap that will come out of his mouth when he will become eligible for the HOF!!!

  53. I do agree that Mike Shanahan is overrated. Always has been. His best years as a Head Coach were with HOF QB John Elway. Cutler had his moments but it fell apart, because of Shanahan. RGIII probably will fail in Washington under Shanahan. RG would have been best off in Minny, in the dome.

  54. in mcnabbs defense rg3 is in accurate qb who can read a defense and is mature enough to hit the books and learn the offense and mcnabb thinks shannys offense requires bounce pass, forgetting audibles and playing the air guitar ….and rg3 clearly doesn’t fit.

  55. yes, Don is bitter, BUT he’s right!!
    The rat family will fail again! 6-10 at best, hopefully Silver-spoon danny gets a clue and fires the rat-troll and his junk son!!

  56. Dunnovan MacNabb should have a very successful career- if he decides to go into the mole-killing business using footballs. The dude was a HoF’er at killing the grass throughout his playing days.

  57. As much as this sounds like bellyaching, he’s actually right. Shanarat and his mewling son could easily mess this up by stupid prideful arrogance. We’ll see.

  58. Good quarterbacks like Steve Young, John Elway, Jake Plummer and Jay Cutler were all very good in Shanahan’s offense. The guys that weren’t good in Shanahan’s offense, McNabb included, weren’t very good quarterbacks. Conclusion: If you’re a good QB (and have some amount of mobility), you’ll be good in Shanahan’s offense. If you’re not, you won’t.

  59. Mcnabb….aka the guy who has been fired from 3 teams in the last 3 years.

    Not many QB’s who are overweight, lazy, unwilling to accept coaching to improve flaws, inaccurate, thin skinned, jealous, and petty can succeed in any system. That is what Mcnabb was by the time he got to DC.

  60. For all of you who are saying Mcnabb couldn’t pass and wasn’t athletic are idiots. 234 TD passes, which is good for 22nd ALL TIME, 37,ooo passing yards, 29 rushing TD’s, 3,ooo rushing yards, an average qb rating of 85 and one of the best TD to Int ratios ever. People forget so quickly that Mcnabb made some amazing athletic plays when he came out of college. That run against the Redskins early in his career or that play against the Cowboys when he ran around for 14 seconds before hitting, I believe, Freddie Mitchell. Was he great the last two years of his career? No, father time reaches people differently. For his whole career he has been a class act and he says one thing, which is true by the way, and people want to rip him? You guys are morons.

  61. RG3 won’t have HALF the career Donovan has had. Go ahead, have at me, thumbs down or whatever, but when its all said and done, you will see I am speaking the truth.

  62. As an Eagles fan, I’m glad the rest of the football world and media are getting to see the REAL Donovan McNabb. For YEARS we were told how classy he was, and how awful we were for calling out his fake BS, for criticizing his play, and for wanting him replaced. FINALLY, theres a little speck of vindication that, in the end, the Philly fans were right. We are grateful for what you did on the field McNabb, but eventually you were no longer fit for the job. You were made to look much better than you were by Brian Westbrook, TO, LeSean McCoy, Leonard Weaver, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Brent Celek.

  63. McNabb doesn’t realize how resentful he sounds, but I do think he is right about the Shanahans. They can’t coach. Mike Shanahan has done nothing without Elway, and he has had plenty of time. I think RG3 will be a bust if he goes to Washington.

  64. How many Super Bowls did Elway win before Shanahan got there? Elway went to three before MS got there and lost all three. Does that remind you of anyone McFlab ? It must be nice to sit there and take shots, when you don’t have that person there to respond. You’re a coward, an idiot and an egomaniac!
    To bad no one on air, when you make these comments, calls you on your BS. You deserve to have your career end this way. Douche.

  65. Maybe we CAN all agree McNabb is washed up, but you saw the list of failed QB’s under Shanarat. Look past the person delivering the news and check the facts. ALL of those QB’s SUCKED!!!!

  66. just go away dmac. you just keep embarassing yourself every time you open your mouth. nice career. now go move on.

  67. Call it sour grapes, call it whatever you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that ferret face has been riding Elway’s coattails for years. Take away Elway and Shanahan’s record and personnel decisions just don’t add to much of anything. Don’t let your hatred for the messenger get in the way of the message.

  68. Why would you interview McNabb about RG3’s compatability in Shanahans system when he obviously FAILED. McNabb needs to go play some Modern Warfare with Jamarcus Russell an occupy himself instead of crying like a baby all the time.

  69. jjbadd says:
    Mar 29, 2012 11:13 AM
    I totally agree with McNabb..Shanahan’s ONLY success was with John Elway. I am a long time Denver fan, and I have been screaming this about Shanny forever! He needs to stop dragging his snot nosed son around with him, Kyle just isn’t good. Shanahan is absolutely overrated, & his only success was Elway, which he didn’t totally create.

    You are absolutely clueless. He was instrumental in Steve Youngs success and elway did not realize his full potential till shanahan arrived.

  70. Bitter but correct bout Shanahan and Jr are clueless draft RG3 but Chucky gonna be his coach this time next year

  71. I would love to talk about how Bayless more than likely coddled him the way that Dr. Evil did to Mr. Bigglesworth because McNabb is such a “victim” of T.O. when Mark Herzlich and Mark Fields overcame cancer literally!!!!

    However, he should’ve brought the bright side of Robert Griffin’s mobility and pocket presence possibly helping anybody. He is a good pick for Washington because if it (deservingly) decided to fire Mike Shanahan then it has a QB who can help any team!!!!

  72. ebbycalvinlaloosh says:
    Mar 29, 2012 12:21 PM
    Good quarterbacks like Steve Young, John Elway, Jake Plummer and Jay Cutler were all very good in Shanahan’s offense. The guys that weren’t good in Shanahan’s offense, McNabb included, weren’t very good quarterbacks. Conclusion: If you’re a good QB (and have some amount of mobility), you’ll be good in Shanahan’s offense. If you’re not, you won’t.
    ******************************************* Asine comment. McNabb wasn’t a good QB? I love how people forget how good a QB McNabb was with trash receivers (for most of his career). Shanahan is overrated as a offensive coach, In my opinion; Kubiak was the driving force behind Denver’s success.

  73. Coming from an unbiased point of view McNabb is right. I have nothing against the Redskins or the Shanahan’s and I have nothing against McNabb so I have no dog in this fight, but what McNabb is saying is exactly what I saw in McNabb’s year in Washington. He was misused and unless the Shanahan’s have figured it out since then RG3 very well may be misused there too. That would be unfortunate because I would love to see the Redskins return to greatness, but I just don’t see it happening with the Shanahan’s paired up with a QB like McNabb or RG3. If they really are sold on RG3 then they should let the Shanahan’s go.

  74. First of all, I believe McNabb really thinks this. In his mind i don’t think it’s spiteful, because he really thinks he still can be a good quarterback, and the teams that have given him a shot, gave him an unfair opportunity.

    It’s harder to assess whether he got lucky in Philly with a system he was brought up in, and isn’t the pro-bowl qb in any other. System, blocking, receivers, and don’t forget dumb luck. These are frequently blamed for failure, but rarely attributed to success.

  75. Shanahan is one of the most overrated coaches of my time. I wouldn’t let him touch RG3. He is the only thing that could ruin him. RG3 has great potential now let’s see if he can overcome Shanahan.

  76. ESPN should listen to comments like this from McNabb and other recently retired NFL players when making decisions about who is qualified to be an NFL analyst. One’s first inclination is that McNabb would be a great analyst; an articulate former quarterback with experience in several offenses. However, the question remains whether McNabb is carrying so much emotional baggage and bitterness about the manner in which he left teams that it interferes with his view of teams and issues in the league. McNabb seems to have an axe to grind that clouds his judgment.

  77. Name 10 great nfl coaches, and 9 will have a HOF quarterback standing next to them. Mcnabb wasnt a good fit in washington because he isnt an NFL caliber QB anymore. End of story.

  78. Mcnabb just because you did fit with the skins doesn’t mean RG3 wont. You’re pass your prime, if you ever had one Mr. Superbowl choker. How about shouting you mouth and concentrate on finding a team that would want you as their 3rd stringer. Wait a minute, its been 3 weeks and nobodys sign you yet, maybe you should retire and save save yourself from the embarrassment of sucking for another team

  79. The difference between RG3 and you McNabb, is that RG3 will have the mental capacity to learn an offense. So yeah, he and the Redskins will be just fine. Go back to your “free agency”.

  80. Back to back Super Bowl wins by a team that was built by Shananan as GM and coach. To all the people that claim he can’t win Super Bowls without Elway, how many teams in the last 20 years have won without a good quarterback? The Ravens? How many Super Bowls did Belicheat win without Tom Brady? Griese was a pro bowler in 2000. Jake plummer led the team to the playoffs three years in a row and the AFC Championship in 2005. Cutler made the pro bowl in 2008. Pretty sure Steve Young made some pro bowls in Shanahans’s system as well. Nice try though Mcnabb.

  81. Love the disfunction of the whole thing…

    McNabb is right… Shanny sucks and has only won with Elway. Lets see what he does with as gifted a qb as RGIII.

    McNabb is wrong about his skills. When was the last time a team traded a QB WITHIN the division who was a franchise QB??? Never… the Skins got fleeced for a 2 and 3rd. McNabb is done, finished….over!


  82. He is right about Shanny’s gigantic ego and his son’s too. They must build the offense around and to RG3’s ability and then……we will see a great show. But fitting the square peg in a round hole and it ends badly. With McNabb you have to listen to the message and ignore the messenger.

  83. Rush Limbaugh was right on the money that the media tried to make McNabb into this this great QB. They would always make it a point to refer to him as “the leader of the Philadelphia Eagles.”

    Newsflash, nobody thought he was dumb because he was black. RG3 is black and he is a genius. People thought McNabb was dumb because he was dumb. He was also on a team where he did not have to do the heavy lifting like Favre, Manning, etc.

  84. Talk about bitter! The sad thing is, to a certain degree, I agree with Donovan- at least about Kyle Shanahan. But comparing his supposed “talents” with those of RG3 is a crock. I’m sure if RG3 had thrown a dozen two-hoppers to his receivers on his pro-day, Shanahan would have left Baylor with a major headache.

  85. All you guys bashing McNabb right now… but does that make what he is saying any less true? The fact that he remembers the win/loss record of every QB to ever play for Shanahan does however indicate some emotional scarring after what happened to him in DC.

  86. Also, I love reading some of you mental midgets rehash what you heard on Sportscenter about Shanny not being good without Elway. Give me a break. You know Elway was a loser before Shanny right?? Criticize Kyle? Really? The guy that constructed one of the best offenses of the past decade in Houston? Whoops, there goes your credibility. Do some research on your own, turn off ESPN.

  87. I am a Redskins fan. I watched McNabb underthrow more than a fair share of passes. That and his lack of good decision making made him fail in DC. He didn’t get along with Shanny becuause he’s got a laissez-faire attitude and Shanny’s a control freak. Albeit, McNabb has a point. Shanny’s greatness is distorted by John Elway.

  88. That may be so, but unless Shanny and son are complete idiots they will build that offense around RGIII and ride him to a winning record. My sense is he doesn’t have much time left to turn this thing around, something that not even Joe Gibbs was able to do under Snyder.

  89. McNabb is partially right with his assessment, Shanahan does not know how to use his Quarterbacks the right way, to get the most out of what they can offer. He is good with only one type of QB, the purely pocket passer with an average to above average arm strength and good to very good accuracy. In other words, Jake Plummer and John Elway type. Shanahan likes to run with his running backs, not his QB.
    The one thing I disagree with McNabb on is the success of RGIII. Griffin will succeed wherever he is, regardless of who his coordinator is. The guy just has too much on the positive side to fail in the NFL. If I were the GM of the Indianapolis Colts, I would pass on Andrew Luck and take Robert Griffin III in a heartbeat. Luck has been catered to, babied and over-hyped, RGIII is the real deal, Shanahan cannot go wrong with this pick.

  90. Wow Shanahan bring his team to the Playoffs 50% of the time while at Denver and he did not do much? He has two Superbowl rings yet he did not do much. 5 times after Elway retired Shanahan brought the Broncos to the playoffs. You guys really should look stuff up when you do not know what your talking about.

  91. First off mcnabb should t be saying stuff like this because he is the one who looks bad.

    That being said he is dead on with what he is saying. Shanny is a terrible coach and his kid is a terrible oc. Neither should have jobs in high school let alone the nfl.

    Mcnabb is right that both men are so pompous they will not change for anyone. They think the two superbowls were because of them and not the hof laced teams they coached. Again mcnabb is right that shanny has had chance after chance and did nothing but hurt his own teams.

  92. Sour grapes? Oh yah! Was that the same problem when he was benched with the Vikings? RG3 will do fine with the skins or someone else.

  93. As much as it might sound like sour grapes from McNabb the points he’s making are extremely valid. I would put John Fox in that same category (change offensive philosophy then throw every QB you start that fails at changing with you under the bus (Delhomme, Clausen & Moore) instead of admitting that it’s your horrible offense and not the QB.

    Andy Ried had no issues for a full decade with McNabb’s passing style yet all of a sudden he gets to Washington and there’s something wrong with it. There’s no better way to put it than McNabb was treated more like a rookie than a Superbowl level QB in Washington. I don’t blame Shanahan though the one who’s to blame is Dan Snyder for not knowing enough about football to realize just paying a bunch of guys who are big names doesn’t mean they will work well together. You’re not going to give Payton Manning the same playbook you give Micheal Vick. Washington got rid of old McNabb and are replacing him with young McNabb and expecting different results when it’s just going to be more of Shanahan changing the entire reason they gave up so much to select him #2 in the first place.

  94. McNabb was never a vocal quarterback when he was playing. Remember the whole T.O. incident in philly? And his time in DC? He didn’t say a damn thing. Now that he has to resort to commentary work as a career of course he is going to say stuff to ruffle some feathers and get noticed.

    News flash McFail…the skins ran screen passes during the Tennessee game for you to get the system to work for you! They tried all season to correct your dirt balls.

    RG3 will be > McNabb.


  95. shanny has his faults,but mcbonehead was burned out when the skins got him.he was’nt misused,he was just out of shape,refused to run certain plays,and complained when they asked him to use a wrist band with plays on it during a game.he may think he has the same gifts rg3 has now,but mcnabb was’nt that good coming out of college and when the eagles lost playoff games,everybody was blamed but him,and it was his fault more often than anybody elses!

  96. I can only imagine what’s written above me because most white people who listen to Rush Limbaugh hate McNabb solely for that reason, but is he lying? I’ve been saying this for years about Shanahan, he’s a quite overrated mediocre HC.

  97. How did Andy Reid win 100+ games in a Decade with this MORON?

    Andy Reid is a genius!!

  98. whyamiacowboysfanagain says:
    Mar 29, 2012 12:39 PM
    ebbycalvinlaloosh says:
    Mar 29, 2012 12:21 PM
    Good quarterbacks like Steve Young, John Elway, Jake Plummer and Jay Cutler were all very good in Shanahan’s offense. The guys that weren’t good in Shanahan’s offense, McNabb included, weren’t very good quarterbacks. Conclusion: If you’re a good QB (and have some amount of mobility), you’ll be good in Shanahan’s offense. If you’re not, you won’t.
    ******************************************* Asine comment. McNabb wasn’t a good QB? I love how people forget how good a QB McNabb was with trash receivers (for most of his career). Shanahan is overrated as a offensive coach, In my opinion; Kubiak was the driving force behind Denver’s success.
    Your comments are just plain stupid with no ounce of truth. Was Kubiak also behind Young’s success?

    McNabb was a decent QB and that’s all. If he was so good, why did Reid trade him (to a division rival no less).
    Now, Shanahan as a GM has been a flop.

  99. How would McNabb know if Shanny’s offense wil fit RG3 or not?

    Donny never learned the entire offense when he was in DC and refused to wear a wrist band when the coaches got frustrated about the fact that McFlab didn’t know the offense.

    The Shanny’s deffinately altered their offense to try to get things to work for McRib! But the Fat Five stillwasn’t happy.

    He is an throw enough “it” against the wall type QB and Andy Reid let him throw as much “it” against the wall as he wanted. He has to throw 50 balls a game to complete 30.

  100. I used to root for D McNabb, and come to his defense when people took shots at him (as far back as the ’99 Draft), but now he just sounds bitter.

    Hey, man, I’m as sorry as anyone that it didn’t work out, but you flamed out on your own in Minnesota, and you’re not doing yourself any favors, waiting for that phone to ring.

    Throw out the sour grapes, and quit rooting for RG3/’Skins/the Shannys to fail. You just come off as desperately clinging to a fading-fast career, and swiping at those that you think put you there. It’s beneath you.

  101. McNabb should count his blessings every nite. If not for Andy Reid’s offensive system, he would’ve been another bust.

    It’s funny how the master of the bounce pass, who is clueless in the red zone, can make critical statements lol.

  102. Funny how McFlab is blasts Shanny’s record since Elway since that is the same span as the Fat Five’s career. Shaany’s QBs post Elway – 102 wins. McRib’s wins – 98.

    Just saying!

  103. But,….maybe RG3 will actually study the offense and try to fit into it, rather than complain, moan, short hop passes, and take the short check down pass on every 3rd down so your completion stats look better than you actually play (while not actually helping the team win).

  104. McNabb was always dissing the Redskins as an organization when he was in Philly, so when he was traded to DC I didn’t think he would care too much about the team when he got there and I think it showed in his preparation and play. Still, it’s important to remember that Shanahan was the coach and the head football genius in charge who brought McNabb to Washington. McNabb in Washington (and subsequent failure) is Shanahan’s fault, and Shanahan’s alone, whether McNabb is right about RG3 or not.

  105. realfootballfan says:
    Mar 29, 2012 3:07 PM
    I can only imagine what’s written above me because most white people who listen to Rush Limbaugh hate McNabb solely for that reason, but is he lying? I’ve been saying this for years about Shanahan, he’s a quite overrated mediocre HC.

    Giving yourself the name realfootballfan doesn’t give you any intelligence. Shanahan has been successful throughout his career. A superbowl win in 1994 as the OC of the 49ers, plus superbowls in 97 & 98 as HC of the Broncos. To say he is overrated is ludicrous!!!

  106. Let’s not forget that mcnabb also played for the vikings, what’s his excuse for not lasting there? Just a washed up player trying to get attention

  107. It’s real simple. Shanny HAS a HUGE EGO! So does Parcells! Billick! Holgruff! They all do!!

    But 1 thing that is completely in disputable, McFlabb got beat by Grossman and Ponder!

    If those 2 can come in after you and do better…… You stink….. Ponder that!

    My friend is a long time Igles fan and travels from DC to see them play. He’s been telling me for the last 10 years that D. McHack is overrated and been skipping passes for years. Can’t read a defense and just waited till everyone went deep and passed the ball to B. Westbrook.

    After years of blaming J. Cambell of being below average, Mcflabb made me miss him almost immediately.

    At least HE would wear a wristband!! That is a stone cold fact by the way! Not Shanny-lore!

  108. McNabb will always be remembered as a choker/literally in the Super Bowl his only Super Bowl which the Eagles should of won if it wasn’t for an out of shape gagging throwing up QB in the last 5 minutes. He had Westbrook wide open in the end zone and missed him badly.Know what he said afterwards? The wind took the ball!!! My Ass. He has always never took the blame for himself and was never his fault. Always the other guy. I thought he had a little more class than these remarks he is spewing out but he is now just a bitter old man who should just shut the hell up.

  109. For some reason NcNabb thinks that he is or ever was an elite QB. Last month he said Peyton would not come to DC because “Shanahan would not change the offense to Peyton’s because he did not change it for me”. Donovan my brother, Peyton works at his craft like no other QB ever has. As a Redskins fan, when you were in your prime with the E.A.G.L.E.S. I said you were NEVER going to win a Super Bowl because you didn’t have “IT”. To call out a coach because of your short comings, and to call out your fella QB’s because they did not win either, goes to show you that you still don’t. You are the only QB in NFL HISTORY to be on the biggest stage in their career, have a WR playing with one leg, having the game of his life and you throw up on NATIONAL T.V. ? PLEASE Now as for your time here in D.C. all you did was go to the weight room, didn’t get in shape, and didn’t want to learn another offense. We knew as fans that you didn’t want to be a Redskin and suprise we didn’t want you either !!!! Personally you were no better than another #5 in Burgandy-n-Gold. Please don’t ever mention that you wore our colors. YOU AREN’T WORTHY.

  110. Just another example of what Eagles fans always knew about Low Throw McBlow…. Always looking to blame somebody else. Never once stood up after a loss and said “You know, this loss is on me.” Such a whiney, mama’s boy crybaby. So bitter man.

  111. wow! to funny. maybe mcnabb should off worried more about putting down the cheese burgers and hopping on the treadmill than taking sour grape shots at Shanny. yeah bro… they’re all beating your door down to play…

  112. Some of you and your blatant lack of football knowledge are hilarious. Up until McNabb started throwing his bounce passes for the Skins and then the 2 talentless hacks last year, a Shanahan offense has always been near the top of the league. Both of them have had #1 offenses and their offense is proven to work like a well oiled machine.

    Any idiot that thinks Shanahan tries to shoehorn a QB into his offense clearly has no idea what theyre looking at on Sundays or has an absolute dearth of knowledge when comes to QBing. Elway preferred the 7 step drop and the O was geared to a more dropback/pocket passer. Young was a mover but was deadly accurate, so they moved him alot and used his shorter precision passing. Plummer actually was more accurate on the move than when he was standing still, so they moved the pocket more than any other team has just about ever. Cutler preferred the Gun and was in the athletic mold of Elway. Learn of what you speak before you go spouting nonsense.

  113. I am embarrassed for the LAZY LOSER.

    You could’ve walked away with some dignity and class, but you would rather look like a buffoon.

    We all clearly understand your performance in Minnie was the fault of Mike and Kyle.


    Never thought I would say T.O. was right!

  114. As a skins fan I pray McNabb isn’t correct. We need our QB for the future to work out in a bad way. We should have left mcnabb alone in the beginning, who trades away a good QB within the division. The eagles and everyone but the skins knew he was done.

  115. rg3isvictory,

    That’s so clever, how’d you manage to type all of that in between the mouth breathing?

    Fact is that Shanahan is a horrible personnel evaluator who’s done nothing outside of his years with Elway. You go ahead and give him credit for the ’94 49ers success despite the fact that their offense was rolling along pretty well before him for about 15 years and kept rolling along without him even with inferior players after he departed.

    However, what is true is that he’s won one flukey playoff game since Elway retired despite playing in what was arguably the league’s worst division (AFC West) last decade and has only further cemented his reputation as a mediocre (or even bad) HC in Washington. Not to mention that his players, even Elway who wouldn’t return to the Broncos fold until he was gone, hate him because he’s a sour loser.

    And yes, I’ma REal Football Fan, what are you, a Redskin myopic homer, lol?

  116. So it was because of the offense that he threw so many grounders while in MN? There isn’t many offenses tailored around an out-of-shape QB with a bad work ethic.

  117. D.M is anything but an egomaniac. i never will understand his haters and why they are so passionate about hating. the rat is a big fat failure sans john elway, thats a fact. i hope the colts take rg3 because wasting what that dude has the potential to do as far as being an exciting player would be a terrible waste forced to be a round peg in a square hole.

  118. McNubb doesn’t understand that Shanahan’s offense is made for a mobile strong armed QB. McNubb didn’t fit the offense. Not the other way around. If he wasn’t a lazy turd. he would have been doing more roll-outs and throwing on the run.

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