Rex takes a shot at Schottenheimer over the Wildcat

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Jets coach Rex Ryan has praised his new offensive coordinator, Tony Sparano, as a creative coach who was the first in the NFL to recognize the potential of the Wildcat formation. And Ryan has also criticized his former offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer, for failing to use the Wildcat effectively.

Ryan joked at the league meeting that when the Jets used to run the Wildcat with Brad Smith, it couldn’t be stopped — except by Schottenheimer.

“I told the team there’s only one coordinator that can stop the Wildcat with Brad Smith back there, and . . . it’s Brian Schottenheimer,” Ryan told the New York Post. “I used to kid Brian all the time about it.”

Basketball fans sometimes joke that Dean Smith was the only coach who could hold Michael Jordan under 20 points a game — Smith coached Jordan at North Carolina, and his conservative approach didn’t fully take advantage of Jordan’s skills. Ryan’s joke is along the same lines. But Ryan is sure that Sparano won’t be the coach who stops Tim Tebow in the Wildcat.

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  1. Only problem is, it wasn’t Sparano that implemented the Wildcat in Miami. It was Dan Henning. And it only worked for one season. I am not sure why Rex thinks running the Wildcat again will help the Jets win. It was a trick formation that worked once. And just because you have Tebow doesn’t mean it will work either.

  2. Tebow throws a little better than most RBs running the wildcat, so he can take advantage of one on one opportunities downfield. Just ask Pittsburgh.

  3. The wildcat got to Miami from Arkansas where coach David Lee ran it with Darren McFadden, Felix Jones and Peyton Hillis in the backfield together.

    It was an act of desperation by a Dolphins team strong at rb and weak at qb and wr.

    And Sparano didn’t call the plays in Miami. I don’t think he’s ever been a play-caller.

  4. Well, at least he didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps and try to punch his O-coordinator.

    Anyways, I hate this for Tebow. He’ll never get a legitimate shot to prove he’s a real QB if all he’s doing is running the ‘wild-cat’.

    Yes, he was inconsistent last year, but he also showed enough promise to deserve a legitimate shot at winning a starting job someplace, or least a chance to earn time as a legit QB. The wild-cat is a gimmick, not a full-time offense. And it’s not like Denver ran this offense last year either.

    Tebow isn’t going to get a chance to improve as a QB in New York, unless Sanchez just bombs this year.

  5. If Rex Ryan kids to Brian Schottenheimer about that all the time then he’s not taking a shot at him!!!!!!

    It’s just big Rex being playful!!!

  6. I don’t even think it worked for the whole season, I think people figured it out after about 6-7 games.

  7. There was a small glimmer of hope that the Giants knocking him out of the playoffs and winning the Super Bowl would quiet Rexy down a tiny bit. Oh, well. Should have known better. The only way to shut up a Ryan is to fire their a** and make sure they never work again. It was nice, peaceful time when Buddy was gone for good. Now, if we can only get rid of his boys.

  8. The Jets have NO protection on the ends of their line – and you’re telling me Mario Williams and Cameron Wake are both going to be fooled by gimmicks twice per year?

    Rex – you are a M.F. MORON.

    The Giants embarrassed you.
    The Patriots embarrassed you.

    You are the B team of the NY Metro area.

  9. the real shame for me is as a jets fan. I have to be lumped into this failed experiment and it is embarrassing to know that the nfl world looks at us a stupid. All teams or at least most teams have ups and downs but this team is like the f-ing Hindenburg but the fire never goes out. to quote Joe B “Oh the Pain”

  10. I won’t call you Francis nor would i call you a Jet fan. Your front office ONLY spent a 4th on a guy who can line up on day one at multiple positions and make an impact on some given Sundays. How many 4th rounders have the Jets picked that can do that? Why haven’t you jumped on the Giants bandwagon?

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