Texans ask Eric Winston to buy a Reliant Stadium suite

Getty Images

The Texans might want to work on better communication between their front office and their ticket sales staff.

If they do, they’ll probably avoid sending recently cut players marketing come-ons to buy suites for the coming season at Reliant Stadium. That’s exactly what happened to Eric Winston, who got axed by the Texans earlier this month before landing in Kansas City as the Chiefs’ new right tackle. Winston shared a photo of the promotional materials on Twitter, quipping that “somebody didn’t get the memo.” It’s a safe bet that Winston’s going to pass on this offer.

As the Houston Chronicle points out, this was surely a marketing blitz targeting plenty of people in the Houston area as opposed to one with the very strange focus on players recently pink slipped by the team. That doesn’t make it any less humorous, however.

Winston agrees, although he says that his wife wasn’t quite so amused by the team’s inability to check their mailing list twice. Let’s hope they remembered to at least forward DeMeco Ryans’ copy to Philadelphia.