Urban Meyer urges the Jets to let Tim Tebow play


Urban Meyer, who coached Tim Tebow at Florida, has always insisted that Tebow can be an NFL star. He just wants to see an NFL team let Tebow run his offense, his way.

Asked on ESPN what the Jets should do with Tebow, Meyer said the same spread offense he runs in college would “absolutely” work in the NFL, and that the biggest thing is an NFL coach just needs to trust Tebow to take over games himself.

“Let him play,” Meyer said. “Just let him play.”

Asked if that’s what the Broncos did, Meyer answered, “Not really.” According to Meyer, the Broncos were too often too conservative with Tebow, and when the Denver offense was at its best — as it was in the playoff win over Pittsburgh — that’s when Tebow was given the freedom to run the offense his own way, hurting defenses with his feet and then making plays with his arm when defenses had to stop the run.

“When they had success I think they did,” Meyer said. “When you started seeing him throw against those easy coverages it was because they had to stop the run.”

It remains to be seen whether the Jets will let Tebow play, but the current plan to use him in the Wildcat as the backup to Mark Sanchez doesn’t seem consistent with what Meyer is urging. To really make the most of Tebow’s skill set, an NFL team would need to completely install an entire offense around him, not use his plays as a backup plan. The Jets may be ready to let Tebow play 20 snaps a game, but they’re not ready to hand the offense over to him completely.

108 responses to “Urban Meyer urges the Jets to let Tim Tebow play

  1. Do the Jets really think they will confuse the defense when Tebow comes in to run the wild cat?


  2. Maybe after the Jets have an awful season and rex gets canned Urb will get a chance to show everyone how they’ve been misusing timmy all this time.

  3. For such a good Christian boy, Tebow sure has played for two of the biggest liars in football (Elway, Mayer) and now hes going to play for a total blow-hard.

  4. Over the past year…..

    #1 Team I’m tired of hearing about = Jets

    #1 Player I’m tired of hearing about = Tebow

    So glad they’re together now….ugh.

  5. Sorry Urban, but Pittsburgh had 10 men in the box. I’m still trying to figure out what Dick LeBeau was thinking in that game. The previous 4 or 5 teams had completely shut Tebow down with man to man and safeties keeping the receivers in front of them to stop them from going deep. I don’t think Tebow will ever get that lucky again.

  6. They let Tebow play in the Patriots playoff game, and he gave up a sack that was about 24 yards. If he went any further, it would have been a TD for the Pats.

  7. Before pre-seaon is done, Jets fans will be clamouring for an offense that suits Tebow.

    If you’re going to invest in this guy, it’s wont pay off using only half of what he brings.

    Plus, he is already galvanizing the fan base.

    The Pitt game wasn’t a fluke. He embarrassed a good team. His coach put in shackles for the New England game – was dissappointed to see that.

    Whatever your take on Tebow is, it’s pretty amazing the effect he has.

  8. Gronk said as much on ESPN that Tebow is going to be the starting QB.
    Nice to see that everyone has an opinion on what the jets should do ex-coaches,players, hot dog vendors

    The wheels on the jets bus have come off as the team continues to spin out of control.

    Over/Under on when Tebow starts:
    1) 2nd series 1st qtr Week #1
    2) 2nd qtr Week #1
    3) Halftime Week #1
    4) Start Week #2
    5) Pre-season Game #4

    or Sanchez starts season on IR with a bruised ego.

  9. Let the guy who can only throw into garbage time defense in 4th quarter take over the game? Has he watched him the first 3 quarters?. Unless the NFL changes the rules for Lord Tebow to reward points with hitting the ground via terrible spiral, he doesn’t deserve the shot. Mcnab is also hoping for that rule.

  10. And Urban Meyer’s experience in the nfl is………? He should not try and interfere with the publicity machine being very efficiently run by Tim Tebow and God

  11. Ditto the 10 men in the box.

    LeBeau made a huge mistake and they never adjusted for the obvious.

    LeBeau and Belichick are innovators. People will copy the one that works. Pretty obvious answer.

  12. Hey Urban, how about this? Coach your one year at Ohio State, “retire” again because you claim you’re , then swoop in and steal more money by taking the Jets job when Buddy Jr. gets fired. Then you can play Tebow all you want!

  13. The best possible outcome is Greene becomes a very good running back. If Tebow can make McGahee look good in Denver, Greene should have a pro-bowl caliber season.

    Most probable outcome, Holmes causes Tebow to curse and its caught on camera.

  14. So what Meyer is saying is that when the Broncos were successful it was because of Tim, but when they weren’t it was because they didn’t just “let him play.” In other words, the Broncos’ offensive struggles last year weren’t Timmy’s fault.

    That’s a crock. The Broncos went WAY out of their way to try to make this guy successful in the NFL and it didn’t work. The offense was awful with Tebow at the helm, and it was absolutely Tebow’s fault. He failed when they tried to have him run an NFL offense, and he failed again when they dumbed it down to a high school level for him.

    I’m so glad Tebow’s not in Denver anymore. Now his shortcomings and the excuses provided by his supporters are someone else’s problem.

  15. From a Jets fan and a student at the Ohio State University.

    Unless you’re talking Braxton Miller, no one cares. Good luck with the bowl this year.

    Mark Sanchez is Hall of Fame bound. Believe it.

  16. @xlax1306, good idea, meyer should become a head coach in the NFL, because that’s probably the only way for tebow to really prove if he can or can not be successful in this league, also tebow wouldn’t have to worry about being bench because meyers is the only coach that would have him as a starter.

  17. Even Urban Meyer admits that Tebow has his best success throwing against “easy coverages” caused by teams loading up against the run.

    Um…..wouldn’t you say that about most terrible quarterbacks?

    “That guy sure is good when there is no one in secondary”.

  18. The Broncos let Tebow throw it up 26 time in the playoff game in NE. Ya, he completed 9. That doesn’t count the called passses where he didn’t throw because he started running like his hair was on fire at the first hint of pressure because he had no earthly clue where to go with the pass.

  19. Yea Don’t play him! Especially in S.Beach or when we come to town….The next Steve Young. Deal with it.

  20. And I thought the lock-out coverage was bad… Peyton, Peyton, Peyton, Bounties, Tebow, Ross, Tebow, Jets, Peyton, Tebow, Parcells, Jets, Jets, Jets….

  21. So the reason tebow isn’t a successful qb is because a college offense proven not to work in the nfl hasn’t been implemented for him. God I can’t wait for my wolverines to kick the crap out of his buckeye every year

  22. This is not college it’s the NFL Mr Meyer. They get paid fortunes to grow up and play a proper game of football, we don’t need all that “stupid stuff” and
    Wild Cat over and over. Everyone will figure it out, quickly, if that’s what you recommend. Let Tebow take care of the locker room!!

  23. The only problem with that is the Pats and Bills have figured that offense and Tebow out.

  24. Urban Meyer: coach of mediocre QB’s (see Tebow & Alex Smith)

    In all seriousness is he positioning himself for an NFL HC position? Voicing his confidence in Tebow, assuming Sanchize starts sucking it up, fans start Tebow chants, Jets stick with Sanchize and miss the playoffs and Rex gets canned and who’s left standing? Urban Meyer with a big ‘told ya so’ and Jets fans clamoring for his services. I’m just saying…

  25. Urban has a point. The NFL offenses are too similar. The Wildcat isn’t even all that clever, yet it’s still successful. College is where the real innovation thrives, so offensive coordinators ought to incorporate more of the offensive schemes that colleges produce. Can Tebow read and react to defenses? So far the evidence points to no.

    Keep in mind, however, that often in college there is a massive talent disparity between opponents. Often the s0-called “best players” who win Heismans have all day to throw to wide open receivers and never learn to properly read defenses. That’s why just about every single Heisman Trophy QB winner since the 90s has failed (except Cam and to a lesser degree Carson Palmer).

  26. In the past 12 hours there have been 6 stories with the word “Tebow” or “Jets” in the headline. Do we really need this much useless fodder? C’mon man, this site used to be better than this.

  27. It seems crazy that the Jets would trade for Tebow soon after signing Sanchez to the extension and “solidifying” him as their starter. Tebow is questionable as a QB. Everyone can see that he throws some dead ducks out there that just flutter around. He has heart and can scramble/run well but doesn’t seem to be a passer. I think by the start of the regular season, Tebow will be QB1 and Sanchez will be a very expensive backup or traded/released.

    I’m not a Jets fan. Thank God.

  28. The Jets organization have no backbone.. if they want Tebow they should just trade Sanchez and get what they can. Instead it seems like they want him to fail so they can turn to tebow and use a struggling sanchez as a shield to protect them from their decision.

    Also Tebow is an interesting character he says all the “right”things then you get all the leaks about how he came here to be the #1QB, or how Jets told him he would compete for the job.. It’s like the throws stones quietly from the media while looking like a saint.

  29. jets are my team. but enough with tebow. no body cares about a back up. and u know what they say if u think u have to starting qb’s then u really dont have any. long season is waiting for the jets

  30. Tebow is better than Sanchez. With the defence the Jets have a run first offense lead by Tebow would be better than any offense run by Sanchez.

  31. If Tebow were black, NONE of you would rip him

    If RG3 were white, all you would immediately agree that Luck is better, no doubt about it

  32. How exactly is Elway the biggest liar in football? How would you propose you handle the ‘Tebow’ situation. If you ask me, the Broncos were able to effectively utilize Tebow, appease the fans, and unload him with minimal backlash. He was never the answer in Denver, NEVER.

    Tebow is a good Football player, but is not a “Franchise” type guy….

    Why is it so hard for people to see that?

  33. College coaches always want their kids to play and do well in the pros (all except Bobby Petrino)

  34. I think the Pats with their so called weak defense showed you what would happen to Tebow and the spread. If you can’t pass the ball, then the option won’t work–your QB will end up in the hospital.

    16 weeks of Tebow vs Sanchez…Ugh..:(

  35. So he is saying that if you dont dumb down the offense Mebow cant run it?

    I believe John Fox put it better.
    “If we were trying to run a regular offense, he’d be screwed.”

  36. All Jets all the time! I love it!!
    How many teams have not had a losing season in 4 years.
    Sanchez and Ryan have never had a losing season, they’ve had 30 wins in three years, 4 playoff wins, and two afc championship game appearances. They are not going anywhere.
    They go all in for the Superbowl every year I don’t mind anything they do
    Tebows going to help them win some games..you haters can suck it.
    Every other story is about the Jets I guess theres no other news around the NFL. Or this site has a lot of Boston-ites who generate a lot of Jet hate clicks…side note—seriously can you be considered a city if your train station closes?

    Anyway until they have a losing season talk of firing Rex Ryan is very premature. 🙂

  37. jacktheripper559 says:
    Mar 29, 2012 12:40 PM
    They should just run 20 Flea Flickers with him

    Why, so he can badly miss the receivers on 19 of them? I wish Tebow and Meyer would both just go away or have Urban move to NY so that he could marry Timmy legally.

  38. @KIR

    Get over it, your team was Tebow’d. It wasnt so much luck as it was your aging defense and the bonehead coaching moves of Tomlin and Lebeau.

  39. Unless that offense is built specifically to take advantage of Tebow’s game, he will not play in NY. Problem is, when you have two QBs, you don’t have any. They may be starting to realize that Sanchez is a little mentally delicate and may not withstand Tebow mania. If Ryan is a smart guy, he’ll make his choice early and stick with it. There is a world of difference between their current offensive formula and the one that Tebow would have to play under to be successful as he was under Myer. It will be a career decision for the coaching staff of the Jets to go Tebow over Sanchez. If I were the Jets, I would be looking at a complete QB overhaul.

  40. I for one would like to see him start and run the entire offense his way. For two reasons: One, if it works, then everyone can shut up about him not being able to have success in the NFL. Two, if it doesn’t work, then everyone can shut up that he can and we will stop hearing about him everyday.

  41. Nice to know Urban has OSU in such great shape, he can coach the Jets also. Hmmm, wonder why Elway and Foxy wanted Mr. 45% Gonzo?

  42. I continue to be shocked by all these so-called football experts that think Tebow can’t pass. He passed for over 9000 yards in college playing in the toughest conference in college football. And he came up biggest in the biggest games, like his last sugar bowl where he completed 31-35 for over 400 yards.

    In the Pro’s he was had his ups and downs as most young quarterbacks will, but has actually outperformed Mark Sanchez as a passer in his short career. And passing for over 300 yards against Pittsburgh in a playoff game is big time.

    While I agree he has a ways to go, I don’t see where Sanchez is a better bet to succeed. Of course he doesn’t live up to the hype, but its really not his fault that he is the most popular athlete in America.

  43. @deerpathdave:

    I guess all of us so-called football experts that think Tebow can’t pass are guilty of oh, I don’t know………watching him play?

    Don’t tell me how many yards he passed for in college. Here is the all time top 10 list in NCAA passing yards:

    1.Timmy Chang, Hawaii
    2. Graham Harrell, Texas Tech
    3. Ty Detmer, BYU
    4. Colt Brennan, Hawaii
    5. Case Keenum, Houston
    6. Philip Rivers, North Carolina State
    7. Colt McCoy, Texas
    8. Kevin Kolb, Houston
    9. Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan
    10. Tim Rattay, Louisiana Tech

    Wow, 300 yards in an NFL game? Hardly any QB does that.

    He stinks on the stat sheet.

    He fails the eyeball test, if you watch the whole game and not the highlights.

    His defense fell apart at the end of the year because Tebow led the league in three and out possessions.

    He lost 4 of his last 5 starts in crunch time.

    His statistics, even given his overall mediocre W/L record would not have gotten him an invite to an NFL camp this year if his name wasn’t Tim Tebow, and nobody, nobody would be talking about him taking anyone’s starting job.

    Doesn’t take a football expert to see that.

  44. Their GM had a press conference and pretty much said that they plan to let him play. I don’t think there’s much to worry about with him getting playing time (unless your name is Mark Sanchez.)

  45. @deerpathdave

    It’s true. All of a sudden we are all quarterback evaluators… as if I know anything about proper mechanics for anything other than filling a nice glass of beer.

    Tebow wins, and he forces a defense to think about a lot of different things. He seems to make up for his accuracy problems with a lot of other capabilities. Is there a more dangerous QB when it’s 1 and goal from the 3 yd line? On 2 pt conversions? On 4th and 1?

    Jets are right in taking a flyer on this guy. He may be able to improve his passing, and in a couple years this kid (more likely than Sanchize) could be the king of New York. It’s entirely possible.

  46. Sanchez and Tebow are punchlines. I love it that they are on the same team.

    By the way – going forward, are we using Sanbow, Techez, Sante or my personal favorite “Chezbow”

    I can see the Jet’s calling for the package that features both of them on the field at the same time (ohh is that dangerous) – “Lets run the Chezbow package”

  47. Nice selective reading folks – Urban goes on ESPN to talk about the start of spring practice for OSU football and the guy ASKS HIM about Tebow. Urban did not go on ESPN to talk about him but answered the question anyway.

  48. Urban liar is the biggest liar/cheat to ever to coach higher level football. I hope OSU is GOD AWFUL!

  49. I agree with Urb. Tebow should run the team and his other 45 teammates should just change the way they do everything for Timmy. That’s what all “humble” and “team-first” guys want.

  50. Urban Meyer forgot how Nick Saban destroyed the Tebow offense in 2009. He defense also stopped Cam and the AU Tiger until Cam started to throw the football. What Urban Meyer needs to realize is that in the NFL, coaching trumps talent. Not the other way around like it is in NCAA.

  51. “Let him play,” Meyer said. “Just let him play.”

    Translation: ‘Did I make the headlines with that one? Good, because it’s recruiting season at the Univ. of Flor….my bad, Ohio State.”

  52. Looks like the Tebow, Christian haters are getting really upset.

    Denver forced Tebow to throw many, many balls away. “If we don’t get exactly what we want, just dump it. And, he did.

    That was obvious.

    The problem was, as was in the case with Lombardi’s Packers, when he was allowed to do what it is he does best, and the defense knew it was coming, they couldn’t stop it.

    Reading most of these comments, listening to the girls (excuse me, NFL experts) on TV and Radio, brings to mind the famous words of Forrest Gump…

    Stupid is as Stupid does.

    You just don’t get it.

  53. realitypolice says: Mar 29, 2012 2:56 PM


    I guess all of us so-called football experts that think Tebow can’t pass are guilty of oh, I don’t know………watching him play?

    Don’t tell me how many yards he passed for in college. Here is the all time top 10 list in NCAA passing yards:

    1.Timmy Chang, Hawaii
    2. Graham Harrell, Texas Tech
    3. Ty Detmer, BYU
    4. Colt Brennan, Hawaii
    5. Case Keenum, Houston
    6. Philip Rivers, North Carolina State
    7. Colt McCoy, Texas
    8. Kevin Kolb, Houston
    9. Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan
    10. Tim Rattay, Louisiana Tech

    Wow, 300 yards in an NFL game? Hardly any QB does that.

    He stinks on the stat sheet.

    He fails the eyeball test, if you watch the whole game and not the highlights.

    His defense fell apart at the end of the year because Tebow led the league in three and out possessions.

    He lost 4 of his last 5 starts in crunch time.

    His statistics, even given his overall mediocre W/L record would not have gotten him an invite to an NFL camp this year if his name wasn’t Tim Tebow, and nobody, nobody would be talking about him taking anyone’s starting job.

    Doesn’t take a football expert to see that.

    ….and ur not an expert. your biased cause u dont like Tebow/Christians. I can throw stats at u all day long ,but he lives in stats is a loser.

    Tebow has won everywhere. period. he took a bottom feeder team last year that was heading for 3 win season and a gm/coach who hated him and STILL took them to a playoff victory.

    Not the defense, or any other reason. The defense got stomped by Pats.

    Deal with it

  54. Except in the NFL lineman have the speed of college linebackers and NFL Linebackers have the speed of college safeties. In college Tebow played against a lot of guys that are currently working construction. There’s a reason NFL coaches don’t run the option genius. They want their QB to stay alive.

  55. E-F’ing-Nough with tebow already. Im just waiting for his dark side to come out. It’l be a few years but we’ll find out he’s into sucking on hookers’ feet with a belt around his neck and a dirty tube suck tied over his eyes.

    it takes 7 seconds from the moment tebow decides to throw til the ball gets out–when that does happen tebow’s intended target only catches the ball 46% of the time. HE SUCKS.

    Urban, just have the heart attack already. If the spread would work in the NFL, teams would run it. They dont–NFL defenses are too big and too fast for spread-option.

    Paul johnson thinks the broncos should run the wishbone because Demarius Thomas made lots of big plays in that offense in college.

  56. Playing his style, Tebow held up physically for a grand total of 13 games. If the Broncos had gotten past New England in that playoff game, Tebow would not have been able to suit up for the AFC Championship Game. Tebowites tend to only see what they wish to see. Then they find someone else to blame when things don’t work out.

  57. Putting egos aside, Tony Sparano needs to sit down with Urb and hear what he has to say or Woody needs to cut a check as a consulting fee and get Urb to have a few sit downs before their respective seasons get underway.

  58. The Jets will have no blackouts. Any other team that the Jets visit will not have a blackout that week.

    Face it. Tebow has fans and sells tickets…and jerseys…and website hits.

  59. Jests football: yap, yap yap, yap, yap yap yap, yap, yap, yap, yap-yap, yapity yap, yappy yappy yappy. Rex? Yap. Yap Yapperrriino, Yap, Yap, [belly laugh], yapper, yap, yap . . . . welcome to the the NGL — the National Gassbag League — playing football not required.

  60. Dirty sanchez is a BUM!!! If the Jets would of had a average QB the 2 years they made it to the AFC championship game they would of won. Give up on this bust. Sanchez on antoher team would just be another Joey Harrington! Jets D makes is like a stick in his back holding him up, and its pathetic they signed him to all that cash. Jets your deserve that move and thats why the G-men are champions.

  61. What happens if your starter, Tebow in this case, goes down with an injury, which tends to happen to running, bruising backs, and no other QB in the league plays that role? Do you change the entire offense when your “backup” comes into the game?

  62. Wait, no huge press conference for Urban? Media is disappointing me with their lack of Tebow news lately.

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