With Samuel, Eagles could be sizing up another sucker

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Multiple and conflicting reports have emerged as to whether the Titans or the Lions will swing a trade with the Eagles for veteran cornerback Asante Samuel.

Annnnnd roll the theme from The Sting.

The trades that sent A.J. Feely to Miami or the trade that sent Donovan McNabb to Washington or the trade that sent Kevin Kolb to Arizona or the trade that brought DeMeco Ryans to Philly showed that the Eagles know how to get the better of a transaction of this nature.  Thus, no one should give up anything significant in return for a 31-year-old cornerback due to make $9.9 million this year and $11.4 million.

Though the pass-happy nature of the NFL puts a premium on defensive backs, if Samuel was a premium defensive back the Eagles wouldn’t have acquired a pair of defensive backs last season to render him unnecessary.

And now the Eagles can’t afford Samuel, and they’re looking for a sucker who will take him off their hands.  History tells us that they’ll find one.

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75 responses to “With Samuel, Eagles could be sizing up another sucker

    Yes the Eagles usually trade well, but Asante is not a slouch as far as DB’s go!! Has plenty left and probably a pro bowl or 2 left gonna hate to lose him.

  2. “Though the pass-happy nature of the NFL puts a premium on defensive backs, if Samuel was a premium defensive back the Eagles wouldn’t have acquired a pair of defensive backs last season to render him unnecessary.”

    Well, that’s just inaccurate. The Eagles changed their defensive scheme, which prioritizes man coverage. Samuel is a zone corner, and in any case, Samuel was a highly effective corner, grading out +9.2 on the season according to ProFootballFocus.

    As a Giants fan, I will be very happy to see him leave the division.

  3. Any GM who gives up anything better than a 4th for a one dimensional DB who wont tackle should be fired immediately, and then publicly humiliated.

    He’s probably on the phone with the Eagles’ FO right now…

  4. If the Lions still had Manning, they’d be the obvious choice to be the sucker or if they were run by the same clowns/liberals that run the city of Detroit.

  5. The Eagles are currently $15 million under the cap and that is including Asante’s cap number.

    They can afford to keep Asante, but he is just not worth that amount of money with DRC and Nnamdi on the roster.

  6. The Eagles are the best at finding chumps. Line up clowns … it’s time to get bent over.

  7. Mike, this is the second time you wrote that the Eagles can’t afford him. They surely can even though we all know they don’t want to. You are incorrect and I expect better of you. They are still multiple millions under salary cap. I believe somewhere around 12-15 mill? Please correct me or yourself. Thanks for all the great work.

  8. THey have suckered so many people that they have had how many playoff wins in the last four seasons? Uh yes, 0.

    Shrewd operators there in Philly

  9. He was never a good tackler, but he sure made his share of interceptions. After all, isn’t that why the Eagles brought him here in the first place?

  10. Mcnabb and Kolb. I got no argument. Eagles made my skins and the cards their peg boy. But Demeco let’s not give them credit for yet.

  11. So? Asante is not revis….but Asante is better than most CBs. Let’s look at some teams that he would immediately upgrade

    To name a few. So a 3rd rd pick is too much?? Really?

  12. 1.) Samuel has said he is open to restructuring his contract to reduce his salary if it gets him traded, so you really can’t speculate as to whether someone should trade for him because you have no idea what he’ll cost them (salary-wise).

    2.) The Eagles’ willingness to trade Samuel would seem to be more about his style of play rather than level of play. He has still been solid in recent years, but plays off the receiver at the line. Given that Asomugha and DRC play press coverage, it’s likely that he doesn’t fit what they want to do with their corners…so to say they are simply dumping him because he has nothing left is short-sighted, lazy, and less than logically sound. Would you want to keep someone who doesn’t fit the scheme that you want to run?

    3.) Quarterback trades are a whole different ball game. Lots of NFL teams are desperately trying to find someone to anoint as their franchise quarterback…the same is not true of CBs. Hence, teams are willing to give up more if they think they’re getting back a franchise QB, but you expect that to translate directly into a trade for a 31-year old cornerback…please. You can’t compare how the Eagles did in QB trades to this situation. Similarly, absolutely nobody knows who really got the best of the DeMeco Ryans trade…everything at this point is pure speculation. While it’s likely that they got a great deal, it’s because he didn’t fit Houston’s scheme (the same way that Samuel doesn’t seem to fit Philly’s). However, nobody really knows until he plays a full season with the Eagles.

    I wish you’d think through things a bit more before declaring “no one should give up anything significant in return” for Samuel. Your logic is flawed and it makes broad, absolute statements like that one you made in this article appear absolutely ridiculous.

  13. You could say any man cover team is a sucker. Zone teams are lucky. A zone scheme keeps the play in front of Samuel, making his risky play style less of a worry. He can make his flat footed reads and jump routes without worry becuase he’ll always have help over top. He may be getting up there in age, but athleticism doesn’t make zone corners great, instincts do. While Samuel may have inconsistent instincts, his play style is suited more for zone than man.

  14. Lou Piniella used to say, ” when (Braves GM) John Scheurholz offers you a pitcher, you should run from the room….”

    I think you could now safely say the same when the Eagles offer you a QB……

  15. Asante is not some washed up CB. As for those other trades it isn’t the Eagles fault that these teams can’t get the most out of their players. Besides in those other trades you are dealing with QBs, Andy Reid can make a QB look like a million bucks. Why? Because he knows how to design the offense and playcalling around a player’s strengths. One of the reasons these other deals haven’t worked out is because these other teams don’t know how to develop QBs. They don’t know how to get the best out of a QB. Think about AZ for instance. How many QBs have they drafted high that have been complete bust? Don’t blame the Eagles for the fact that these teams can’t design offenses around their QBs. The truth is if Kolb stayed in Philly under Reid he would still look like a million bucks. Remember Jeff Garcia? Everyone thought he was washed up until he played for Reid and looked like a million bucks again. The Eagles are getting blamed for these trades not working out, but the real truth is AZ, Washington, don’t know how to develope QBs. It is their own fault.

  16. This writer is an idiot! I’m not much of an eagles fan but you can look at the stats on him, ProFootballFocus rates every position and he is in the top 5 in every category, including qb passer rating vs him and hes 2nd to only Darelle Revis with qbs having a qb rating around 45. He already said he would restructure his contract nd the Eags want a 3rd pick. You can’t find a cb with his ability and talent in the draft in any rd Nevermind the 3rd. If a team needs a cb now he’s the best option. It ll take any drafted cb couple years to be ready. Everyone was so high on Pat Peterson and he might’ve had a good year on special teams but played pretty poor on defense. Hard to find good players at this pos.

  17. Sure the Eagles know how to get good value in trades, but that doesn’t mean Asante Samuel is a bust waiting to happen. The Eagles found a way to get DRC, who they feel can serve as a suitable replacement for Samuel at about a quarter of the price. A defense looking for a big play corner could do a lot worse.

  18. For all the Eagle’s super genius moves – it hasn’t netted them anything.

    What good is trading everything and getting all these picks and the better end of the stick if they never do anything with it?

    Congrats at being the best at being mediocre?

  19. steelerhypocrite says:
    Mar 29, 2012 7:26 PM
    If the Lions still had Manning, they’d be the obvious choice to be the sucker or if they were run by the same clowns/liberals that run the city of Detroit.

    Been doing a little boozing have ya..sucking back on Grandpa’s old cough medicine?

  20. The Eagles got the better of the DeMeco trade allright…except he has yet to play a down for them.

  21. This is one of the more ridiculous articles I have seen on here recently.

    1. Asante Samuel is still a good corner. He had a solid season last far despite playing in a scheme with more man to man. He produces takeaways. He’s only on the trading block because the Eagles have 3 outside corners and they want to keep everyone in their natural positions while getting something in return for Samuel.

    2. The Eagles can afford to pay him. They are under the cap and free agency has passed. They have plenty of room to sign rookies after the draft.

    3. A 3rd round pick is not much to give up, if that is indeed the asking price. The chance of 3rd rounder this year having more of an impact than a proven All-Pro corner who still plays at a Pro Bowl level at the age of 31 is not likely. You’d be lucky to find a guy in the third round that can even start for you in 3 years’ time.

  22. jenniferxxx says:
    Mar 29, 2012 7:30 PM
    The Eagles are the best at finding chumps. Line up clowns … it’s time to get bent over.


  23. Eagles are very slick in the con, but have little to show for it. Biggest con is of the fans. Weak link is the stubborn, arrogant head coach with “final say” on his bogus draft choices. Could’ve had Jason Pierre Paul but moved up to “grab” Brandon Graham, a smallish DT who can’t stay off the injured list long enough to know if he’s any good. JPP already has his first SB ring. Newman!!!

  24. Actually, no the Eagles can not afford him. It isn’t about this year, it’s avoid next year when all the players they signed last offseason cap numbers go up along with Vick’s and at that point nobody is going to want that old of a corner who didn’t play well, even if it is due to the system they run this year coupled with his drop in playing time. Come on, you Eagles fans don’t really believe you won’t hit the cap the next couple years with all the players you signed do you? Can’t have a “dream team” without that happening. Come on now.

  25. .


    Who wants a cornerback that freelances? I’d rather a less talented player who follows the team’s game plan rather than creates his own.

    3rd round pick seems reasonable? ….okay but it’s in 2034, and conditional.

    If he’s so good, why’s his contract on eBay?


  26. ayy we CAN afford Asante. We are 10 million below the cap as i type. lol and that includes asantes salary. The fact is asante is a great player. We dont have to trade him. You wanna great CB ante up.

  27. Heck, I don’t care if we get a 7th round pick for him, getting his cap hit out of town is a major win (most likely to be used on McCoy’s new contract).

  28. “So a 3rd rd pick is too much?? Really?”

    The problem is his age and the dollars left on his contract. The NFL is littered CBs who have had a major decline in play after their 30th birthday. No way do I give up a 3rd for him if I’m GM.

  29. Normally I won’t make comments on a commentary, but this is too rich to pass on.

    Let’s review. Philly traded Dmac for a low 2nd which an NFL GM deemed a good deal for their team. The pundits thought Philly sold low at the time (although they don’t really matter).

    Philly then deals Kolb to another NFL GM who thinks he will help his team enough to send a 2nd and a CB who no longer fits the defensive scheme in return.

    Most recently Philly packages some picks to yet another NFL GM for a MIKE with a high cap number.

    For effect I haven’t mentioned the Miami Dolphins and the 2nd they sent for A.J. Feeley.. but that was another NFL GM you feel smarter than.

    jeesh.. you’re UNDERPAID pal. hopefully you can afford some tissues.

  30. Aye no you can’t. Do you Eagles fans not realize that every one of your players cap numbers go up in the coming years? AND you have to pay Lesean Mccoy at some point too, you just paid Desean and yeah you have 10-15 million this year depending on what you do but you won’t have any of that in the coming years. Seriously, you don’t think you can sign Vick, McCoy and DeSean then bring in Babin, Nnamdi and the plethora of other players you did and not hit the cap in the years to come? You can afford Asante THIS year and that’s about it, then come next year when your cap starts tightening around your necks you’ll be able to get far less for him than you would this year because he (a) doesn’t fit your system; and (b) won’t get as much playing time. This inevitably causes his value to go down and hence you either get less for him or you have to let him go because of the other massive contracts you have on your hands. My God, it isn’t that hard to grasp, having 10 million this year does not mean you can afford him in the future.

  31. Did the eagles really get the better of the Cardinals? Cards have a potential franchise QB, time will tell this season. Eagels got a 2nd round pick and a corner who cant and usually doesnt even try to tackle. He got smoked for the eagles last year and the cards the year before.

    Namdi also didnt have a good year, it seams Asante was the best CB on the Eagles last year.

    Also keep in mind, the Cards beat McNabb with Vick in the playoffs, and beat Vick in philly with thier 2nd string qb.

  32. “For effect I haven’t mentioned the Miami Dolphins and the 2nd they sent for A.J. Feeley.. but that was another NFL GM you feel smarter than.”

    Anyone’s smarter than the Miami Dolphins when it comes to QBs since Marino retired. Culpepper over Brees anyone?

  33. mojosmagic says:
    Mar 29, 2012 9:12 PM
    The guy has more picks then anyone in the league over the last 4 seasons.

    Asante Samuel – 3,7,9,4 = 23 INT’s

    Charles Woodson – 7,2,9,7 = 25 INT’s


  34. Ajpurp, what you don’t realize is that most of these contracts aren’t guaranteed. Vick has something like $3 million left guaranteed after this year, Babin has nothing guaranteed after this year, deseans guaranteed money is $15 million, about the same as Pierre Garçon, a steal, Jenkins just restructured, Demeco has nothing guaranteed after this season, and every player they just re-upped (cole, herremans,etc) all have stagnant cap numbers moving forward.

    Do some homework before commenting on a team your not a fan of. The Eagles can afford to lock up 4 shady McCoys if they wanted. They can’t win anything, but us eagles fans never have to worry about cap troubles. The Eagles will be able to bring in any player they want at any time. Now, if only they’d realize that safety and Linebacker are real positions (Hopefully Meco plays well)

  35. The suckers being sized up are the ones who think Andy Reid is an elite coach.

  36. Yes the Eagles have no Lombardi Trophys…got that out the way….

    The Eagles FO is head and shoulders above 30 of the other 31 teams……The Cap # of the Eagles will not rise any higher than the rest of the League and they will still be in positon to make moves and fleece other teams….don’t be a hater your whole life…..

  37. It would be interesting to see what you armchair GMs would have done with the information at the time. First, the QBs. Take J.P. Losman…Charlie Frye. ..John Beck…Drew Stanton…Jimmy Clausen. I guess the Cardinals could have taken Blaine Gabbert, Jack Locker or Christian Ponder instead of trading for Kolb and taking Patrick Peterson.

    As for Demeco Ryans, if the Texans knew he didn’t the scheme, what was their alternative? Who had the cap space, didn’t have a 4-3 MLB, and could offer more than the Eagles? Someone tell me what better deal the Texans could have made for a guy they knew they needed to move.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Well, most of the time. We knew way back when that Sonny Jurgensen for Norm Snead was a bad deal.

  38. I’d love to see the old Patriot in a Dolphins uni. Not for the amount he’s asking, however.

  39. @ ajpurp

    I’m pretty sure the Eagles front office has the cap under control.

    First of all, neither you nor anyone else right now has an idea of what the cap increase will be next year, so you really are blowing smoke when you say that the Eagles can afford Asante this year “and that’s about it.”

    Second, you’re such a genius…I had NO idea that people backloaded contracts. Oh wait, that’s what cutting players and restructuring contracts is for. Conveniently, every NFL team employs people who know a lot more than you or I to take care of that. Also, you completely fail to cite the fact that the Eagles have built in an excellent “out” in their contract with Vick that can limit his cap charge if they choose to cut him in the near future.

    Third, your comment about not getting as much for Samuel next year as we could this year because he doesn’t fit our system is nonsensical. If he doesn’t fit our system now (and he doesn’t), then he wouldn’t fit it next year…no impact on that front. A year older can’t help his value, but you never know 1.) how much he’ll play this year if we keep him or 2.) if anyone will be forced to be serious, aggressive players in acquiring a CB based on injuries, etc.

    Fourth, considering the “out” in Vick’s contract you really only have a handful of players on the Eagles that have large contracts…Babin’s cap hit is less than 6.2m in all years on his contract, which is pretty solid considering he racked up about 18 sacks last year. Jenkins restructured. McCoy hasn’t signed a new deal yet. Jackson’s deal isn’t all that ridiculous (quite a few teams have receivers making what he’s making or more).

    All in all, I’m not quite sure how you’re so certain that the Eagles are doomed, or why you perceive yourself to be so much smarter than other people (or all Eagles fans, apparently) who post on this site. Throwing out a general fact about cap numbers increasing towards the end of contracts and then naming some players doesn’t make a solid argument man. Regardless, nobody can project what will happen weeks in advance in the NFL, much less years. To think that you know more than Philly’s front office is asinine.

  40. Danny boy Snyder should be calling any minute to offer two 2nd round picks and their first available 1st round pick. He will then promptly give him a 5 year extension and 50 mil guaranteed. And then cut him next year.

  41. Asante makes his entire side of the field a liability…He doesn’t play within ANY defensive scheme, be it man or zone coverages…HE decides where he will cover and could care less what his responsibilities are…

    If we can get a cheese sandwich in return it’s a win…he’ll be CUT if no “sucker” is found.

    He cost the Eagles at least 3 victories last season, with his putrid defense. If a ball carier comes his way…he promplty get out of the way…I can’t wait to see him go.

    Go Eagles!

  42. Haha I don’t perceive myself to be any smarter than any Eagles fans on this site. The fact is, literally, everyone that writes professionally about football has said the Eagles will not be able to continue to afford Asante’s contract, he makes 9 mill then goes to 11. You can’t have three corner-backs on the roster making that amount of money. It is common sense. All the Eagles fans giving me thumbs down, wait a year or two and see what happens to your cap. And arguments about guaranteed money are ridiculous, because what you’re implying is that the Eagles won’t keep those players, in which case, of course they would have cap room! But if you cut the players making that amount of money, especially Vick, Babin, Etc. it means your blowing up the team, because you are not very good, in which case you still can’t afford Asante, just in a different way. Plus, you still have to pay McCoy, instead of arguing that you can afford the world how bout you wait and see. As of right now, common sense says, you can’t afford 3 corner-backs taking up the amount of cap space they are and still be able to field an all around solid team. Common sense, that’s why every analyst is saying it and why I am now, not because I’m “so much smarter” than all Eagles fans. Most are saying the same thing, except the ones on these message boards who feel the need to argue everything anyone ever says about their team.

  43. Asante has been a Top 5 CB for 8-9 years and been to the Pro Bowl 6 times. Last year wasn’t his best year but Pro Football Focus has him rated as the 3rd best CB in the NFL.

    All that for a 3rd round pick?

    Look say what you want the guy gets paid because he is that good.

    He is leaving because the Eagles are going to play more man coverage. New D in Philly thats all it has nothing to do with Asante.

  44. For the last time , Asante only gave up 29 catches all year ,he only allowed 2 TD’s , and QB’s had the second lowest % throwing at him at 52.4% (only behind Revis) . His only knock was he only had 3 INT’s , which for most CB’s is more than acceptable . Complain about his contract all you want cause he already said he’s willing to restructure . Oh and
    FYI , We got DRC cause we desperately
    needed another DB and then the best Free agent & the best defensive back in the league (arguably) wanted to play for us at the last minute , how could we turn that down ? We cant keep all 3
    cause Samuel and Cromartie are both
    outside CB’s and DRC is 6 years younger
    and 7 million cheaper ( which we need to resign Shady) . If a team gets the 5th best rated CB in the NFL (says profootballfocus) for a 3rd rd pick , that team will be getting a elite CB.

  45. In reality Samuel should be worth a 2nd rd pick. He’s an all-pro CB (look at the stats) . Giving up an average of a 2 catches per game makes him a liability ? Learn the game haters !

  46. Those who say Assante doesn’t tackle speak from ignorance. Assante is more than a willing tackled. He is just very bad at it. So much so that I fear he will suffer a serious neck injury the way he lunges in head first. Eagles fans can attest to the number of times he’s come off the field with a “stinger”! Don’t buy into media talking poi.TS about players. I watch more Eagles games than most journalist who think they know the inner workings of our team. That said…..when the Eagles are done with a player its a kiss of death. Its probably the thing they do best from a personnel standpoint. Dawkins and Having strike me as the only occassions they have failed in that regard, and they re-acquired Janine so…Personally I’d like 22 to restructure and be moved into a centerfielder type roll where he can be a ballhawk behind a passrush that flusters QBs into bad throws, but I’m just a lowly fan, not a coordinator.

  47. Trying to evaluate a well-known NFL player by circumspection is pretty weak for an NFL writer, especially when you could easily look up Samuel’s excellent charting stats.

  48. ajpurp – This has nothing to do with next year. It has everything to do with this year.

    Can the Eagles keep Asante with a $11 million dollar hit next year? Yes they can. Is it stupid especially with the money invested in Nnamdi and the eventual money needed to spend on DRC? Yes it is.

    It makes since to trade him now because there is still value for him. They can also keep him on the team right now and still have $15 million in cap space.

    You are arguing about next year, when it has zip to do with anything. If the Eagles do not trade him this year, they are going to cut him next year.

    They can afford him this year and that is all that matters.

  49. I understand that a lot of people hate the Eagles (even before the “Dream Team” fiasco); but is it just me, or does PFT’s coverage of the Eagles seem about as a fair and balanced as Fox News’ coverage of democrats/liberals (or, to be non-partisan, MSNBC’s coverage of republicans/conservatives)?

  50. This is the same team that said seeya to Kolb and hello VEEEEEEE YYYYYYYY… yep, thats Eagle brains!

  51. Also, props to @thesmiteofthewicked for giving credit where credits due. I always appreciate an NFC East rival who values logic over irrational fanaticism.

  52. Trade big; draft small; sign free agents very very tiny. They don’t have a whole lot to show for their supposed mastery of the trading arena as far as on-field performance goes.

  53. Ajpurp- DRC is still on his rookie contract asshat. How is that not affordable? Face it- our front office is better than yours. Deal with it. That is all. Times yours..

  54. When did the Lions even have manning ??? and as to who runs the city of Detroit the Former Detroit Piston Great Dave Bing has been doing a really good jog over the last few yeas since he took the Mayor position.
    but since you what to talk about people running crap lets take Andy Reed you got a head coach that is to be a leader of men but in fact can’t even run his own house hold how can you lead a team to win a super bowl win you can’t even lead your own kids to stay off the pipe or quite banging needles in your arms.Philly fans what a joke they really are to the leauge.they are the kids on the block that Think they are the kool kids but fail to realize what it is that evey one else see’s is just a bunch of jack offs.

  55. @airup Google Joe Banner. He’s is the man in charge of managing the Eagles Cap, and he’s GREAT AT IT! We can honestly afford ANYONE WE WANT. We may not have any ssuperbowl rings, but we are THE WORLD CHAMPIONS OF CAP MANIPULATION! Learn a bit about the Eagles before you attempt to take on our fans on a chat board armed with nothing but the idiotic drivel of national football pundits who call us dumb for saying McNabb was done(which he was) and who twisted VY’s Enthusiastic “Dream Team” comment into some kind of false bravado which it was never intended to be.

  56. Ok i know no one will read this but i have to say it….ive have heard enough about this RIDICULOUS idea that asante samuel was the 3rd best corner in the entire NFL last season. Theres sooo much to say on the subject of players and numbers and whether good numbers translate to effective play on the field. I will stick with assante and his circumstances last season. NFL teams, hell pop warner teams try to find a weakness they can exploit when they play another team. Thats what any sport is all about…matchups. does anyone remember what our weakness was last season? It seemed like the whole country was laughing at our linebackers and safeties…jarrad page?..half a season??. Some of it justified, some not…but my point is asante and Naamdi NUMBERS benefitted from teams attacking our linebackers more often than usual. It got to the point where castillo had asomugha covering tight ends. My point is there were less pass attempts to recievers when teams played the eagles which made the amount of times our corners were targeted seem less. Rememer tony gonzales? If we had guys that could cover him maybe julio jones would have had a bigger day. And all it would take is one receiver having a big game against asante and it would change those stupid numbers dramatically. Asante samuel sucks. Period. Jumping routes?? And making picks that very rarely are the deciding factors in games? He gives up way too much space at the snap. If his tackling were better that would be less of an issue but he tackles like my grandmother. Ok im done…I can write a frickin book on how the eagles blew 60 million dollars on this fraud of a player. Have a pleasant day.

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