Antonio Brown: “No doubt” Mike Wallace will remain in Pittsburgh

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Steelers receiver Mike Wallace remains an unsigned restricted free agent, but Wallace’s partner in the Pittsburgh receiving corps, Antonio Brown, says he’s not worried about Wallace getting away.

Brown said on NFL Network’s Total Access that he expects Wallace to sign with the Steelers, either the one-year tender offer or a long-term deal, and that the two of them will remain teammates.

“I definitely expect it,” Brown said. “I definitely look forward to him providing me help from the other side, rolling coverages — he’s a great teammate of mine.”

Brown admitted that he doesn’t know if other teams have spoken to Wallace about signing him to an offer sheet, and the reality is that there’s still plenty of time for some team to do that. And although the Steelers would likely try to match any offer for Wallace, there are plenty of teams that have more cap room than the Steelers and could sign Wallace to a front-loaded offer sheet that the Steelers would have a very difficult time matching.

And yet Brown remains unconcerned.

“No doubt in my mind, he’s coming back,” Brown said.

Florio discussed the possibility of some team signing Wallace to an offer sheet on today’s PFT Live:
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42 responses to “Antonio Brown: “No doubt” Mike Wallace will remain in Pittsburgh

  1. Antonio Brown was explosive in college, saw him play a couple times in person. I think the fact that he played in the MAC made teams overlook him a bit in the draft, he was an absolute steal where they got him. I wish my team could get a late-rounder to work out like this! It’s like finding a bunch of cash in your jeans when doing the wash….a very pleasant surprise.

  2. Better hope he comes back, otherwise brown will be seeing all the rolling coverages. Both real good players. It’s a shame steelers got their cap all f%£€Ed up

  3. Finish the statement: “because he won’t be getting the $ he thought he was going to be worth on the open market”.

  4. Either way steelers will be fine. I want Wallace to stay but not for an outrageous price, which the steelers are known for getting the best bang for their buck, never over spending for someone…There’s so many solid WRs that will be coming out of the draft they could replace Wallace easily.

  5. I pity you if you believe that Wallace was serious when he demanded Fitzgerald money.

    That was his way of saying, “I don’t want to end up on a team where the top receiver gets 600 yards a season.”

  6. @johntonioholmes

    I pity you for thinking your ability to guess people’s motivations is definite.

  7. The other teams may be waiting to see how much cap space the Steelers have left over to reasonably commit to him before they make an offer.

  8. @dawhorsefeathers, cute really man are u serious 1 of the best tandoms in the league and u wanna get smart all the sudden wow must be a Ratbird fan!!!!!!

  9. Mike Wallace is a joke, not worth a 1st round pick for a 1 trick pony.

    Fitzgerald kind of contract, i laughed so hard. Clear case of megalomania.

    Mike Wallace, you are NOTHING but fast, it a shame that team keep underestimating your speed, giving your easy TD’s. They’ll learn soon enough.

  10. I’m not saying he’s better but wallace first 3 years are almost identical to Larry Fitzgeralds first 3 years.

  11. I met Antonio Brown a couple of months ago, he is a good guy and very humbled. Hope to have him in Pittsburgh for years to come.

  12. The Steelers had better find a way to keep him. He’s one bright spot on a team in the process of purging veterans and rebuilding. It may take a year or two before we start to see the Steelers back at the competitive levels we’re used to. It’s a very well run organization and they will get back there.

  13. Last season Brown had 69 receptions for 1,108 yards and Wallace had 72 receptions for 1,193 yards. They are a great receiving tandem who help each other. It’s amazing that anyone commenting on Wallace could be that clueless about Brown. It would be great to keep both … but we’ll survive and thrive regardless.

  14. @Deb…. love your comment,so true!! There is not a better team in the NFL at developing and keeping a core group of players that allows them to compete year in and year out. My only wish is that we could develop a more consistent o-line.

  15. markwmeier:

    While I agree Wallace isn’t worth Larry money take a look at the Wallace’s numbers in his first 3 years vs. Larry and Megatron. If you do the research you’ll see that Wallace’s numbers are equal or better. As I already said, I don’t think Wallace deserves contracts like those two but please don’t say he’s nothing but fast. I’m sorry facts/stats get in the way of your point.

  16. I hate when people say the steelers cap is messed up. Teams like Oakland and st. Louis are messed up . The steelers just have a bunch of really good players that have been compensated as such

  17. @bclower: Yeah, they’re a great “tandom” and he seems like a nice guy, but my point that you and everyone else missed was that Brown’s comment was fairly self-serving. It’s like any #2 saying he’s grateful for the #1 over there to “help him out”.

  18. You are right on Deb, Great comment. Deb is correct Brown and Wallace compliment each other well. But she is also right the Steelers will survive and will continue winning tradition. Go Steelers

  19. We get some great offensive linemen on this team and this receiver will be unstoppable. Wallace stretches the field with his speed like no other in the league right now and Brown is a great receiver already as well of course they compliment each other. If Steelers get the O line together, they will be the AFC North Champions next year.

  20. I’m a Pats fan but credit where it’s due: Colbert rarely makes an error in judging players or their value. I knew when they tendered Wallace that they knew what they were doing. He’ll stay there.
    I saw the interview with Brown. Seems like a sweet kid.

  21. @discosucs2005

    Hmmm, first he says he wants to stay in Pittsburgh and then he demands Fitzgerald money, full-well knowing that A) His last season did not compare to the season that got Fitz his monster contract and B) Pittsburgh never pays that much money, especially to wide receivers.

    I pity your deductive reasoning skills.

  22. discosucs2005

    And one more thing: Who says that’s just not my opinion?

    That’s MY theory on the matter. Much like the other 7 billion people in the world, I gave my opinion on the matter.

    I do not believe Mike Wallace was serious and I think San Fran offered more money than Pittsburgh could and/or will. So why wouldn’t he sign?

    One more contract in Pittsburgh and he will up for a really big payday because he will have good numbers. If he sings for a decent contract in San Fran, his numbers will drop and after 5 years, he’ll have to sign a one-year prove-it deal.

    Even if he doesn’t get the bigger contract immediately, staying in Pittsburgh is more financially savvy over the long run because Roethlisberger is a significantly better QB than Alex Smith is. Unless Wallace goes to New England, New Orleans, Green Bay, New York and maybe Denver, his numbers are going to decrease.

  23. Antonio, talk Pig Ben Rottenberger into leaving the team so the stench in “the burg” will go away.

  24. I just hope that *if* Wallace stays, he doesn’t have an attitude because he feels he’s not getting paid as he deserves. The Steelers are not a team that typical indulges individual players, it’s very much a ‘team first’ mentality. Even Big Ben has been put on notice, and I think it’s for the best. ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!

  25. antibenapalooza

    If that so called “stench” is winning championships then i can deal with that smell!

  26. Good points about improving the offensive line to improve the receiving corps. The QB and the Young Money Crew are all in place. Steelers have to be the top “contender” team playing with the worst offensive line.

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