Bengals announce Manny Lawson signing

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Manny Lawson let the cat out of the bag regarding his return to Cincinnati a couple of days ago, but, much like breaking up, nothing is official until both parties turn their key.

The Bengals have turned their key. They have made the official announcement that Lawson has re-signed with the team for a second season. Lawson started every game at outside linebacker last season, recording 78 tackles and seven tackles-for-losses for Mike Zimmer’s defense. Zimmer talked about Lawson’s contributions in the team’s release about the agreement.

“Manny was a big part of our success last season, and I look for him to take his game to a higher level this year. He moved to essentially a different position with us, playing outside in a 4-3 after being in a 3-4, and he kept getting better as the year went on. He was very good against the run and in coverage, and this year I think we can take better advantage of him as a pass rusher.”

If the Bengals can get Lawson to become a force in the pass rush, that would be a pleasant surprise. Lawson has done everything but rack up sacks since entering the league as a 2006 first-round pick of the 49ers, a blank spot on his bio that makes his other abilities somewhat overlooked. Even if he doesn’t discover that part of his game, Lawson will be an important piece of the Bengals defense as they try to return to the playoffs for a second straight year.

13 responses to “Bengals announce Manny Lawson signing

  1. Good luck making him a pass rusher.
    Great in coverage, solid against the run but never quite became the passrusher he was supposed to be.

  2. Top-rated, high-quality headline writer has joined your staff, given s/he finally realized it’s NOT:

    “Bengal OFFICIALLY announce M.L. signing”

    Why writers always place the word “officially” before signing is inappropriate, a superfluous addition.

  3. Lawson’s solid- good move for Cincy. Maybe they can get a pass rusher in the draft.

  4. thankheavenfornumberseven says:Mar 30, 2012 12:50 PM

    Oh, sorry, didn’t see the hyperlink to the Seinfeld clip. That might be trying too hard to get a Seinfeld reference in.

    You not getting the reference even without reading the link says more about your Seinfeld knowledge than it does about PFT trying too hard.

  5. “talkintrashallday says:
    Mar 30, 2012 2:49 PM
    What in the world would they have done without his annual 1.5 sack contribution?? BUST”

    He’s more of a coverage linebacker (hence why the 4-3 defense is better for him than 3-4). The Bengals have had this awesome knack recently for putting players in a position so they can succeed. Manny was used to cover middle of the field threats rather than pass rushing.

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