Bengals lead the way in cap space as of March 30

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As of March 15, the Bengals had $38.9 million in cap space, second to the Broncos’ $40 million.  Two weeks and a Peyton Manning signing later, the Bengals lead the way as of March 30 with $20.5 million.

The Broncos are now at No. 10, with $13.8 million.

At first blush, the idea that the Bengals chewed up $18.3 million in cap space seems unusual, but they’ve signed since March 15 tackle Travelle Wharton, safety Reggie Nelson, running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis, cornerback Pacman Jones, defensive end Jamaal Anderson, tackle Anthony Collins, defensive end Derrick Harvey, defensive tackle Pat Sims, and linebacker Manny Lawson (pictured).

The other teams in the top 10 with remaining cap space are the Jaguars ($20.2 million), Seahawks ($18.9 million), Browns ($18.5 million), Titans ($18.4 million), Buccaneers ($18.3 million), Chiefs ($17.0 million), Eagles ($16.2 million), and Vikings ($14.5 million).

At the other end of the spectrum are the Panthers ($623,000), Saints ($1.4 million), Ravens ($1.7 million), and Falcons ($1.8 million).

For the rest of the teams, check out the full list.

52 responses to “Bengals lead the way in cap space as of March 30

  1. Enjoy it while you can Bengal fans….it will be your last lead for a while.

  2. Wish they had a time machine to get Jonathan Joseph signed to an extension a year ago, but they haven’t overspent.

    They have signed for depth. They are still a young team (that made the playoffs last year)…. why should they throw money around instead of keeping it to sign guys like Atkins, Dunlap, Smith, etc to extensions next year and still have the flexibility to sign younger players to extensions in the next 2 year? Throw in 2 first rounders and there isn’t a ton to complain about here….

  3. Goes to show that the Eagles have the best FO in football. They continue to be a playoff contender and have a number of guys signed to huge contracts but still have the 8th most cap room in the league. If they move Asante which is probable then they will have the most cap room in the league. The real icing on the cake would be if they could convince a team to give them a 2nd for Asante. I say that half-jokingly because they are really good at getting value from trades.

  4. Strong jealousy in the comments. Tell me again, what part of your favorite team do you occupy; or are you just living vicariously through them.

  5. The Bengals are cheap. We get it.

    In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue

  6. Hey look that is 15 mill for the Eagles with Asante. Without they would have 24 mill. They could sign a replacement tackle and still have plenty of money. It is a shame that we can’t get a super bowl but at least they are good at something.

  7. @Andybo2

    Now, I know I shouldn’t throw stones, but I’m sure others will agree…. Does the award for most cap space fill up a trophy case like a Lombardi? Well, actually, I don’t think you would know that, sorry.

  8. Don’t mention that they have to re-sign Dunlap, Atkins, MJ and think about extending Dalton, Green and Gresham.

  9. “Bengals lead the way in …” Mark this day down in history, March 30, 2012.

  10. Mike Brown, In the past, I have been very critical of your cheap spending ways. But, I have to applauded your latest management of free agency moves. You’re doing a great job. Actually, outstanding job! Yes, I’ve said it. I still think Katie has a lot to do with it. Go Bengals!

  11. harbaughshandshake – you’re garbage and your team will be too very soon.

    raidadon – you mad bro? Sorry we stole them picks from your team.

    andyreidisarrogantandfa – dont know jack and obviously didnt watch football last year.

    mikelitoris1 – did the bengals hurt your feelings?

    Andyb – ummmm where were the Eagles

    kvanhorn87 – yes the eagles are good at something, but it wasn’t football last year

    wetpaperbag3 – your a moron and your
    Jokes are old

    markwmeier – thats just harsh

  12. Its not even that much. $8 million is for the draft that leaves $12 million With that $12 million they will still fix a hole or 2 after the draft plus they should leave about $4 million just in case of injury. So just with the draft and the insurance money the bengals only have $8 million of cap space.

  13. Are you all stupid we have high cap because we not spending that much on our 1st string qb, wr when it comes time to sign them we are all going to need that money to lock up our good young players like Carlos Dunlap, Geno Atkins, Andy dalton, aj green who will want Calvin Johnson money so when it comes time to sign them I just hope we have enough to sign them. Coming from a bengals fan. WHO DEY!!

  14. I love it how people who know nothing about the team make the dumb comments. The Bengals have to have money to sign their young stars, Dalton, Green, Gresham, Dunlap, and Atkins, to big extensions. They are planning for the future.

  15. Bengals probably also lead the way in Pro Bowlers under 25 with Dalton, Green, Gresham & Atkins. Throw in Dunlap, Shipley, & 2 1st round picks and you’re talking about a team with young talent AND plenty of cap space to push into later years to keep this talent in house. No big cap busting signings. Just solid deals keeping the ability to sign the core youngsters to long term extensions later on. Have to imagine AJ’s 2nd contract will have to match Calvin Johnsons mega deal. Daltons deal will be up @ the same time. Cincy could build a really nice core if it plays its cards right in the next 2-3 years.

  16. duhbears-

    He doesn’t type out the entire list because advertisers pay him based on “clicks”. He needs you to click on the link to make his dough.

  17. Shocker .

    they will have to spend it next year according to the new CBA .

    they have a talented roster . i think they got lucky with there picks considering they never had any scouts . they add a few pieces to it they may surprise this season .

    it sucks as i am a life long die hard Browns fan . i know we will be in last again this season . the AFC North is the toughest division in the NFL . hard to climb out of that cellar .

  18. As mentioned before, if they abide by the salary floor next year, they will be able to lock up their young talent to extensions. Dalton, Green, Atkins, Dunlap, Gresham.

    Sounds smart to me.

    Oh wait, you mean they didn’t just win the “My team just wasted money on marginal talent in free agency Bowl”?

  19. atleast they are competitive and well within the “spirit of the system.” I do wonder how much better they would be with just a couple more additions and little more of the cap spaced used up.

  20. -therillest
    The Jaguars are addressing needs and resigning players as needed have 2 major positions to address in the draft like teams are supposed to do instead of overpaying for players.

  21. rabidbillsfan says: Mar 30, 2012 8:33 PM


    “Now, I know I shouldn’t throw stones, but I’m sure others will agree…. Does the award for most cap space fill up a trophy case like a Lombardi? Well, actually, I don’t think you would know that, sorry.”
    Wow a Bills fanstalking about empty trophy cases? Really? LOL

    At least the Eagles have three NFL titles, all the Bills have are hairy cheerleaders, the crappy side of the falls and very little reason to live.

  22. Listen to all the hate in the room for my Bengals… I like it when people start to hate you is when you have people respecting you.. These Philly fans are mad nobody hates them. Nobody fears them either.

  23. That’s it, Bungals fans. Keep supporting Mike Brown, so nothing will ever change.

  24. Joe keep watching buffalo or that crap in canada you think is football and keep your worthless thoughts to yourself.

  25. Johnnyb-
    Are you insinuating that people fear the bengals?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The way EVERYONE talks about the eagles is proof they fear them. I can’t wait for “your” bengals to step foot in the linc this season…it’s gonna be a loooong day for you buddy. As you can see from last years results, just because you go out and sign the farm, it doesn’t mean you’ll be any good. The birds had a helluva offseason and when they sign shady it will be a complete success…see you in philly brother! And to the bills fan who is talking about empty trophy Your boys lost 4 in a row with arguably the BEST roster ever. Sucks.

  26. “Mike Wallace wouldn’t help Dalton and Green?”

    RFA signings are rare. The Bengals would have to shell out $8+ million dollars per year and the Steelers could simply match the offer, allowing the Bengals to do all the work of negotiating with the player….

    I don’t think that argument is there that Wallace wouldn’t help any team, but at a huge salary and a forfeited 1st round pick, you have to weigh the upside and downside of any deal.

    The only teams that still may be in play for him would be the Patriots or Broncos with their cap space and lower first round picks…. but neither of those organizations would make a deal with his demands and the fact that the steelers could wiggle out more cap space and match the offer.

    Why overpay when there is a good chance he will be a UFA next year anyways?

  27. I think the Bengals should have paid up to get Vincent Jackson. They need a big-bodied versatile receiver to play opposite to AJ Green. It would definitely take some heat off Mr. Dalton as well.

  28. @stercuilus65

    Actually, we have 4 AFC Confrence championship trophies, from 4 consecutive years. You know, those games you could never win to make it to the Superbowl? I’ll take the Lumps of losing 4 straight Superbowl games, but for a fan of a team who hasn’t won anything in the modern age of Football to prop up his team as being very good at something is pathetic. BTW, Bengal fans, I’m on board with the saving money stuff, Dalton and Green will eat up half that cap space by themselves in a year or two, not to mention having 2 1st’s to worry about paying in the future as well.

  29. Headline : “Bengals lead the way in cap space….”

    Then you tell us the Denver has the most cap space, with the Bengals second.

    Which is it ?

    Bengals or Broncos ?

  30. Don’t worry the new NFL contract has many changes to the rules for players and owners. The Bengals HAVE to spend that money. They can extent contracts for some of their current players, sign free agents. Because the amount of money for drafted players is automatic for all of them based on where are drafted. Yes, they HAVE TO SPEND THAT CAP MONEY on players this year. How they are going to do that should be interesting, but they can not put it in their pocket…

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