Carlos Rogers didn’t want to sign with a “sorry” team


Carlos Rogers signed a new contract with the 49ers just hours after his old contract expired, remaining with the 49ers on a four-year, $31.3 million deal. Rogers says the money is nice, but that wasn’t the primary motivation.

Instead, Rogers told reporters Thursday, he said he wanted to stay in San Francisco because he thinks the 49ers are building something special.

“Do I really want to go into free agency?” Rogers said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “Maybe I get more money. I could be with a team that’s sorry. And they could continue to be sorry for like two years. And then once they want to change some stuff around, OK, they’re going to go after the people that are making the highest salary. And then I get cut.”

Rogers said he was also motivated by knowing that when he signed, it ensured all 11 starters on the 2011 49ers’ defense would return for 2012.

“This is a first for me,” Rogers said. “I’m pretty sure it’s rare for a lot of guys, to have all 11 starters back.”

Given that, it’s hard to imagine the 49ers being sorry this year.

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  1. I can imagine them having a sorry year. Starting a QB they didn’t want, a second year HC who just may have had a fluke first year, some weird off season moves. We’ll see.

  2. The 9ers definitely wont be sorry next year but you received one other contract offer.
    Let’s not act like there was a bidding war Los.
    Started the year great, fell back into previous form at the end of the year. Let’s just hope you play like the first half of 2011.
    You were almost replaced…so it was very smart to take that contract when you did.

  3. This guy must have a short memory because his team was a “sorry” team not too long ago. Guess that means he’d be gone if this 49ers weren’t good last season?

  4. Comes off as a ringing endorsement for anyone looking to play for the Redskins, doesn’t it?

  5. 50% of all teams that were in the playoffs last season will not be in the playoffs this season. It would be funny if the 49ers don’t make the playoffs this season. Then he’ll be sorry.

  6. congratulations Carlos, glad everything is working out for you. You do realize that you were a big disappointment in DC, right? Good.

  7. While the 49ers are unquestionably very good defensively, expect thme to come back to earth a bit this season. It’s the NFL and nobody dominates forever. They got a bump from the coaching staff being new – now there is a year of game film for others to study. Even the wildcat worked for a little while.

  8. Can’t blame the guy for being honest….he doesn’t want to play on a crappy team.

  9. carlos rogers has been a bust since he was drafted…only good year he has had was last year and the only reason that happened cause he was on the best defense in the league….guys around him made his job easier…he didnt want to go to another team thats sorry cause that team wouldve been sorry in the long run….they really wouldve figured out what a pile carlos rogers is!!

  10. jenniferxxx says:
    That officially makes the 49ers the “Dream Team” of 2012. Congratulations.

    Haters gonna hate. Your hatred for the 49ers sustains me 🙂

  11. His butterfingers cost the Skins at least one playoff game and a handful of regular season games. He held on to some in SF but I still saw a few smack him right in his grill.

  12. most of these guys were playing for a contract last year. You’ll see different effort in 2012

  13. Being a 49ers fan for 32 years I have seen plenty of ups and downs. What I saw last year even with the lockout was a team that came together surrounded by adversity. A New Organization and a lotta new players. Our D is very very strong and I believe that after Alex Smith gets this monkey off his back about us trying to get Peyton he will get back into the groove. I am hoping with the extra time he has to get better that he will become a better QB. No doubt that our D with the help of Carlos Rogers won us most of our games last year but Smith has def stepped his game up. I was one that really wanted him gone but since he is back I just want him to prove to everyone that he can take us to the promised land. Carlos Rogers is an amazing player and I am glad he is coming back to join our D!!!

  14. Oh yeah it wasn’t about the money it was about the team….you still got 31 million dollars! You want a cookie for being such a team player?

  15. Under-reported fact of 2012…after dropping dozens of picks over 7 years as a Redskins, Carlos Rogers got contact lenses before reporting to the 49ers. Unbelievable!
    Shame on everyone involved for not making him do it sooner. Skins fans should be pissed, and the (several) coaches and trainers that were there should be embarrassed.

  16. I love how everybody calls the 9ers’ season last year a fluke. This team has had a lot of talent all across the board for a while now. The main things the team has lacked was motivation/quality at the head coaching position, and an “elite” quarterback.

    True, Alex Smith may indeed be “just a game manager”, but now they’ve added quality receiver help short/intermediate/deep, not to mention if Alex regresses again they now have Gore, Jacobs, Hunter and even Cartwright to pound the ball with. The division will be better but there is little chance this team takes a big step backwards.

  17. Why does everyone act like this kid is good?

    He was a bum on the Redskins and he played well on a contract year.

    Dear lord, he’s the reverse Albert Haynesworth.

  18. rogers would be a hofer if he could catch the damn ball!
    the carlos that could’nt leave washington enough will show up this year,which means a mediocore player who can’t hit water if he fell out of a boat!

  19. The 49ers got lucky more than a few times last year. I can definitely see them plunging back down to Earth. They have some great run D, but not much else.

  20. TO ALL PEOPLE CALLING 49ers a FLUKE LAST YEAR: R U SERIOUS???? did you see that defense?? im sorry but that was pure smashmouth defense no fluke there at all

  21. For better or worse, SF players are starting to adopt Harbaugh’s swagger and bravado.

    Keep it classy Niners, we don’t want to be the Jets West.

  22. If you played well in DC Dan would have made you the highest paid CB in the league(Because he over pays). When things go wrong in SanFran you will revert back to your old whinny ways and blame everybody else but youeself.

  23. For all those that say the 49ers were a fluke last year, shut it. They had an extremely conservative offense that opened up more as the year went on and the defense was outstanding. Now all defensive starters return in 2012, so they will be close to the same as last year with Aldon Smith possibly taking over for Haralyson. Maybe not quite as dominant but definitely a top 10 D. And the offseason was spent on making the O better with the acquisitions of Moss, Manningham and Jacobs (mainly to spell or possibly fill in for Gore if there is an injury). The special teams is pretty much the same minus Costanzo leaving. The football people know that you have to win two out of the 3 phases of the game (offense, defense, special teams) to win a majority of the time and since the 49ers have 2 phases at some of the best in the NFL, and one phase just getting better, they should win alot of games. Not to mention the fact that Harbaugh said at the beginning of the year that his Offensive system takes two years to master and wasn expecting much from it last year except not turning the ball over. To Alex Smith, he will do ok. His feelings shouldnt be hurt over Peyton because the feeling in the Bay Area was that even if the 49ers acquired Manning, Smith would still resign as the backup. Besides its Peyton Manning. The only teams to not contact him in anyway about the possibility of him playing for them were the Packers, Steelers, Pats, Bears and Lions. Everyones starting QB was on the table since Peyton was on the open market.

  24. Hmm let’s not get carried away Mr. Rogers a.k.a hands of stone…there has been a different division winner in the NFC West over the last several years, not only that it has to be one of the worst as far as being a competitive division albeit last year when it came down to Seattle and St. Louis with the winner winning the division at 7-9. SF is decent but were they really a 13-3 team? Time will tell we’ll see this year I see them around 9-7 maybe 10-6 this year or could be 7-9 or 6-10 I say this because they may not have the same luck and or surprise on teams this year…

  25. If he seriously wanted to play for a winner and didn’t care about the money, he would have stayed in SF and hammered out a deal. He wouldn’t have wasted his time visiting the Rams. They are indeed a sorry team. He was hoping a sorry team like the Rams would break the bank for him, when that didn’t happen he went back to the Niners.

  26. I’m hearing a lot of “Niners got lucky” and “Fluke Season” up in here. Bunch of HATERS! I’ll tell you what’s lucky…..a 9-7 team (Giants) winning the SuperBowl. Now that’s a FLUKE!

  27. jacktheripper559 says:
    Mar 30, 2012 10:19 AM
    I’m hearing a lot of “Niners got lucky” and “Fluke Season” up in here. Bunch of HATERS! I’ll tell you what’s lucky…..a 9-7 team (Giants) winning the SuperBowl. Now that’s a FLUKE!


    And those 9-7 Giants beat the 9ers if they were truly better shouldn’t they have won? And they even had home field advantage…

    I’m no GIants fan…but your case is dismissed!

  28. Niner haters keep it up, we true Niner fans love it. Your hate, disdain, etc fueled us to 13-3 last year!!

    I don’t see why you idiots think we won’t do it again when we played every supposedly team that was better than us in the playoffs pretty damn hard & at their level of play. Hence the Saints game. And to boot we’ve reloaded & patched weaknesses!

    This isn’t an old team! It’s young & still getting better. Keep up the hate so we can slam another 12-4 or 13-3 season down your throats!!

  29. Its just funny how there are certain people that comment on here never have anything positive to add. These people are trolls and I refuse to name them. They detract from civilized football discussions and detract from life in general. Grow up kids.

    It’ll be good to return all 11 starters this year. Stability will be the key word this year. I don’t care what Los did in Washington, I only care about his SF track record. Good luck Carlos. Here is to a great season! We have a tough schedule this year and we need all hands on deck. Red n Gold baby!

  30. Good morning this your captain speaking and your know aboard the reality ship…

    I heard it all, fluke, wont beat saints, dont have offense, have no quarterbacks, rodgers sucks, Harbaugh lucky, wont be good first year coach.

    Here is the reality folks no dream team 2.0 unlike the eagles the niners actually have a good defense and all the free agents they brought in are on short term low risk deals…you dont perform you cut ask Edwards.

    This team is for real most people talking sheet are jealous, they know guys are just going to get better under harbaugh if Alex even plays slightly better than last year it will make them all that more dagnerous. So all you Rams, Seahawks, Cardinals fans next year niners got the divison and you all going going be Lamb soup and ANGRY BIRDS. Boom!

  31. 13-3 and a play away from the SB is a fluke? haha.. yahh okkaaay.. Im pretty sure flukie teams barely make the playoffs and then usually they go one and out. unless you’re the last years giants of course. GB played like crap and Kyle Williams was on their payroll.. LOL JK

  32. You are on a sorry team! You have a garbage QB, a control freak coach and a bunch of overpaid past their prime recycled players. Last year was an anomoly.

  33. People have extremely short memories. This defense didn’t allow a rushing touchdown until the 14th game of the season, setting an NFL record. Alex Smith only threw 5 interceptions all year, which tied Tom Brady’s NFL record.

    He threw 4 touchdowns to Vernon Davis in two playoff games, 2 of which led to one of the greatest comebacks in playoff history. He came back to win 5 games in the 4th quarter, which is now more than the great Joe Montana. And this was all with his 7th offensive coordinator in 7 years and shortened off-season!

    With the additions of Randy Moss and Manningham to open things up for Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, Ted Ginn and a deep running back corps, the new look 49ers can only improve. And they still have the draft to get for the first time in a decade, the best player available, who will actually have to fight for a roster spot.

  34. oh darn 9ers not on the schedule this year we only get one team from the NFC West this year…oh well maybe we’ll get a chance to dance in the playoffs…

  35. Rogers always plays at a high level(in a contract year) Truth is, nobody was interested in him last year, 9ers took a chance and he fit their scheme very well. That being said this guy will never be a leader on any team and is an absolute choke artist. period

  36. The NFC West is no longer going to be a cakewalk as some people think. I can easily see every team in the division having winning records. Seattle has one of the best secondaries in the NFL. They have two corners who are over 6-3, Kam Chancellor and one of the best young safeties, Earl Thomas. The Cardinals still have to sort out their QB situation, but their defense was dominant in the 2nd half of 2011.

    The Rams had a terrible year, but I think it is because Josh McDaniels was a terrible fit for Sam Bradford, who is best in the West Coast offense. It can be the only explanation for Bradford’s 180° regression. And they now have Jeff Fisher, a solid coach. I could see the Rams being the comeback team of the year, given that most of their problems originated with coaching, but they really need some new receivers because they lost Brandon Lloyd. Maybe they’ll go for Justin Blackmon.

    The Niners are not going to have it as easy this year, but they should still come out on top if they stay healthy, always the key to every season.

  37. Given that, it’s hard to imagine the 49ers being sorry this year.

    then again can’t imagine niners doing anything with alex smith….well at least they are in the NFC Worst, i mean west.

  38. everyone running thier mouth on both sides my fellow niner fans and the other fans whos team did NOT make it to the NFC champ game need to calm down and take a step back from the keyboard. The real test isnt who has the most frat-boy espn pop culture references to say. the real test is my Defense going up against ALL the top QB at THIER houses. Rodger AT GB, Brady AT NE, Brees AT NO. well it must be a product of weak division (AFC west was SO much worse) OR it must be that easy schedual that id love for these haters teams to have. But most of all love the skins fans on here complaining about carlos. its like watching a young man whos girlfriend wouldnt do certain sexual things with him but is more than happy to do for her new BETTER bf. “she wouldnt do that with me!” just goes to show you get more outta your players when the fans are great and the team and orginization is in the right frame set.

  39. I love how people rag on a qb cause he doesn’t have what I like to call “pretty numbers/stats”. Personally I believe W’s are more important but hey I guess come January when your qb throws for 4,000 yards and 30+ td’s but are still sitting at home for the playoffs you can still rag on the “ugly” qb’s who grit out W’s no matter what their role is. And I don’t think Saints fans would be saying this after not once but twice he was able to come down the field for touchdowns.

    Oh by the way not a 49er fan

  40. tombradyswig says: Mar 30, 2012 9:20 AM

    Sorry like your old team, the redskins?!?!
    We know what you wanted to say Carlos!
    Yes, the skins are SORRY!!!

    ]How bad the redskisn have been has nothing to do with Rogers leaving DC. When Rogers arrived in Washington in 2005, the team doctors told him to get contacts, because his eyesight was starting to get worse. Rogers refused. Though he never struggled in coverage, his inability to go up and get easy picks made him a fan “anti-favorite”. Washington fans hated Rogers and his hands of stone. This culminated in the most embarrassing performance in NFL history in 2010, playing the Colts at home. Peyton Manning had an unusually off day and literally hit Rogers in the chest four times. Rogers, however, failed to come up with a single interception; even dropping one ball so badly it was nearly ruled a fumble and a 60 yard play for the colts.

    Manning went on to pass for 300 yards and two TDs. Rogers was mocked by fans at home, teammates on the field, and in the newspaper headlines the next day. I believe that’s when he decided to leave DC.

    Rogers played in Washington for six seasons, coming up with eight interceptions. In comparison, when Rogers got to San Fran in 2011, the doctors again told him he needed contacts. This time he followed their instructions and came up with six picks in one season, making the Pro Bowl for the first time ever.

    In summary, Rogers did not leave DC because the Redskins are a sorry team, he left because he knew he was the most unpopular kid on the team. I believe his new eyesight also means he won’t revert to his old ball-dropping ways, and the 49ers will have a Pro Bowl cornerback for years to come. Everyone wins, except Washington.

  41. Obviously Hendawg21 missed the point that I was trying to make so let me break it down in lament terms. Niners finished 13-3 so many people claim “luck” and “fluke” so if that’s the case then where do you place the 9-7 SuperBowl Champs? I wasn’t contesting the loss Einstein.

  42. “Obviously Hendawg21 missed the point that I was trying to make so let me break it down in lament terms.”

    Haha, I understand what you’re saying, but it’s “layman’s terms” Thanks for the laugh.

  43. Haha as long as green bay receivers choke in the playoffs and N.O. keeps playing arena league football with no defense the niners should have no problem getting back to the NFC championship.

  44. So everyone here saying the 49ers won’t be back in the playoffs…then who? Skelton’s Cardinals? The Seagals? The Lambs?

  45. Every team that has signed Randy Moss has been sorry sooner or later. And none of them have won it all.

  46. Never before have i seen so much hate for the niners. That can only mean one thing. “When people try to bring you down, its because you are above them.

  47. stlpimp says:

    Mar 30, 2012 11:03 AM
    You are on a sorry team! You have a garbage QB, a control freak coach and a bunch of overpaid past their prime recycled players. Last year was an anomoly.


    Like your knowledge of the english language – you’re wrong. It’s spelled “anomaly”. Anywhoo, as a Jets fan all I can say is this Niners bashing has gone idiotic – to all the Niner haters, here’s some facts of life: Obama IS still the president, the sky is blue, water is wet, y’all haters are mentally “special”, and the Niners are GOOD!

  48. Uhhmmm… that would be “ACCEPT it already.” First rule for ridiculing someone else’s grammar mistake is to be sure you don’t make one yourself.

  49. 9ers’ defense will be even more dominant this season. They will get deeper and Aldon Smith will be even more comfortable. Scary prospect for opposing offenses.

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