Dolphins working on extensions for three players

While teams still kick the tires on free agent acquisitions, the Dolphins are turning their attention to securing a long future with some of their own players.

Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that the team has started talking about long-term deals for tackle Jake Long, linebacker Cameron Wake and wide receiver Brian Hartline. All three players are entering the final years of their contracts and taking care of deals now would keep the Dolphins from finding themselves in a tough spot next year.

Long, who voided the final year of his rookie deal, is set to make $11.2 million this season and he’ll likely be looking for a deal in the neighborhood of the one Joe Thomas got from the Browns last summer. Thomas got a seven-year, $84 million deal with $44 million guaranteed. That made him the highest-paid offensive tackle in the game, something that Long would probably be shooting for in a deal with the Dolphins.

Wake signed a four-year, $2.3 million deal when he jumped to Miami from the CFL in 2009. With 28 sacks in his first three seasons, there’s no question he’s outperformed the contract and that he’d be looking for a sizable jump in his next deal. The Dolphins could franchise either Long or Wake if no deal gets done before the end of next season, but they’d be in a tough spot if they can’t get one of them signed ahead of that point.

Hartline is in the final year of the deal he signed after being selected in the fourth round of the 2009 Draft. He’s caught 35 passes last season, although he could be in position to catch a lot this year with the move to Joe Philbin’s offense and no Brandon Marshall on the roster. If he does, getting him signed now would likely make it a better deal for the Dolphins.

Running back Reggie Bush, cornerback Sean Smith and defensive end Randy Starks are some of the other Dolphins entering the final years of their contracts.

16 responses to “Dolphins working on extensions for three players

  1. Jake Longs effectiveness fell off a cliff last year… they need to get him some real help or else the season is over….

  2. Hope all these players are Dolphins for a long time. They are all solid players and will succeed with a better coach at the helm.

  3. Miami should consider trading long for a high draft pick. Miami needs that $11 million to fill all of their other holes. They could get a decent tackle for half of what they are paying him. Miami right now needs draft picks and cap space.

    By the time Miami is ready to make a run Long will already be in decline. He is already starting to get injured.

  4. Hartline??? They’ll probably overpay for him like Bess & Fassano. Hey Ross, since you’re letting Ireland waste your money, why don’t you just throw a few million my way?

  5. @cantonbound13

    Are u kidding with your self or what hartline is a very good WR not great but very good nice hands fast and can toe tap like a son of a ….. Know what I mean? In a west coast offense IMO he will fit perfect and be even better I say keep him at a reasonable price but knowing the clowns up front they’ll trade him for two 7th round picks

  6. I feel bad for these guys, that they have no other choice but to play with the Fish; wouldn’t be surprised if they tell their agents to hold off on a restructure and look for deals elsewhere when they are free agents and could look for work outside of South Beach!

  7. Jake long and Cameron Wake are must both are anchors on thier side of the ball. Hartline must get the deal now so he is cheap. And Randy Starks is a beast. Let Reggie show that last year wasn’t a fluke.

  8. @ductguy
    Do you realize he only caught 35 passes while Marshall was constantly double teamed & defenses were paying attention to Bush. What’s he going to do now when he will be covered by opponents #1 corner? He won’t have a single catch in 2 games vs. Revis guaranteed! You still need speed & ability to seperate in a West Coast offense. Just look at the Packers, he’s no where near as good as Jennings, Nelson, James Jones or even an older Donald Driver. He also doesn’t have a stud qb like Rodgers or Manning that can make good receivers into pro bowlers like Nelson, Garcon & Collie. The Dolphins only have slot receivers on this team because Ireland still comes from the 1980’s Parcell’s school & doesn’t care about receivers or tight end.
    Just look at the top teams in this league, they all have an athletic TE. New England (Gronkowski, Hernandez), Green Bay (Finley), Pittsburgh (Miller), New Orleans (Grahm), Giants (Ballard), Atlanta (Gonzalez). We have Fassano. Enough said.

  9. randomguy9999 says: Mar 30, 2012 12:48 PM

    “Jake Longs effectiveness fell off a cliff last year… they need to get him some real help or else the season is over”….

    Jake was dinged up last year and still was a beast and our offensive line is good. Get a clue and know your info before you say something stupid….again

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