Eagles bringing in Demetrius Bell for visit

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The news of Jason Peters’ Achilles injury has led to a somewhat predictable move from the Eagles.

They will bring Demetrius Bell, one of the top left tackles available in free agency right now, in for a visit this weekend, according to Howard Eskin of WIP Radio in Philadelphia. The Eagles did re-sign King Dunlap on Friday, but they need to increase their options to replace Peters next season.

Bell, a seventh-round pick in 2008, has shown flashes of talent with Buffalo over the last three years, but he’s spent almost as much time injured as he has on the field. He’s visiting with Pennsylvania’s other team on Friday and will then cross the state unless he winds up signing with the Steelers. Bell has also drawn interest from the Packers, Redskins and Cardinals since free agency opened this month.

Marcus McNeill, who topped Silva’s list of the 10 best available free agents, is the other left tackle with a quality resume currently unemployed, but he’s got even more serious health concerns than Bell. After that it is slim pickings for a team with a very serious need at the position.

20 responses to “Eagles bringing in Demetrius Bell for visit

  1. I got a feeling they’ll draft a tackle at 15 instead of paying for either Bell or McNeill.

  2. fitzmagic1212 says: Mar 30, 2012 5:24 PM they want another often injured bills tackle? i guess this time at least for them they don’t have to give us a top pick

    It was basically Carolina’s pick. Plus, they were going to draft a tackle anyway, so getting Peters was better than drafting a rookie.

  3. Eagles are in real trouble. Can’t grab a good left tackle off the street otherwise they wouldn’t be there to begin with. Who’s the backup qb cuz he will be playing at some point.

  4. they want another often injured bills tackle? i guess this time at least for them they don’t have to give us a top pick


    too bad the Peters deal worked out better for the Eagles.

  5. @deathtoromo(btw like da name) I know Peters was prolly the Iggles better O lineman last year but remember with Vick being a lefty the right tackle is the blind side there fore the more important side to protect. I wouldn’t be suprised to see them grab a tackle in the draft but not necessarily 1st rnd. Since Vick is a lefty they can afford to get a 2nd-3rd rnd grade left tackle and he will probably be a guy that is a great run blocker but needs to polish his pass protection with Vick’s ability to scramble.

  6. The beagles will sign this guy and tell everyone he is the second coming of larry allen. if he were worth a squirt of piss he’d have signed with someone by now. he is oft injured so i’d imagine the eagles will be very interested in him.

  7. Correction to a reader’s comment on the Bills using the pick to get Aaron Maybin: they actually blew their OWN first-round pick on Maybin. The Eagles’ pick saved their first round when they got Eric Wood.

  8. Go ahead, sign Bell. You better invest in another trainer or two for this China doll. He can’t run block anywhere close to Peters.

  9. zonedogz says:
    Mar 30, 2012 8:34 PM
    Over-rated. He’ll roll the Eagles for a bundle over the barrel.


    Riiiiiiight…the Eagles are really well-known for overpaying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. are we really still having discussions about the most overrated team in football??? michael Vick will NEVER win anything.

  11. Andy loves those 7th round draft picks. However, King Dunlop has turned out far better than his 7th round status. Personally I feel this could be a break out year for him. These injured guys are a crap shoot.

  12. The eagles have too many holes to fill to draft a tackle early they should sign a veteran tackle cause as big of a loss as peters is he is not Vicks blind side tackle

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