Eagles reach out to Marcus McNeill’s agent

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As the Eagles scramble to replace left tackle Jason Peters, they’ve predictably shown interest in one of the top tackles still on the market.

Agent Alvin Keels tells PFT via email that the Eagles have reached out regarding former Chargers left tackle Marcus McNeill.

Keels said it’s too early to say whether the Eagles’ interest in McNeill is serious.

If McNeill is healthy, it should be.  But the question is whether McNeill’s neck has healed after an injury that ended his 2011 — and his career in San Diego — prematurely.

52 responses to “Eagles reach out to Marcus McNeill’s agent

  1. I hope he checks out medically and will take on a one-year deal that works out for both sides. My only question is whether or not he has the athleticism to fit into Howard Mudd’s scheme…Man I’m so bummed about losing Jason Peters. He’s an animal at LT and his absence is a great excuse for management to use to keep Andy Reid on board for another season. Sigh.

  2. hopefully the eagles are aggressive in their search as their depth is not good at tackle……..their line would have been one of the best in the nfl if peters was healthy. i know LT is important but something to keep in mind is that vick is left handed so LT isn’t quite as important to the eagles as most teams because of that. the RT is much more important to the eagles. BUT, peters is a big loss, hope we can find somebody decent b/c the rest of the line looks real good.

  3. im really bummed, but thats why there’s backups. there is still time and mcneill, well its worth the low risk/high reward. plus you can draft a 1st round tackle or dangle asante samuel in a package for one

  4. The Eagles can start making excuses early this year for the sorry ass season they will have in 2012-13.

    The Giants are licking their chops, Michael Vick is dog meat, (pun intended). Yummy!

    Suck it empty trophy case fans. Fans of losers.

  5. McCoy’s agent is between a rock and a hard place.

    If his client plays this season and as expected his numbers are down a bit due to the loss of Peters then McCoy can not command a good a deal as he can right now.

    If a great deal can not be struck, I think the potential of a McCoy holdout just increased with Peter’s injury.

  6. Marcus McNeill is a great Blind Side:) I hope he is healthy to play a few years, he deserves it!

  7. uslim2nun says: Mar 30, 2012 10:09 PM

    I just cant wait to sweep the NFC East with our new QB at No.2…………HTTR

    There are 3 certainties in life…death, taxes, and delusional Skins’ fans.

  8. This is the right move. They were in a great position Round One to take the best player available. They can’t let themselves be handcuffed to a left tackle and forced to mortgage the rest of the draft to move up to get one.McNeil was legit before the neck injury, If he can return to form this could end up being a blessing in disguise because Peters only had two years left on his deal. Could get younger at a good price.

  9. McNeil when healthy is one of the best LT in the game. Kid gave up one sack in college in 4o some games in SEC. I wanted to draft him when we drafted W.Justice. So low risk/high reward sign this guy Walrus and hope he is healthy.

  10. jettblackly says:
    Mar 30, 2012 11:09 PM
    Swap 2012 1st with Vikings plus one of our 2nds and Asante. Draft Kalil.

    That isn’t going to do it. It would be more like all picks from rounds 1 through 4 plus Samuel. And that ain’t going to happen.

  11. Of course a couple MORON Redskins fans come out of their Hibernation after TWO DECADES because they think RGIII will turn their PATHETIC organization around. I got news for you, Washington is probably the WORST place for RGIII to go (other than Cleveland), oh wait!!! You guys just signed a new version of “The Posse”, Josh Morgan LOL, Garcon LOL and Eddie Royal LMMFAO……I don’t think I’d be pumping my chest with that GARBAGE. It all starts up front and you have JUNK at O and D lines,

  12. What a flaw in the dream team. lol Dream on losers. Eagles suck and always will. Hey how many super Bowls do you have. Exactly and you never will.

  13. Fat slob coach that had herion all over his House ” BUT HE DIDNT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT and your qb didnt know anything about the dogs fighting in his back yard. lol Eagles suck just like the fans idiots

  14. oh well. it happened. it’s time for somebody to step up. every team loses somebody important at some point during the year. and don’t forget we got “two” starters at offensive line in the draft last year. so… all we need is “one” this year. and all we really gotta do is find a tackle, period. left or right, cuz herramen’s can play both.

    i think we’ll be ok.

  15. Asante couldn’t cover Rex Ryan or even Buddy Ryan. Getting Kalil would take THREE number onees.

    Asante is garbage.

  16. Just a reminder to the Cowboys, Redskins, and Ginas fans that came in here to talk trash. THE EAGLES WERE 5-1 IN THE DIVISION LAST YEAR. Just because the Ginas won the SB doesn’t mean they are going to walk all over the Eagles now. The Eagles are 7-1 in the last 4 years against them. We own NY right now. If it wasn’t for a handful of 4th quarter losses last year, the Eagles would have had at least 11 wins. It makes you look retarded when you talk trash but didn’t even beat us.

  17. Eagles pick high enough to draft an OT who will be ready to start. They could always trade up and draft Martin or Reiff. Since they got Ryans they won’t need to draft LB and can use this approach to fill the LT need.

  18. Well…I’m at a loss. I’d say slide Herremans over to LT but we can’t trust the “King” to protect Vick’s blind side. I don’t think McNeil is healthy and we’ve seen how this regime is at evaluating players coming off injuries. Howard Mudd has his hands full…unfortunately that brown stuff ain’t mud………

  19. good luck to marcus,btu unfortunately that neck problem didnt just pop up.he has been dealign with it his whole career and eagles fans dont hold your breath on him being healthy all year..it keeps jumping back up and biting him..the chargers were able to release him becuase they had an clause in his contract if his neck got injured gain they could release him..he has been dealing with it most of his career..when healthy he is a great blocker!!!

  20. suckitny says: Mar 30, 2012 10:27 PM

    Our time will come and you can all suck it.

    Its nice to know that people can get under your skin that easily. With a screen name like yours, it appears that our mission is accomplished. Just remember…the Eagles are, and will always be, where they belong.

    In 2nd place, or worse.

  21. To all the eagles fans on this board who think they’re going to get him MM on the cheap. MM knows that whatever he gets offered the Chargers will match to a point, meaning he’ll be back in lightening if the deal is cheap enough. Since he’s going to take a pay cut anyway the likelihood of an interest in changes teams is pretty small. The Chargers have done a good job of retaining their own free agents. Garay, Hardwick, Gaither, etc. I think he dons the powder blues this year.

  22. Man, this whole thing really blows. I was just starting to get excited for this season. It seems like we have a major concern like this every year. If it wasn’t McNutts, it was T.O. If it wasn’t Dawkins, it was Leonard Weaver destroying his knee or Kolb getting a serious concussion.

    What really concerns me is it took more than half the year to fix the OL under Mudd’s new scheme. By the end, they were playing well…and Peters was playing GREAT.

    Let’s hope they get a good replacement.

  23. andyb02 says: Mar 31, 2012 2:00 AM

    It makes you look retarded when you talk trash but didn’t even beat us.

    And it makes you look even more retarded when you say that the Giants didn’t beat the Eagles last season, when in fact they did.

    The Giants are Super Bowl Champs, which means that we, as fans, can talk all the f’n trash that we care to. The fact that Eagles fans talk the most trash in the NFL, when their team hasn’t done anything memorable since Eisenhower was in office, speaks volumes about the overall ignorance of Philly fans. Retarded? You sure are, sport.

  24. The two “best” LTs left on the market are McNeill and Bell, and neither one of these guys appear capable of playing more than 3 games consecutively. I’d rather take my chance on a rookie draft choice (even a mid-rounder).

  25. Don’t sell King Dunlap short. He has taken time to develope but, shown promise last year. He is a hugh guy. He even played guard. I think he is a lot better then people give him credit for. Check out last year when spotting in for Peters!!

  26. Some of you NFC cats need to switch to decaf.

    With Peters healthy, the Eagles would have electro-knifed through NFC East defenses. Shake your head all you want on that, and they might still. The two things going for the Birds are having the best offensive line coach and time to provide a viable solution.

  27. just as it was stupid to crown the Eagles after signing a bunch of FAs last summer, it is idiotic to write them off. It’s a big loss, Peters is a great player… The Giants lost a ton of players before the season even started, they recovered ok.

    When anyone else in the NFC East figures out how to beat them, get back to me….

  28. oldbyrd I completely agree with you however, I still would like to get bell or Mcneill and keep Dunlap as a backup cause of the fact he can play every position besides center. I can’t like Dunlap enough he’s a lot better then people give him credit for he was awesome last year.

  29. Let’s not forget that Vick is a LEFT-HANDED quarterback. Peters does not protect Vick’s blindside. Herreman’s is already on the blindside. I think the Eagles will be looking for a solid pass protector, but more of a road-grader on that left side. If it happens to be McNeil, then great, but I bet they draft a tackle early just in case.

  30. cooklynn17 says:
    Mar 30, 2012 10:15 PM
    The Eagles can start making excuses early this year for the sorry ass season they will have in 2012-13.

    The Giants are licking their chops, Michael Vick is dog meat, (pun intended). Yummy!

    Suck it empty trophy case fans. Fans of losers.


    You mean the same way Eli, is dog meat (pun intended) everytime Vick and the Eagles see him??

  31. McNeil over Bell, please. He’s the better fit and the better talent, especially in the run game. Maybe they sign another veteran backup or use a middle round pick on a tackle too, in case McNeil doesn’t hold up.

  32. choice1329 says: Mar 31, 2012 5:31 PM

    You mean the same way Eli, is dog meat (pun intended) everytime Vick and the Eagles see him??

    The Giants beat the Eagles last year, and Eli historically has very good games against them.

    Are you related to the other brilliant minds above?

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