Gil Brandt expects Osweiler to be first-round pick

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Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler didn’t work out at the Combine to a foot injury, but he took part in the Sun Devils’ Friday Pro Day.

According to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, Osweiler completed 66-of-72 throws with representatives from the Seahawks, Cardinals, Browns, and Dolphins in attendance. A “couple of scouts” Somers talked to projected Osweiler as a third-round prospect who could vault into the second.’s Gil Brandt is higher on Osweiler than the scouts. Much higher. Brandt wrote in a Pro Day recap that he believes Osweiler “vaulted himself into the first round” by demonstrating accuracy in the workout. Per Brandt, “there is a lot of excitement” around the league about Osweiler.

Osweiler only started 15 games at Arizona State, winning seven games with eight losses. At just under 6-foot-7, he was the tallest quarterback in the nation last season.

60 responses to “Gil Brandt expects Osweiler to be first-round pick

  1. How does playing catch (with no defense, pass rush, or pads) propel you 2 rounds higher?

  2. Why the hell are these draft analysts overanalyzing all of these quarterbacks that were supposed to go in the second round? I mean now they’re all first round picks what happen? I just don’t get it!!!

  3. It amazes me how much the draft has changed in just a few years because of how dominant the passing game has become (and also because of the rookie cap). QBs left, right and center are going from mid-round picks to first rounders. Teams are willing to reach big time to get them in order to assure they get themselves, showing just desperate teams are for that franchise QB

  4. Rick Meier of Notre Dame also had one of those scripted workout where he only threw the ball to his right side of the field; was drafted in the first round, and proved to be another manufactured bust.

    Heath Schuler was another product of a scripted workout and drafted in the first round, and proved to be another bust.

    Kelly Stouffer was another bust as was Dan McGwire.

    3 of these 4 were taken by the Seahawks. Maybe Carroll should be smoking and not reading the tea leaves of Gil and the other gurus.

    If you have to work to manufacture a first round grade for a QB, you are in trouble.

  5. By the time he’s ready to be a competent NFL backup QB, he’s be getting his AARP membership card in the mail.

  6. That’s crazy talk half the passes this guy threw in games were screens. Not to mention the way the team completely fell apart. That doesn’t have anything to do with the QB? They played their best game and beat SC and then they couldn’t beat anybody.

  7. If he goes in the first, then someone will really be reaching. It will go over as well as J.P. Losman in the first in 2004.

  8. I’m with Gil on this one. Osweiler is 2 1/2 years younger than Tannehill. About the same age as Gabbert was coming out last year. You have to project those guys on their tools. Most scouting sites are unable or unwilling to do that. They have their heads buried in old film all the time. Looking backwards. Brock was primarily a basketball player up intil a couple of years back. Huge, smart, strong arm, natural leader. The rest can be taught.

  9. Osweiler = Poor man’s Flacco.
    He’ll be a 6’7″ game manager at best. Hey Miami; good luck picking another QB in next year’s draft.

  10. Ok maybe, just maybe he’s worthy of a first round pick. But I can’t think of any teams that would prefer this kid over their current starter. Not even Cleveland (this is assuming Miami gets Tannehill).

  11. People laughed at Brandt when he said Jake Locker and Christian Ponder were going to be first round picks way before the draft, too.

    He was right.

  12. teams have to stop trying to copy each other… Copies are always worse than the original… Osweiler is NOT even a Second Round QB much less a first.. he’s a 2-yr project kid that most likely will be AT BEST a career backup… these analysts need to stop blowing smoke up every QBs rear

  13. Teams that need a qb are all inside the top 15. There is no way this kid is first round. Gil has lost it

  14. I heard it too.

    I tweeted with NFL analyst Matt Miller and he told me that he expected Osweiler to go Seattle at #19 before Matt Flynn signed there.

  15. Beware the workout wonder. It’s kind of hard to accurately gauge a QB when he’s throwing a series of pre-planned and highly rehearsed passes to WRs who aren’t being covered (aka throwing against air). I’m not saying that you completely ignore the workout sessions, but if the performance on the field doesn’t match the results of the workouts then you’re most likely convincing yourself that someone is a better prospect than they are. It’s something that tends to happen fairly often when there are more teams in need of a QB than there are elite QB prospects.

  16. “Why the hell are these draft analysts overanalyzing all of these quarterbacks that were supposed to go in the second round? ”

    Because for the first time in forever 2 1st round qb’s Last year had decent starter seasons as qb’s,but mostly because andy dalton had a good season. I say odds and history say reaching this year wont work. I think those rookie qb’s got lucky because defenses played bad to start the year, well for most of the year in the year of the qb

  17. Not many guys going both ways, offense and defense anymore. That means all the BS about running backs being taken in later rounds because of value and quarterbacks being a premium is just that, BS. Three phases of the game, offense, you gotta score points to win the game, defense, if you stop them and get some yourself you win, special teams, they can help both sides of the ball. About forty guys see some pt but how many make it count? It starts in the trenches, if you don’t have big nasties on both sides of the ball you get pushed around and can’t execute the game plan. Sure it’s great to find a gem in the later rounds or an undrafted free agent but what does that say about the scouting when your higher draft picks don’t help your team and your counting on walkon’s to make the pro bowl? Throw the “conventional wisdom” out the window and get back to fundamentals, play full speed, know your assignment, block and tackle, it ain’t rocket surgery.

  18. @trbowman – Gil was one of the first to give Newton top QB status last year. I thought Newt was your guy. Or has it just been since then that Gil lost his touch?

  19. QB’s are over drafted and RB’s are under drafted. If there was a redraft, I could name aprox 16 to 18 RB’s that would be taken in the 1st round and not by TV analyst I’m talking by actual NFL GM’s. This tells me that that just because a player was not drafted in the 1st round doesn’t mean he SHOULDN’T have been drafted in the 1st round.

    GM’s need to get a clue instead of wasting 1st round picks on a lot of guys who are not going to contribute much if anything to the team.

  20. Being a Pac-12 fan, I saw a lot of Osweiler; he may be good on an empty field at a pro-day, but he isn’t that great in actual games. He looks the part, but he sure doesn’t play like a top 5 QB pick.

    He has developmental value, but 1st, 2nd, or 3rd rounds…no way. He’s a nice 5th or 6th round pick.

  21. Osweiler is a year younger than Griffin. He has a much higher NFL draft board rating now than Griffin did a year ago. That is why Brock came out and RG stayed an extra year.

  22. Maybe we should go back to the days of old when we graded QB’s on how they played on the field instead of how they look at a combine with no defense, no pads, etc.

    If you did that – this kid is AT BEST a late round pick.

  23. why would brandt say that? someone has to be paying him to say it or he has another vested interest in the guy.

    I’ve seem him play and no way is he first round.

  24. Gil Brandt is a living legend in this sport and deserves as much if not more respect then anyone else currently involved in the NFL.

    With that said, his days of being a competent talent scout are long behind him.

  25. I like Osweiler but he is not a first round quarterback he is RAW…. You have to fix his release, clean up his footwork, teach him the offense, and then get him mentally prepared for the nfl speed. IMO he can be a starter if he plays nothing but preseason for 3 years. He has talent but a first round qb has to play year one or year two these days.

  26. Boise State ate this kid for lunch. Granted, they are a very good team and the ASU coaching staff basically sent that poor team out uncoached, but still…he looked just awful.

    Wish him the best, but I just don’t see it…

  27. That would be fantastic. The more QBs taken before pick 23, the better for the Lions to get defensive talent or O-line!

  28. These pro day evaluations mean squat. I put even less stock in these than the combine. Game tape baby….although I understand why they do their due diligence.

  29. does this mean Weeden is going in the first round too? Because he’s supposed to be better than Osweiler…

    Last year was nuts with all the QBs taken in the first 10-15 picks. Can’t wait to tune in this year.

  30. Yeah that Gil Brandt, he’s only been doing this his whole life, I am sure all of you know more than he does. Clearly your ability to type crap on a worthless football site makes you much more credible…….

  31. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that Gil Brandt said this four hours before Osweiler appeared on his radio show…

  32. Gil Brandt IS the NFL. Anyone on here who bashes him is a complete idiot. Remember when he said Tyson Jackson would be a top 5 pick a couple of years ago? People said he was senile, crazy, and had lost it. Jackson went in the top 5. He knows every personell man in the league. He must know something or he wouldn’t have said this.

    This kid will go in the first round. Guaranteed.

  33. When you look down the list of Super Bowl winning QBs, you see why teams are willing to take a chance. Inadequate QB = No chance at a Super Bowl.

  34. I saw every snap he played for my alma mater. I was stunned when he came out. All year I told my boys this guy needs one more year and he might just play himself into the first round. I’m guessing ASU hiring that clown of a coach forced Osweiler’s hand. A real shame if you ask me. He’s a good kid.

  35. As a Browns’ fan, I would rather take a shot on this guy later and pass on Tannehill at 4. They are both projects, right?

    Why not just take the sure thing (Richardson or Claiborne) at 4 and get your future QB later.

  36. Regardless of whether you believe this kid is a 1st rder. or not, he’ll probably get picked late in rd. 1 or early 2nd. Teams are desperate for QB’s with talent even if they haven’t proved it in college. Thats why Kurk Cousins, Nick Foles, and Weeden will all go early too. None of which are worthy of early picks, but teams will reach bigtime to get them. Weeden would be worth it if he wasn’t 67 yrs. old already.

  37. says:
    Mar 30, 2012 5:20 PM
    Gil Brandt’s voice puts me to sleep, and I
    don’t mean that in a good way.

    Really? And that makes Randy friggin’
    Cross, what, a tenor? Mr. Brandt has expertise.
    He’s one of the bad guys in “North Dallas Forty”.
    Change the channel, moron. In the meantime, the rest
    of us will listen and learn.

  38. If you look at the ebb and flow of info about QBs and how its distributed timewise you’ll see this pattern and I’ll use this year as an example.

    Andrew luck and then everybody else.
    Andrew luck and Robert Griffin III and everybody else.
    Luck, RG3, Ryan Tannehill and everybody elsr.
    Luck, RG3, RT, Brock and everybody else.

    Telling the future in 3…2…1..

    Luck, Griffin, Tannehill, Osweiller, WHEEDEN and everybody else.

    It takes this form because A) pundits gravitate to sexy picks and B) They love their own unique brand of BS. I’m sure Brock will be a serviceable QB, but as of now he is not a 1st rounder. Sorry “experts” but you sang JaMarkus Russells song to the heavens. You cannot be trusted!

  39. That’s all good but Jeff Ireland would like to know if he has in any way been associated with a prostitute. We have a very strict screening process in Miami, winning is not as important as having good character players.

  40. rajbais says:
    Mar 30, 2012 5:52 PM
    I heard it too.

    I tweeted with NFL analyst Matt Miller and he told me that he expected Osweiler to go Seattle at #19 before Matt Flynn signed there.


    Hawks pick at 12, so without a trade down with Chicago, I doubt they get him at #19.

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