McNabb: I’m the most unfairly criticized quarterback in NFL history

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Former Eagles, Redskins and Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb made another appearance on ESPN First Take on Friday, and just as he did on Thursday by questioning whether Robert Griffin III can fit with the Redskins, McNabb made a comment that will surely raise eyebrows.

This time, McNabb proclaimed himself the most unfairly maligned quarterback in NFL history, saying that no other passer has ever had to deal with the same stuff that he has.

It started with McNabb criticizing Tim Tebow and First Take provocateur Skip Bayless stepping in to say Tebow receives more criticism than he deserves.

“Tim Tebow,” Bayless said, “is the most unfairly, over-criticized quarterback in the history of this league.”

With that, McNabb interjected, “Negative — I am.”

“I am,” McNabb continued. “Nobody has been criticized as much as I have.”

McNabb has faced plenty of criticism, although whether that criticism is unfair is a matter of opinion. It was surely unfair when McNabb was booed on draft day in 1998, and Rush Limbaugh once offered a dumb assessment of McNabb, but for the most part the amount of criticism he has received has mirrored the quality of his play. When McNabb played well, he was rewarded with cheers, Pro Bowls and endorsements.

And when McNabb played poorly, he was booed, traded and finally released. There’s nothing unfair about that.

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  1. Cant wait for all the Lolz I’m gonna get to have by reading all the comments here. Thanks in advance pft posters!

  2. Now I see why Philly didn’t like this guy. He’s delusional and annoying.

    Limbaugh unfairly criticized him. But, the media didn’t throw those dirt balls, or vomit running no-huddle.

    Get yourself together Donovan.

  3. I wish I could go back in time and swallow my water before I read this headline

  4. It’s possibly true but saying it now, makes Mcnabb sound bitter. Especially since he’s probably done.

  5. Feels so good to slip into that cozy, familiar victim role, doesn’t it Donovan? Bottom line: You sign a $120M contract to be the face of a franchise, fans will expect a certain level of success.

  6. McNabb sucks. Had a couple good years and finished completely mediocre.

  7. OK, I need to find a new NFL news site where the writers don’t throw in at the end their own pretentious, two bit opinion about subjects they have absolutely zero inside knowledge of.

  8. McNabb was once a fairly decent quarterback. He was criticized so much because the bulk of his career was AFTER he succumbed to being awful. He’s completely oblivious to the fact that he wasn’t good for the majority of his career and is upset about it. Still. Like he would be.

  9. You are the whiniest, most self-victimizing quarterback in the history of the league.

    Get over yourself.

  10. Say what you want. But at the end you still have to acknowledge 5 NFC Championships and 1 Super Bowl appearance. The list is short of QB’s who have accomplished more

  11. No killer instinct. Victim mentality. Weight fluctuation. Pouting. All opposite traits of the best QBs. You should be criticized.

  12. When you come out and say “I didn’t know there were ties in the NFL”….you shouldn’t be criticized!

  13. He’s right. Always appeared to be the consummate professional and teammate. Took the brunt of the blame for Eagles’ missteps. Andy Reid should learn how to manage a game clock and his THREE timeouts per half. People hating on McNabb for being ‘dumb’ or whatever else are racist. They won’t like hearing that, but tough ish it’s true.

  14. The Vikes game against the Bucs last year was a perfect example of how fat and out of shape McNabb is. First half he played great, was actually running for first downs, Vikes led 17-0..

    Second half, fatty looks slow and gassed, can’t make a two yard screen pass work, Bucs win 24-20. McNabb might have been a better QB if he spent more time in the gym and less time whinning and complaining.

  15. the earthworms at the linc disagree, their lives are much better now that they are not subject to you constantly throwing footballs at them

  16. McNabb is correct. Even when he was going to the Pro Bowl, people were blaming him for all the losses in the championship games. Noone ever talked about Brady torching Eagle DBs, and Brian Dawkins, or when Kurt Warner did after McNabb put them up against Cards. Its a joke he is criticized the way he is. Great face of an organization, great leader, great player, and all he did was win. Lowest int to td ration in the history of the entire NFL Ask any coach how much turnovers effect a game. Ask the Eagles last season…

  17. McNabb, so you’ve miraculously have grown a pair all of a sudden? Why in the hell did you never speak up for yourelf when Limbaugh, T.O., and others threw you under the bus? I used to defend you, but when I saw how people could anything they wanted about and you never defended youself, I lost ALL respect for you. You’re nothing but a punk ass coward with sour grapes.

  18. He def. is…He took his team to the Super Bowl and all of those NFC Championship games AND when he makes a couple of bad plays, it’s like none of the things he did ever happened!

    It’s almost the same with Coughlin with the Giants. Heck, look at Rex Ryan and Sanchez. What do they do their first 2 years together? Yep, AFC Championship game! One bad year, everyone wants their heads.

    Give me a break!!

  19. Here we go again, another reporter that writes what he sees on ESPN, not what ACTUALLY happened.

    “McNabb” him self was not boo’ed the PICK was boo’ed. Everyone in Phily wanted Ricky Williams.

    That boo’ing was because Ricky was not picked. If the Eagles had picked Akili Smith, or Daunte Culpepper, or Cade McNown the pick would have been boo’ed.

  20. Oh yeah and Donovan…you sound like Eeyore from “Winnie The Pooh” OMG give me a break. It is something different with you every single day lately…”Nobody loves me (Eeyore Voice)…Nobody cares” lol

  21. McNabb is right, I mean coaches and people were pretty unfair to critique him for not wearing his plays on his wrist, because he didn’t care for that accessory.

    Maybe they could have put a visor on his helmet with the plays on it, and who knows maybe that would help him with his whole ankle ball he loves to toss.

  22. Glad everyone has finally realized what we already knew in Philly during his time here. Now if we can only do the same about Reid.

  23. He wouldn’t be saying all this dumb stuff if he’d just agree to let the producer write his dialog on a wrist band

  24. “When McNabb played well, he was rewarded with cheers, Pro Bowls and endorsements.”

    Very true. At one point I was sick of the Campbell Soup adv. in which McNabb and his Mom kept appearing during every commercial break (for the Campbell adv) in a football game.

  25. I keep missing McNabb’s TV appearances. When there are two minutes left in the show, does he run off-screen to vomit?

  26. First he compared himself to RG3.

    Now he’s crying unfair criticism.

    And for his next trick, Donovan will vomit into the hole he dug with a screen pass!!

  27. How else is he going to keep himself in the headlines? He certainly isn’t going to do it with his play. So, the only other option is say stupid stuff on TV.
    I hope he thought this through. It might hurt his second career as an analyst.

  28. Will someone please explain to me why you guys think he’s the worst QB to ever play in the NFL? Yeah he hasn’t been the same since he left Philly, but he consistently took Philly to the playoffs, has a career rating of 85.5, and has thrown double the # of TDs as INTs.

    God I hope he gets signed and plays great again so all of you will shut up.

  29. Man…what is it with this site’s parsing of McNabb’s ESPN First Take segments? McNabb was making the assertion to Skip Baylis that HE was the most criticized QB ever because Baylis kept making out Tebow the victim.

    And you know what…McNabb is correct. Tebow has been in the league for his third year. McNabb was in the league for 13 years and has been criticized, questioned, doubted, and even booed ever since his draft day.

    Also, McNabb made the correct assertion that Tebow needs to refrain from the twitter posts to the fans about how he’s gonna give 100% and instead, learn his teammates and improve his mechanics on the field because in the end, it’s what you do on the field that will win his teammates and ultimately the fans.

    I applauded McNabb’s comments this morning because EVERYTHING he said (as well as fellow guest Michael Smith) about Tebow was right on the money. It was Skip Bayliss’s comments and actions that were homeristic and disgraceful; especially only wanting to point out Tebow’s win/loss record instead of what McNabb and Smith wanted to point out…his ENTIRE body of work/FULL career stats.

  30. Donovan, you were a good, not great, QB. Your career didn’t suck, but it wan’t as good as some want us to believe. There have been many far worse QBs than you. There were many who were better. You had a slightly better than average career. Why can’t you live with that? Maybe Rush was right after all. You were good, but not as good as you and others think.

  31. That comes with the territory. You did not have any trouble cashing the many million dollar checks though, did you? You wanted all the good and none of the bad I guess.

  32. McNabb, you are not similar to RG3. He’s accurate and runs a 4.3.

    You were good & mobile in your day. But, you’re not the passer, or the runner RG3 is and you never were.

  33. I am no huge fan of McNabb and certainly do not like millionaire athletes who feel sorry for themselves but I got to throw him some kudos on this one. Anything that keeps that wind bag Skip Baylesses hyperbole in check is one for the good guys.
    There is a little irony here….The one who over criticizes everyone is defending someone being over criticized.

  34. I’m guessing he’s given up on being signed for this year — then again, maybe not.

    As much as it pains me to say it, could TO have been right when he questioned McNabb? It certainly appears so….

  35. Cry me a river. I never saw what was so great about him even in his Philly days. Too many incompletions to wide open receivers from balls thrown into the turf. Overated IMO

  36. I don’t think Rush’s criticism was about McNabb, it was more directed at the media. Like Rush or not his point was spot on.

  37. “and Rush Limbaugh once offered a dumb assessment of McNabb…”

    That’s your opinion. What Rush actually said was true. The media overrated McNabb because they were afraid to criticize a black QB. Rush did not make a comment that black QB’s are inferior, which is how it was spun by the idiots on ESPN and most of the media. Rush was commenting on political correctness.

    From what I read on this board, and many other boards, McNabb was not a very good QB. You wouldn’t think that if you listened to most of the sports media.

  38. Martyr act still going strong. I wonder who at ESPN he will unfairly trash and smear when his broadcasting career fizzles out, since he has nothing interesting to say and has never been able to express a coherent thought (Newhouse grad, yep).

    Trashed teammates in Philly.

    Trashed coaches and teammates in DC. Lied about what happened there with his fake “input into the playbook”.

    Strong-armed Vikings into releasing him because he was going to sulk and be a bad teammate, basically threatening to hurt the locker room.

    But he’s “classy”.


    Why? Because he says he’s classy! Just ignore his actions for the better part of 14 years.

  39. Nothing says I want attention more than playing the victim card. Donovan, I loved you in that Eagles uniform. But damn, dude, you really need to keep your mouth shut.

  40. Waaah, waaaaah waaaah! Move on with your life, Donovan. Nobody wants to see you or hear from you!

  41. “The media overrated McNabb because they were afraid to criticize a black QB. ”

    Yep, same with Tebow. They just live promoting those black QB’s.


  42. oh these grapes are so sour. I have to go practice my bounce pass, “mom, I want some soup”

  43. So he was voted greatest Eagles QB of all time by the fans but has been treated unfairly. He maybe the most sensitive QB of all time. Asked Jaws how he was treated in Philly. Jaws was booed throughout his career. Donovan please shut up!!

  44. geniusesq says: Mar 30, 2012 3:05 PM

    First he compared himself to RG3.

    Now he’s crying unfair criticism.

    And for his next trick, Donovan will vomit into the hole he dug with a screen pass!!

    So you mean McNabb wasn’t a mobile QB coming out of college?

  45. Last time, Rush correctly observed that the media overly-loved McNabb. A blind man could see that.

    But it had zero to do with race. It was because he was a young, engaging guy who had charisma and was great on camera. And he would always give a solid interview.

    Just like with what we have now with Tebow. To say McNabb was gushed over because of race is as silly as saying Tebow’s only selling point (from a media:viewer standpoint) is religion.

    They’re both good citizens who did good bits on TV. And they had some nice wins early on.

    This is a business. If the public wants to see you, the TV networks put them on. McNabb, Tebow, Lin, etc. It’s all ratings and dollars. Capitalism.

  46. Go away. Worst part of this dude retiring is going to be that some network is going to give him a job so we have to listen to all his BAD takes.

  47. Here are some facts about McNabb that you won’t hear from ESPN or The NFL Network:

    He was only voted into the Pro Bowl twice (2004 was one of those years); some people foolishly state he played in 6 Pro Bowls. The Pro Bowl is a joke. However, McNabb couldn’t even make the Pro Bowl more than twice based on merit.

    He would have played in a grand total of 2 Pro Bowls if one the three players (usually Brett Favre) voted in couldn’t play due to injury or had no interest in playing in a meaningless game.

    He played for 13 seasons. He never made first team or second team all-pro. Not once.

    He was never a top 3 QB in any of his 13 seasons. Never.

    He was arguably a top 5 QB for ONE year: 2004.

    He’s not a Hall of Fame QB. He’s not even close.

    Look at his yearly stats. They’re not impressive. He threw for 25 or more TD’s TWICE in 13 years (2004 and 2001). He never threw for more than 4,000 yards in a season despite playing in an offense that can only be described as a passer-friendly system.

    He’s one of the most over-rated QB in the past 20 years.

  48. Just think, if the NFL allowed catches off the hop, McNabb would be a first ballot HOFer. Heck, they would have a whole wing devoted to him!!!

  49. And how eff’in dare anyone out there make fun of Donovan, after all he’s been through…

    All you people care about is readers and making money off of him. He’s a human! What you don’t realize is that Donovan is making you all this money, and all you do is write a bunch of cr@p about him. He hasn’t playing in the league in years… and all you people want is more, more, more, MORE, MOAR!!!

    LEAVE HIM ALONE! You’re lucky he even performed for you bastages.


  50. McNabb was neither a great or a bad QB. He was a 90 rating QB for about 10 years with some legs. That is solid. I would draft a QB like that in the first round any day, but he isn’t elite nor was he garbage.

  51. Either, “Whoa…take a timeout and catch your breath…”

    Or, “You’re out of your element, Donny.”

  52. McNabb has had many moments being a good quarterback. (ask Packer fans about that 2003 playoff game) However, he just started playing horribly. He had more than enough chances to step up and play at the level he is capable of playing at. He didn’t. Now he ends up sounding like a whiner. That’s just how this business works. When you’re not a good player anymore, you get replaced by a younger guy and you get fired.

  53. I just spit my soda all over my monitor after reading McChoke’s latest foolish statement. Who do I sue to cover these damages?

  54. Let’s not make this a Rush Limbaugh discussion. Just because McNab’s skills fell off a cliff doesn’t mean Limbaugh was right when he made those comments. He wasn’t.

    Father time is undefeated.

  55. Donovan why can’t you admit that the last three years you have been pathetic. Underthrowing receivers, Overthrowing receivers. Pathetic CRYBABY…just admit that it’s your rapidly decreasing talent and age that caused you to be ousted from three consecutive teams not Mike Shanahan. I hope when RG3 is a success in Washington you will be man enough to admit you were wrong. You Suck

  56. So everyone in the United States lives in Philadelphia, Donovan?????

    Hey Skip don’t you look like a racist when you defend Tim Tebow when he’s bad at throwing and is not as good of a runner compared to Michael Vick but had a history of ripping Michael Vick before he went to jail????

  57. Limbaugh was right, he had the lowest intellegence score of any starter in the last 15 years! He was ever too stupid to wear a wrist band withe plays on it in Wash. What a clown, the worm burners he threw were a menace to worm populations on every grass field in the league. Crawl back into your hole McStupid….

  58. As for the “Is McNabb a Hall of Famer?” agrument….PLEASE! He will not nor should he get a sniff at the Hall. As others have stated, he was a good but never great QB. He lost four NFC title games. Three of those games were at home as the favorite with the ball in his hands on the last possession with a chance to tie or win. Three three ended with interception returned for a TD.

    McNabb will and should have his number retired by the Eagles but that is as far as it goes. If he wants to get in the Hall of Fame, he’ll need to buy a ticket like everyone else. Maybe he and Hines Ward can get a group discount.

  59. sorry, PFT. I agree with mr.mcnabb….if he’s in any other city besides philly with those results, he’d be a HOFer and have his jersey retired there, not in philly…they just dont respect or appreciate great athletes when they get them….

    as far as tebow….

    i have if i win the megamillions (hahah) ….im putting 2 million down for a bounty on his ACL,PCL,MCL and Achilles ……im sick of this coverage…

    or maybe ill just buy ESPN and force them to stop covering that sorry excuse for a QB

  60. McNabb has had many moments being a good quarterback. (ask Packer fans about that 2003 playoff game)

    Hey…that was Freddie Mitchell’s moment…his only moment!

  61. I agree. Criticized for not having a backbone and for not sticking up for himself – always taking the high road. Criticized again for finally doing what he should have done earlier in his career.

  62. Bayless’ constantly disgusting defense and praise of Tim Tebow truly deserves to be looked as racist!!!!

    I’m make sense here because he’s pretty much saying “Hey!!! This white-skinned quarterback is allowed to be flawed, but the black guy (from 2001-2006) who is and has been somewhat better (techincally) as a passer deserves a scathing!!!!”

    Bayless used to rip Vick as a Falcon all the time for running around and gave him a “D” grade performance for his play against the Eagles in Week 1 of the 2005 season!!!!!! I’m not lying one bit!!!!!!

  63. For starters, McNabb was over-rated for the majority of his career. He did have a few very good years in and around the Eagles’ Super Bowl year.

    However after (and I think largely because of) the Limbaugh incident, you had people proclaiming him a sure-fire Hall of Famer, which was ridiculous. Whether you hate Limbaugh or not, his assessment of McNabb was accurate, not dumb. That assessment was that McNabb was a good, but not great, QB.

    Followng their appearance in SB XXXIX, the Eagles were never quite that good again, and though McNabb played well for the next few seasons (when healthy) his performance could hardly be considered great.

    However, McNabb started downhill for good during the 2009 season. He got hurt in an opening day blowout win against Carolina running for a TD, and was never the same after that. Truthfully, I think his attitude, as much as his performance this past three seasons are what has done him in.

    McNabb had a good career, but his penchant for attempting to draw undue sympathy to his “plight” is unfortunate. He bombed in Washington and Minnesota, both places where should have made the team better. That didn’t happen. Whining after the fact only degrades an otherwise fine career.

  64. There you go McNabb! Earn your place among the obnoxious and “disgruntled” NFL commentators. When you can’t speak accurately and with credibility, throw something controversial against the wall and see what sticks.

    Maybe you can replace JAWS on MNF. Then maybe Chucky can give you a fair assessment of your quarterback play.

    This wreaks of someone running their mouth just so they can get a commentator job by saying controversial things. The problem is no one wants to hear it. Guess he got “criticized” too much for his comments yesterday that he felt he needed to come out today again and say crap like this.

    Those getting older with diminishing talent compensate with hard work and study in the film room. McNabb is just lazy. That’s why he flat out failed to keep his talent level and capabilities at a winning level. You saw the decline in Philly and the aftermath in Washington and Minnesota.

    Go eat some Chunky Soup!

  65. Let’s look at the teams he’s had most of his years in the NFL: Pass happy teams who never had great WR. Name me a WR besides T.O. who was a true #1 WR on his teams. You can’t.

    McNabb was a pretty good QB shoved onto mediocre teams. And for those of you saying what about the people who took over for him, it’s change of pace. Garcia, Vick, and Kolb have yet to show they are elite QBs as well.

    Maybe he doesn’t have the greatest work ethic, but would you be happy when you spent over a decade on the Eagles and the best WR you got was T.O., who they got rid of? And when they finally drafted some decent ones again, they dump you for MR. Dogkiller? I’d be bitter as hell too.

  66. kxlllxst says: Mar 30, 2012 3:02 PM

    He’s right. Always appeared to be the consummate professional and teammate. Took the brunt of the blame for Eagles’ missteps. Andy Reid should learn how to manage a game clock and his THREE timeouts per half. People hating on McNabb for being ‘dumb’ or whatever else are racist. They won’t like hearing that, but tough ish it’s true.
    No, they’re not. To say that it’s racist to call any black person dumb, is, in itself, inherently racist. Black people have just as much of a right to be dumb as anybody else. To censor comments about the intelligence of a black person says that black people in America are incapable of overcoming racial prejudice and deserve special treatment. It says that it’s OK to call anybody else dumb, but black people, they’re separate, they’re different, they can’t be called dumb. What’s not racist is to treat everyone the same, regardless of skin color.

    To look at a black man and say: “Based on the color of his skin, he must be dumb,” is racist. To judge a black celebrity based on his performance, off-field behavior, work ethic, interviews, and comments over his 13 year career is simply perception, race has nothing to with it.

  67. First off, McNabb had/has an innate inability to throw to an underneath crossing receiver! ie: He throws at them, does not lead them; Which results in the ball arriving low and behind the receiver! In his football career he never overcame this flaw. So for the most part a full 1/3 of the WCO was unavailable to McNabb and the Eagles!
    I postulate that McNabb didn’t take the Eagles to 5 NFC Championship games, the Eagles took McNabb in spite of his flaws.

  68. Tony Romo strongly disagrees with you. That guy has been put through the ringer for no good reason.

  69. McNabb was a very good Qback with occasional flashes of brilliance – there was a truely amazing play against the cowgirls one monday night…

    Any QB who plays in philly is the most criticised qb in the league. It is the culture (my grandfather cused Mike Schmidt every at bat). Since Mcnabb was there so long – he may be the most criticised.

    In the national media this wasn’t really a true statement. But over-all he may be right as a simple function of where he played.

  70. McNabb is the most justifiably criticized quarterback in the history of the league. He is also the biggest whiner. He is also the least prepared. He is also the least familiar with the rules. He is also unable to perform in the fourth quarter due to lack of conditioning.

  71. Sorry, Donovan, but I have to call BS on this one.

    Tony Romo has been criticized 100x what you have in his career and you played twice as long as him.

    Go get your pacifier, blanky, some Chunky soup, and please shut the heck up.

  72. i think what he says is true. some may feel that his play has refle ted the criticism however that is inaccurate as well. i have seen other QBs who have played far worse with more weapons have praise heaped upon them for play that is borderline average. No McNabb may not have won a SuperBowl but is that an idicatiin of his play only or of the team that he played with. The last few years have been beyond subpar for him but the criticism has been there all along in heavy doses.

  73. McNabb Shut your face before your pampers fill up with tears and urine! I’d like to put you and Albert Haynesworth in a small row boat in a sea of flaming Lava so I can watch you two cry and play patty-cake as you catch fire and begin to sink! Least that way i won’t have to watch an overweight washed up QB constantly cry on national tv. Yes you’ve destroyed whatever little pathetic bit of a legacy you may have had by opening your mouth. if you put as much effort into studying and the treadmill as you do embarrassing yourself and crying on tv maybe you wouldn’t be going down in history as a failure and a turd! And you wonder why nooo team wants you..

  74. What the hell does this guy expect? He had his chances he blew them all even blew chunks in the huddle in his one and only Super Bowl appearance. He gets let go to a division rival no less and stinks up the joint and goes to the Vikings and plays even worse. Time to retire and go away. He did always beat the Giants I’ll admit that. I was glad to see him go.

  75. but for the most part the amount of criticism he has received has mirrored the quality of his play.

    What are you smoking?? McNabb is 1,000,000% correct.

  76. I liked “roll with the punches” McNabb alot better than this sour grapes version. When you play for an East coast major market team be ready for the boo-birds!! I shouldn’t have to tell that to a grown man.

    I would say Tebow is more criticized mainly because its the entire person, not just the player getting the criticism.

  77. I have to agree with him, he is/was one of the most criticized QBs in NFL history.

    When he was playing well, it was never was good enough. And when the team lost, it was his fault. I see a lot of parallels between him and what’s happinening to Romo in Dallas.

    When he played poorly, there was a lot of “piling on.”

    True he is one of most criticized, but he deserved a lot of that criticism too.

    I agree with other posters.. he should have kept his mouth shut though.. He’s not helping himself any.

  78. But one thing you did just do, by running your chunky soup guzzling mouth you have ensured that now you are being “fairly” criticized .
    Ps people McNabb is on twitter fb and has his own site incase you would like to let him know how you feel like I have already

  79. If he feels this unfairly criticized is he going to demand a “financial apology” from all of us?

    When he’s criticized he mopes and whines about it. And now that nobody is paying attention to him, he’s giving extra reason to criticize him.

    Just go away McNabb.

  80. Limbaugh did not unfairly criticize him. If anyone had actually listened to what he said and the evidence that surrounded what he said, it was clear that Limbaugh was right.

    During that 3 year period the Eagles defense was always a top 10 (or top 5) defense and on the bottom of the half of the league in offense. McNabb was not playing at the level of a Favre or Manning, yet the media was pushing him big time.

    James Brown in particular would always refer to him as “the leader” of the Philadelphia Eagles and they would try to make him seem like this elite player, while the evidence showed that he was not.

  81. “Will someone please explain to me why you guys think he’s the worst QB to ever play in the NFL?”

    Oh, he’s not. That guy is now the backup in New Jersey.

  82. “Rush Limbaugh once offered a dumb assessment of McNabb”

    No, well other to say McNabb wasn’t the greatest, but Rush was talking about how the media idolized McNabb. Yet I don’t see no rings on Donovan’s fingers.

  83. McNabb, before you whine about being criticized, you might want to look at what Warren Moon (a much better QB than you, BTW) had to deal with before he became an NFL starter.

  84. What was McNabb criticized for exactly? He was voted the best QB in Eagle history. The guy NEVER came up big when the pressure was on and all he EVER did after a big loss was deflect. The guy never took responsibility for anything. The guy will never change. There is no taking his comments out of context no matter where he went and what happened in those places it was never he fault. The guy is a fraud and a phoney. He will be perfect on TV.

  85. I don’t think Donny Mac is doin himself any favors by runnin his #%%k holster.I just think he is bitter since he knows his career in the NFL is over

  86. Too bad he wasn’t so talkative when TO was gonna beat his ass in the locker room. Wouldve been a funny ass whippin. What a tool which makes him ESPN material for sure.

  87. He’s burnt all of his bridges within the league and nobody really wants to see this jerk on TV as a broadcaster. Sooo…….he’ll be bankrupt within 3 years.

    Within 5 years Fox Sports will do a very moving “Whatever Happened To?” story on him that will touch the hearts of dozens.

  88. Dear Donovan,

    I used to think it was cute when your Mom did those soup commercials. She was very charming. Are you sure you’re not adopted?

    You’re an old, fat football player… If you want respect then go ahead and retire / get on with your life. Certainly you must realize that the only press you get now is from these stories about you whining…

  89. Rush’s comments about McFlabby were right–he said that he was overrated. You may disagree with Rush’s comments about the media and their hype of McNabb at that time.

  90. He’s on the verge of accomplishing something no one thought possible – getting people to stop thinking, for a moment, that Skip Bayless is completely useless.

  91. McNubb should shut up, take the Campbells soup can out of his anus, and move into the old folks home. His career is over and he can’t even make it in broadcasting without throwing firebombs at other people and organizations. The man can’t even talk for 5 seconds without misspeaking or trying to use an SAT word poorly in a sentence and making himself look retarded.

  92. The “Worms” are not criticizing you anymore. They are now safe. In fact, worm parties all over the natural grass fields of the NFL are going on as we speak in celebration of the Great Worm Killer McNabb not playing football anymore..

    In all seriousness, all you need to know about McNabb’s legacy now is that his coach Andy Reid, traded him IN HIS OWN DIVISION. That’s all you need to know. Andy Reid knew he sucked and had nothing left. I mean, c’mon, name me another QB that was EVER traded in his own division. So, how bad was Donovan really…..Answer: Really Bad (at least towards the end). And he took out his frustrations on the poor worms, by throwing at them with almost every pass. Why do you think he had such a low lifetgimne INT %, because Worms can’t Intercept the ball!!!!!

  93. McNabb threw more dirt balls than completions in the 6 games he “played” in for the Vikings last year. One of the last to show up in the morning and first to leave at night. Refused to wear a wristband because it made it look like he didn’t know what he was doing. Got benched by his last 3 teams. Cried and whined about it in Philly and Washington until they gave him more money to shut up, and forced a release in Minny only to find out the other 31 teams didn’t want him either. But you’re right Donnie, you shouldn’t be criticized.

  94. Once again, hte left and their “racial bias” entitlement monopoly AGAIN!

    Deja vu all over again on this McNabb crying!

  95. kxlllxst says:Mar 30, 2012 3:02 PM

    “He’s right. Always appeared to be the consummate professional and teammate. Took the brunt of the blame for Eagles’ missteps. Andy Reid should learn how to manage a game clock and his THREE timeouts per half. People hating on McNabb for being ‘dumb’ or whatever else are racist. They won’t like hearing that, but tough ish it’s true.”

    No….. mcnabb is “dumb” because he doesn’t even know the rules of the game that he is payed millions of dollars to play – the fact that he is dumb has nothing to do with being black, white, or yellow……… WHY does someone always have to play the race card when they have no other valid information to back up their point of view!!!!! It really gets old after awhile

  96. McNabb’s problem is he doesn’t let things go. He is resentful and just will not stop crying about these types of things. SHUT UP ALREADY! You are only making people hate you more.

  97. chrisvegas says:
    Mar 30, 2012 4:28 PM
    McNabb’s problem is he doesn’t let things go. He is resentful and just will not stop crying about these types of things. SHUT UP ALREADY! You are only making people hate you more.


    like me

  98. I agree that McNabb was very unfairly criticized but his recent comments are really making him look like a jackass. He needs to stop complaining

  99. you think MDS ever listened to Rush in his life?

    maybe during the Rams drubbing

    a little

  100. To all who boast about McNabbs numbers / accomplishments:

    It should more obvious now more than ever …… the Philly offense system produced those numbers. McNabb was a good QB …… in that system. AJ Feeley and Kevin Kolb anyone? His problem is that he thinks hes better than he really was.

  101. Uhh all Limbaugh said was “Mcnabb is overrated because the media wants a black qb” thats all shown to be somewhat true.

    geniusesq says:
    Mar 30, 2012 2:55 PM
    Now I see why Philly didn’t like this guy. He’s delusional and annoying.

    Limbaugh unfairly criticized him. But, the media didn’t throw those dirt balls, or vomit running no-huddle.

    Get yourself together Donovan.

  102. First, McNabb was NOT unfairly criticized by Rush Limbaugh, Limbaugh was talking about the media’s overt attempt to make people think he was better than his play indicated because the media was “desirous of seeing a black quarterback do well.”
    He was criticizing the media, as he always does, not so much McNabb…
    Second, McNabb DID have more favorable media hype the first several years of his career than almost anyone, which is why those comments came out. He was, at his best, the 4th or 5th best qb during his era- BEHIND Favre, Brady, Manning, and maybe Kurt Warner, Ben Rothliberger, and Eli Manning. So he never deserved the media fawning all over him that they did from 99 til about 2005. Once it changed, he just became a whiner.

  103. When you give these guys a stage, they will take advantage of it. In the grand scheme of things, Mcnabb is insignificant. Who cares what he thinks? He got what he deserves. The NFL, like most employers, is perfomance based. If I’m not productive building houses, guess what? There will be consequences. Thats life. Tough to swallow sometimes, but it’ll get ya whether you like it or not. Mcnabb’s family obviously didn’t prepare him for life if he can’t accept it. I hope my kids NEVER act like that. It’s my job to prepare them for LIFE! Any ways, can’t wait for the 2012 season. Go Pack Go!

  104. That’s funny, I can’t think of a quarterback who has been shielded from media criticism more than Donovan McNabb.

  105. I COMPLETELY disagree with the ending of this article. What McNabb said is 100% percent accurate. There is no doubt about it.

  106. geniusesq says: Mar 30, 2012 3:27 PM

    Let’s not make this a Rush Limbaugh discussion. Just because McNab’s skills fell off a cliff doesn’t mean Limbaugh was right when he made those comments. He wasn’t.

    Father time is undefeated.
    Sorry there chief, but you’d be wrong and Rush be right. It hasn’t been, currently isn’t or never will be about race. Donovan certainly isn’t the worst QB in NFL history (that title might belong to JaMarcus Russell) but he was certainly overrated by the media. Deal with it.

  107. Look at McNabb’s stats. Now look at Boomer Esiason’s.

    Comparable years of service, and very close on the primary stats. All McNabb has on him is TD:INT, a soft / secondary stat that no one will remember in a few years (unless to observe that he became overly cautious over the latter half of his career, to the detriment of his teams).

    While most would agree that Esiason was a very good QB, no one would ever argue that he’s a HOF’er.

    No rings. B+ Stats. Not good enough.

    If you think McNabb is a HOF’er you’re simply letting the fact that you like him skew your perception.

    Oh, and he’s about 2 strong seasons behind Bledsoe in terms of yards (44,600 to 37,300) and a season behind in TD passes (251-234)…and Drew ain’t making the Hall either.

  108. Doesn’t anyone remember when his reasons for not running the football later in his career were called a racial sellout by the Phila. president of the NAACP, who also owned the black newspaper in the city?

    And that the same guy wrote that McNabb was a poor leader because he didn’t give part of his signing bonus to TO and Brian Westbrook?

    Come on, PFT. This was one of the most absurd attacks an athlete has ever endured, and you forgot it? Even if you think McNabb was off the mark in his comments today, you can’t describe the criticism he received without including this incident.

  109. He is a washed up blowhard, but he does have a point. His career numbers are only one notch below hall of fame, yet at no point in his career was he widely regarded as an elite QB.

    Don’t get me wrong, he had his fans and many in the media considered him elite. But for a reasonably charismatic guy with no legal trouble like him to put up those numbers and winning percentage you’d expect a lot less haters.

    I feel like he’s always generally been disliked and considered to be less of a player than his stats would dictate.

    Again ignoring recent history. He’s sucked lately.

  110. McNabb wasn’t even the most unduly criticized athlete in his own city!

    That distinction goes to WORLD SERIES MVP Cole Hamels. A man who won something real, unlike NcNabb.

    And he never, ever complained.

    Because he has class. Something McNabb continues to demonstrate he lacks, every time he opens his mouth.

  111. Rush was absolutely right.

    1: McNabb was overrated. The Eagle defense, combined with an outstanding offensive line and the best RB in football at the time (Brian Westbrook) carried that team.

    2: The media LOVED McNabb, and he did little to deserve their praise other than squander several years with an elite Super Bowl caliber team. His passes were horrifically inaccurate.

    3: Whenever McNabb faced good defenses, he was exposed. This happened repeatedly, and the media was silent about it.

    4: If the Eagles had a better QB during McNabb’s golden years, it’s extremely likely that team would have been a dynasty with multiple Super Bowl wins. Unfortunately, they had McNabb, who was just good enough to hang on to the job as long as his team could carry him.

    5: McNabb has no class. He has repeatedly referred to criticism of him from black members as a “black on black crime”. He has played the part of the victim throughout his career and has almost never willingly shouldered blame for his failings. Everything is always someone else’s fault. His coaches, his running back, his receivers, the organization, the media, ect, ect.

  112. Seriously?

    When you make an obvious statement and then bungle the analysis behind it…

    …you prove yourself to be a crappy analyst.

    Don’t take my word for it, ask Rush. He QUIT because he was in over his head and was an awful analyst. He’s pretty much the white Al Sharpton.

    If you want to criticize McNabb, have at it. I sure do! But have some valid facts and objective viewpoints. Don’t make stuff up. Else you just play into his whiny, entitled martyrdom.

  113. McNabb should count his blessings I am thinking. McNabb should really imagine if he wasn’t in Andy Reid’s offense with all the dinks and dunks. What if McNabb had to play, say in Oakland and their vertical passing game? If I am McNabb, I am thinking I was blessed, I had nice teams, made it to a number of conference championships and a super bowl (no, I was not blessed by Terrell Owens, stupid Mgt brought him in), had a nice career. McNabb should then say, “I think I will shut my mouth; I have already bashed Shanahan talking about Griffith, now I am whining about my criticism. Funny, Tebow doesn’t whine?

  114. znor…

    I agree with all 5 of your points. Well done.

    But Rush’s screw-up was saying this was all because of race. Which was just bizarre.

    They just liked him. A black QB in the NFL was by that time not a big deal. There had been plenty. There had been Super Bowl winners. He was our 4th black QB on the Eagles.

    Rush seemed to think a black QB was a big deal. And it was…in 1988. By 1999 it was fairly common.

  115. McNabb! When did you become a whiny little bitch? The vast majority of the media have always portrayed you as a classy, stand-up team player.Your recent views and opinions sound unintelligent, bitter, and delusional. Did you suffer a stroke over the winter; or was the media shielding your presona all these years? You better take some time to assess who your critics and who your supporters really are.

  116. PS – the networks like to pump up and over-expose QB’s. Especially young ones.

    Matty Ice.

    These guys are consistently hailed as ‘great QB’s’ despite the fact that they’re very ordinary in the grand scheme of things.

    And next season, you’ll get a steady dose of Andy Dalton and Matt Flynn. Along with RGIII and Andrew Luck.

    Happens every year, happened with Dmac.

  117. McNabb was a very successful QB until he blew out his leg. Once his freakish mobility went away, his poor throwing accuracy was exposed. He also played too many years. Many young fans will only remember him as a whiny less than average QB.

  118. Horrible conditioning – check

    Puking on field during Super Bowl – check

    Horrible game manager – check

    Unable to comprehend playbooks after leaving original team – check

    Or perhaps too lazy to learn the new playbooks – check

    Whines endlessly about the tiniest criticism – check

    Who let this guy on television ? Did they actually think anyone finds his opinion of the slightest value except as something to make fun of ?

  119. You are also the most overated qb of all times also. I guess Philly, Washington and Minn are all wrong. You are washed up so go enjoy retirement

  120. He is the only player in NFL that couldnt throw but threw for 30,000 yards.hmmm, 5 pro bowls couldnt throw. 5 NFL championship games, couldnt throw. 100 million dollar contract nice. Think he cares what anyone thinks? lol Cant read a defense? I wonder why people say that? 30,000 yards of dirt balls. Wow how do you do that? Ask Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Cade McNown how good McNabb was.

  121. Your 35 yards passing against the chargers last year speaks louder than you do.

  122. When he and TO had there spat everyone jumped on TO and laughed at Mcnabbs black on black crime remarks.when djax told him to stop talking about the eagles when he was traded people defended mcnabb. When shanny benched him for not being the leader he hoped people labeled shanny a racist while mcnabb calls him an egomaniac. Yea, mcnabb is always the victim

  123. He’s a JV Jim Kelly — 4 straight NFC Championship losses. He proved that he couldn’t come up big in big games, he proved that he couldn’t put a team on his shoulders, he proved that he couldn’t deal with clubhouse drama, he proved he wasn’t a leader.

    Philly fans were right to boo his selection at the draft, it’s only with hindsight that we can see that.

  124. I knew I could count on the PFT peanut gallery to prove McNabb right. Statistically a top five QB from 2000-2009. Hands down. No doubt he deserves his fair share of criticism and no doubt he gets it. But for every word of fair criticism he receives, he gets unfair criticism tenfold.

  125. Nationally no. But in Philly, absolutely. Best QB we’ve ever had and you’d think he was Babe Laufenberg.

  126. If anything id call him a choke artist. Noone can say mcnabb was not a good qb if he was he never would have made a super bowl n multiple championship games. Tho all were lost he was a good qb on a lot of teams that were not always the most talented. The criticiszm he rcvd maybe not what he should have gotten but at the end of the day thatz what u get from the garbage fans of the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES!!! Kinda sad when ur own city can kill a qbs mental ability to play the game.

    From a dallas cowboy fan n yet after him killing us many times i can respect he was a good qb.

  127. Beginning to realize how pointless these sites the commenters and vast majority of those reading are racist, right leaning biased mf’s and ANY one who is not of the “soccer mom” crowd will NEVER be the majority even though “WE” are in most sports and entertainment(worth watching)..smh

  128. Being the most criticized Qb in the history of the game balances him out as being one of the most overrated Qb’s in history as well.

  129. That game against the Bears where you were tackled for the safety & all you had to do was fall forward. Instead you turtle shelled it & gave up completely. How many yards did you throw for in your Vikings debut? 70? Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You fat slob, ate yourself out of the league.

  130. You know what’s worse? That wasn’t even the most ridiculous stuff he said on his two day stint on First Take.
    It always has to be about him even when it isn’t.

  131. Man McNabb is really showing his real personality and comes out as a bitter, jealous person. Always thought he was classy till the past couple of days.

  132. DM, above average QB that couldn’t win big game. You are criticised because you are barely above average. You want the criticism to stop, get better and win a big game. Simple program.

  133. What criticism has he or Tebow taken that is “Unfair”? They are public figures that require people talk about them to keep them in the spotlight and for them to make their money. All of it is fair….

  134. On the other hand I have always respected McNabb.
    For awhile, he did have lousy receivers. Freddy Mitchell was one of the worst picks they ever made, and we all know about Todd Caution-Sign Pinkston.

    Limbaugh did not criticize McNabb at all. He criticized the media.

    McNabb was a beastly runner,very strong dude in his day and he seemed to have a really good attitude as well. Did not complain a whole lot, at least I never saw it.

    I think maturity is best served though in not stating publicly that one is the worst this or best that or anything. But that does not make him a bad guy. I wish him well, nice guy.

  135. If not for the Limbaugh incident, and Andy Reid running an over simplified offense to cover his flaws, McNabb would have been out of the league years ago.

  136. Let’s see you puked all over the SB field, your always out of shape, teams say you’re lazy, you throw the football directly into the ground, and twice the backup has taken over for you. What’s critical about the TRUTH?

  137. I know I’ll take flack for this and I don’t really care, but I can already see Sharpton and Jackson crying “racism” when he doesn’t get picked for the HOF his first year of eligibility!

  138. sorry, McNabb and his fans, but he’s wrong. dont get me wrong, he was unfairly criticized, but he’s not the most unfairly criticized. his critics had good reasons to criticize him. he threw ALOT of passes in the dirt, now, were the fans impatient with him, yes, but that’s not the critics, the critics always were behind his play and only criticize his accuracy.

  139. actually limbaugh criticized the media. but i dont expect the grand bulk of u modern public school attendees to grasp that.

    the media has to have black heroes, especially at qb. even if they suck.

    the media has a template. mcnabb got around to sucking. obama did from the getgo.

    essentially, the more the “hero” sucks, the more the media plays defense. until they just cant anymore. then they find a new hero (who really isnt a hero) to defend.

  140. Former Eagle, former Redskin, former Viking … your done Donovan . Get on with the next phase of your life. You got to do what thousands of us only dream of… your critisism comes across like bitterness , and that will eat you up. Don’t tarnesh your reputation with this BS.

  141. I would’ve gone with Doug Flutie.

    All the guy did was win games in New England and Buffalo, but not good enough to start.

  142. Yo, McNubb – you forgot to throw in the racial bias angle – its all the rage these days. Call up your friends Al and Jesse and see if they’ll give a damn.

    Fact is that McNubb has never been more than an average quarterback and despite being in one system for ages, he could never win the big game. Jason Campbell (wherever he is now) seemed like he had a new system every year to learn.

    McNubb is a dirt ball player – stupid, lazy, unmotivated, undisciplined, a non-leader, and a now the biggest whiner in the NFL.

    Unemployment suits you. Now shut the hell up.

  143. As I sat there last year, watching the Bears’ season painfully spiral uncontrollably to a miserable 8-8, I wondered why the hell the Monsters hadn’t snatched McNabb up off the couch. Anything was better than Caleb ‘freaking’ Hanie at that point (e.g. Josh McCown). I was prepared for us to have a tie lumped in their with the wins. I was even prepared for him to throw up in the huddle during the SB, our D and ST would’ve handled everything in stride. But to have to listen to this guy lay groundwork for a case that he doesn’t deserve every last little bit of criticism he gets is just asinine. Make general, average mistakes, fine, get general criticism. Make egregious, bone head mistakes (like tying a game cause you don’t know the damn rules of your profession), expect a harsher critique. That’s why he never won a SB, man can’t even think straight.

  144. If they wanted to push black QB’s, where was Daunte Culpepper? At the time, he was putting up WAY better stats than McNabb.

    I guess they thought he was white.

    But don’t let reality get in the way of your agenda.

    Ultimately, to say Limbaugh was correct about his criticism of the media, you’d need to furnish some proof that they were pushing him because of his race and not marketing / ratings realities (which can be quantified and proven – Eagles games got higher ratings, McNabb made for better features because he was good on TV). Rush never offered ANY evidence that race was a factor. You don’t offer ANY evidence that race was a factor.

    McNabb, despite my constant and forceful criticisms of him, was a top QB in that league at the time. He was. And a rising star. And marketing and consumer demand dictated that he get airtime. Just like Lin and Tebow today.

    You see the McNabbs and Tebows and Strahans Peyton Mannings on TV because they are good on TV.

    You don’t see the Flaccos and Eli Mannings and Aaron Rodgers because they aren’t as good.

    This is a business guys. A multi-billion dollar business.

  145. Ohhhhhhh…….poor poor baby. You have it made in the shade and all you can do is feel bad about how you’re the poor poor victim. Not only do you genuinely deserve all the criticism, but I think it’s just become quite plain that you’re stupid as well.

  146. McNabb is, of course, coddled by the media and over-rated to this day. Talk of the Hall is just silly, unimaginable for a guy who is on par with Esiason and sub-Bledsoe.

    You know why?

    1) National media hates Philadelphia fans. They needed to prop him up to make us look like bad.

    2) Mainstream media hates Limbaugh. As the white Al Sharpton, his opinion mobilizes 50% of the population overnight against his position (just like Al does).

    Our reputation + Limbaugh’s invented motives for the media coverage of McNabb = sympathy vote.

    Plain and simple. And #1 is 80% of it.

    But guess what…we were right.

  147. I could even make the case that McNabb was over-hyped because of the ‘old boys network’ – he was a Newhouse School grad from Syracuse.

    A TON of the media, especially in sports broadcasting, went to that school. How do you think he got this opportunity now on ESPN despite offering nothing but score-settling / axe to grind commentary?

    But race? C’mon. I have to laugh.

  148. “and Rush Limbaugh once offered a dumb assessment of McNabb”

    Rush Limbaugh’s “assessment” of McNabb was actually more of an assessment the leagues desire to promote a black quarterback as a top star. Limbaugh did not denigrate McNabb. He essentially conceded he’s a very good QB. His point, however, quite accurately in fact, is that the league was desirous of having a superstar black QB and that they aggressively were promoting McNabb as such when in fact he was not at that level.

    What Limbaugh pointed out was the racial slant of the league in aggressively promoting a certain black athlete because of his race. He was absolutely correct in what he said……but, of course, he wasn’t ‘politically correct’. As such he was fired for speaking the truth.

  149. He listened to too many people tell him that he was great. After awhile he believed it. He lost his mojo and never got it back again. Now he is too old to do the job. Go away, loser, and leave us alone!

  150. McNabb is right. I’ve been in love with the NFL forever and never seen anything like it. When he was young, strong, and very, very good, Donovan took more ridiculous garbage than any QB of his caliber I’ve ever seen–and he handled it with tremendous class.

    Tebow has sought the limelight–as with his press conferences, which aren’t common for backup QBs. McNabb did not ask to have his presence in the NFL politicized by Rush Limbaugh–even if you believe Limbaugh was only making an innocent point about sports reporters. He did not ask an egomaniacal Terrell Owens to use him as a publicity tool. He sure didn’t ask to be put in the position of mentoring his own replacement. But Vick says he graciously welomed him and taught him how to be a disciplined film-watcher and to put the team first.

    Can he still play at the level he once did? No. And life in the NFL won’t get better because aging players don’t suddenly improve. But declining skills don’t change what he was and the only losers are the idiots telling him to go away just because time has taken its toll. Can’t wait until it happens to you.

  151. “Can he still play at the level he once did? No. And life in the NFL won’t get better because aging players don’t suddenly improve. But declining skills don’t change what he was and the only losers are the idiots telling him to go away just because time has taken its toll. Can’t wait until it happens to you.”

    His “declining skills” coincidently coincided with what became a deplorable work ethic, laziness, apathetic fat cat attitude and Pillsbury DoughBoy level of training. Now he complains that he was criticized. Cry me a river.

  152. Case closed.

    No Rush defender can offer ANY evidence of race being a factor in the dynamic that was the marketing of McNabb, who was among the top young QB’s of the time. That’s OK, Rush never offered any before he turned tail and quit.

    They won’t deny the other marketing and financial and ratings factors that McNabb an easy sell. Which Rush never did, before he ran away.

    They cannot explain why similar tier white QB’s of every era were equally over-hyped (Tebow, Ryan, Flacco). Then again, before Rush capitulated he didn’t either.

    They cannot tell you why McNabb was promoted while a more successful black QB in his draft class (Culpepper) was receiving less coverage. And yet, when Rush cowered in a corner over being challenged, he didn’t make that point.

    They cannot tell you who should have been receiving more coverage. If, in fact, better QB’s were being ignored (and in the saturation coverage that is NFL Sunday and ESPN, is anyone “under-exposed”). And, ya know, Rush was too busy quitting to do so.

    Rush cheered for a war he got multiple deferments in. He’s a coward. He never fought for a point he believed in. And this was no different.


    Not unlike most of his supporters do each and every day when they wake up to start their day.

    PS – McNabb is the 2nd worst ESPN host ever…only to Rush. And the 2nd biggest crybaby…only to Rush.

  153. Deb, Deb, Deb…

    Eli Manning was being run out of town before that SB. Sanchez is as we speak.

    We’re a demanding fan base, but so is Boston and NY. And at least, in McNabb’s case, the sports media in Philly has been downsized and neutered.

    NYC – When A-Rod broke the HR record his hometown NY Daily News carried the headline”congratulations on your tainted record”.

    Boston – Bill Buckner could spent years in exile from the area. Mitch Williams stayed in the area and launched a media career here in town.

    We take it too seriously in the NE (Philly, Boston, NYC). Sure. No doubt.

    But ask Andy Pettite, Youk, or Jamie Moyer what places are the best to be on top. You know it’s here!

  154. “”timbuttrum says: Mar 30, 2012 3:10 PM

    Cry me a river. I never saw what was so great about him even in his Philly days. Too many incompletions to wide open receivers from balls thrown into the turf. Overated IMO””

    Well given the past two years of the Eagles, with all of their so-called “weapons” do you now see what was so great about him?! HA! Hilarious.

  155. If you spent half as much as time in the gym as you did making excuses you could have accomplished something with all that talent.

  156. kxlllxst says:
    Mar 30, 2012 3:02 PM
    People hating on McNabb for being ‘dumb’ or whatever else are racist. They won’t like hearing that, but tough ish it’s true.

    There we go! Took about 25 comments before the race card was played. Guess the Lib’s were late on this one. Of course, it’s racial. Scary part is he actually believes this….wow.

  157. Your Mother is the only person in the world allowed to lie to your face saying you are good and you are great when you are really bad and you suck.

    So what is the excuse for every other person in Donovan McNabb’s life for lying to him?

  158. McNabb never knew who he was or what he wanted to be, except ‘not be a black quarterback’. If you base your identity on what you’re not, you have no edge. McNabb never had an edginess about him. He was always this bland company man trying to match expectations instead of just playing his game regardless of the circumstances.

  159. FINALLY!!!!

    Donovan McWormBurner is letting the world know why he wasn’t loved in Philly!!!

    After all of those years of the National media telling everyone Philly wasn’t “appreciative” of the PASSIVE/AGGRESSIVE NARCICIST, EGO-MANIAC, he has done that for us!!!

    I never seen such a CRY BABY!!!

    No wonder he NEVER won a SB!!!!

  160. @moochzilla …

    We’re never going to agree on McNabb 🙂 But I didn’t criticize Philly. Have only visited once, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Walked everywhere and found folks very friendly. My comments were directed more at the NFL world at large.

    @backindasaddle …

    As for whether laziness is responsible for Donovan’s skill decline … that I don’t know. My understanding is that he had a great work ethic through most of his career. I can’t see why he’d suddenly lose it unless age has caught up with him or something’s taken the heart out of him–maybe leaving Philly or spending a season having Shanahan trying to gut his confidence.

  161. He played all those years and basically let TO give him hell. Wouldn’t take a stand. Now he wants to start running his mouth. He stinks. He has been washed up for years. End of discussion.

  162. I am not an Eagles fan but McNabb was definitely under-appreciated in Philly. The entire organization tossed him aside and made it look like he was the reason Philly never won a super bowl. The truth of the matter is the problem is with fat boy Andy Reid, not McNabb. Reid made some bone head decisions in big games. And there is not enough time here to discuss his bone head draft picks. I hope Philly enjoys their over priced dog killing QB because he will never be successful with Andy Reid at the helm. That blunder of an acquisition will negatively impact Philly for years to come.

  163. runtheball says: Mar 30, 2012 7:43 PM

    “If not for the Limbaugh incident, and Andy Reid running an over simplified offense ”
    Andy Reid running a simplified offense? No better proof than so many of his critics are idiots!

  164. backindasaddle says: Mar 30, 2012 11:10 PM

    His “declining skills” coincidently (sic) coincided with what became a deplorable work ethic, blah, blah, blah endless stream of BS..”

    His “declining skills” coincidentally coincided when he was traded to two awful teams. Go figure.

  165. Really this torrent of hate and idiocy from burger flipping keyboard jockeys shows McNabb has a case.

    Pretty safe to say…
    The media doesn’t like him.
    So many “fans” hate him.
    The players respect him.

    Tells you all you need to know.

  166. Donovan McUnderthrow.

    Worms at stadiums around the league are rejoicing at his possible retirement.

  167. Donovan…reputations are made on what you do….not on what you wish you had done.

  168. When you tell people you are a star, the best, better than the rest, for your entire career, and then the last 5 years of your career, while still saying you are a star, the best, better than the rest, you lose muscle mass, gain weight, and your physical movements look like that of a couch potato rather than an athlete, meanwhile possibly one of the actual best quarterbacks ever is playing that entire time with a debilitating neck injury and still looks like and performs like an athlete, as opposed to a couch potato, well, yes, yes we are going to criticize you for that the entire time. If you had say, looked like you hit the weights instead of the restaurant, look like you went for a jog instead of talking about jogging, if you say practiced football instead of playing a football video game, and if you oh i dunno sounded and acted like you thought you werent above those things that all athletes and competitors do and must do to stay competitive and oh i dunno perform at any respectable level, then yes ok we would not have a reason to criticize you instead the worse you would get is ok we get it youre a beast we agree stop tearing our teams defenses up we get it youre the best, but you didnt do that, instead you acted and talked like you are above lifting weights, like you are above practicing, like somehow magically you are going to remain a performing athlete without eating right, working out, practicing football. I think we all get it just fine, I also think it is McNabb who does not understand. You slacked off, you quit trying, what did you expect to happen? Just because you think you can be the best athlete without doing a single athletic thing whatsoever, does not make it true, it makes you insane because you see the results you know the results and yet you still sit there and tell us youre the best and refuse to do anything athletic to you know get better, definition of insanity you are insane, and delusional. Lose some of that fat you gained in the last few years, get some of that muscle back you lost in the last few years, go for a jog with those running shoes you havent worn for a few years, pick up a playbook and remember what plays look like which you havent done for a few years, both attend an actual practice and then actually exert some energy at this practice which you havent done for a few years, and stop saying you are the best until you are atleast good which you havent been in a few years. If you manage tomdo those things, become the guy that was the QB for 5 championship runs and then do what you should have done back then, kept working at getting better, and we will have to stop because we call it like we see it and if you are actually great then we would admit it one way or the other, just like we are seriously tired of you saying you are the best and we all keep telling you that you suck, because we call it like we see it, we admit it one way or the other. Your only shot is to accept where your level of perfomance is right now. It is impossible for someone to get better when they think they are the best.

  169. McNabb is annoying as hell. BUT he has a point… he at least had talent at one point. He could complete passes. Tebow completes 4 passes and everyone is all “Isn’t he the greatest!!!” It’s freaking bizarre.

  170. Not for nothing, but someone ought to ask him the obvious question.

    Hey McNabb, if you were really a 1/4 of the QB you think you were and are by representing yourself in such a say, why would the Eagles trade you to their divisional rival?

    Buyer beware. If a divisional opponent is trading their “star” player to their divisional rival, it is probably because they know that player sucks. Otherwise, why would they make a trade like that?

    Has there ever been a trade like that, where a team trades a bonified star QB to a team in their own division?

    Please, dont tell me Bledsoe to Buffalo. That only proves my point.

    McNabb is just one in a long line of certain people that buy into the false notion that they are perpetual victims.

    When your own teammate kills you in the media, and your own coach abandons you, then you suck, in the manner they thought they would, doesnt mean they were wrong. It actually validates their assessment.

    Unreal, how he would attack Shanahan. Made a pro bowler out of Griese, out of Plummer, and Cutler. I say that about them, cause they all sucked everywhere else. Cutler is looking better. I guess it is about time.

  171. Well I don’t care for Campbell’s Chunky Soup either so thanks for ruining lunch for me Donovan.

    Guess it is better to ruin your lunch then to loose it.

  172. donovan please take the advice of someone who STILL respects you, don’t say anything else. don’t respond to questions re: you or your career. there are folk who HATE you and will jump at the chance to ish ALL over you when you say ANYTHING! you were better than a lot of qb’s who have played this game. you were also worse than a lot, too! so just start a business and count your millions and move on because no matter what you do OR say folks will carve you up like a thanksgiving turkey!

  173. I defended McNabb for a decade, and rightfully so most of the time… but he is playing himself with these comments, and already undermining his future on espn.

    P.S. Where are all the folks that called the Eagles to Redskins McNabb trade the worst of all time? Eagles are no worse without him, better at times. The only player the Eagles let go too early in this era was Brian Dawkins. Granted, he couldn’t cover anybody anymore, but we could have used his leadership, smarts and hits in ’11.

  174. For the “keep his mouth shut” crowd, HE IS DOING THIS ON PURPOSE. He is setting up his post playing career in the talking head corp.

    Second, McNabb does get a bad rap, his numbers were better than the general treatment he received in his career. There are inferior (dare I say white) QB’s who get/got as much press, if not more. He made 5 NFC championship games. From the time he game into the league, and got a little experience under his belt, the Eagles and the Packers were the two best teams in the NFC, his numbers very comparable to Favre’s over that time (of course Favre being past his Golden Years of the mid-90’s, but still was fawned over as the best QB ever in the space/time continuum) and McNabb had nearly the same stats and had equal team success, if not better.

    The problem being he didn’t have what it took to get over the hump in the playoffs. There are a few QB’s in this pass happy era who perform well enough in the regular season where there’s always next week and 3 out of 4 is good enough (McNabb, Romo, and even the post mid-90’s Favre). But single elimination playoffs is a different thing, and McNabb didn’t quite shine there. But, then again, neither did Favre, as both the Packers and Eagles succumbed to the inferior remainder of the NFL, the Packers in WC or Div rounds, and McNabb a little further on. That’s how the NFC sent a different team to the Super Bowl from 2001-2010. Its two best teams bombed out, while the three best AFC teams (IND, NWE, PIT) have traded off the top berth. Top tier success, rightly or wrongly, ultimately defines a QB.

    But it does stand that being near the top of the “silver tier” QB’s, McNabb didn’t get enough love for it. I hate the race card and how easily it can be played, but the Flaccos and Schaubs, and the Kolbs, of the NFL get blown out of proportion and a superior McNabb doesn’t/didn’t get a fair allocation of the spot light. And he wasn’t a classless jerk, or not without a little charm in front of a microphone. The only explanation seems to be the color of his skin. I think a lot of people still think of the QB as a white position, subconsciously if nothing else.

  175. but he is playing himself with these comments, and already undermining his future on espn.

    Yes, because everyone knows ESPN HATES controversial loud mouths on their airwaves.

  176. Wow…And I actually expected some openminded and objective thinking on this site. Stupid me.

    McNabb should have know better than to claim to Skip that Tim Tebow isn’t the Marytr of the NFL. Skip is void of any level of objective thinking when it comes to Tebow. What’s even worst is his desire to continually give Tebow WAY more credit as a QB than he desires.

    Instead of professing to be the most “unfairly criticized QB” incomparison to Tebow, maybe McNabb should ask why is someone like Tebow, who isn’t such a great QB, given so much leeway with those in the media.

  177. I like McNabb an when he was booed when he was drafted I felt for him.

    But he seriously needs to shut up now.

    Ever heard of Alex Smith?

    Ryan Leaf?

    How about Jamarcus Russell?

    DM, please shut up now. Dude you had some success and the Philly fans did get behind you for a time. You had REASONABLE targets to throw the Ball to a Run game and a Line that protected you more than they didn’t.

    I’ll just use Smith as an example who has had NONE of this over the last 7 years. The one thing he did have finally was a Coach that understood Offense. You’ve had that your entire career. Stop trying to play the sympathy card. That’s the thing I admired about you. You didn’t whine “oh poor me”.

    Smith finally has a reasonable amount of success and fans still want him gone. You’re pathetic dude.

  178. Wow another day, another stupid and self-serving rant from donnie mcFAT. How I wish for a day when our world isn’t subjected to his moronic dbaggery. What a wonderful time that will be…..

  179. Strahan knocked a few screws loose when he sacked McNabb in that commercial a couple years back.

    In general, McNabb won more than he lost. He’s a winner to a certain extent, but definitely not a champion. Oh, I misspelled winner. It’s “whiner”

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