Minnesota governor “mystified” by stadium hurdles

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The good news for the Vikings stadium project is that a majority of the members of Minneapolis City Council finally are on board with the idea of building a new venue next to the Metrodome.  The bad news?  The legislature still can’t push a bill through.

Governor Mark Dayton, a proponent of the stadium, can’t fathom the resistance from charitable gaming interests that would benefit from the electronic pulltab and bingo money that would fund the stadium.  The charitable interests, which currently make $42 million per year from charitable gaming, would realize another $62 million annually from the electronic pulltab and bingo games.

“They characterize that as a loss,” Dayton said Thursday, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “I’m just mystified.”

To complicate matters, legislators are squabbling about the estimates regarding the money that will be generated by the expanded gambling efforts.

And so the Vikings seem to be no closer to getting their stadium built.  Like the franchise’s never ending quest for a Super Bowl win, the operative mantra for a new building likely will continue to be, “Wait ’til next year.”

69 responses to “Minnesota governor “mystified” by stadium hurdles

  1. LA Vikings. Let them have their snow and cold. Sunny Southern Cal, will welcome you with open arms. Do it!

  2. Someone should have told him that Tax revenue is fungible. Then, maybe he would understand.

    In other words, some people don’t take it kindly you want to give several hundred million dollars to a billionaire to build a stadium when you’re cutting state services and education funding.

  3. “I’m just mystified” by this states inability to want to keep the Vikings in Minnesota,,,pathetic!

  4. What else is new? The House and Senate are ran by a bunch of idiots. Poll that came out said 60% of the public like the proposal 9% undicided, so thats only 31% against it. Like usual the government is only worried about their political career and not what the public wants. This state pisses me off.

  5. “The Charitable Gaming Interests” sounds as if they are gonna try and milk the cow for every single drop they can get. A guess it’s tough to characterize it as plain old greed if the money is going to charities.

    The legislators squabbling about just how big a cash cow this will be and how they maximize their “take” from the big ugly evil rich guys.

  6. Perhaps the Minnesota legislature could come up with a special tax on lutefisk, sausage and hot dishes to pay for the new stadium, ya’ know.

  7. perfectly good and beautiful stadium a mile down university ave. it was designed to be expandable to 80,000.

    but i guess i wouldn’t want to share a stadium when i could have taxpayers buy me one. Then i keep ALL the revenue as they funnel even more of their own cash to me when they pay $100 a ticket, $8 for a hotdog and $10 for a beer. and if these townies refuse, i’ll just threaten to relocate to LA.

  8. Mystified? lol.. Heres how it works Pumpkin. Every local high school team in the cities fund raises by having pulltab booths in the local bars. Lot of folks don’t want to see their programs diminished to support the billionaire.

    it would be easier to do a sales tax increase… but hey its the cities… They let their Hockey team move… and then begged for another one. Big Thumbs up “State of Hockey”

  9. Like I’ve said for years the state of Minnesoooota is a joke and utterly worthless when it comes to getting things done. What other state lets bridges fall and their government shut down before doing anything? I can’t think of one. Utterly WORTHLESS!!!

  10. I’m a huge vikes fan n I’m sick of this bull!!!!!!! Politicians are criminals for the decisions they make. Im sick of everything political!!! Making a new stadium will do nothing but flourish the minnesotian economy you morons! Yeah it costs millions, but a huge portion of our state is unemployed. Yeah your a&@es have jobs but thousands of families dont! They pass what they think is right for them and reject anything good for the average joe. It’s getting to the point were vikes should just leave then all these bozos making these decisions will see how it really affects our state and voters will axe that a&@es. I would like to get my hands on one of those pencil pushing a$@ holes and knock every single tooth out of those pathetic crooks.

  11. sportmentary says:
    Mar 30, 2012 8:57 PM
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Minnesota legislators are bums and should be given the boot. They are idiots.


    I’ve said it before and I’ll say in again, you vikequeefs toads on this website are a bunch of welfare recipient reprobate living with your mamas in her Government financed trailer. You’re more than happy to spend hard working taxpayers money for a new stadium as long as it doesn’t affect your welfare check.

  12. If we lose the Vikings due to this legislature we have no one to blame but ourselves. We are the ones who elected these thieves. Let’s not be fooled by outside money influencing Minnesota politics. This not Wisconsin this!!!

  13. Can’t Minnesota Senator Stuart Smally do something about this!! Come on people, The people of Minnesota are good enough, smart enough, and dog gonit, people like them………..sort of…

  14. If you build it they will come. If you don’t build it they will leave. Either way the Vikings will never win a Super Bowl.

  15. You got leaders from both parties saying they want to go ahead with it, then behind closed doors listen to themselves talk to each other in separate committees about getting reelected and party-line BS…

    Only person forcing the issue is Dayton and he’s taking a beating for leadership.

  16. onegamedoesnotaseasonmake says:
    Mar 30, 2012 10:06 PM
    is that THE pervy the Viking fan? If so, welcome back ! Hilarious
    Does the Pope volunteer at The Boy’s Club?

  17. They could easily get this done and save about $400 million by constructing an open air stadium.
    Dome = elevated costs and a inevitable move to L.A.
    Open Air = a new stadium for the state of Minnesota.

  18. If we could just get all these wisconsin people to move back to there own state and create there own jobs the polls would have been 98% for the stadium !!!I no you really like it here to bad your state can’t create enough work for you but really just leave!!!!

  19. gb4mn0 says:I’ve said it before and I’ll say in again, you vikequeefs toads on this website are a bunch of welfare recipient reprobate living with your mamas in her Government financed trailer. You’re more than happy to spend hard working taxpayers money for a new stadium as long as it doesn’t affect your welfare check.
    Are the newest Packer superfan tard”? Wow,,at least the Viking fans sport pubic hair,,,does your mommy know you’re up?

  20. Dayton is giving the best possible scenario for funding the stadium, pulltabs, NO NEW TAXES, and the legislature is SO STUPID, they actually think they are doing the state a service by possibly rejecting the stadium!!

    THEY have no idea what economic and business development is……we need the jobs in Mennesota.

    We need the restaurants, the retail, the hotels, the players and employees are taxed—–those go to the state coffers!!!


    They could NEVER balance a budget, how in God’s name do you think they would know a great deal for Minnesotans—-NO NEW TAXES, JOBS, and retained jobs through continued and thriving businesses.

    The city of Minneapolis would become what Indy was before the colts moved to Indy—–DEAD.

    And, the state and city would have higher unemploymnet with lost jobs, lost retail, lost hotel, lost transportation, lost construction, etc., etc…..

    The Minnesota Legislature: YOU CAN’T TEACH STUPID!!!!!

  21. thankheavenfornumberseven says:
    Mar 30, 2012 10:41 PM
    This story was written because someone at the StarTribune needed something to write. Everything is moving along as would be expected. This bill is going to pass this year.


    I’ll bet you $50 it is not passed this year.

  22. Let’s get some names out there. Who are the ones holding up the bus & why?
    Once their names are out there then they need to worry about e-election and let’s face it, that’s what most of them worry about the most.
    Put it Arden Hills where local Native groups have offered to split casino revenue that would keep coming long after the stadium is built. As much as Dayton has tried to move this along he has killed the Arden Hills site.

  23. Do people still believe that a billion dollars is worth a few construction and concession jobs?

    Oh, it appears so. Carry on then. Act surprised when there are cost overruns.

  24. This is just a bad situation all the way around. It is ashamed that Vikings fans have to deal with all of this nonsense. The Vikings have a great fanbase in a market that supports their fanbase win or loose and have done so for years.

    It is hard to tell whose worse in this situation. You have an owner that is going to use LA for every ounce of leverage he can get to extract every last penny out of a cash strapped state then on the other side of the coin you have elected officials that are plodding along, ignoring public opinion and using the dispute to play politics and get a name made for themselves.

    The end result is the fans and/or the citizens of Minnesota are going to get screwed either by loosing the team or running the state into further debt.

    The one thing you guys have going for you is it looks like public opinion is behind getting this done. Once the grandstanding by the politicos is done the new stadium should happen. It is very frustrating to deal with as a fan because you want to focus on football but it’s impossible to do so with that black cloud hanging over your offseason. Prior to Katrina we were about to loose the Saints due to heavy opposition from North Louisiana to any funds being used to keep the Saints in New Orleans. I just wanted to think about the draft and instead all there was was threats of relocation, politicians and a stupid governor (Blanco) fighting via the media.

    Best of luck to getting rid of the black clouds so you can worry about how to beat the Bears and Packers insted of this BS because Minnesota deserves the Vikings.

  25. It’s funny how all the buttPacker fans follow Vikings news so closely. Every time I read an article, there you are with ANOTHER pathetic comment. You must really bleed Purple. Now go back to your cheese filled dumpster and shut the hell up!

  26. As a big time Vikes fan i want to say Gerby i love hearing you on K-fan and posting on PFT. Terrible, terrible terrible!! Your Packers are 15-1 and DONE!! the lousey 9-7 Giants embarresed your team in the playoffs. That was almost as good as the Vikes making the playoffs seeing you and Randy crying at that Divisional playoff game!! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! like you would say. Come on the show more i enjoy hearing you Gerby.

  27. Public opinion hasn’t changed.

    A billionaire named Wilf wants a taxpayer handout for a private business while the state is broke, bridges fall down ,infrastructure collapses’, and the textbooks are so old they refer to WWII as a “toss up”

    The public never did, never has, nor never will accept it. Nor should they.

  28. Hey gb4mn0, just wanted to show you the finally tally of likes on the last Packer thread I commented on. People from your own allegiance really don’t like or respect you. HAHAHA!

    buhbay1c says: Mar 29, 2012 4:03 PM

    gb4mn0 says:
    Mar 29, 2012 3:36 PM
    It would be the happiest day of my life if Hargrove puts a season ending hit on Christine Pondexter. The noodle brained vikequeef toads would soil their pants in a fit of rage.

    You do realize your own fan base thinks your a giant douche right? Happy to see someone’s livelihood taken away for a year. What if your pimp beat you so bad you couldn’t work your corner anymore. That wouldn’t bring me any joy.



  29. Perhaps the people of Minnesota should whine and “thumbs down” more. It hasn’t worked before, but maybe if they ramped it up…

  30. The Vikings couldn’t even fill the metrodome so let them pay to share tcf field or shut up and stay at metrodome. Maybe they could pay target field to use it, like how the raiders play in the Oakland baseball field. The one thing that you’re all missing is that the pull tab money goes to fund things such as multiple seroroois research and other important things that most people don’t know about. A new Vikings stadium wouldn’t create any new jobs or any more interest than we have now. Hence the Vikings are already there. You would have to move them to a new area to create new jobs. What people don’t get is that yeah we lost the northstars, but it wasn’t cause nobody wanted to go to the games. It was because nobody wanted to pay too much money to see it. Tickets are expensive. Hell look at the high school hockey tournaments that have sell outs and inexpensive ticket prices. If red mccombs was the owner, he’d already have a new field. He put winning teams together that were excitin to watch. He increased the vikes worth. What has zygi done other than reverse their image, and worth

  31. When it comes down to it, why support the biggest bunch of looooooooooooosers in pro sports. When your state is hurting for money and alot of people out of work a billionaire wants you the people to fund his private toy. I know which way I would vote on this. Our team is owned by the city and has no billionaire owner and we have SUPER BOWL wins to show for it. So Go PACKERS…………………………………..

  32. “This won’t get done until after the elections.” Words spoken to me after I talked to a member of the city council last week.

  33. duece5,

    Maybe you should look at some facts. Where the stadium is going there will not be much economic development. Not many new restaurants going up there. Besides for every new one going in, someone else will be going out of business. You can only spread the entertainment dollar around so much.

    You must also keep forgetting that the money from the pulltabs is only about $ 30 or 40 million short from what most experts say can actually be raised. So the people of MN will have that additional burden to pick-up.

    I don’t think the legislature is as “Dizzy or mystified” as our governor. He is the one that is an idiot. How he got elected is still a mystery to me.

  34. all i know is if Kurt Zellers does not allow this to get done then he BETTER b voted out this fall by rest of state along with all the tribes in his back pockets

    BTW, this is the same party that voted to steal $$$ from schools, teachers, school districts, & their state tax funds just to be able to balance the budget last summer to start the state shutdown which Dayton did not want to give in on, all in the name of not raising taxes on the richest 1%.

  35. There are a lot of packer fans that come on here with screen-names pretending to be Vikings fans. Then they talk nonsense. Just so you know…I CaptainTriumph, will always tell you like it is. First off, the stadium WILL be built. That has never been in any doubt, despite all the nonsense talk. Secondly, it will be a fantastic stadium, better than that old dump across the east border. Lastly, Favre & the Vikings deserved to win the Super Bowl 2 years ago – they were cheated out of it by the refs. Not just the late un-flagged hits, but also 5 terrible cheating calls in overtime. It’s better to deserve a Super Bowl than to luck-into it like some teams.

  36. Oh please, don’t come on here with that liberal nonsense. This is the ONE issue that over the years has not been Dem vs Rep – it’s been a pretty even mix.

  37. By the way, the last Super Bowl the packers won was total luck. Fact: they lucked into a 3-way-tiebreak to get into the playoffs. Then Akers form Philly forget how to kick because his kid was in the hospital. So it was total luck. Favre & the Vikings, on the other hand, deserved the Super Bowl 2 years ago. Best record, best team….but the refs cheated them out of it. packer fans coming on this thread to talk Super Bowls is totally classless. Plus really nothing to brag about when you look at the facts.

  38. The NFL should notify the state that if they do not work out a stadium deal soon, they will force the Vikings to move. Right now, that’s the only power the Vikings have.

  39. Why replace a 64,000 seat stadium with a 65,000 seat stadium at the exact same location for 2 billion dollars right after the roof and turf have been replaced?

    Why would a renter tell his landlord because the lease expired he expects the landlord to tear down the current building (with a new roof and carpeting) and replace it with a building the same size and then the renter will continue to rent.

    The renter should buy his own housing, move to another rental, or sign a new lease and not demand a new building.

    The vikings have never been successful at anything. They have never won a championship and don’t have any trophies, not even a George Halas trophy.

    What do you do with a franchise too incompetent to move and too incompetent to get a stadium?

  40. Anytime you have politics involved in any decision making it is going to be screwed up. All they care about is themselves. I live in Arizona and what they did here was charge a .01% hospitality tax on hotels and restaurants for the states part of the stadium (which was paid mostly by traveling out of staters). The Cardinals stadium was paid off 4 years ahead of time and the area around it is absolutely amazing and has created at least 2000+ permanate jobs with all the bars, restaurants, hotels, stores, ect. The state of Minnesota better get their act together and get this done or they will lose out on MILLIONS of tax revenue from the Vikings just in player taxes, a for sure Super Bowl with a new stadium, NCAA Final Fours, Possible Bowl games, ect ect ect. This is a no-brainer for the state and it’s people. It’s the old saying don’t know what you got til it’s gone. GET THIS DONE MINNESOTA!!!!!

  41. bobgb2000 says:
    Mar 31, 2012 5:38 AM
    When your state is hurting for money and alot of people out of work a billionaire wants you the people to fund his private toy……… Our team is owned by the city and has no billionaire owner and we have SUPER BOWL wins to show for it. So Go Away PACKERS…………………………………..

    So bob when is Wisconsin going to pay back it’s loan to Minesota?

    You can stand there & stare proudly at your $200 dollar piece of ownership paper in it’s $2 Wallmart frame. Good for you.

  42. I love these Packer trolls who are Lucky enough to have a situation that entitles a populous into the owners of their Stadium.

    I would love to see Wisconsin have to battle over the same situation. Things are messed up everywhere and any Wisconsinite should shut-up until they clean up their own mess and Scot Walker.

    As to the gb4mn and his welfare comments he’ll be happy to know the neocons just passed some bills to strip tax refund money from the working poor, the elderly and disabled to invest into Corporations…

  43. cashisking4life says:Mar 31, 2012 4:58 AM

    The one thing that you’re all missing is that the pull tab money goes to fund things such as multiple seroroois research and other important things that most people don’t know about.

    I must admit I had never heard about multiple seroroois research.

  44. Lets not forget that Zellers and his party have been trying to do one thing and one thing only since they got into office and that’s enact anti-gay legislation. It doesn’t matter that 1,00’0s of Minnesotans are out of work and that should be the top priority. The only bill that matters in their minds is ensuring that gays will never marry.

  45. What mystifies me is politicians who have long ago forgotten the reason we have governments in the first place is to protect life and property from harm. The fact that government has now gotten into pull tab gaming TO DO ANYTHING is mystifying. Why the government, which produces nothing, insists on pushing buttons and pulling levers to interfere in economic activities and netting ZERO. All the government can do is use Force to push resources here or there, and that then depends on who has access to it. No access, you’re likely a subsidisor, not a subsidisee. All the proponents for taxpayer subsidized arenas and tout all the money that is generated fail to realize that it is money that would be spent on other things, creating economic activity elsewhere. It is only concentrated here or there by Force. Pointing out the X millions of dollars due to the stadium is usually neglects to point out where that X millions of dollars would have been – dispersed over the rest of the economy meeting wants and needs. Taxpayer support assigned by politicians merely forces a group of people to subsidize the leisure pursuits by others.

  46. I would love to see Wisconsin have to battle over the same situation.
    Why don’t you google Bob Harlan Lambeau Renovation Tax and learn a thing or two. Renovating Lambeau went through pretty much EXACTLY the same thing Minnesota is going through now. Bob Harlan nearly killed himself LITERALLY working so hard for a year to get the funds for renovation. I disagree with the underlying principal, but have grudging respect for Harlan nonetheless.

    But then again I wouldn’t expect a socialist to now what he’s talking about, accustomed to pulling objects from his ***.

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