Rams sign Rob Turner

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Brian McIntyre of Mac’s Football Blog reports that the Rams have signed offensive lineman Robert Turner, formerly of the Jets.

Turner, 27, made just two starts in five seasons with the Jets. He did play a notable role in HBO’s 2010 Hard Knocks series, however, as the goon Jets coach Rex Ryan appointed to light a fire in draft bust Vernon Gholston. The show portrayed that Ryan’s tactics may have worked when Gholston followed up with a couple of nice practices, but Gholston went on to play 16 games without a sack.

He was out of football last year and remains a street free agent.

Turner will be a special teams blocker in St. Louis.

8 responses to “Rams sign Rob Turner

  1. He wasn’t out of football last year, he was on IR. And how do you write “he remain a street free agent” in an article where you report that he just signed a deal?

  2. Rob Turner is a quality backup offensive lineman. He is a versatile and tough player. His injury hurt the Jets last season because he was a reliable backup to Nick Mangold. He can also play guard and actually plays some TE and tackle in unbalanced lines. Not surprised that his former offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer signed him. Turner is a good role player.

    On a sidenote, You guys can’t resist taking shots at Rex Ryan and the Jets. Somehow, the Rams signing a backup lineman worked it’s way into another creative way of taking a shot at Rex.

    Rex Ryan has got to be the most media friendly guy in the entire league. Too bad that the media is not friendly with him.

  3. heisthejuan – he is talking about the waste that was Vernon Gholston being a street free agent and being out of football last year despite the bears taking a flyer.
    As a jets fan I wished they signed him back. wise depth move – but the brain trust doesn’t seem that wise these days…

  4. Turner was great with the Jets. Aside from his remarkable versatility (on both sides of the ball), he plays with an attitude that borders on insanity. The Jets sorely missed him last season, and now will continue to do so going forward. Best of luck Rob, and thanks for the effort and the memories. Rams fans are in for a treat.

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