Arrest warrants issued for Charles Rogers

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Former Lions receiver Charles Rogers is in trouble with the law again.

Rogers is wanted on two warrants seeking his arrest in Saginaw, Michigan, according to WJRT-TV, via the Detroit News. The warrants stem from five misdemeanor charges in two unrelated incidents.

Rogers is charged with making a malicious phone call and conspiring to commit a crime in one incident, and possessing marijuana, an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, and driving on a suspended license in the other.

Former Lions President Matt Millen took Rogers with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2003 NFL draft. His NFL career consisted of 15 games, in which he had 36 catches for 440 yards and four touchdowns. Rogers has had several off-field issues ranging from drunk driving to an arrest for assault and battery.

Between Rogers’ arrest warrants and Ryan Leaf’s arrest, things aren’t going well for No. 2 overall draft busts right now. Tony Mandarich may want to stay inside this weekend.

33 responses to “Arrest warrants issued for Charles Rogers

  1. Maybe him and leaf can go in on the buddy system and share a cell together.

    Maybe both could switch positions and leaf could become the receiver.

  2. Arrest warrants issued for Charles Rogers …

    Arrest warrants should be issued for Mutt Millen for drafting him in the first place.

  3. The erosion of the traditional family unit often produces results like these.

    Meanwhile, Jackson rants against whitey

  4. Matt Millen, good call there in drafting Charles Rogers. i mean, why get Andre Johnson when you can have Charles Rogers!! i mean Johnson would just turn into an all pro WR, i wonder though, if they didnt have Johnson, would they have drafted Calvin Johnson?? that would’ve been a scary duo.

  5. Arrest warrants should be issued for Mutt Millen for drafting him in the first place.


    Yes Mutt should be arrested but it should be for stealing $51,000,000. That’s the total Ford paid him for destroying his football team.

  6. Yes these are criminal acts? But they’re misdemeanors!

    Who without sin, may cast the first stone!

    Those that live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw rocks!

    Call him out for rape, child molestation or murder, but for driving down the street with a open beer can or for having a dime bag of marijuana is lame!

  7. Talk about wasted talent. At least Detroit nailed it with Megatron. When I was getting my mocha from S-Bucks this morning, I believe Roy Williams was my barista.

  8. Aaaah….black jerseys for “intimidation” and busts like Charles rogers bring my memory back to the millen era… thankful that decade of unmitigated debauchery finally came to an end.

  9. This is not football news. Charles Rogers has been out of the league for many years now. Do you plan on reporting every arrest of Charles Rogers for the rest of his life?

  10. pacodawg says:
    Mar 31, 2012 9:03 AM
    Rogers would have been a stud if they would have coached him up

    you cant coach em up when their constantly high as kites…..

  11. Sad , more than anything with Rodgers & Leaf.
    They are both Drug Addicts & despite having the talent. Their addictions are much stronger. I feel bad for both of them. Imagine how they feel inside!

  12. Carlos Rogers over Andre Johnson…the craziest thing about that is the character issues Rogers had BEFORE the draft. Andre Johnson had incredible physical ability (Big East 100 meter track champion, ran a 4.41 forty at the combine) but he was also known as a model citizen. Rogers, on the other hand, had issues with drugs in college. So Millen decided to structure his rookie contract so that if Rogers had drug problems in the NFL he would have to return some of his signing bonus…Millen–a very big, dumb oaf who believes he is smart for doing things like that. Take the drug addict over Johnson, the good kid, BUT make sure the addicts contract protects the team when he screws up. I really, really hate big dumb oafs like Millen.

  13. Matt Millen passed up Andre Johnson but not DeMarcus Ware for CJ the Wash-out in the 2003 draft – Ware was 2005. But in 2003 Millen also passed up Troy Polamalu, Terrell Suggs, Willis McGahee, Dallas Clark, Ty Warren, Nick Barnett, and Nhamdi Asomugha, Osi Umenyiora, Jason Witten and Anquon Bouldin.

    Pretty sad……

  14. One of the best examples of how drugs can ruin your life. Yes, even “just” pot.

    He was sensational in his first 6 games for Detroit (with Joey Herrington throwing him the ball, which as to count for something), but broke his collar bone and threw it all away to get high from that point forward. He had the looks of a Randy Moss like threat at receiver in those first few glimpses of his game in the NFL.

    What a shame.

  15. Rogers first 5 nfl games 22 catches 243 yards and 3 tds.. not a terrible start for a rookie,point is waste of talent.

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