Chavez Ravine a possible, but not practical, L.A. stadium site


Even without Rams owner Stan Kroenke purchasing the L.A. Dodgers, the land adjacent to where they currently play remains a possible home for a new NFL team.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times takes a thorough and compelling look at Chavez Ravine as a potential NFL destination.  And while the location overlooking the downtown area has from time to time made a blip on the league’s radar screen, it presents plenty of challenges.  As Farmer writes, “[I]t could take years to untangle the traffic, neighborhood, entitlement, environmental and political issues involved with such a proposal.”

Still, even without a currently active effort to find a way to build a football facility there, the NFL is paying attention.  “We’ve often said that that’s an extraordinary stadium site up at Dodger Stadium,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said earlier this week at the league meetings.

There’s even talk about building a new park for the Dodgers in the downtown area, with the NFL stadium constructed on the site of the current Dodgers field.

Still, there’s a long way to go and none of the three current L.A. possibilities is ideal.  And with all network TV contracts extended into the next decade, the NFL has no reason to rush back into L.A., especially since the league has enjoyed unprecedented growth and success in the 17 years since the Rams and Raiders left town.

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  1. are you freakin kidding?Going to Dodger Stadium while a beautiful ballpark is a nightmare.the traffic is horrendous getting in and out.And then you wanna put a football stadium next to it?Dumb dumb dumb

  2. Los Angeles is undeserving of an NFL franchise. Both da raiders and da rams bounced as fast as dey could. They should get two Arena football teams, da bloods and da crips. LA is a wasteland of smut and godlessness. Praise Jesus, Amen.

  3. I agree with fitz they had two teams and couldn’t keep either of them. I mean if small market teams, pitts, buffalo, packers, Can last where they r, maybe LA just doesn’t deserve another team.

  4. LA? An NFL team? why???

    It’s like trying to push Michael Vick is the future NFL QB-Prototype… or Parity… or any other nonsense the talking heads try to get us to buy into

  5. The city of Industry site is absolutely ideal. Downtown L.A. is one of the worst considerations, it’s already a clusterf%$&. I love when people report on things they know very little about.

  6. LA is a sewer, and anyone whos visitted the place agrees,..people who visit LA always leave sooner then they had planned, and the people who live there without question have NO other place to live,…its a crime infested ghetto, and the NFL has no plans to ever return.

  7. You have ZERO credibility when it comes to the LA angle, especially after you hopped on several radio shows on Tuesday foolishly predicting that Kroenke would be the new owner of the Dodgers. Back to pushing your tired theory of the Jags moving here again.

  8. Build a stadium in Tehran before you put one in the middle of that valley of death

  9. Maybe the raiders and rams couldn’t get fans in the stadiums cuz its the raiders and the rams.. If we had good teams in LA people would show up. But in LA there is always somethin better to do than watch mediocrity.

  10. The only cities that can compare to LA are NY and SF. I have travelled all over the US and I can honestly say there is no city like LA. You have diversity, culture, architecture, weather, great restaurants, attractions, and shopping. All of you that are bashimg LA live in a second rate city. Yes, like all big cities LA has its problems and there are more than a few bad apples that ruin the name of a great city, but every city within LA has something to offer. The reason football has not been to LA is it not only has to compete with other sporting events, but also with the beaches and outdoor activities. Its all about the weather!

  11. Thats cool then the nfl can track wich team has more gangmembers and more parkinglot shootings the 49ers or whatever team moves to l.a.

  12. This is a great idea especially after all the stabbings after dodgers games la has one of the worst fan bases in America besides for the lakers because everybody is transplanted and the sports teams aren’t a part of your life since childhood as it is in Philly Boston ny etc

  13. Sam Farmer has wasted his damn time with this whole Los Angeles stadium crap ever since he appeared on “Profootballtalk Live” around Super Bowl week of 2011.

    Ever since his appearance on that show, I always felt that he was wasting his efforts with regard to the Los Angeles stadium situation because he provided no concrete evidence that I team such as the San Diego Chargers would moved to Los Angeles. I hate that people talk about the Chargers, Jaguars, or any other team moving to Los Angeles when there is nothing concrete to show!!!!

    Los Angeles, don’t build a stadium until a team agrees to come to Los Angeles!!!!

    AEG, no more franchise purchasing!!! Just be a good host for the teams that want to play there!!!!! The involvement of owning a piece of the franchise (especially at a make-belief discount) is what is definitely wrecking the whole Los Angeles stadium plan!!!!

    Also, if you have teams that want a stadium but have openly expressed a desire to move to Los Angeles … contact them!!!! If you do, your stadium will get built!!!!!

    Someone kill this LA stadium crap right now!!!! I’m sick of hearing about it !!!! How to do it? Get teams NOW!!!!!!

  14. Another stadium proposal to bring an NFL team to LA.

    Has anyone kept track of the dozens that have been out there since the Raiders and Rams left?

    LA doesn’t need a pro football team, and the taxpayers have other concerns. Furthermore, most of the locals are from somewhere else, so they’d just as soon watch the NFL on TV.

    I wrote this 6 months ago when there was all the hubub about the downtown stadium happening. Rinse. Repeat.

  15. Every L.A stadium article should include the fact that the city of L.A. and the state of California are BROKE. Can’t even pay the public employees, but let’s get a football stadium. Retarded.

  16. @mesta1 umm the Raiders won a superbowl while in LA. Why don’t you do some research before jumping on the hater bandwagon and regurgitating the tired “Raiders suck now so they must have always been this way” jokes. But then again the key word in that sentence is bandwagon. So which team do you support this year? Let me guess its gotta be the Giants,Packers,Saints, or Patriots

  17. @billybatty that’s the fault of the socialists (or liberals as you may refer to them) that run California and its major cities, not the Nfl.

  18. “LA doesn’t deserve a team! They had their chance!”

    Whaawhaawaaaa! It’s not about “deserving” a team. The NFL WANTS a team there because it’s the second largest media market in the country. Getting into LA is as much a prize to the NFL as e the NFL is to LA. Even more so.

    I wonder why people are so scared and worried about LA getting a team? Oh wait…I remember…because they just might steal YOUR team.

  19. I can tell that most of you are have a majors degree in business by your intelligent opinions. La is the second largest media Capitol next to New York. There is a reason why California and New York carries the most teams of any state. The nfl wants and has always looked at a way to get back into the la market…..regardless of its condition.

  20. @billybatty Building a New Stadium would create so many job opportunities it would be wise for the NFL to utilize the LA Market 2nd largest media market in U.S. especially while the NFL is at its highest level of TV ratings and ticket sales! Every Major City in U.S. is BROKE!!! Yet you can’t just give up and throw in the towel! Think outside the box and think longterm, having 1 if not 2 NFL teams in L.A. again would be great for the busy and many people of California. Maybe the public employees can get paid from Anshultz & AEG once this project starts… Watch Now that Ervin “Magic” Johnson & company Own the L.A. Dodgers they will start selling out far more games & becoming a better team going to Playoffs & World Series extending season meaning more revenue, tickets, shirts,beers,dogs,sodas,nachos,brats,buns,daisy dukes,bikini’s, etc…… eventually LA would Host Multiple Super Bowls in future generating the Same type of revenue.

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