Ex-Falcon William Andrews in jail again

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William Andrews, the great Falcons running back whose career was cut short by knee injuries and who has had a series of legal problems since leaving football, is in jail again.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Andrews was being held in the Cobb County jail Friday following his arrest on a civil contempt charge Thursday. The latest charge against Andrews is that he failed to pay child support.

Andrews was also in jail for failing to pay child support on September 19, 2004, the day he was inducted into the Falcons’ Ring of Honor. He spent most of 2006 in jail as well on fraud charges, and he has arrest records in at least three Georgia counties.

After being selected out of Auburn in the third round of the 1979 NFL draft, Andrews burst onto the scene as one of the best running backs in football, topping 1,000 yards as a rookie. From 1980 to 1983 he was among the top four players in the NFL each year in yards from scrimmage, and he also made the Pro Bowl each year. But a serious knee injury cost him the entire 1984 and 1985 seasons, and when he got back on the field for one last season in 1986 he was not the same player.

14 responses to “Ex-Falcon William Andrews in jail again

  1. It’s been a busy week in the sports world for arrests and charges. Ryan Leaf was busted, Sarah Jones, an ex Cheerleader was busted and now Andrews was busted.

    What’s wrong with these people?

  2. I remember him well. I think he had two straight seasons of over 400 carries. The Falcons beat the crap out of him. Talk about post concussion syndrome.

  3. man, the NFL is keeping the po,po’s busy this week, they should just quarintine everyone til the season starts

  4. I’m not one to feel sorry for NFL players but the ongodly amount of money these players have to pay in child support is wrong. It is always based on their current earnings when the child is born and is almost never reduced to reflect the former players income after his NFL carreer. If you do not think that there are thousands of young women who try their very best to get inpregnated by famous athletes in order to get their meal ticket punched for life then you are very naive. It is so easy for these “mothers” to get their awards increased after a player receives a higher contract during their career and next to impossible to get them reduced after their career.

  5. This is not football news. William Andrews has been out of the league for many years now. Do you plan on reporting every arrest of William Andrews for the rest of his life?

  6. Very sad, in the day this guy was a nuclear load…he along with” white shoes’ Johnson used to torture the 9ers.

  7. Worst part of it is those damn change of address forms William has to keep filling out. He’s at the point where long term incarceration doesn’t seem so bad, as long as it’s in the same place.

  8. The dude was awesome. Take it back to Auburn, sharing a backfield with Joe Cribbs and James Brooks…best set of RB’s at one time ever.

  9. Another example of a former “student-athlete” with NO chance of success at any university, having no education and no job skills to utilize, come crashing down after a short NFL career. Meanwhile, what becomes of his children?

  10. I remember watching him run like it was yesterday. William Andrews was the only back in John Riggins’ era that struck me as being as tough as The Diesel. And that’s saying something.

  11. in response to “bigbadal21″I understand your wanting to defend Mr. Andrews, but let me give you another side to it…I am one of the mothers of the children. This poor guy, had signed a 2 million dollar contract with the Falcons… It was a set contract . I wasn’t after his money when I got pregnant by him, and it was not in the plan to get pregnant. but, I did, and do you know how much he had to pay? a thousand dollars a month out of 200k a year. The sad part of it is that his wifeand children including my child were all affected by his actions. My son hung himself and he doesn’tknow nor did we even have the money for a plaque for his grave. And look up the Fraud charges on this man….Right…poor guy!!!!

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