Leon Lett joins Cowboys coaching staff


One of the more infamous members of the Dallas Cowboys over the last 20 years has returned to the team as a coach.  And Leon Lett’s primary goal should be to ensure that young players don’t make either of the two high-profile blunders that Lett committed.

According to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News, Lett is the Cowboys’ new defensive assistant/defensive line coach.  He’ll assist defensive line coach Brian Baker, specifically in the development of younger players.

Lett’s specific instructions undoubtedly will include how to tuck the ball away when returning a fumble for a touchdown, and how not to touch the ball after a blocked field goal that crosses the line of scrimmage.

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  1. Outside of the two most infamous plays associated with Leon Lett, people forget that Lett was a BEAST, with a rare combination of cat-like quickness and raw power to wreck havor in the interior line.

  2. I would never guess that this guy would ever coach. His ignorance of the rules on that snowy thanksgiving game cost the cowboys that game.

  3. How is this guy gonna be effective:

    Lett: “okay men, once you get that ball you slow down and start showboating” make sure you hold it nice and loose so the opponent can strip it away with ease.”

    I guess it’s who you know not what you know.

  4. The guy made two boneheaded moves 20 years ago, just sucks that they were on the NFL’s two biggest stages (SB and Thanksgiving).

    That being said he was a key member on 3 Super Bowl champion teams who I do not recall hearing much of anything negative about off the field. Good luck to him in his new endeavor.

  5. Lett’s “blunder” in the super bowl is so overrated it drives me crazy. So the score would’ve been 59-17 instead of 52-17. Wasn’t exactly a game changing play. And sure, the play against Miami was bad, but guess what? They still went on to win the super bowl again that year. It’s just too bad some people can’t see past those 2 plays, and remember that he was a hell of a player.

  6. I think he will be a good addition to the coaching staff. I like that Dallas is bringing back player from the Super Bowl days to instill some pride, teach them on field techniques, and show the current players a little bit of what Jimmy Johnson was about.

  7. The only time i ever had the final score numbers in a Super Bowl block pool it was that game, so Don Beebe’s hustle and Leon Lett’s showboating will always have a special place in my heart.

    That being said, comment earlier is dead-on. He gets remembered for those two bone-headed plays, but the guy was a helluva DT, and this is coming from an Eagles fan.

  8. Leon was a big, strong, quick menace on the defensive line. He was a good tackler and caused fumbles, including the one Thurman Thomas coughed up while the Superbowl was still a close game. He was a major contributor to 3 championship teams. But you can just remember him for two boneheaded plays if you don’t know anything about football.

  9. Are you kidding? Hearing Lett talk to the media for the first time made me think of one of the kids(Matt) that was in my class in the 4th grade and believe me when I tell you this… Matt sounded a little more intelligent than Leon.
    I don’t know which one made me feel better, Don Beebe’s proud look after knocking the ball through the back of the end zone or Leon Lett’s facial expression after realizing he looked like a complete loser after showboating in front of millions of people at the stadium and throughout national television?
    Good luck Dallas!

  10. wasnt leon suspended for drug use during his playing days ????? those two plays are not the only bone-headed things he has done.

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